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What Work?


His strong mind and masculine body easily tower over my small girlish frame. He leads both in business and our relationship. This is not a power I have granted someone else ever or so freely. There are small hidden secrets within him, when close enough I can feel his smooth palms and smell the scent of his baby soft smile. He hides his ambitions and dreams from the world but becomes my chatterbox, often opening his mind through tangled sheets and the aroma of our love.

The first time was literally breath taking. Never letting me forget he would enjoy ripping my clothes in every direction while consuming my body, he waited for my time without judgment or tease. We held secrets, secrets from each other and secrets from those who thought knew us better than ourselves. Our timing has always been prefect between our hearts and sideways from normal. Our vows were only spoken privately and in secret. I have been granted his heart and mind but he does not belong to me.

Through time we have dreamed of passionate love, dirty foreplay and experimenting with darkness...

Our office was often an organized mess I told myself- really we needed more sleep, more hours in the day, assistants and a massage would be nice. We treated ourselves like slave labor for a drive of success. Always the final two in the office watching the moon light our never opened large view scenic window. It was not uncommon for late night upset calls from home to drag us away from the piles of paperwork and unread emails. This time spent together was only a reminder of the pending future. Many months prior we had been introduced to each other casually in the office through a coworker. His hello was silenced by his deep brown eyes; I was both a puzzle and a piece of art work. We exchanged niceties and both leaned over to review the computer screen in question. My mind was blank as I could feel his eyes studying my every square inch with confusion and awe...

...We met at vacant properties after dark, in the morning, middle of the day and even on weekends. We were creative and passionate. This night my mind was too distracted to think, work ended early and I was alone in the office. Tonight he was charming colleagues at an association happy hour. Never far from reach, his text messages are playful and inviting. We were recently assigned a new bank owned vacant studio condo, verified clean that day. "I need you and a gate code" he writes. Night meetings are tricky and always interrupted by those we "belong" to but well worth the risk. I text him the gate code and time... I'm early; I take time to drive around the neighborhood allowing him time to impatiently wait.

The studio is located along the side of the complex on top of an unattached garage with a single private upward stair case. As I proceed up the staircase the screen door is slightly cracked and the front door is wide open. The AC has been cranked to the max and is slowly battling the hot desert summer heat. The studio is simple and modern, the open kitchen with a massive granite island overlooks the living room and bedroom area, the lights are off, the only light is pouring in from the street lamp outside. The wall large wall full of windows is barely covered by sheer white drapes floating from the high AC blow.

I turn to close and lock the front door, but I am greeted by warm hands on my hips. They slide from the top of my hip bones slowly forward, his fingers pressing deep, forcing my body to melt against his, his fingers slow and his hands grip the insides of my thighs while his lips run along the back of my neck intent on finding the perfect place to rest his first kiss today. His lips have found their place as he slowly releases his grip on my thighs, spinning me slowly around our lips and eyes both lock only visible by the outside street lamp. We move lip locked to the massive kitchen island, far too big for this tiny studio. He pushes his body against mine, his kiss is passionate and his tongue deep, he wants me to feel him grow hard. He throbs and grows harder against my thigh, releasing a small moan of encouragement and satisfaction each time. My hands trace his hard dick through his pants. I focused on the ridge between his shaft and head. He has no patience tonight and taste of gum and alcohol, his lips leave mine and trail down my neck and on to my exposed breasts, his tongue traces the V-neck shaped cotton T-shirt. Uncommonly careful and ginger his hands slide on my skin to remove the T-shirt, I stop stroking him to remove the shirt he takes the moment to remove the hooks from my bra.

Fully exposed he leans back to examine the image he has seen so many times before. Like a hawk after its prey he dives in on my nipple. With his mouth wide and lips sucking my DD breast presses against his face. He releases my nipple from his mouth only to engulf my breast with his hand, allowing my nipple to rest between his fingers. He smiles a deep smile as he twirls his tongue around my other nipple biting softly.

He stands kissing me deep, I let my lips fall- he knows I will bite his lip and this time he is prepared to match me. My lips fall and I begin to bite and suck his bottom lip, he firmly places both hands on my breast pushing upwards squeezing my nipples between his fingers. He firmly slides his hands down my frame kissing long and slow- his tongue sliding along mine reminding me of his dick with my wet lips tight around him.

I need to feel him hard throbbing with passion in my mouth. I stop his hands, my pants unzipped I drop to my knees eyes locked on his, watching the enjoyment fill his face. His smile slips past as I unbutton his jeans sliding down his zipper. Still clothed I kiss his dick followed by a playful bite, his smiles grows as I slide his pants down. Both hands wrapped around him as my tongue traces the tip of his dick. My tongue wets his shaft as I follow his vein down briefly kissing his balls as he pulls back threading his fingers through my hair he pulls my head to his tip. Eagerly I allow him to enter my wet lips, he pushes deep and I suck hard. I have complete trust as he glides my head along his shaft his head deep in my throat, over and over... I can feel the cum building within him.

I pull back; he pulls me to him lifting me onto the granite countertop sliding my jeans to the floor. His kiss is quickly followed by a deep moan as his fingers part my dripping wet lips, he is well satisfied in making me this wet, his dick wet from moments before slips quick and he pushes causing me to stop breathing. I catch my breath only after he releases his hard thrust.

He continues to lubricate his throbbing dick with my wet pussy juices. His thrusts are even and rhythmically calling my body to orgasm. He withdrawals only allowing the head of his penis to enter, withdrawal and enter. This continues to make me more wet with heart racing and my mind high from the fumes of sex I push away, he looked puzzled as I lead him across the small studio, he follows my naked shadow to the bathroom.

I face the mirror has he takes his place behind me, he presses his hard dick against my body. His body is warm and sweat covers his chest, he kisses my neck turning my head to share his tongue. I slowly part my legs reaching back for his hard penis; I stroke him, squeezing tight only hinting at my true intentions. He reaches between my legs, his fingers slide between my lips, wet he slides to my clit and rubs until we both cannot control the urge to be closer, he pulls my hips back forcing my ass high, one hand tight on my ass cheek he guides his dick into my pussy.

He places one hand on each of my hips as he fucks me harder now. The alcohol loosens him, he is breathing harder as he leans in searching for my tongue. He removes one hand and playfully pulls my hair to one side kissing me deep and hard.

I am too wet and he slips out, my hand reaches around as I guide him back into my dripping wet pussy. Only a few thrust and he again slides forward. I reach back, lips locked I release a small giggle as I place the head of his penis as my asshole, he pauses seeking approval. I rise to my tip toes, leaning forward on the counter forcing his head to push again my asshole, giving him his approval. My smile reads, "fuck me now baby".

He pushes, rocking slowly with more force on each thrust into my asshole; my eager wet asshole accepts his hard dick with overwhelming pleasure.

Our silence is required during most encounters, but tonight we are truly alone.

I can't hold back, "more baby...oh my gooooood, yessssss....yes, fuck me daddy."

He responds, "that's it baby, cum baby, cum with my dick in your ass..... Oh baby squeeze my dick with your asshole.....fuck baby."

I can feel my pussy juices dripping down my inner leg, he continues to thrust hard and harder, his rhythm is perfect. He reach for my hand, he pulls it from the counter top with his to my clit. He guides my fingers with his to play with my clit. I can feel his throb of enjoyment stretching my asshole more. His fingers slide to my wet lips as I continue to rub my clit.

I can't control my orgasm....my moan is load; he grabs my hips hard, using my hip bones to bury his hard dick as deep as possible. He comes deep inside me feeling the tight grip of my orgasm.

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