tagFetishWhat We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 06

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 06


Hey all! Here's the penultimate chapter; I promised I'd finally finish something. All comments questions and whatnot are welcome via my profile page.


The next few weeks were very rewarding. Ian continued to work out, continued his training, and continued to fuck me and a host of other women utterly senseless. It was a simply glorious thing to see a young man who had been so utterly unaware of the power he held between his legs come to understand his place.

I was setting my sights on the VIP room, on Ophelia. Of course I didn't stay in the horrible basement the whole time. After a lot of theft and a little searching I found a hotel with a light-tight basement room. It was cheap, but I suspect that was because the cockroaches had established themselves enough to afford to pay some of the rent. At least they didn't order room service often.

I was surprised by a knock at my door one evening, just as I'd woken. Who knew I was here? I'd never let Ian know. It's not that I didn't trust him, but nothing irks me more than unannounced booty calls. I cracked the door, not bothering with the chain lock since the strength of my own arms could hold the door firm when enhanced with Sanguinir if it came to that. When I saw him the recognition was instant even though he looked different.

He hadn't aged of course, as a rule we're not into that, but his hair that I'd grown accustomed to being long and tied back from his face was now short and slicked back, his suit a dark casual affair that worked well with the tall strong frame it was so perfectly molded to. He'd gone to ground long before I had, or at least vanished so thoroughly that I couldn't locate him despite years of searching.

"Eve, it's been ages."

"Jack?" I managed weakly in response.

"May I come in?" he asked.

"No," I answered, stepping back and opening the door wide and making room for his entry, still so overwhelmed that I couldn't make any coherent thoughts match up in my brain.

"Thank you," he said, striding gracefully inside. My heart hadn't beat without my volition in years, yet I could somehow feel it fluttering. He was my first truly great lover, the one I would judge all others by, the one who gave me the dark deliverance. But my mind was at war with my cunt, the latter being wet with horny nostalgia. The former was just angry.

"Where the fuck have you been the last two hundred years?" I demanded.

"All over," he answered, matter-of-factly. "I spent some of it gone to ground, but a lot of it was making an impact in the world. I've toppled a few governments, propped up some others. It never gets old."

I scowled the scowliest scowl I could scowl. "This is about your Obsession?!"

Jack's Obsession had always been power. It was what had made him a good lover, a better serial killer, and now, it seemed, a megalomaniac.

"Of course. What else is there for our kind?"

I sighed, "Jack, I don't blame you for being true to yourself, of course, but, well, you don't have to be an asshole about it. You could pursue power with ME. You could have taken me WITH you. Why ditch out?"

He shook his head. "You don't get it. You never did. How would I maintain power with you around? I love you, of course, I always will, but love is a liability in games like this. What if someone was able to threaten harm to you? Or to use you to get to me? I couldn't have that."

"Did it ever occur to you I could have helped? Surely there were powerful men you might have wanted seduced along the way. I'd have given anything just to stay with you."

"Even if that's true, what if a bigger dick had wandered along. Could I even trust you? Your Obsession is a liability to mine and you know it."

I growled, wishing I had the will to hit my Patron, but I couldn't. I hit him with words instead. "Well fuck you, then. You're obviously too stupid to realize that the biggest dick of all is the one looking at you in the mirror."

"That's very flattering."

"I meant the one on top of your neck."

There was a long and awkward silence, and then, somehow, a little snort of laughter from each of us. I flopped into the motel room's ragged little chair and sighed, shaking my head as Jack helped himself to a seat on the edge of my bed.

"So seriously, Jack, why are you here? Why are you back?"

"Well, I needed someone like you, to be honest."

"I don't think I'm in the mood to help you. What is it you need?"

"It's quite simple, really... there's an Estonian drug lord who is the lynchpin to control of that whole region. He's old, and I've managed to set myself up as his successor. Maybe. The problem is his son."

"Why don't you just have him killed?"

"Because they'd know it was me and then no one would want to follow along. I have to play this one at least a little bit delicately."

"Okay. Where would I come in?"

"The kid's got a hot girlfriend. His dad wants to fuck her... she's his source of strength. And amazingly, despite my best efforts she has not given in to trying me on in bed for size. I need a hotter girl on my arm for the big meeting."

"You seriously came an ocean away just for that? Aren't there hot girls in Estonia?"

"Not with tits like hers. Only yours could blow her out of the water."

I stood and opened the door, "Well Jack, I'd love to help you, but..."and here my voice grew thick with mockery, "...what if someone used me to get to you? And don't forget my Obsession. It could be a big fat, throbbing veiny LIABILITY!"

He sighed, deliberately adjusted his tremendous limp dick in his jeans, and made for the door, pausing just long enough to say, "I'm not going to take no for an answer, Eve. I'll be watching you."


It had been six months, and objectively speaking, they'd gone well. I'd stepped up my crime spree and managed to get enough cash together to get a large light-tight loft. Ian had worked out consistently and his body was beginning to show it. He may not ever have the bulk I tended to like in a boy, but starting from zero fat it didn't take much for his even slightly bigger muscles to show real promise. His abdomen in particular had glorious potential, sheet upon sheet of layered cuts like they were molded for him by some great sculpture.

He was also getting more confident with women. While he still struck out a few times for every attempt, he was capable now of getting a woman to get alone and naked with him, and the reward they discovered when they got there never seemed to disappoint. He still had an occasional early shoot, but with time and patience he seemed more than capable of an encore performance. He just had to watch himself with the hot ones.

The reality was, at this point, I didn't even really need my VIP room back at all. I had a place to stay, a gorgeous cock to train into perfection, and a generally all was well. I'd have to be a real vindictive, spiteful, petty bitch to care about a little thing like a private room in a club at this point.

So I was definitely going to get it back.

I met with Ian at sunset, the two of us in the alley out back. I was a little nervous about how things might go, and Ian was wound as tight as a coiled spring.

"I don't understand why you wouldn't let me get off for two weeks," he complained.

"Because I need you at your peak." I patted him on the shoulder supportively. "Are you feeling horny?"

"Yes. My balls feel like they're gonna fall off!"

I reached out and cupped those through his pants, licking my lips, they were definitely heavier than I remembered. If I'd tried to make him go another week he'd have probably gone off in his sleep, maybe even tonight, so I'd timed this perfectly.

"So here's the deal. You and I are going to go in there and get up to the private VIP room at the top of the metal stairs. There are going to be people in there. I don't know how many. Ophelia likes variety so she constantly changes up the number of suitors she entertains, as well as the physical characteristics. She has these... let's call them living tableaus running through her head and she's always trying to create them in real life. No one can see the blueprint she's working from but her."

"Okay..." He was understandably confused, but I pressed right on.

"That's her Obsession: Artistic Creation. Mine is... well, big cocks like yours. This is going to be a fight of our ideologies. You're going to prove to her that a huge, cunt-breaking dick like yours is simply superior to whatever she's going for with all her artistic endeavors. When she realizes she's enjoying my Obsession more than her own, she'll flee. She'll need to. Then the room will be mine, and you, dear boy, will be rewarded."

"With even better sex?" he asked.

"Well, eventually, yes. But if you can fuck your way through the gauntlet and make Ophelia cream her brains out, then I will give you the Dark Gift that drew you to me to begin with. I will Deliver you into the night life."

He suddenly looked resolute, all the cuteness of his face fading for a moment with a look of determination and focus.

"I'm gonna ruin some cunts." His voice got low, rumbly. I'd be lying if I said it didn't get me at least a little wet.

He turned to head for the front door, and I followed the monster I'd created into the club.


We swaggered in, the place was more packed than ever. I was sure she was responsible for that. Young, adventurous types had probably now spread the word of a club where you could go, and were sometimes chosen for a secret room of unearthly delights at random. That was something of a draw.

I walked side-by-side with Ian, letting the confidence of his stride carry us through the dance floor, couples parting to let us through, eyes lingering on my cleavage and his package, cocks stiffening, cunts moistening, this was us owning the room with our utter indifference to it.

When we reached the foot of the stairs, there were a couple of bigger men blocking our way.

"Evening, boys," I said. "Is Ophelia home?"

"She is, but we've been expressly forbidden to allow a woman of your description in to see her," one of them said, his voice gruff, his eyes sinking between my breasts.

"Oh boys, that's cute, but let's face it... you can't stop me." As I spoke these latter words I was already standing behind them. Startled they turned to speak to me, but I was already back at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey!" the other one said, "you can't just..."

He trailed off as I was behind them again.

"I'm on the one side. I'm on the other side. I'm on the bottom step. I'm on the top step. I can do this all night. How about you just step aside and let my friend through too."

They looked down at Ian, "why should Ophelia want anything to do with hi-"

Their jaws dropped as Ian's zipper did, I was on them in a half-heartbeat, sadistically pantsing the pair of them. The sight of Ian's soft, thick meat hanging heavily between his thighs only caused their respective teeny peenies to shrink up even smaller. I couldn't tell if they were legitimately small, but stacked end to end they weren't even half the size of my potent protégé.

Defeated in oh, so many ways, they parted. Ian didn't even bother to put his dick away, just walked up the stairs, letting the intimidating sway of it draw their shamed eyes back and forth as he moved.


Ophelia was in quite the tableau. Her human art pieces were scattered throughout the VIP room, each engaged in a different oral act on another. There was male-on-male fellatio, male-on-female cunnilingus, female-on-male cocksucking in progress, the whole room was a slobbering, sweating, moaning mass of oral worship. Ophelia herself, it seemed, was only taking her pleasure in watching, leaning over one of the big leather couches. It took me several minutes to get in deep enough to see the reality of the situation, that a strapping young man and supple young woman were taking turns giving vigorous tongue service to her ass.

You kind of had to admire the sick slut.

When she finally took proper notice of me, she scowled, but then her eyes bugged out at the sight of Ian's cock. I know for a fact that one of her salad-tossing slaves was getting a sudden squirt of cunt juice by surprise; I know what kind of effect huge dick will have, whether she'd want to admit it or not.

Ophelia's tableau began to break down... some erections wilted in mouths, others only got harder. Ian's cock was like a gay divining rod, and there could be no denying who was more enamored and who was more intimidated with him in the room. Soon almost everyone who was eating anyone had simply stopped, all were staring at my strapping stud, stupefied.

"No... pay them no mind... get back to your assigned roles!" Ophelia commanded, her voice quavering.

"What's the matter, Ophie? Art losing to big cock *again*?" I taunted as I strolled throw, pulling down my dress top so the people could drink in my tits. Now one of the men came with a whimper.

Ophelia whirled her head at the offending climaxer, rage in her eyes. "Be GONE! You're banished you worthless piece of crap!"

He gathered some fairly random assortment of clothing and left, hanging his head, his glistening little cum spurts still glimmering on the floor.

"You! Take his place!" Ophelia commanded Ian like he was just another subject.

"No." Ian said, and even at his higher register the growl in his voice was a little bit sexy. He pulled his tie loose and ditched the suit top, the beginnings of his hot little abs coming into view as he unbuttoned and ditched the shirt as well. He wasn't ripped yet, no, but he was definitely cut now. My nipples hardened, I assume with lust, but somehow a shade of pride was in there too. Oh shut up, I never promised I was sane.

Next he kicked his pants as he strode masterfully towards her, like an alpha wolf circling prey, his cock going from its impressive flaccid dead-hang to an even more eye-catching semi, the curve of his rod becoming more prominent as it went from swinging to swaying.

In some sort of desperation, she grabbed the attractive woman from behind her and threw her like a maiden sacrifice (albeit a maiden who had just been eating ass) in front of him.

"Take care of his cock, then we'll see who has the last laugh!"

The other women and a couple of the lads drew nearer to him. He shrugged, and then put a hand behind the woman's head, pulling her face right into the pendulous mass of his ballsack, grinding her into his male essence with bravado. You could see the poor thing trying her best, her tongue slipping from between her lips to tap and paint at the huge, grinding stones, but she was an utter captive in the maelstrom of his nut-sack, eyes and nose pulled flush against big ball-meat, head getting knocked around by the swinging of his testes as he aggressively nut-thumped her face.

Soon she was on her back, gasping as he fed those balls-scratch that, crammed one ball, she'd never fit two-into her gaping mouth, the other lewdly dancing all over her face, a sweaty taunting twin, remind her that she was not woman enough to handle even half of the sheer amount of masculine might that was manhandling her. As he royally teabagged the suck slave, he reached a hand casually into her pants, fingers doing delicate, intricate things at first, teasing her legs apart, drawing strangled gasps from her scrotum-stuffed lips, until he was clearly slipping fingers inside, expertly hooking two to stroke her g-spot, digit-fucking her faster and faster until she rained a nasty squirting mess all over the floor between her spread legs.

He stood as she writhed around, curling and purring, hands pawing at her own tits as she rode the orgasmic wave.

"Don't just stand there gaping you idiots! Stop him! Protect me! Protect your seductive queen!"

One of the men approached him first, but he shook his head. "I don't swing that way, mate. Watch or leave, but you can't touch." His command had resonance, and most of the men pulled back to a respectful distance, a handful more left the room, joining the humiliated guards wherever they'd gotten off to.

"Kneel." Ian growled, and most of the women did, only a few strong enough to stand before the command of this dominating stud. He swaggered forward, swinging his hips in a wide arc, tremendous cock almost fully hard now slapping cheeks and foreheads and tits, dangerously whipping about it laid sexual waste to the sea of strumpets before him. Unwilling to let the challenge go unanswered girls dived on him from all sides, fighting to share sucks of his head, licks of his balls, amazed at how each of them could still find more space to hold or orally worship. There was just so much cockslab to choose from.

He let the worship go on for a time. I don't think any of them had skill enough to really impress him after all the grade-A girls we'd gotten to go to work on that dick, but there had to be something intoxicating about the sheer tawdry orgy that was assembling at his feet, living only to service and serve he gigantic organ. Ian grabbed a girl and spun her on a shoulder, shedding women as he positioned himself to enter her and speared deep, grunting triumphantly as his cock blasted into her glistening snatch, driving a cloud of moisture into the air.

He held her wrists and pulled back, leveraging as much meat into her as possible before pounding away, hammering deep into her insides, you could almost hear the thud of his cockhead hitting her limit, though in truth it was really just her head tapping the floor with each fast pound. In a few dozen thrusts she'd had what looked like a few hundred orgasms, though surely she was faking at least fourteen of them, and then he let her drop, standing, cock glistening like an icicle of sex.

Girls clamored even more fervently now, a talented mouth working a ball all the way in as her tongue slapped at the other she couldn't hope to fit. Ian put his arms around a slim things waist and lifted her, putting one foot on the edge of a seat as he slammed her deep onto his towering cock. There he fucked for several long moments, mouth darting in for periodic sucks of her nipples as he held her almost on his arm, a thigh, and 18 inches of cunt-crushing cock-meat. Her clit was big, and so engorged you could see it tremble and tighten with every huge orgasm that was wracking her frame, endless love-log splitting between her cunt-flaps in vast foot-long strokes that brought howls, spittle, moans, drool and gibberish words that all sounded like they meant "huge" to me from her lips.

Another lass impaled became another lass dumped unceremoniously to the ground. He gave the same treatment to two more women, folding one into that lovely jack-hammering pose he'd used that first night with the three girls, taking the other sideways, lifting her flexible leg over a shoulder as he cock-pummeled her senseless.

He stood before Ophelia, alone at last.

"Leave this place. It belongs to Eve," he intoned, his voice a little hoarse from his own mad howls of pleasure. He'd been fucking flawlessly for more than an hour now.

"Don't you see?" I added. "Art has lost. A big cock just smashed your little stain-glass display. My Obsession is stronger than yours. Go."

She shook her head around, lying through her teeth as she rejected my premise, "No, you're the one who isn't seeing!" she madly barked, "This big cock IS art, my greatest work yet. Imagine how pretty it will be when I finally make it cum!"

"Wrong." Ian said, simply. He grabbed her head, hauling her halfway over the couch and stuffed his dick into her shocked lips, pulling her down, making her gag horrifically on that huge dick.

Her eyes locked to mine, pleading for mercy as they teared up a little, lips locked around the meat monstrosity that was moving to re-arrange her insides.

"All of it." Ian growled, pulling her harder, her balance shifting to her torso as he let gravity sickly slide her down the shaft. There was a ragged gagging cough that was somehow mixed with a retching swampy *glorch* noise. Precum and slobber spewed out as she found herself with her lips on his balls, upside-down now. Ian wrapped his arms around her thighs and stood, the two of them making an almost beautiful sort of dancing pose, if, that is, one of the dancers is giving off coarse choking noises as her whole throat is crammed full of ankle-thick cock.

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