What Would You Do If A Woman Was...


"Oh, yeah, her lipstick on your dipstick. You'd never wash your cock again, rhetorically, of course."

Imagine humping her mouth and fucking her face. Can you dig it? Imagine exploding your warm, oozy cum in her warm, wet mouth and she swallowing all the lust you had stored up for her for years. Instead of receiving the same old, same old from your short, fat, ugly wife, who just dabbles in sucking cock and doesn't even swallow, that is, when she doesn't have a headache, Samantha is right there. She's ready, waiting, and willing, kind of, not really, okay, not at all, to suck your cock and swallow all the protein that you're willing to give her.

Go ahead, unzip yourself and pull out your engorged prick. You're tempted to remove her blindfold, aren't you, to show her how much you want her. Unless you want to be some big guy's ball boy in prison, I suggest you leave her blindfold alone. Instead, go ahead and run your erect prick down the side of her face and across her lips, before grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling hard. Then, just like at your wedding, when she opens her mouth to scream, instead of filling her mouth with your tongue, you fill her mouth with your cock and finally give Samantha what you wished you could have given her at your wedding.

You know you want her. You know you've always lusted over her. What would you do then, if that was Samantha, so helplessly indisposed? Huh? C'mon, you're a man. You're only human. She's tied up and blindfolded for God's sake. You'd be crazy not to take advantage of the situation, strip her naked, and touch her here, there, and everywhere. Right? Just as you should, you could.

Oh, yeah, now we're talking. Unfortunately, there's no Samantha and your wife doesn't have any hot friends. Matter of fact, always the faithful husband, admittedly, your wife is pretty hot herself. You have neither the need nor the desire to sexually assault any woman, who's so helplessly bound and blindfolded. For sure, if ever you came across a woman so helplessly indisposed, you'd untie her and remove her blindfold immediately, without so much as taking a peek up her short skirt. Then, I ask you, if you have such a hot wife and if you have such a happy marriage that you don't need to grope and voyeur a woman so vulnerable, then what in the Hell are you doing here reading dirty stories, sorry, I mean, of course, erotic literature?

You make the rest of us feel dirty. When you're just as perverted as we are, you make us feel perverted by arrogantly lifting up your nose at such unacceptable behavior of taking advantage of a bound and blindfolded woman. Who are you to judge us? You don't know us? We're just readers, as far as you're concerned and this is just a fictional, albeit, erotic story.

"Get out! Go! Just leave, before I kick your ass."

Now that we're alone and among our own kind again, forget about your wives, girlfriends, and/or significant others for a minute. What would you do now, if you happened upon your favorite celebrity, Megan Fox, movie star, Angelina Jolie, singer, Faith Hill, newscaster, Katie Couric, or sportscaster, Erin Andrews? Yes, I agree, they're not even real people for God sakes. Precisely my point. They are all just an illusion, a manufactured figment of our imaginations put before us to sell food, cars, and prescription drugs. A 3D carefully created personality in high definition color, whoever it is you've imagined, she's here now bound and blindfolded ready for you to decide if you'd untie her or undress her. Wait, before you make a rash decision not to have your wicked way with your dream woman, unzip yourself and remove your cock, while thinking of what you'd do.

That's right. Relax. Sit back and close your eyes, while imagining the woman of your dreams bound and blindfolded and while thinking about your decision to help her or to ravish her. You're with your dream woman now, the one you've spent months, years even, fantasizing about. It's just you and her and, as if delivered to you on a platter, she's tied up and blindfolded. Just take a moment to imagine that sexy scenario. Can you feel your fingers fondling her big tits through her blouse? Can you imagine your hands going up her short skirt?

"How perfect is that? Are you kidding me? Unbelievable. If only this really happened to you, coming across your helpless dream woman, you'd be the happiest man on Earth."

I can understand you not wanting us to know that you'd take advantage of the woman, strip her naked, and have your wicked way with her. Yeah, yeah, sure, you can berate yourself with the lame argument, what if that was my daughter, my wife, my sister, or my mother? I'd hope that the man who found them, would respect them in the way that I plan on respecting this woman, by untying her.

"Bullshit! Pussy! What are you nuts? Take off her clothes and fuck her."

Then, when you're home and pretending to be in love with your short, fat, ugly wife, you can think of the good time you had with this woman. When Saint Peter comes to deliver you to Heaven or kick your ass to Hell, at least you'll still have the hot memory of having your wicked way with a bound and blindfolded beautiful woman. It would be sad, if you set this woman free and still went to Hell. It would be sad if, once home with your short, fat, ugly wife, you wished you had listened to the Devil, instead of the Angel.

"Take a stand, man! Enough is enough. It's time you grabbed for all the gusto, too."

The only thing stopping you from seeing her naked is that thin, cotton, button down blouse, that oh, so short skirt, her 36C cup bra, and her white bikini panty. Are you with me? Can you see her? Oh, yeah, bad to the bone, you bad boy, now tell me, what would you do?

You'd touch her, feel her, and grope her, wouldn't you? You'd strip her naked, wouldn't you? You'd force her to blow you, before parting her legs and mounting her. You'd fuck her, really fuck her. Then, after you were done with her, after she blew you and you fucked her, you'd do her again.

"Wow! Who's the man? Who's the man? You! That's who!"

Now, with your hand firmly around your cock, while stroking yourself to an erection and thinking about your favorite celebrity, movie star, singer, newscaster, sportscaster, old teacher, your aunt, sister, sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, or your wife's sexy best friend, or whomever the woman is that makes you crazy with lustful desire enough to do more than just untie her and remove the blindfold, what would you do? Do you have the woman's face and figure in your mind. You've dreamt about her, haven't you? You've masturbated over her, haven't you? You wished, just once, you could touch her, feel her, undress her, and have your wicked way with her. Well, now's your chance. So, tell me, what would you do, if you happened across your dream woman? Would you save her or ravish her?

Conversely, consider this? What if this is all a setup to see what you'd do, when seeing a woman bound and blindfolded? Either way, if this was a setup to see what you'd do, just as I wouldn't disappoint whoever setup this poor woman, if I were you I wouldn't disappoint myself by, at the very least, not even copping a cheap feel.

Pardon? If I were a man, you want to know what I'd do, if I happened across my dream woman? Well, being the exhibitionistic slut that I am, I couldn't help myself from taking advantage of the situation, if you know what I mean. Just as I'd love to be so bound and blindfolded, I'd love for someone to use me, abuse me, and strip me naked. I'd so love someone to take advantage of me, so long as he was good looking and not drooling, and force himself on me.

Again, if I were a man and if I were you, hoping she didn't know who I was, I'd start my sexual assault by touching her and feeling her through her clothes. A sexual fantasy come true, I'd feel her big tits through her bra, while fingering her nipples. Oh, yeah, there's nothing like the sexy sensation of feeling a woman through her blouse and bra. Then, I'd put my horny hand beneath her short skirt and feel her shapely ass, while cupping her pussy through her panty in my hand. A chance of a lifetime, should I remove her panty or unbutton her blouse? You decide. What would you do?

"C'mon, don't be a pussy. What would you do? Tell me. I need to know."

It's only you and her together. She's totally helpless with her hands tied together and a blindfold over her eyes. If I did nothing but untie her and remove her blindfold, maybe I'd make her day, but I'd regret that decision for the rest of my life. Wait, what if there was a way that you could have your fun and maintain your innocence? How about this? What if you went ahead and undressed her, stripped her naked, had your wicked way with her by putting your cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, and then pretended there was someone coming and left.

"Shit! There's someone coming," you say disguising your voice, before running away, only to return a minute later as yourself.

"Oh, my God! Samantha! Are you okay? You're totally naked and you're covered in cum. Allow me to help you by dressing you," you tell her, as your excuse to feel her body again. "Lift your leg so that I can put on your panties. Move your arm, so that I can help you on with your bra, now your blouse and finally your skirt. There. You're as good as new, kind of, not really, not at all, except having been ravished by some unknown villainous stranger, who ran off, just as I was cumming, I mean, coming. It's a good thing that I happened along to save you from God only knows what."

Now, finally, we know what you'd do if ever you happened upon a beautiful woman, who was bound and blindfolded. In the meantime, you'd vote a five for this story.


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