tagIncest/TabooWhat Would She Do?

What Would She Do?


It had gotten to be a game with him, she thought. With his father out-of-town so much during the week, her son would use different little opportunities to harass her and do clearly inappropriate things to provoke her and anger her.

He'd started with subtle things like pinching her ass or saying things to her, and now he was geting bolder, groping at her at times or play-wrestling.

Time and again, she'd tell him to stop. He might stop for a while, but he was always right back to it in some way. He was escalating things the more it went on.

Tonight he had slapped at her ass as she made dinner and she had yelled at him to "behave". Then after dinner, he'd come up behind her and hugged her, which at first wasn't so bad. But he stayed at it, and he squeezed harder and she told him to stop, which he didn't do. She tried to shrug him away, but his grip was too tight on her, and only when he moved to squeeze at her breast did she hit at him, making him back off.

"That's enough young man," she warned him.

Before bed, his father had called and she and he were talking on the phone. She sat at the kitchen table and talked to his father, as the son got a wicked grin when he listened to his mother tell his father how he'd been acting so rambunctious lately. He was standing to off to her left as she held the phone and glanced to him.

In seeming defiance, her son motioned to his crotch as she stared at him while on the phone.

"What is that about, mister?" She said to her son even though she was on the phone with his father. "What is it you think you're doing?"

Her son walked closer over to her as she spoke into the phone to her husband.

"I really don't know what's gotten into him lately, but he has really been asinine." She said this to her husband while staring up at the son next to her.

Her glance went instinctively lower and she saw a bulge there with her son standing unbashfully right in front of her. Her jaw dropped in disbelief.

"You just wouldn't believe him, that's all," she tried to explain to her husband as she noticed the son was now looking at her chest in her blouse, Then, she realized: her nipples were piercing right into the thin fabric of the blouse and she immediately tried to drape her free arm to cover herself from her son's gaze.

It was too late as her son had the broadest of grins and kept looking at her in almost a 'gotcha' kind of moment. She just shook her head at him and looked forward and away from him.

He waited until she looked back at him and then did something that made her hold her breath. His hands undid his jeans.

"He's just, just...," she stammered into the phone, trying to maintain her part of the conversation.

He opened the jeans apart and she did not divert her eyes as he paused there.

"Young man, do you want me to tell your father the little trick you're trying to play on me?" She challenged him, clearly within hearing of his father on the other line.

He said nothing but stepped closer to where his mother sat at the table. He stood in front of her as she slowly shook her head and watched his hands.

"Yes," she said into the receiver, "I'll tell him you're gonna have a talk with him when you get home."

The son pulled his jeans further apart and then tugged his boxers on down to where his penis flopped out and forward, clearly erect.

"Listen, I better go." She finished her call with him, and looked up to her son and then quickly away.

"You are out of your mind, young man, and if you don't get away from me right now, you're gonna be very, very sorry." She kept looking away but didn't leave her seat.

He went to put his hand on her face and she hit him with her right fist in the stomach as he touched her. He winced and bent slightly over but didn't move. The blow didn't have the force it would have if she'd been standing, but she also caught him unexpectedly.

They both paused---him beside her and facing her and she looking forward and still seated.

He moved his hand again toward her and softly placed it in her hair. She moved her head away to resist him but his right hand was in her hair and stroking it.

She put her hand to his and stopped his movement there.

"I want you to get away from me right now."

She could tell he was moving his other hand to hold himself as he moved her head to face him. She immediately recoiled and they struggled against each other. He was trying to tilt her head to him and she was trying to resist and pull her head back from him.

Her face shook back and forth quickly twice and suddenly stopped when she closed her eyes. He put the head of his cock against her lips and she froze there, her brow clenched in distress. He froze, too, and he didn't move. The room was completely silent.

He slowly moved himself against her lips and pressed. To his surprise, her lips parted slightly, her eyes still closed. With this, he moved himself into her mouth and she closed her lips around him.

He was still and she felt his hardness and thickness in her mouth. She closed her mouth tighter and felt him more as he very slowly moved back and forth. She let her head move forward and take more of him, sucking at his shaft now fully inside her mouth.

He couldn't believe when she changed completely and moved to take more of him. He gasped as she brought her hand to the base of his shaft, and she held him as her mouth was now working back and forth on him.

He groaned at her blatant movements, and he felt her hand pump at his shaft as her lips kept closely pressed to his skin. She sucked at him as he moved at her mouth.

He felt himself starting to twitch and she felt it, too. She increased her tempo, so that she was now bobbing her head up and down on him and jerking at the base of him with her hand as she sucked at him.

"OOOOOOOOOO," he was loud as he started to release.

He shot his first stream into her mouth and incredibly she seemed to move to take more of him into her mouth. He shot again against her tongue and her hand kept pumping him. The third shot was as much against her lips as in her mouth and his whole body shook with his orgasm hitting him hard as he clutched her hair.

They both came to a stop, and he felt her mouth slide from his penis and away from him. He stumbled back a step breathing heavily. He was dazed and his arms dangled by his sides.

She stood facing him, and she looked at him as she used the back of her left hand to wipe from her mouth.

Her right open hand flew suddenly and unexpectedly at him, completely unobstructed and smacked his face hard. His face jerked to the right and he saw stars.

When he looked back forward, she was storming out of the room away from him.

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