tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat the Hell Are You Looking At?

What the Hell Are You Looking At?


This story is inspired by the 1863 painting Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe by Edouard Manet. It is a painting of two clothed "dandies" and a nude woman having a picnic lunch. In addition there is a woman wearing a chemise, bathing in the water behind the picnic. (It may help if you Google the painting before reading the story.) This is not a "Period Piece". Please don't expect historically accurate dialogue, or anything else historically accurate for that matter. When I decided to write the story, I researched the painting, the painter, the genre, etc., but I've decided that the story will be more interesting if I just study the painting and follow my imagination. If the story seems a little disjointed or illogical, it's probably because the painting is a little disjointed and illogical. Let's see how this comes out, shall we?

I don't know what compelled me to take a walk today, but I found myself in the park, heading in the direction of the pond. As I walked I felt my privates stirring, as if my cock knew something I didn't yet know. I thought about my beloved wife and the last time we made love. It was only eighteen months ago, yet it seemed like another lifetime. Her death was all-too-fresh in my mind, and I quickened my pace to try to shake off the sadness.

As I walked down the path toward the pond, I began to sense that I was not in control of my own decisions, that some unseen hand was compelling my movement toward the grassy shore of the pond. The closer I got to the pond, the more aroused I became, and by the time I neared the grassy area on the shore, my cock was quite stiff.

I began to wonder if I could find a private area to be alone with my thoughts, my memories of my darling departed wife and my erection. My eighteen months alone would allow for a fast orgasm, and I knew that it would take mere minutes to bring myself to messy satisfaction. The park was not crowded on this warm morning, so I felt certain that the opportunity would present itself. I was almost correct.

As I got closer, I felt a sinking feeling when I realized I would not be alone. I heard the voices first-- two male voices and the delicate sound of a woman's voice. I was disappointed at first, believing that these people were foiling my chance to masturbate in nature. I nearly turned around.

Instead, I softened my steps and crouched behind an unruly bank of bushes that afforded me a glimpse of the scene that was to unfold in front of me.

That first peek filled my vision with a shock of cream-colored skin against the backdrop of dark jackets and trousers. I had to pinch myself to determine whether this vision was a dream, or if, in fact, I had actually just stumbled upon two overdressed dandies picnicking on the grass with a completely nude woman. My cock strained against my trousers, and I knew that I would indeed be following through with my plan to pleasure myself, although I was now hoping to take my time and enjoy the scenery.

As I unfastened my trousers and my erection sprang forth, the threesome before me continued their lunch of brioche and a variety of fruits. The dandies discussed the opera while the woman listened politely and savored some dark cherries. Not one of the picnickers acknowledged the woman's nakedness, and it seemed to me that I was the only one who noticed that her clothes were beside her, rather than draping her body.

I took my rigid flesh into my hand and began stroking slowly. A shiver ran through my body, and I struggled to avoid moaning aloud. My balls felt trapped in my restrictive trousers, so I stopped stroking to lower them to my knees. I was aware of how ridiculous I would look if I was discovered by a passerby, but eighteen months of celibacy pushed that thought from my mind, and I took my hard cock into my hand once again.

I stroked slowly, once, twice, three times, and then hastened my pace a bit. I rested my gaze on the creamy skin of the woman's smooth back. My eyes followed her spine from the nape of her neck down to her full, fleshy buttocks. I imagined how soft her skin would feel against the palm of my hands, how she would shudder if I ran my hands to the front of her to cup her breasts. Her nipples were soft and lovely, and I yearned to touch, to pinch, to taste them.

One of the men, having finished his lunch, reclined a bit on the grass, propped up on one elbow. I couldn't make out what the woman said to him, but she began to ease forward onto her knees toward the man. He continued his discussion of the famous Italian diva that had graced the stage of the Paris Opera the week before as the woman reached out and placed her hand over his privates. The contrast between the pale skin of her hand and the dark fabric of his trousers stunned me for a moment, and I lost the rhythm of my stroking.

The woman unfastened his trousers, and proceeded to reach in and remove his flaccid penis. He continued to prate on about the beautiful aria he had heard as the woman dipped her head into his lap and placed his penis in her mouth. This brazen action seemed to arouse me more than the man being fellated for a moment, but as she drew her head back, I could see that his cock was hardening in her mouth.

The dandy smiled at her and reached out to stroke her cheek, feeling his cock poking against his hand.

The other man asked a question about the second act of the opera as he rose to his knees and withdrew his own erection, his balls still hidden inside his trousers. He got to his knees, placed his hands on the woman's buttocks, and pulled her closer to him. She spread her legs, still sucking the other man's cock, and reached under herself to guide him to her pussy.

She never said a word, and the men did not miss a beat in the conversation as he entered her. He began to fuck her slowly, sliding his cock all the way inside and pulling it all the way out. The woman began to move her head up and down in the first man's lap at the same pace that the second man fucked her. In turn, I timed my strokes with the threesome, and could not imagine how they remained so focused on their conversation, seeming to ignore the pleasure building in their groins.

My own arousal was beginning to take over my sense of control, and I felt that I would come before any of the three on which I was spying.

Suddenly a far-off movement caught my eye, and I saw a small rowboat docking on the edge of the pond. A woman climbed out, and waded along the shore dressed only in a gauzy chemise. She began to bathe herself without removing her clothing. The light, wet material allowed a magnificent view of the feminine form underneath, and I could see her dark nipples and the triangle of hair where her legs met.

The absurdity of the scene in front of me only added to the erotic charge in the air. One woman was bathing without removing her clothing, the other ate lunch wearing nothing at all. It didn't make sense to the rational mind. Fortunately, my cock was far from rational.

I stroked faster, feeling the slippery pre-cum lubricating my shaft. I wondered what the bather thought of the ménage à trois between us just as the second man withdrew his cock from the woman's pussy. He reached under her and placed his hands on her breasts, caressing for a moment. Keeping his hands on her breasts, he pulled her body up straight, and her mouth left the other man's cock standing out of his clothes. He eased her back gently onto the grass, and pushed her thighs apart.

From my vantage point I had an unobstructed view of her naked, exposed body for a moment. The pink flesh between her legs glistened with her arousal. The soft mounds of her breasts contrasted with the hardness of her erect nipples, sending a surge of pleasure through my cock. I quickened the pace of my hand, and tried hard not to cry out and draw attention to myself.

The man who had been fellated by the nude woman knelt in front of her, and dipped his head between her parted legs. I could see his tongue as it touched her pussy, and she shivered a bit at that first contact. He continued to lick all around her clitoris, slowly at first. The woman began to moan slightly, and her hips started to rock against his mouth. I watched his tongue probing her most private of areas, finding the spots that brought her pleasure.

Although I had heard of cunnilingus, I had never ventured to suggest to my own wife that I perform this wickedly sensuous act on her. This was my first true introduction to oral sex on a woman, and while I was slightly reviled by what I saw, I knew that I would indeed lick a woman between the legs as soon as I could arrange it. I wondered what a pussy would taste like, remembering the musky scent that had emanated from the cleft between my wife's legs.

Conversation between the picnickers had finally ceased, and the man whose cock had previously been in the woman's pussy now lowered himself to his hands and knees, straddling the woman's head. I saw the woman's tongue reach to meet his cock before he plunged it into her mouth. With a start I realized that she must be tasting the juice of her own pussy mixing with the pre-cum that would be pooling in his slit. I knew that my orgasm would be coming soon.

Beyond this threesome, I could see the bather gathering up her soaking wet chemise, and pulling it up over her waist. She stood like that in the water, the gauzy fabric in one hand, the other hand reaching between her legs to rub her own pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes, as I had always assumed that masturbation was strictly performed by men only. I watched as she rubbed her fingers in a circular motion around her private area.

I slowed my own strokes, trying to keep my ejaculation at bay. I wanted this moment to last forever, but these eighteen months with no sexual contact just wouldn't allow much more stimulation before my seed would erupt from my cock.

The man licking the woman's pussy was very skilled and it wasn't long before the woman was crying out, announcing her orgasm to all of the participants. His tongue slowed and eventually stopped lapping at her sensitive privates, and he repositioned himself over her so that he could put his cock into her swollen pussy. He began pumping, his head occasionally hitting the back of his friend, whose cock was still in the woman's mouth.

The woman in the chemise rubbed harder and faster, and a moment later her own orgasm came like a wave over her, causing her to moan loudly. Both men turned to look at the bather and the sight of the chemise clinging to her breasts and her hand between her legs pushed both men to orgasm. When the first man came, I watched as the semen spurted onto the nude woman's tongue. I was amazed to see that she swallowed every drop of it, seeming to relish the taste of the viscous liquid.

The other man came with his cock embedded deep inside the woman's pussy. I could hear his grunts as he ground his pelvis into hers.

I finally allowed myself permission to come, and when I did, I lost myself for a long moment. I saw stars, and heard nothing but the pounding of the blood in my ears. I was not aware that I was yelling loudly, attracting the attention of the picnickers and the bather. My come erupted like a fountain into the bushes, and I became aware that some had dripped onto my trousers.

When I came to my senses and looked at the people in front of me, I was embarrassed, but satisfied. The dandies had tucked their penises carefully back into their trousers, and they were already engaged in a discussion about an upcoming pièce de théâtre. The bather was gathering her things to head back to her boat.

The nude woman remained as she was, naked with her clothes on the ground around her, her chin resting on her hand. She turned to me as I stood up straight, my softening cock still exposed and my trousers still around my ankles. She looked amused, and I felt the flush creeping up my neck. I gave a sheepish wave and rearranged my clothing. I was just about to flee down the path in the direction I had come from, and she finally spoke.

"What the hell are you looking at?" was all I heard as I took off running.

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by Overthefalls12/31/15

Well that made me laugh!

While I enjoy some of Manet's paintings, I prefer Monet. But this has to be one of the most interesting takes on this rather famous painting that I've EVER read. Ever. No,I mean really, EVER! Connectingmore...

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