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P likes it when I kiss and nibble her neck and shoulders. I'm not sure but when I do it very slowly she seems to enjoy it more. P has very pretty, delicate inner labia as the pics on line show. I like to suck one or both in between my lips and move my head around just enough to stretch them slightly. This usually elicits little mewls of pleasure from her and starts to light that fuse I talk about in our profile. I like to tease her in the beginning with very light licks and sucks of the inner thighs, pudenda (pubic mound) and labia. Once she escalates to a preorgasmic stage I like to slide one finger inside her vagina and lightly caress her G-spot and surrounding area. She also responds well to massaging of the rear wall of her vagina. I'll alternate between those two areas (about 20 or 30 seconds

each) while tickling her clit with my tongue. She's usually thrusting her hips skyward by now trying to increase the pressure of the caresses. She may say she doesn't like it but I try to delay her first climax until she can't stand it any more, holding her just below her orgasmic threshold. When you

think she's ready take a second finger and insert- it with the first. Just inside the front wall of her vagina there's an arch of bone or cartilage right in front of her G-spot. I use the ends of these two fingers to squeeze the tissue between that bone and my fingers. This almost always puts her over the top and into orgasmic bliss. And hold on...it's a real roller coaster ride from now on! Alternate tongue strokes on her clit up and down to side to side. Sucking it in between your lips and flicking it with your tonguetip rapidly. Once she seems to be coming down from her cum, move your fingers to the rear wall of her vagina and she'll start all over again. To make her squirt pull your fingers out, quit licking and rapidly move your

four fingertips up and down over her entire labial area. It should be very wet and slippery and when you start stroking she usually bears down and squirts all over your hand and fingers. First and foremost K loves pussy, preferably shaved like the day you were born. It's so much more sensuous when my tongue can glide over the mons veneris giving goose bumps to the woman as I start to make love to her. The heady aroma of her vaginal folds start to waft upwards to my nostrils creating the most wonderful aphrodisiac in the world. I can feel my cock harden as her labia start to flower open to my view. The first dewdrops of excitement appear on the petals of her rose. I dip my tongue tip delicately into her blossom and get my first taste of her ambrosia. The nectar of the Gods never tasted this good! I tap dance my tongue down her cuntal furrow and push just inside her vaginal opening. Her walls contract around my lingual member in appreciation for the exquisite stimulation to come. Her clitoris peeks out from under its protective hood hoping to attract some of the attention. And who am I to refuse, right? With my two thumbs I peel open her swollen outer labia even wider. The picture in front of my eyes is better than any Rembrandt or Monet. An intricate arrangement of pinks and reds designed to tantalize my senses of sight, smell, taste and feel.

I bend close to this work of art and breath in her wonderful perfume. I push my nose against her clit and dip my tongue into her sweet honeypot. I feel her hips and thighs spasm as the sensations become almost too much to bear. I push deeper into her coralline cavern and run my tongue tip all around the moistening walls, brushing my nose back and forth over her erect nub. Suddenly I hear a gasp escape her throat and I know it's time!!! I move my mouth up and suck her entire clitoral area between my lips, thrusting and parrying my tongue directly against her most sensitive part. I like using the underside of my tongue on her clit because it's so much smoother and slipperier. It causes cold chills to run up and down her spine as her orgasm overloads her brain with pleasure.

Unintelligible sounds emanate from her throat as she slips into a consciousness known only by the few who have experienced the ultimate sexual bliss. My tongue tip flicks back and forth over her spasming spike. Her lower pelvic muscles seize up and contract violently. Finally I get my reward as a thin stream of girly cum shoots into my mouth. I hear her grunting out her ultimate release just before her body collapses on the bed, totally spent. Her eyelids flutter as she floats in a world of post-orgasmic bliss. More juices seep out from between her labia as the muscles start to relax. I hungrily lap them up, savoring the delicious delicacy.

Slowly her brain returns to this world. She manages a weak smile that I recognize as a well earned "thank you". You're very welcome, I kind of enjoyed it myself too you know!!

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