tagHow ToWhat Women Want From Men Ch. 02

What Women Want From Men Ch. 02


What a Woman Wants- Chapter 2 Or how to heat up a chilly bed and keep it very hot from now on.

Foreword: This is again in response and with the inspiration of many of your questions and responses and I hope it meets with all of your ongoing approval and/or is helpful to some of you at least. You do give me ideas and I do appreciate them. And for those of you determined to flame me for writing this stuff, sorry you don’t like it, reading these is optional you know…lol…Ya don’t have to read them! Sheesh! And yes I do hope to put these together for a book some day. But for now I like writing these, and I’m glad that some of you like reading them .And as for where I learned all this, there is this man named Raoul…and he helped me with this. He is a man among men, and he is incredible, and without him, I wouldn’t be able to write this for you.. So guys, listen up, if you want to be a Raoul in some woman’s life, here is how. Raoul, I know I”ve said it before, but thank you for being you. You are so magnificent, and I feel so very lucky you came into my life.

I’m not going to mince words in this, I am going to spell it out, without a lot of soft pedaling and if this isn’t what you want to know well, don’t ask then. For all the men and WOMEN who have wondered how to get in touch with a woman’s sexual being here goes…hope it helps, and good luck to you, Almost

What women want in bed, ahhhh, the mysteries of the keys to the female mind and her sexuality, are highly sought after by many, including we women! We women don’t even know this stuff! Is it technique, is it size, is it endurance, is it a cute little thing you all do with that towel trick we all pretend we’ve never seen, is there a drug that will unleash our inner slut, and if so, where do we get that pill…what is it that turns us females on! And half of us don’t know EITHER…so here we go…the magical mystery tour of female sexuality coming up…or how to get her to wear just high heels when she takes out the trash at YOUR house! And do it with GLEE! And maybe, just maybe, every week. But, guys, you have to be very very good first!

First and foremost gentlemen, it really isn’t a size issue, although you all almost wish it was, because then you’d understand it at least. And it isn’t endurance and it isn’t technique, although technique is pretty important, oh yes is it, my oh my oh my!…But the first stop on our magical mystery tour, is the female mind, that mysterious confusing place the keys reside in, the location of the holy grail, hidden deep with in every woman, is the first place we shall visit. And with this, begins the solutions to it all. You must enter her mind, and lead her to this new place, by the hand and gently. It isn’t a quick trip and it takes time and patience. You have to lead the way, as every self respecting Don Juan knows, you are the guide and the leader, and in this one thing, you have to lead, or you won’t ever get there gentlemen, with many women. And for those of you, who have women who don’t ever seem to want to, this is how you fix that. And guys, there isn’t a woman out there that hasn’t faked it at least once in a while, although I will probably get flamed for that statement, it is what they all tell me, however…

Here’s a side note to consider: Women don’t envy penises, men just WISH they did, and like so many things in life, the theory is bass ackwards…Men envy pussy’s, it’s PUSSY ENVY in reality! And all men all want one (or more, fess up guys! Or more! Most of you would take two, cause they’re small, and maybe one to go to snack on later, it’s true, if you could, you’d all have harems and I, at least, know this!) of their very own…that LIKES them and WANTS them, even CRAVES them at times, ooh, yes, all boys want one of THOSE!…so once upon a time, someone decided to market the philosophy that women envy penises and that they all want one, in the hopes it would convince women they did, and they then WOULD want a PENIS (or more..lol) of THEIR very own, and all you men would have a wonderful life. And to men, life would be soooo simple and so perfect, if all women craved cock like men crave pussy, just think men? Of how wonderful life would be with this hungry insatiable slut waiting for you to give her more of your precious fluids and begging for your pleasure wand, but in reality, nothing would ever get done, because all we would all do is fuck, fuck fuck, and that’s why it doesn’t happen that way! And yes I’m serious! No work would get done, no buses would run, there’d be no power, we’d all still live in caves and we’d die young and very happy, although a bit hungry and chilly from lack of food and heat. It is just yet another example of a typical male solution to the problem of females unpredictability and unfathomability and why there are two sexes, because without both, the world would be incomplete. If women only ran the world, we’d all shop full time and you men would do nothing by paint as we changed from pink to cream to I think that beige is too deep, to pale hints of yellow, not canary mind you, and not lemon, more a shade above cream. If men only ran the world, women would wear pig tails and garter belts and we wouldn’t need transportation, because we wouldn’t ever leave the house because all any of us would ever do is, fuck fuck fuck, so inessence, there is balance in having some of both for all of us. And there is away to get it (well at least some) guys. It is not however a one step solution, nor is it easy to come by as many of you have figured out by now.

Women think in great swooping circles, and for all of you who think I’m a man, this should end that question for you. I am a woman, and as such, I do think in curves and arcs and round abouts. All women do, and we hide things even on ourselves and we don’t know, we really don’t, even if we think we do, and yes we will argue, and we often do, and in some ways we do know, but we’ll never tell you what we do know, so we don’t always know what we think we do. Got it? See? I am female…! I can do that all night and day, round and round I go! Only a woman could! And yes we do get a bit confusing. But you men often confound us with your logic and reason too.

The reason we are so damned confusing is, in a nutshell, we even confuse ourselves, period. We don’t fake being confusing, we are so good at it we don’t even know how to unconfuse ourselves, or to stop being confusing to anyone, or that we are in fact confusing! We’ll tell you we aren’t confused, YOU are, and you know you are, you just can’t seem to get us to understand that you really are, because we are. Did I make that clear enough? And IF no one teaches us about our sexuality, it remains this great mystery to us all, with varying degrees of response or the lack there of, in any of us. We don’t know what it is, or how to deal with it, or even how to control it, and some of us did get lucky and have a sexual mentor or mother who gave us direction, but most of us didn’t. So, to gain control of a woman’s sexuality, you must work with her mind, and for those of you who weren’t planning to go up that far, that’s what it takes to reach her sexual responses, so in some ways, it is about being figuratively large enough to reach her mind, if not with your physical attributes, your intellectual ones, and it is as simple as that. Metaphorically speaking, that is what the size thing is really about, you got to go up that far guys! And yes this is complex, because women’s minds aren’t simple places, let alone easy to delve into, and it is easy to get lost in the maze we all have in our little brain cavaties, as most of you have long since figured out! A woman’s mind can be beautiful but it can be filled with all sorts of crazy stuff too. To get through that, is to reach what represses her and in so doing, help set her free from that repression that keeps her from being the sexually aware creature all women can be.

Did I make that clear enough? Because yes I think in great swooping circles. And anyone who walks continuously in a circle gets lost. And they get dizzy and they make no progress at all, which is very typically female, we’ve done it so long, it feels very normal to us to spin round and round, and we women understand this in each other, so we really think it’s you guys who are sort of confused and don’t get it. You have to teach us to go straight just as we show you how to bend some.

Not everyone does have the same level of passion with in them, some people have TONS of it, repressed or not, others have very little. Many are in between somewhere, and libidos are part of the entire response system network.. But if she or HE isn’t aware of how much they have, or if those responses are repressed, they have even less interest or willingness to engage in pleasurable sexual activities, because they aren’t all that pleasurable. Most can be improved on however with some of these techniques and the knowledge of how to generate and increase those responses from inside the person, via techniques and foreplay and even through romantic evenings and fun interactions that couples learn to use to get the blood bubbling and the fires started with in them.

We’re the one’s who won’t stop and ask for directions, not you men! Men ask directions all the time, and the only time we women won’t run off at the mouth is when it’s about what we wish you’d do in bed, so we don’t give you those directions and then we blame you for getting lost! The problem is we don’t know either. No one tells us. We either aren’t really sure what we do want, OR we’re sort of scared and nervous and caught up in all the myths that we’re supposed to be naturally sexual and hot, and if we say, oh hey, I’m not all that sexual and hot, we become less of a woman even in our own minds, we women brag to each other even about how sexy we are, it is very much like men and their bravado with each other. We all want to be sexually coveted, we all wish and believe we’re the studs! We project it to other women even that oh yeah, we had hot sex last night, let me tell ya! And to then address it with words, is beyond many women. We can talk, we can’t talk about that, cause THEN you’d KNOW! Which if you know, we do, and if we do, then we have to think about it, and if we think about it, we’ll have to worry, and if we worry, you REALLY aren’t going to get any, because we’ll want to go wash the floor so we get what’s worrying us off our mind! Got that? Any of you still doubt I’m female? I can talk like this for fifty pages without taking a breath or injecting punctuation, uh? I can too!

We worry about your inadequacy thing if we tell you that God if you’d only use your hand TOO, and we feel INADEQUATE and shy, or we’re into this good girls will and bad girls don’t thing and we aren’t even sure if we should respond, or if that then makes us bad. So, you fellas have to do it for us. And listen to our little hints and metaphors and sort through it all to figure out what we’re saying, or no slut tonight guys! Sorry, we don’t know how to let her out! We’re not even sure we want to let her out! So if you want her to come out you have to do it. You want to be our master and our friend, our lover and our salvation, well than take the damned wheel and drive! But for heavens sake find out where we need to go first. This is not an easy thing to find without some pre planning and a pretty good idea of what you need to find and do. Or we’d all have figured it out by now! DUH!

Women, have brought up the theory of foreplay, that age old, ok, I’ll foreplay ya baby , solution to it all, and we do need foreplay, we ALL do, and gentlemen if you don’t believe that you aren’t doing it right, seriously. We women aren’t men, our sexuality is internalized, not externalized like a man’s is. And the art of lovemaking isn’t about instant gratification it’s about delaying that gratification and letting it build, its riding it like a rollercoaster, thru dips and hills and whooshing down a drop while the screams are forced from our lungs, it’s talent, it’s technique, but it’s also and art that goes far beyond having orgasm as it’s only goal, it’s pleasure, pleasure, and sensations combined with feelings and thoughts and deeds. It’s communication between two bodies on a primal level and it’s love and uniting as one. And guys, if you try it you will like it, this whole foreplay delaying thing is very VERY fun for you too. There is nothing to hurry about, and for those that feel they must, take care of it yourself then, if that’s all it means to you!

It is essential for a female, although there are times, when she DOESN”T need it, after she’s learned how to be sexual, but NOT before. Foreplay is more than fifteen minutes, it can be more than an hour, it can be more than four nights straight, gentlemen! And if you have a woman in your life, who says, all she wants to do is cuddle, by golly you may be looking at six weeks of foreplay to break through that block she NEEDS you to get through, and no, you aren’t getting any during that time. Life can be harsh, but at the end of that tunnel can be a lot of darned fun. And what the hell at least you’ll walk around looking dazed for awhile, even if you’re lower lip does tremble a bit!

THAT is fore play. And with time, and technique, you can cut it down to even fifteen minutes on the right night, but not until her sexuality is unleashed. Bottom line, you have to find the slut within and then unleash it to be able to have her loose at your house on command, and any well trained dominant on this site knows this.

Now, I hate to overstate what would appear to be obvious, but guys, GIRLS aren’t boys. Now that sounds pretty simple in theory, but it isn’t. You need to keep that in mind too…Women react differently then men do, we need different things to feel good, and we like different things than you men do in bed. PERIOD. And if you argue that or fight it, well, don’t even complain she isn’t in the mood. A lot of those things are things you will enjoy too, but, you have to unleash that sexuality before you get any of those. It is abit like having to unzip your pants, but in essence, our sexuality isn’t that easily accessible for anyone, whether we wear panties or not. And I don’t care if she’s 18 or 80, that’s the answer. And if you don’t like the answer, well, I’m sorry, I can’t change the facts and the reality of it, I can just try to explain it. I didn’t plan this infrastructure and interactive platform, I just understand it better than I once did. I can operate it now.

I have read sex books and how to books, and erotica and stories, I have looked for solutions causes, ideas and formulas, and no one ever addresses the problem from the stand point that things and life isn’t normal, for everyone and all, and that sexuality is very repressed in modern American women, and to unleash it you must find away to undo that repression. The premise is that every woman should indeed have a sexual on button, and does, it’s like the power of positive thinking or ostriches hiding their heads in the sand, if we don’t talk about it and tell everyone it doesn’t exist, MAYBE it’ll go away, and won’t exist! So we’ll just say every woman is indeed ready to leap forth into her sexuality with a small modicum of touching, a glass of wine, a lingering kiss and smile, and that normal women like sex instantly and take to it like a duck to water. And it ain’t so guys.

And if your spouse hands you this, she is trying to tell you something she can’t figure out how to say any other way. She’s saying oh yeah, this is so right on, at last…help me, please and we can indeed do whatever you want and this is what I need. And guys you may have to hand it to her to read. And then listen as she shyly says, well, yeah there’s some good stuff in it, um, what’s on TV? Cause that’s how women deal with sex when it’s in their face, they are afraid to discuss it! It confuses them, makes them blush, and they are frightened to ever say, oh Hey, I’m frigid! So are you like ok with that? That would be a bit like men saying Oh hey, I’m impotent, no big deal, wasn’t big enough anyway! OH yeah THAT’ll happen, you betcha! Well we feel the same way, frigid women aren’t sexy! We aren’t cool, we’re what you all hate and fear and go yuck about! So we, at least in our minds, refuse to accept the problem and without that, we can’t solve it.

As every man reading this yells NO! Well, she isn’t sure what to say then. Honey, I”ve been faking it for the last four years isn’t real easy to spit out and it isn’t any easier for you men to handle! The reaction to THAT statement will be a lot of recriminations and self doubt and storming about and anger! Sex is very very difficult to discuss for people.

Faking it is lying and we do it, because if we don’t you won’t let up on us, and somewhere in there, we all have to get some sleep. Sex is giving too, and we love the intimacy and the giving and it does give us pleasure to do that for you and for ourselves. We like the touching and the sense of fun, we don’t really mind that we don’t have an orgasm and we don’t want to lose what we have already or upset you fellas. Hell guys we even try to laugh at the towel trick thing you think is so cute! (That is so dumb fellas, it really is pretty damned corny!)

We women and you men are besieged with these images we are supposed to compare ourselves to and live up to, and if it were that easy, none of those images would have any value. We see slinky black dresses on perfectly coiffed blondes with sultry lips languishing lazily on billboards, we see Madonna dressed in her undies on stage, we see Brittney gyrating hips suggestively while the crowds go wild with desire, and we listen to men, you smile when you see a tight young butt on a bicycle and claim you’d follow that across America, you tell us you like see through and grin like fools when we put it on, but it doesn’t DO the same thing for us, that it does FOR YOU. We do it to please you and hope somewhere in there, the magic will just come down from the heavens and hit that button called hot, and warm us right the hell up and curl our hair and our toes and cross our ever loving eyes and make us purr for hours after. Guys you make US cum well enough and we will do anything for you! So there is a flip side to this coin about the stuff I write. The man who makes us scream for hours in ecstasy we will do anything for you, and any woman who denies that, hasn’t screamed for hours yet. OH and the kids? What kids? I sent them out to the neighbors, get your butt in this bedroom DAD. NOW. Do that AGAIN. Think I’m kidding? HA! Try it and find out!

Men know what they find sexy. They find full pouty lips sexy, they find fiery temperaments sexy, they find willowy and sweet sexy, they find lots of attitude sexy, they find innocent eyes looking up at them with adoration and trust sexy, they find sultry sexy, they find smokey eyes sexy, they find a confident strut sexy, a bold stare sexy, they find eye contact held a bit long sexy, they find naked women and almost naked women and women in baseball caps and women in shirts and women in jeans sexy, and in actuality, men find milk sexy. On the right day! Men can get in the mood over a $1.95 Burger! Women however can’t. Men are far more readily visually stimulated into sexual arousal than women are. Women don’t even know what arouses them at times, it’s often the thought of intimacy, of knowledge and sharing and meeting of the minds and souls as well as bodies. As such, both have their strengths and reasons to exist.

We women are so repressed, we barely STILL see naked male bodies as attractive, and even in the media that so invades our daily existence, men are rarely seen COMPLETELY naked, they are seen partially and rear view naked, or? When we see full frontal male nudity, it’s often in a spoof or comedy, and half the guys we see, in magazines and ads, really aren’t that sexy to us. We like MEN, not shaved boys with fake tans, a plastic smile and four pounds of hairspray? We love Mel Gibson, and Sean Connery and manly men, with hair and craggy faces and passionate eyes and an intelligent playful toughness and a soft side they often hide but show us so occasionally on the screen. We like the bravery and chivalry in one, we like how gallant a man can be. We react to these things even more than the physical appearance.

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