What Would You Have Done?


You had to love his cockiness and attitude and I sat in awe as he began to stretch my poor wife's rosebud. She tried to resist and clench, but he leaned forward and said "Might as well relax and take it, because I am taking it one way or another," and she compliantly gave in. I could see her eyes bulge, and she tried to take her mind off the searing pain by shoving her tongue deeper up the ass that was in her face. Markus did his bit by crawling under and biting and chewing her nipples, causing pain in another area to help ease the thought of the ripping of her ass. I had forgotten about Mark and looked back at the computer, and he was glued cock in hand, and I asked if he was still enjoying it. He said fuck yes, best internet porn he'd ever seen, and his cock was proof of that as he let loose a long string stream of cum. I returned my attention to the ass fucking just in time to see my wife cum for a third time.

Jerome now turned around and began to fuck Julie's mouth again, this time holding her head and forcing it back and forth, her hair in his hand. Faster and faster until he pulled out and covered her face with cum, which sent James into his orgasm, and he held her hips close and with an animal grunt he filled her bowels full of his white seed. I thought maybe it was over, but they had her kneel on the floor, and lick their cocks clean, with James pushing his cock covered in her ass juice into her mouth. Much to my surprise, she took it with out as much as a whimper. James looked at me and said, "I told you, when we train a wife for you guys, we guarantee success". They turned around, and she licked out all three assholes and they got dressed. While Julie lay in the floor, I said good bye and handed them $1500.00, and I might add, the best investment I ever made.

I asked Mark what he thought of our sweet Julie now, and he grinned. I said hold on, there was more, and I walked over to Julie and handcuffed her in a kneeling position to one of the bed legs, I then lifted her face and I proceeded to jack off on her forehead and hair covering her, and took some pictures. I asked her if she wanted a divorce or was she willing to be my slutwife. She smiled and said "I want to be yours". I said, "You want to be mine, Master!" "Yes, I want to be yours Master."

With that, I walked to the door and I brought in our German Shepherd, and as he licked her cum soaked cunt and ass, I walked over to the monitor, and said "This is where we say good night," and as I did, he got one final look at our dog climbing on Julies back before I shut down the computer.

Now tell me, what would you have done?

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