tagGay MaleWhat Would Eve Do? Ch. 01

What Would Eve Do? Ch. 01


"I'll just meet you at the hotel then?" Eve said really more as a statement than a question. It looked like Dallas would be late again; unlike several men in her past, through no fault of his own however. Living in separate cities which were fifteen hundred miles apart made for a challenging relationship, not the least of which was just figuring out schedules that worked for both of them.

They'd been together off and on for years, their relationship waxing and waning in intensity; that there was a constant strong mutual attraction was a given. Keeping it burning hot over distance, time, kids, careers, other lovers and friends remained the difficult task.

Now that their sexual connection had included other people on a few occasions, the challenge seemed to be even more complex. On one hand their joint explorations had worked to magnify their bond; when they were apart they'd spent hours on the phone recalling those moments together and having the hottest phone sex imaginable! They each had a cache of real live memories they were able to reflect upon throughout their days apart which again aided to spice up the memory of their time together.

However, because others now had shared each of them separately and together, it sometimes felt like their were 'too many cooks in the kitchen". As hard as they each tried, occasional feelings of jealousy and insecurity cropped up; "Would he end up wanting to be with her for good rather than me?" "Is he able to satisfy her sexually better than I can?" They each knew these musings were slightly silly and immature, yet nonetheless they sometimes prevailed and had made for some uncomfortable phone time (and alone time) when they weren't together.

"I'm sorry, Eve," Dallas said with complete sincerity. "I'm fine getting out of here; it's getting to you in Chicago that's the problem. I'll be delayed by a few hours at the most. Why don't you take a long, hot bath, order some champagne and grab a quick nap before I get in? You're going to need it!" he chuckled.

"OK baby. It's just that I'm so psyched to see you! Two months without your cock inside me is way too long!"

"Ditto! I totally feel the same way! Let's work on changing that. Listen, I'll call you when I land at O'Hare, OK? I love you."

Eve folded her cell phone and continued looking at the dildos that she'd been perusing before Dallas' call. Since their trip to New York, his interest in being fucked in the ass had piqued considerably. He seemed to have an interest in a slightly larger cock than the one she'd used on him in the past too. Hence her escapade to the local sex shop to see what Chicago had to offer. She loved her new clear harness; wearing a cock now felt utterly realistic which totally turned her on.

Dallas boarded his flight and took the assigned aisle seat in the business class section. He'd been traveling quite a bit more lately and, for the couple hundred extra bucks, felt it was well worth it. He settled in and pulled out the book he was reading; "How to Pleasure a Woman: A Thinking Man's Guide." Ever cautious, he nestled it in the mid-section of the in-flight magazine and became engrossed immediately.

A little over an hour into the flight, he looked up and yawned, wondering how much further to Chicago. He looked around for a flight attendant. No one in sight although there as a guy sitting across the aisle from him and one row back who had stared straight at him when he'd turned around. "Weird," he thought shrugging it off.

He went back to reading (he wanted to finish it before arriving) and thought no more about the man behind him. Another half hour passed and again Dallas became restless. He unfastened his seat belt and rose to stretch his legs. He turned to face the back of the plane and head towards the lavatory when again he glanced at the guy who'd been staring at him earlier. The man was looking directly at him, only this time he had a slight sardonic smile plastered on his face and he was squeezing the bulge in his jeans.

Dallas walked past him and waited outside the bathroom for his turn to enter. The door opened, a young girl emerged, he nodded and went inside. He secured the latch and looked in the mirror. Had he really just seen what he thought he had? As he reflected on the incident, he felt his cock stir inside his pants and begin to swell. Unsummoned, he flashbacked to the guy in Club Anais that he and Eve had gone to in New Orleans. He closed his eyes and savored the memory of Carlos and his huge cock. Dallas had sucked it and had, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed it. Opening his eyes, he looked down at his crotch and saw that he had a full-on boner now, his cock aching, his balls hard and tight.

"Shit," he muttered under his breath. It was difficult enough to aim properly in an airplane lavatory without adding a stiffy to the equation! He backed up, spread his legs, put one arm out to brace himself and forced his stiff cock downward, aiming for the smallish hole in the toilet.

He finished and, still hard, jiggled his cock and worked to stuff it back in his pants. He washed his hands and looked again in the mirror. "Still hard, still hot," he thought. He didn't want to walk by the guy with a raging hard-on, or did he? He shook his head and opened the door. Wham! The guy was standing right in the doorway, the same sardonic smile spread across his face. Without thinking, Dallas immediately looked down at his crotch and saw that he still had his hard-on; he also noticed that this man appeared to be extremely well endowed.

"Yeah, me too," the guy said softly, his voice very deep and raspy. "Name's Luke. I noticed you earlier up front. Pretty interesting book you're reading too, if you don't mind me saying so."

"Oh yeah," Dallas replied absently, feeling awkward standing at the threshold of the bathroom talking to this stranger about his book on cunnilingus. "Umm, excuse me, if you don't mind?" He attempted to step past the guy and was doing so when he felt the warmth of the guy's hand on his crotch. Dallas stopped reflexively, seemingly unable to get past him just yet. Luke's hand felt good on his cock; he could hear his husky breathing increase for a moment. Dallas shuddered, then moved past Luke and stood in the alcove outside the bathroom for a second regrouping and catching his balance.

Luke had not yet entered the bathroom nor had he turned around to face Dallas. He stood still, his face turned slightly to the left so Dallas could see him in partial profile. His legs were slightly spread, one arm up against the door jamb, the other looked to be in front of him, down low, perhaps rubbing his own cock. Dallas noticed that Luke had an extremely muscular and well-defined ass and briefly wondered what he'd look like naked.

Luke turned around then and Dallas again looked at his crotch. Luke had undone his belt and the first two buttons of his button-up jeans. His hand was indeed down his pants rubbing hard against his dick. Dallas stared for a moment, licked his lips and then looked at Luke. One, two three, four, five seconds. Dallas then thrust both hands in his pockets to pull his pants forward to help camouflage his erection, turned on his heel and returned to his seat. He slid in and placed the magazine over his lap. He leaned back, closed his eyes, sighed deeply and let his mind go blank.

About ten minutes later he heard a rustling sound behind him and the creaking of a chair receiving the full weight of a body. Luke had returned; he could feel his hot stare on the back of his head. Dallas casually turned his head to the right, his eyes still closed, and offered part of his visage to Luke. He felt his cock begin to stir again and start to throb.

"Flight attendants, prepare for landing," the captain announced over the speaker system. The "fasten seat belt" sign came on and the other passengers readied themselves for landing. Dallas snapped his chair upright and fastened his seat belt. He was still completely hard and was confused by his continued arousal. "Maybe this guy would want to come back to the hotel for Eve," he thought. How would he ask him that? A complete stranger on a plane? "This was a little too weird," he thought.

He quickly glanced behind him at Luke and saw he was watching him still, an expectant look now on his face. This time Dallas smiled slightly and gave him an almost imperceptible nod. Luke was poised for any sign however and grinned back broadly, nodding his head with enthusiasm.

The plane landed and taxied to its gate without any delay. The first class passengers disembarked, then business class after them. Dallas and Luke walked, stride for stride, up the gangway to the terminal building without saying a word. They each had carry-on luggage so there was no need to go to the baggage claim area. Once inside the terminal they both followed signs for the exit. Luke was the first to speak. "I've hired a private car to meet me. May I give you a lift into the city?"

Dallas cast him a fleeting look and then nodded his consent. Moments later they were being whisked out of the airport hub-bub and were gliding smoothly along the access road headed toward the highway that would take them to downtown Chicago. Dallas thought that he should call Eve and let her know he'd arrived safely, but something precluded him from making the call. He thought the best thing for him to do now was to do what Eve would do. He was reluctant and unwilling to pursue any of this on his own. He'd just listen to her voice in his head and see where that took him.

"Drink?" Luke asked, his voice even lower than Dallas remembered it on the plane.

"Sure. Gin and tonic. Preferably Bombay- regular, not Sapphire."

Luke quickly mixed Dallas' request and a scotch on the rocks for himself. He then leaned forward and gave the driver instructions then closed the window and curtains that separated the driver from the passenger section of the limousine. He handed Dallas his cocktail and raised his glass, "To thinking men," he said with a smile.

Dallas was confounded for a second, then, remembered the tag line to the book he'd been reading earlier; "A Thinking Man's Guide." "Indeed. To thinking men," Dallas agreed.

They both took extra long pulls on their drinks and exhaled loudly, expressing their enjoyment. Luke leaned back against the seat and reached for the control panel next to the door. With a simple flick of his finger, the lights dimmed and some sort of electronic music played softly. Luke then began to unfasten his belt buckle while he rubbed the large bulge with the heel of his other hand. The metal to metal sound felt painfully loud in Dallas' skull; he was nervous and felt unwilling to participate in whatever was about to commence. "Think like Eve," he said to himself again. "What would Eve do?"

Dallas again felt his head involuntarily look down at Luke's crotch. This time he didn't avert his eyes; he watched as Luke slowly unfastened each metal button of his jeans. They were difficult to loosen as his cock was completely swollen and, because of its size, had taken all the available room in the front of his pants. Luke now had to struggle slightly to undo the buttons; Dallas watched, his heart pounding hard and steady in his chest.

Finally the last button came free. He had on a small, low-cut pair of black briefs made from some sort of smooth, shiny material. His cock was huge, the fully engorged head was busting out over the top of his underwear; Dallas could see the pre-cum glisten on the head. "What would Eve do?" he asked himself silently. He then fought the urge to lean forward and slide his tongue across the swollen head of Luke's cock. Luke's attention was completely focused on Dallas now; he watched Dallas watch him.

With a hand on either side of his hips, he grabbed his jeans and began to shimmy out of them. The black underwear stayed put but did little good in either holding or concealing Luke's king-size cock. Once his pants were down to his ankles, he kicked them off and reached toward Dallas, placing a hand on his shoulder. Gently, yet firmly, he slowly pulled Dallas toward him. Dallas was difficult to move; his muscular body was rigid and unwilling to acquiesce. "What would Eve do now?" Dallas queried again. He hesitated then felt his body inch forward.

"Suck my dick," Luke commanded. "That's what a thinking man would do. That's what she'd want you to do."

Startled, Dallas looked up at Luke, again confused by his apparent insider knowledge. "Actually, in truth, a thinking man would be smart to not think right now and just trust the voice in his head," Dallas said softly.

With that, Luke pulled the elastic band of his briefs down and his gigantic cock sprang free, standing at attention. He had to be at least 8" or 9" inches long, his shaft thick and shiny. He was shaved completely smooth and his balls were hairless too. Luke grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head exposing a fine, well developed chest, both nipples pierced and each shot through with a small stainless steel barbell. Dallas was breathing heavy and hard now, his cock completely rigid and dripping come inside his jeans. "What would Eve do?" he asked himself quietly.

Luke leaned forward and ripped open the snap buttons on Dallas' shirt. His hands worked quickly to undo his belt, unzip his pants and pull his cock free. "Lift up," Luke said as he pulled hard on Dallas' jeans, his movements now urgent with desire. Dallas did as he was told and within seconds was stripped bare, his cock as swollen and glistening as Luke's.

"What now?" inquired Luke with that sardonic smile Dallas remembered from the plane. "What does the voice inside your head tell you to do now?"

Dallas closed his eyes, tilted his head a bit and listened. "What does Eve want me to do?" "What do you want me to do now?" he asked Luke, his voice cracking from lack of use, his throat dry from nervousness.

"Lean back and keep your eyes closed," whispered Luke, his palm on Dallas' chest gently pushing him back up against the seat. Dallas felt his rigid body give way and do Luke's bidding. Within seconds he felt a warm, wet sensation cover his cock as his legs were being spread even farther apart. Luke had no problem swallowing Dallas to the hilt; Dallas could feel the head of his cock bumping hard against the back of Luke's throat.

Luke released a huge wad of spit and let it slip down Dallas' cock, continuing to fall on either side of his balls, ultimately slipping over his asshole onto the seat of the limo. He then began to suck hard on his cock using his lips like clamps, twisting his head slightly each time he pulled up. Dallas began to involuntarily pump into his mouth as he felt the hot spit and strong sucking overtake him.

Luke flicked his fingers back and forth across the space under his balls and across his wet hole, a motion that worked to make Dallas fuck Luke's mouth even harder. "You want me to finger fuck your ass now? What does the voice say? I can find your sweet spot up your ass."

Dallas moaned with pleasure and confusion as he was absolutely transported with lust. "What would Eve say?" he pondered again. He opened his thighs wider and scooted down on the seat, giving Luke greater access to his asshole.

Right on cue, Luke dropped another wad of saliva down his cock and waited until it slid down to lube Dallas' asshole. He continued to suck hard on his dick, his hand pumping the shaft with each upward suck and stroke.

As the spit hit his hole, Dallas groaned out loud and Luke sank two fingers deeply into his ass, wrenching them quickly from side to side. Dallas moaned and spread his legs wider; Luke added another finger and began to do the "beckoning" motion he used on women to hit their G-spot.

Dallas yelled out, his abandon announced. Luke pulled fast at the top of his cock, his lips locked down tight, his tongue moving rapidly behind the head. Dallas' orgasm shot full and hot and hard against Luke's throat. As it came, Luke swirled it around in his mouth and spit it back down Dallas' cock and continued to drain his dick. Dallas' asshole spasmed and pulled hard on Luke's fingers as he pumped them in and out. The convulsions were intense, the silence now immense. Dallas opened his eyes and blinked rapidly several times. He focused on the dimmed light bulb overhead.

RRRing. RRRing. He reached inside his pants pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Eve", the LCD screen read. He pushed the SEND button, put the phone to his ear and heard her say, "I like when you listen to me baby. That's exactly what a thinking man would do. Bring Luke back here now, OK?"


*~* Thank you for reading my story. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

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