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In my experience, the kind of guy who writes an essay entitled "What Women Want" has been to bed with lots of women -- maybe a hundred or more. I haven't. I've petted and played with a few in high school and college, but I've actually fucked exactly three; the number between 2 and 4, and I was married to two of those.

How presumptuous of me to write this essay when I have so little experience. It's not necessarily my experience I base this on, but the experience of the women I've known. My ex-wife screwed around on me. (Hence, the term "ex-wife") Before I acknowledged this and did something about it, she began to tell me what a great lover I was. She told me I had a gorgeous dick, but she was a nurse and got to see some dicks. She had an orgasm every time we screwed and sometimes two. I appreciated the complements, but since we were both virgins when we met, I wondered how she was able to make the comparison.

I mentioned she was a nurse so she felt the need to fuck a couple of doctors (at least two, maybe more) and I was better than they were -- not much surprise there. I find most doctors to be personality and socially challenged. I'm big on loyalty, so when she betrayed me, I split. In the process, I took up with a woman who had some real experience. I was number 25 or 26 or 27(she couldn't remember) and she was 10 years younger. She had fucked her two husbands, a guy in a wife swap, a guy she went to the Caribbean with and knew for a total of a week, a guy she worked with who slept on her couch and smoked pot every night, a guy she worked with who was married, a telephone repairman who was married and whose wife left him because of the affair, her brother-in-law, her ex husband after he remarried, and several others. This girl liked to fuck and didn't spend many nights alone. As with the ex, she told me time and again, that I was the best. You are likely thinking, "so?" Of course she told you that, she told everyone that. Maybe she did tell all the guys, but she told her girlfriends, several of whom were also into recreational sex. This lead to some problems because a couple of them made moves on me and it got pretty tense at times.

Finally, I married wife number 2 and for her I was number 7 in terms of actually fucking and number 9 in terms of blowjobs. She's still with me and tells me I have the best looking dick she has ever seen and that I am the best lover she has ever had, by far. Since we are both in our 60's and have been married for over 20 years, I tend to believe she's telling me the truth.

Therefore, what do women want? Well, women like to fuck. It's in their DNA. How will humans procreate the race if men and women don't fuck each other? It's simple science. Accepting that women like to fuck, it's important to make the experience one they enjoy because, and here is a key point, the more they enjoy the experience, the better you will enjoy it. If you want to get a really good piece of pussy -- make sure she has a good time.

Let me explain a little further. Women like to fuck; they do not like to be fucked with. Treat them with respect and affection and it will be returned. One way to let them know how important they are is to show them your hard-on. When I'm ready to screw, I let my wife know I'm erect. I may just put her hand the front of my jeans so she can feel it, or walk around in my bikini underwear with my dick straining to get out, or just walk up on her naked and say, "Look what you're doing to me." She (and most women) get hot when they know they have to power to get your blood from your brain to your dick.

Keep your dick looking nice. I shave mine -- the shaft, my balls, and an area of pubic hair around my dick. When she gives you a blowjob, she wants your dick her mouth -- not a bunch of hair.

Find out what she wants out of sex. It may be different every time. Sometimes women just want to cuddle. You can fuck them and you can cum, but they just want to be held. If that's the case, go along with it. Don't insist they have an orgasm.

Maybe, on a different occasion, she wants it a little rough. Possibly she wants to be spanked and fucked hard. No matter how tired you are, oblige.

There are a number of toys out there that do a great job of bringing a woman to an orgasm. For example, the popular "rabbit" has a short dick that rotates in her pussy while a vibrator stimulates her clit at a range of speeds. She will explode with this thing. If that's what she wants, do it. The machine will enhance her experience and she will be so turned on, you will have your brains fucked out.

If she wants you to eat her pussy or pinch her nipples or suck her toes -- do it. You'll enjoy it and she will make sure you have a good time. I've covered her pussy with chocolate syrup and eaten it; I've put a plastic sheet on the bed and greased us both down with warm baby oil and we slid all over each other as we fucked.

If she's into games or a little light bondage, go with it. Don't be impatient. Let her get hot they way she wants to. If she wants you to watch her masturbate, watch. I've blind folded her and tied her hands to the bed. Then I nibble on her tits, kiss her stomach and lick her pussy while I also give her drinks of champagne. Then I stick my dick in the champagne and she licks it off -- still blindfolded and bound. When we finally fucked, she had an orgasm that shook the house.

Many women I have not fucked but have talked with about sex like to show off. I believe (and I could be wrong) that a large percentage of women are at least closet exhibitionists. If yours likes to show off, don't get jealous -- get hard. It can be a real turn on to have other people notice the one you're going to take home and fuck. If that's what she wants, let her have her fun. Maybe she wants to do it outdoors with a chance of getting caught. And what if you are caught? Big deal. Most people will love it and go home and fuck like bunnies themselves.

Let her pick the porn. If she wants to watch or read a little something to get going, let her decide. What guys like may not be what she likes. Remember your goal -- to get her so hot and so wet all she can think about is fucking you so let her decide how she gets there.

Lot's of women like to give blowjobs. They like the oral gratification and the idea that they control when you cum. If your partner swallows your cum and then wants to kiss you -- do it. She just took your dick in her mouth and then let you cum all over her mouth, tongue, and throat -- and you won't kiss her? It's just cum. If it doesn't hurt her, it won't hurt you and she will remember you were willing to kiss her with your cum in her mouth -- it is some kind of a turn on.

To reiterate, women like to fuck but don't like to be fucked with. Treat her with respect and affection, let her have what she wants in bed and you will have pussy for life.

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