tagGay MaleWhat Would Eve Do? Ch. 02

What Would Eve Do? Ch. 02


Dallas closed his cell phone and looked down at Luke who had a broad glistening grin spreading slowly across his face. Luke's lips were coated with his cream and looked delectable. Dallas squeezed the head of his cock forcing the last drops of paste to surface on its top. Luke leaned forward, his hot tongue eager to slip into the slit and lap the last drops from his hole.

Leaning back, Luke partially opened the privacy window and gave the driver instructions to head to the hotel where Eve was waiting. It was then that Dallas realized he was the only one who wasn't in on the plan.

"She's waiting for us, right?" Luke stated knowingly as he straightened himself up and poured another quick scotch.

Dallas nodded silently as he tried to cram his spent cock back in his underwear and zip up his jeans. "Yeah, she wants both of us."

Luke smiled and asked, "Well, what's she like? I've only had email communication with her and one phone call last night. She's got a great fuckin' voice, though, that's for sure. Man, I was hard within like 30 seconds talking to her."

Dallas nodded knowingly, completely in agreement with Luke's assessment. He had actually refused Eve's calls at times if he was in a business meeting or with clients because her voice made him hard instantly. He'd wondered if it had that effect on other people and Luke's confession confirmed his suspicions. He wondered if she made girls who were into girls wet when they talked to her; his guess was, probably so.

"Well, she's beautiful," Dallas stated matter-of-factly. "Absolutely gorgeous. She's built big; like you know when she's in the room. She's got these high cheekbones and arresting blue eyes which are set deep under full, dark eyebrows. Her thick hair shines like brushed silver and she's got a sort of turned up nose. Her lips are full without being overly large and she's got a great smile. But it's this giggle she's got that rolls into a deep, throaty laugh that makes my dick stiff in no time. Nice tits too; just too big with nipples that respond in a millisecond to a tweak. Her skin is soft and is the color of caramel candy. She has a smooth belly that gives way to wide hips and full, creamy thighs. And her pussy, whether smooth or bushy, stays slick and sweet. Her ass is big and fine and loves dick just about as much as her cunt does. The best thing about Eve though is her enthusiasm. That's what makes her so fucking sexy. She's pretty much game all the time and loves adventure. And, finally, she's not a complainer."

As Dallas talked, Luke had begun to play with his cock again. He spit into his palm and stroked his rod as Dallas listed Eve's attributes. She sounded even better than he'd imagined. He was eager to taste her and, evidently, so was his cock by the looks of it!

Dallas got a second chance to glimpse Luke's swollen dick and was surprised to feel a pang of desire surge through him. He was still unaccustomed to his hidden craving for cock. It was Eve who'd first showed him the nature of his forbidden desire; she'd made it safe by strapping on a dick for him to suck. That way he could continue to suspend his disbelief, thinking it was solely for her enjoyment. In all honesty, he'd begun to develop a hankering for it and found himself fantasizing about sucking her cock when they weren't together. As time went on, she gradually introduced him to the idea of fucking him in the ass with her strap-on. One thing lead to another, and now he'd actually fucked and been fucked by other guys while with Eve and he'd been totally turned on by it.

Luke continued to pull on his cock as he watched Dallas figure out how he was going to be able to suck such a big dick. He'd seen plenty of guys "do the math" and, doubtful as they were at the outset, they amazingly always figured out a way to fit Luke's giant pole down their throat; most of them came back for more too. "Try just using your hands first," Luke instructed, craving the feeling of Dallas' hand wrapped around his dick.

Dallas nodded and reached forward, his small hand opened to encircle the swollen cock which stood erect before him. "Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed. "I'm not sure my hand is even big enough to get around this thing." Luke chuckled and thrust his hips forward, giving Dallas more access to his hard rod.

"Here," Luke said as he offered to help lubricate his cock with his own wad of spit. Dallas held hard and started to yank up and down on its thickness, squeezing even harder as he reached the top. He stopped just as his hand felt the ridge of the crown and pumped quickly. Luke moaned as he watched Dallas' small hand beat so fast it became a blur before his eyes.

"Squeeze harder, cowboy," Luke begged as he started to pump his hips to match the tempo Dallas was setting with his hand. "I like it fast like that." The slit on the top of Luke's dick was pulled open every time Dallas slid down his cock and a stream of pre-come was starting to ooze out and glisten on the top. Dallas licked his lips as he watched the come cover the engorged head making it all shiny in the dimmed light. He ran the fingers of his other hand across the top of Luke's cock and held them up to Luke's lips. Luke opened his mouth instantly, greedily sucking and licking the come from Dallas' fingertips. "There's plenty where that came from," he panted as his giant cock continued to spew hot juice. "Let me watch you wrap your mouth around the head of my cock and tongue my cream," Luke hissed, his voice cracking with longing and lust.

Slightly amused and totally turned on, Dallas froze in the air just inches from the head of Luke's cock, his tongue stretched out before him like a hard, darting arrow.

"Oh God," Luke moaned as he tried again to thrust his rod closer to Dallas' mouth. "You like to tease me, don't you?" he asked.

Dallas smiled and brought his other hand to his mouth and dropped a wad of spit into his palm. Flicking his tongue from side to side just above the gapping dick hole he suddenly rammed three fingers deep in Luke's ass.

"Oh fuck!" Luke belted out surprised and pleased by the unexpected reaming. Dallas leaned forward then and covered the head of Luke's cock with his warm, wet mouth. Luke's spasmed with delight and spurted more pre-come.

"Mmmm," Dallas moaned against the spongy crown that completely filled his mouth. The vibration of the moan shot through Luke's cock and reverberated through his asshole too.

"Stick you tongue deep in my cock hole," Luke pleaded as he bucked his giant dick in and out of Dallas' mouth. "Open wider. I want to fuck your throat through and through."

Dallas sunk the hard tip of his tongue down Luke's slick cock hole and slurped up the stream of pre-come. It tasted hot and tangy, like he wanted more. As he pounded his fingers in Luke's ass, Dallas thought of Eve and just how much she was going to like the size of Luke's cock. He smiled as he slowly removed his fingers and mouth from Luke's ass and cock.

"I've got to keep you on a slow simmer," he chided smiling at Luke who looked strangely lost and disoriented. "Eve's going to want you jacked up and ready to go."

Luke let out a huge sigh, his body going limp against the seat. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the headrest as he wrestled his deflating cock back into his pants. Dallas watched him, smiling. He thought Eve had chosen well and couldn't wait to see her face when she actually saw Luke in the flesh. He knew she would be pleased with her selection.

Dallas poured himself a light G & T and handed Luke his glass of Scotch. "To Eve," he said as he held up the tumbler in the air.

"Ahhh," Luke said, "of course; to Eve."

Within moments they felt the limo turn sharply and come to a stop. The intercom light shone through the darkness and a voice announced, "We're here, sir." Dallas and Luke opened the doors and sprang from the car with renewed energy looking like two regular guys out for a regular night on the town. The driver handed them their bags and went to park the limousine.

The duo entered the lobby of the hotel and quickly made their way to the reception desk. The lobby was crowded and bustling with travelers; Luke and Dallas people watched while waiting to be served. "Good evening gentlemen," a tightly built, tall and tanned man said from across the granite counter. "How may I be of service to the two of you tonight?"

Luke and Dallas shot each other a quick glance acknowledging their simultaneous awareness of the guy's unintended pun. If only he knew, thought Luke.

"We're here to see Ms. Adams," announced Dallas. "Is it possible for you to ring her room for us as we aren't certain which room she's in?"

"Certainly," the guy named Eric (according to his name tag) stated. "I actually had the distinct pleasure of assisting Ms. Adams earlier this evening. I remember her well."

"She's not easily forgotten," Dallas remarked brusquely somewhat put off by Eric's overly familiar tone.

"No. No, definitely not," replied Eric. "I do hope my suggestions were helpful to her; she seemed so determined to find what she was looking for."

"And just what would that have been?" inquired Luke picking up on the subtle hints now being doled out by this Eric fellow.

"Well I'm really not at liberty to disclose such information at the present time. Hold just a moment, would you?" he asked as he held a finger in the air and the phone receiver to his ear, an expectant look on his face. "Yes, good evening, Ms. Adams. This is Eric from down at the reception desk. The two gentlemen you had told me about have arrived. Shall I escort them up now or did you have something else in mind?"

Luke and Dallas swapped looks again feeling somewhat bothered by these games but mostly aroused and intrigued by Eric's behavior. He seemed to be in some secret to which neither of them was privy at the moment and it made for an interesting sort of tension.

"Eve likes to play, doesn't she?" asked Luke with a wink. "And she likes to be in control too, I bet."

Dallas hesitated for a second, then nodded, saying," Yeah; to both. And she's pretty good at both too. I think we'd be smart to just relax and enjoy the ride." He grinned at Luke and turned back to Eric to listen to his conversation with Eve.

"Oh sure, that would be just fine, Ms. Adams. Yes, I remember. Well, I'm pleased you found my suggestion to your liking and that they were able to accommodate you. Yes, it is Chicago's finest. OK, I'll have Lucy bring that up right now. Sounds good then. I'll let them both know and we'll be seeing you momentarily."

Eric replaced the receiver in its cradle and looked directly at Luke and Dallas with an "I've just swallowed the canary" look plastered across his face. "Ms. Adams would like me to have Chester take your bags up now. You two are to come with me first; then we'll be joining her in her suite. How does that sound?"

"Do we have a choice?" joked Luke.

"Well no, not exactly," Eric said slowly, stretching out each word so that both men could catch up to what was happening. "Just put your bags right here and follow me."

Luke and Dallas dropped their bags on a small luggage cart and fell in behind Eric who was walking briskly down a hallway. He stopped in front of a door and inserted a plastic key card into the lock; a green light, a thud and the door yielded to Eric's push.

Dallas and Luke followed him into the room. They looked around and, seeing nothing unusual, sat on the bed and listened to Eric rummage through a closet near the bathroom.

"Need any help?" Luke asked.

"No thanks. It all seems to be right here just like she said," Eric responded absentmindedly.

Within moments, he reappeared carrying an armload of stuff and tossed everything on the bed, concentrating on the labels which were affixed to each package. "OK. Luke, these are yours," he stated as he handed several bags to Luke. "These," he said to Dallas, "are for you and, surprisingly, this bag has my name on it!" Eric, incredulous, stated haltingly.

Luke and Dallas let paper fly and each was well pleased by the presents Eve had bestowed upon them. Luke held up a crimson colored latex thong and chuckled. The front pouch, where his cock was to go, was designed with an open weave that would expand nicely to accommodate his enormous hard-on. He then pulled out a matching latex blindfold from the bag. "Looks like my new outfit will fit in the palm of my hand," he said with a laugh.

Finally he lifted a small but very heavy silk sack from the last bag, his brow creased with curiosity. He tugged on the drawstring and shook the contents into the palm of his hand. "Ahh, she's a good listener, I see. Pays close attention to detail too. I like that." He held up a set of iron teardrop shaped weights that were crafted to hang from the barbell studs which ran through his nipples.

Dallas and Eric had watched Luke with interest, their cocks twitching and stirring as he opened his gifts. When he held up the weights they each let out a low, barely audible groan. Eric, who'd been anticipating this moment since Eve's arrival that morning, started to slowly unzip his pants. From them he pulled out his very hard, perfectly sized 6" cock and began to stroke it vigorously. "Why don't you put your thong and weights on now?" he asked Luke. "That way you'll meet her as she wishes to see you."

"Only if I can suck your cock first," Luke teased. Like a magnet, he was moving toward Eric and his hard dick as he talked, unfastening the buttons of his jeans. Dallas watched them, somewhat surprised by the sudden charged sexual tension in the room. He wanted to see Eric's face when he saw the size of Luke's cock for the first time; he also wanted to watch Eric take that tremendous piece of lumber straight up his ass.

Luke stood in front of Eric naked, his gorgeous, fat cock wagging in front of him like a flag pole. Eric stared in disbelief' "Holy fucking shit!" he exclaimed. "My God! You're hung like a horse!" His fist pulled harder on his dick as he spoke, his words rolling out on hot breathy air.

"Yeah, so I've heard," Luke chided. He bent down and stepped into the latex thong. The color looked great next to his tanned skin and the open weave was perfect for his huge rod. Eve must have known he was extremely well endowed and had purchased the best thing available to account for that.

"Such a shame for you to put that away so soon," teased Eric as he moved in closer to Luke, the head of his dick rubbing up against the bulge in Luke's thong.

"Something tells me you won't be whistling that tune later on tonight," Luke said as he laughed. He leaned down then and got on his knees and opened his mouth. "Open your stuff now Dallas, while I get a little taste of the dick that'll be buried up your tight ass in a few hours."

Dallas turned red and fumbled with the gift box in front of him. Despite some of his recent escapades, he still felt uncomfortable and ill at ease with all this guy on guy stuff. It was easier for him when Eve was around. He knew Luke was right though; the minute he'd seen Eric's cock, he'd craved to have its perfect size up his ass.

"Whoa, these are nice," he whispered under his breath as he held up the black leather pants. "Never had anything like this before. Hell, never even tried on anything like this before!" He crumpled them up against his face and inhaled deeply. "Mmm," he moaned, shaking his head into the creamy smooth hide. "She does have exquisite taste, though, I'll tell you that."

"Ahhh, that's good," Eric moaned as he pumped his dick in and out of Luke's mouth. "Suck it harder."

Dallas placed the pants on the bed next to him, reached into the bag and pulled out a small box. He heard a tinkling sound inside as he shook it. "She's too much," he muttered, holding the tit clamps in the air. "She's hell-bent on getting me into these things. I've tried several pair but they're all too tight; they hurt too much. Doesn't arouse me. These look different though." His voice trailed off as he studied the clamps more closely.

He was interrupted by the sound of fabric rustling against skin. He turned to see Eric pulling his shirt off over his head. He was completely nude now with both hands firmly planted on the back of Luke's head, holding it steady while he pounded his swollen cock deep down Luke's throat. "You like my thick slab of meat, don't you?" asked Eric, pulling his dick all the way out and grinding his hips in front of Luke's face. "It's really the perfect size to fill your entire mouth or Dallas' entire asshole. Surprised both of you, didn't I?"

Luke growled quietly, his mouth open wide, his tongue dangling down waiting for Eric to shove his sweet meat back inside. Dallas' dick was rock hard now and felt constrained inside his pants. He reached inside the bag again and this time pulled out a lace thong. He smiled as he looked at it, knowing how Eve liked to see him manifest both sexes; his hard cock wrapped in girly lace, his hairy asshole shaved girly smooth or his quarterback legs encased in sheer silk stockings. He was her fantasy submissive ladyboy except with smallish tits and short hair. And she was his shemale with her strap-on cock and dominant side. They could trade and swap or stay the same, never knowing which which was which. It was this mystery that kept him both hard and wet for her.

Dallas' reverie had made him so stiff he had to strip and free his bound cock. He watched Luke and Eric as he stepped into his lace thong and leather pants. He wondered if she wanted him to arrive with the clamps attached to his tits. Of course he already knew the answer; it was a no-brainer. That's how she liked them and he liked giving her what she liked. He pulled on his nipples then flicked them with his middle finger to try to toughen them up and get them standing like erasers on the end of a pencil. They needed to be substantial enough for the jaws of the clamp to take hold. He carefully attached a clamp to each nipple and let go; they were actually amazingly pain free. Somehow the adjustment had been eased to the point of being able to hold without exerting too much pressure. He noticed there was a small screw he could turn, thereby adjusting the tension as he built up his tolerance level. He also noticed that the clamps sent a jolt of painful pleasure straight to his cock. Before Eve he had been unaware of the very direct, very real correlation between his tits and his cock.

As he buttoned his shirt over the clamps he watched Luke and Eric. They seemed to have found a groove that was deeply satisfying to them both without the risk of blowing their loads too early. This appeared to be the "nice to meet you session" and by all accounts, it looked as though they indeed were immensely pleased to have made one another's acquaintance.

Reluctantly, Eric pulled his cock from Luke's mouth and reached for his gifts. "I can't believe she thought of me too," he mused as he pulled several small packages from the bag. He opened the mid-size box first and found a black leather cock ring studded with stainless spikes. He smiled as he wrapped it around his pulsing stiff dick and pulled tightly, cinching in his sack of balls.

"Those sharp points are going to feel that good kind of bad against Dallas' pussy when you're grinding your cock up his juicy cunt later on," Luke said teasingly, watching Dallas as he spoke for his reaction. Eric glanced over at Dallas too, eager to get a rise out of him. Dallas didn't seem to be an easy guy to read which made Eric want to fuck him all the more.

Eric fumbled with the final gift and found Eve had made sure he too had his own signature thong to wear to the party. Eric smiled as he held it up; it was a dark grey color and made of sueded leather that was so smooth it felt like velvet. The strap across the top of his ass was wide and had been hand-cut into an intricate pattern that would read like a tattoo once donned. He leaned over to step into it and again glanced sideways to see if Dallas was watching him. Much to his surprise and pleasure, he was and was wearing a slight sardonic smile.

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