tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat We Do For Our Children

What We Do For Our Children


Like almost any mom, I expected I'd do and sacrifice just about anything for my kids. And over the years, I had given up quite a bit to make sure there was somebody home most nights (my husband travels for work, usually being away Sunday nights through Friday mornings), so I had declined various projects over the years in order to ensure somebody was home. No question it had hurt my career, but my kids are worth it. Now my oldest was 19 and about to start his sophomore year at college, while my youngest son had turned 16 a few months ago and was just learning to drive.

As anyone can tell you, college is not inexpensive these days. And when you take into consideration Corey's preference for WVU, the rates for out-of-state tuition were far from cheap. But that was where he had his heart set on and we do try to accommodate both kids in areas like that. He had joined a fraternity on a sort of probationary basis (this was never really clear to me) during his freshman year and assured me he'd be a full-fledged member in his sophomore year. Personally, I never saw the attraction in it and had never even joined a soririty when I was in school over twenty-five years ago. That's right - it was a long time ago and I am not the youngest of mothers. I had Corey when I was 28 and Tim when I was 31. You're as capable of doing the math as anyone - I'm now 47 and no longer a spring chicken. I'm not horrible to look at and do exercise at least a couple times a week, but I'm definitely a little overweight. the weight only seems to hang on my torso, hips and upper arms - you could never tell just by looking at my face, legs or lower arms. So in public when I want to look better, I usually wear undergarments which compress me a little, with a looser layer on top. And like many other women, my boobs grew while nursing, then never quite returned to their former size or shape afterwards. And it's been 14 years since I stopped! No longer as full as they once were, they tend to hang too much for my liking, so I never, ever go bra-less. Most days, either a sports bra or an underwired full-cup is my garment of choice.

why am I sharing all this? Well, I thought I'd always do anything for my kids, but last week that belief was put to an extreme test. We were taking Corey back to school to start his sophomore year. The first year, he'd lived on campus. This year, he and four frat buddies were renting a house just off campus. The whole frat situation was still very unclear to me, but Corey assured me if things went well, he'd be a full frat member with all the associated perks very soon.

i was glad he was taking his own car (well, we leased it for him) to school this year - it meant if he wanted to come home for a weekend, I wouldn't have to go get him, then take him back - twenty hours of driving I could quite happily live without! So Friday morning dawned gloomy with rain in the air - not the worst driving weather, but not the best, either with the chance of heavier showers at any time. Corey set off in his car, the back seat and trunk packed full of stuff. Tim came with me in my car, the back seat and trunk also full. This way, Tim could drive part of the way and we could share the task. We were barely two minutes from home when my phone rang and I asked Tim to take Corey's call. He explained he'd forgotten something and was going back to get it and would likely catch us up somewhere en route. Whatever... I am so used to Corey forgetting things I didn't think twice about it - until later.

We settled into the drive and after stopping for gas, I let Tim drive for a bit while I dozed a little in the passenger seat. A smile crossed my face as I remembered my "bedtime activities" last night. I had been using Corey's USB stick to transfer some files around between my PC and my Mac and had noticed a directory on it, full of text files. They all appeared to be "naughty" stories and after quickly skimming a couple, I had copied those onto my laptop too, for later perusal when I was alone. When bedtime came around, I took my laptop up with me, closed my bedroom door (I normally leave it open if it's just the boys home) and got in bed with it. As I started to read, I quickly became aroused by some of the wife-sharing stories. I had sex so rarely these days, it wasn't long before I was literally dripping in my panties and had to take care of myself, leading to a very satisfying and draining climax. I slept well that night!

The blatter of heavier rain on the windshield brought me back to my senses. "You Ok, Tim?" I asked. "Do you want me to take over in the rain?"

"Oh, no, I'm fine, Mom", he replied. "I was just going to ask if YOU'RE ok, actually. You were moaning or something in your sleep."

I must have turned two shades of pink! I was so embarrassed. What if I had said actual words during my little reverie? What might I have said? so many possibilities went through my mind in a split second. I quickly came up with a response:

"Ah, no, I'm fine. Just thinking about all the things we have to do when we get there, then not looking forward to the drive home again, you know?"

"Yeah, I understand. Bummer of a way to kill a Friday, isn't it?" he agreed.

I smiled across at him, "It is, that's for sure. But it will be so worth it not to have to do it again during the year! Have you seen any sign of your brother yet, by the way?"

Tim looked again in the rearview mirror "I _think_ that's him a couple cars behind us, but I can't be totally sure".

I squinted into the passenger-side mirror, trying to get a better view myself "Yes, I think that may be him. Good, at least we'll arrive at the same time, as he knows exactly how to get to the house from the interstate exit!"

Sure enough, as we approached the exit, I asked Tim to slow down enough to allow Corey to pass us, then he slipped onto the ramp in front of us, acting as guide to his new home for the next few months.

Within ten minutes, we were there at his new residence. Corey pulled up right outside and I had Tim pull in behind him. Kind of a so-so neighborhood, not my choice of places to live, but Corey and his room-mates had chosen it, so who was I to make too much fuss about it? The rent was certainly affordable, at six hundred dollars a month for Corey's share. We started unloading my car first, as Tim and I would be heading back after a quick late-afternoon dinner. Corey could unload his car at his leisure.

I thought it strange there were none of Corey's new room-mates around to help him move in, but maybe it was just an incovenient day, or perhaps they figured on staying out of our way to avoid having to help! His room was at the top of the stairs, on the right side of the hallway. Next to one of the bathrooms, too - pretty convenient. I would have figured one of the other kids would have selected that room - spacious, view over the street outside, well-situated inside the house.

It was a little on the warm side to be lugging so many boxes and bags into the house and up the stairs to Corey's new room. There was no AC on, although Corey claimed the house had a central AC system. I could feel rivulets of sweat (I don't perspire - I _sweat_) running down my back and between my boobs. i was glad I'd worn a sports bra today, under my polo shirt. The sports bra nestled tightly against my ribcase, encasing my 38Cs perhaps a little more tightly than was comfortable, but stopping them from jiggling around on the stairs and definitely catching the sweat as it ran down, preventing it from reaching my belly. I could feel the sweat starting to gather in my butt-crack, too. I really don't like that sensation and was so worried it would start to show through my khaki shorts (just above the knee) I went in search of a full-length mirror to check it wasn't leaking through. I easily found one in what looked like a dining room or gaming room downstairs. Nope, I was good. Nothing showing. As I swatted my hand across my butt, looking over my shoulder at the mirror, a stranger came in the front door. I quickly adjusted my posture and smiled in greeting "Hi, I'm Corey's mom - you must be...?"

The young man, dressed casually in shorts and a dark blue, untucked t-shirt, smiled back at me, "Hi, I'm Tucker, and I'm a junior this year! Thanks for coming over with Corey - it's very much appreciated." Tucker was a couple inches taller than me, relatively lean and had gray-blue eyes which seemed devoid of life - his eyes didn't smile when he smiled. Short, blond hair and a very clear complexion. His lips were on the thin side, but his teeth were a sparkling white, really drawing your attention to his smile.. His chin and cheekbones were very evident, not having much extra flesh around his face.

Corey and Tim came thumping back down the stairs, Tim announcing that was the last of the things from my car. Upon seeing Tucker, Corey broke into a worried-looking smile, said "Hi" to him and muttered something about "getting the envelope from his car". Tucker caught hold of his arm as he brushed past him in the hallway, whispering something in his ear. Corey's look of worry turned to one of alarm as he said "be right back!" and rushed out the front door. Tim stood in the dining room next to me, said "Hi" to Tucker, introduced himself as Corey's brother and then stood there awkwardly, waiting for Corey to return.

Within maybe thirty seconds, we heard a car door slam and Corey's footsteps back up the path to the front door. Corey gave Tucker a manilla, padded envelope without looking him in the eye, then said to Tim "C'mon - I just remembered, I need to run an errand - you can come with me - I'll show you around a bit". Corey avoided making eye contact with me at all this whole time and I started to ask him "What do you need that you don't already have? Can't it wait until we finish unpacking and Tim and I get back on the road?" Corey just mumbled something indistinctly and pushed Tim out the door in front of him, closing it behind them.

Tucker, meanwhile, peered inside the envelope Corey had given him and nodded in a manner which indicated some form of satisfaction. In fact, he put his nose into the envelope and inhaled deeply, three times. What had Corey given him? Was my son providing drugs in return for being awarded full membership of the frat? If so, this had gone a little too far. I'd draw the line at activity like this. We had to talk!

"Excuse me, Tucker?" I asked the lad still standing just inside the front door, "What did Corey just give you in that envelope? I hope you didn't ask him to do anything illegal for you?"

Tucker leaned back against the wall, deliberately eyeing me up and down, up and down, as if considering exactly what or how much to tell me. After perhaps ten seconds of this, he spoke: "feel free to take a seat and I'll tell you all about it" and he himself took one of the dining room chairs, spun it around and straddled it with his chest facing the back, facing me. I hesitated only briefly before sitting in another chair in a more traditional (and modest!) manner, crossing my legs as I did so. Tucker placed the envelope on the table between us, with the open end facing away from me.

He took a slow, deep breath before beginning "You know Corey's not a full member of our fraternity yet, right?" I nodded in the affirmative.

"And in order to reach full membership, he has to execute certain, um, 'activities', in order to reap the benefits the rest of us sophomores, juniors and seniors enjoy?" I nodded again, hoping he was going to tell me something I didn't already know.

"And I gotta hand it to him, he does appear to have pulled through on this occasion. I got a bit worried when his kid brother showed up, but it looks like Corey has a smart head on his shoulders...we should have a little time." And Tucker reached into the envelope with two fingers and drew out a wadge of silky-looking material, raising it to his nose. he inhaled very deeply and very slowly, in through his nose, out through his mouth. My confused brain was in denial for quite a few heartbeats. That light-blue silky material WAS familiar. I had panties like that. THOSE WERE MY PANTIES. A total stranger, but a friend of my son, was sitting across a dining room table from me, breathing in through my panties. When had I last worn that pair? I turned white as I recalled - LAST NIGHT. I had tossed them into my laundry hamper just this morning. Could he smell my scent on them? Was that why he seemed so into this? I was going to have to deal with Corey very, very severely - or better still, tell his father and let him deal with Corey!

Shoot! I know the paleness must have left my face as I felt a flush of hotness engulf my cheeks and forehead. Tucker slowly and deliberately opened up the underwear and opened his eyes to look at me. He glanced down at the crotch, the corners of his lips turning upward in a kind of sneery smile. He tilted the crotch toward me - it looked like a slight, whitish crust on the blue cotton. Oh God, that's right - I had masturbated in bed last night, fingers playing inside those very panties. The ones Tucker was now turning back toward his face, extending his tongue to lick those dried juice - MY dried juices.I felt like I was about to die of embarrassment. Nothing even close had ever happened to me before. Here was a total stranger, sitting calmly across from me, licking my most intimate productions, while I was forced to sit here and watch him and squirm. I pressed my thighs together and clenched my buttocks in humiliation, not sure precisely what else to do. I looked beyond Tucker, to the street outside, and could see the boys had taken MY car, leaving me with only Corey's, for which he had the keys!

Tucker took his grand old time of his "show". At one point, he pushed the whole of my pantie crotch into his mouth and looked like he was chewing the "flavors" out of it. Of all the days to have this happen, why TODAY, after I masturbated last night? I lowered my eyes to my lap and started fidgeting with my wedding band. Had Corey also planted the erotic stories on his flash drive deliberately, so I would find them, get aroused and cream a pair of panties for him to give to Tucker? Could this have been that well planned? I was totally mortified to think it may have been!

I didn't even notice the young man opposite me had removed the underwear, stuffed them back in the envelope and was offering it back to me, until he spoke "Look at me, please. Look at me, Corey's mom". I raised my eyes to meet his gaze, but couldn't quite manage it. I was utterly confused as to what my own feelings were at that point. Certainly embarrassed, certainly outraged.

I looked at Tucker's ear, which was pretty close to his gaze but meant I could avoid real eye-contact. His right ear. "You will be pleased to know Corey has passed the first part of today's test with flying colors. They could have been a little fresher, but they sufficed within the letter of the rules." I struggled to take in what he'd just said. Producing a pair of his mom's used panties was part of Corey's frat membership test? What kind of perverted frat-house was this? What was my son getting into? The outrage was starting to overwhelm my previous embarrassment. I set my jaw in as steely a manner as I could muster, given the circumstances.

"Tucker, I have never been so humiliated or embarrassed in my entire life. Is this over now? Has Corey met his requirements?" And I waited in silence for a response. It took a few, measured seconds before Tucker answered me. He looked me straight in the eye, made sure I caught his gaze and said:

"Not quite. That was part one of today. You show promise. You didn't have quite the same bouquet as Andy's mom, but maybe that was because it had some time to dry up. You still have some potential."

i was aghast - "potential"? Potential for what? Was this going to become a regular occurrence if I wanted Corey to belong to this frat? If so, that was NOT going to happen - I would do many things for him, but providing freshly-dripping underwear for his frat buddies to do WHATEVER with - that was just not going to happen.

Tucker was still looking at me, smiling slightly as he noticed the line of resoluteness my jaw was taking on. "Corey's mom, I don't think..."

I cut him off, forcefully "Do NOT call me that, I have a name, two actually, please use one of them?"

"No, Corey's mom - I'm going to keep calling you that because that's how I want to remember you - as the mother of one of my frat brothers. It's almost like a kind of incest - you're the mother of my brother... you see?"

God, that was sick! I guess there would be no arguing with that warped logic. "So, you see, Corey's mom, that was only part one. We can get the rest over with before the little boys come back. I told your son to give us an hour - we still have 45 minutes and Andy should be here any minute"

Andy? For some reason all I could think was "he's the one whose mom tasted better than me!". Then my brain kicked up a gear and I uncrossed my legs, placed my hands on the table and stood up to face Tucker, looking down at him from my new position of superiority "I think you've gone far enough - more than far enough, actually. It's one thing to expect my son to steal my underwear and give it to you to...to sniff...but if you think anything else is going to happen of an even vaguely sexual nature, you're shit outta luck, mister fratboy!" There, I'd taken my stance (both literally and figuratively) and laid down the law.

The front door opened and in walked another boy, shorter than Tucker, with gingerish hair and an extremely freckled face. Probably even a little shorter than my height. Wider, too. Stocky would be a good word to describe his build.

"Andy! Welcome, welcome, welcome - you're just in time to help with Corey's mom. Since you're new to this and she'll be your first, er... pledge confirmation experience....I'll take the lead and you can follow. OK?"

Andy looked at me, sat down at the table with Tucker and me, and licked his lips, eyes darting from myself to Tucker and back.

Tucker spoke evenly but firmly "I happen to have a thing for panties - Andy's preference is for butts, so I guess you could say we have something in common". Andy chortled at this. I didn't.

"Your panties indicate a size 8 - I believe that's Andy's favorite sized butt, is that right, Andy?" Andy swallowed hard and licked his lips again, rubbing his hands together above the table. He nodded, "yeah, perfect!"

Quite unsure of what was about to transpire next, I just stood there, towering over Andy and at eye level with Tucker. Andy shuffled a little and kicked my chair back from behind me, sending it toppling over against the wall. My eyes darted from Andy to Tucker to the door. Should I make a break for it? What would the consequences be for Corey? They were both in a lot better shape than I was - could I talk them out of whatever they were planning? And again, what would the consequences be for Corey? Perhaps I could fool them into thinking I wanted to go along with whatever they proposed doing, then somehow deter them with logic or flattery?

While considering all this, Andy had gotten up and moved to stand beside me. I folded my arms across my chest, tried to relax the set of my jaw a little (my jawline is one of my best features, so I'm told) and gave him a direct stare in the eye. The kid wasn't even looking at my face - he leant over a bit and was checking out my butt! I clenched my cheeks to enhance the appearance of firmness. I'm not really all that firm back there, but when I clench it kinda gives that impression, at least for a short time. I can't hold it too long.

Andy extended his left hand and rested it on the small of my back. I leant forward a little, but his hand followed, maintaining contact with my shirt. Sweat had started forming again, I could feel it being pressed into my back where his hand lay. What did these lads expect? How far was I expected to go? How far had Andy's mom gone if she went through the same ordeal recently? Would Corey be exploring some other mom against her wishes if I complied with these guys? What was Corey's personal pecadillo? I had no clue...

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