tagIncest/TabooWhat You See is What You Get

What You See is What You Get


Sometimes what unfolds between a husband and wife can be unspoken, erotic and taboo . . . and discreetly shared yet somehow remain private and secret. This, based upon an intensely true account, is such a moment.

When our son returned home from college for a brief stopover before heading out on a month-long, cross-country trek through the back country of the great, Pacific Northwest, neither my wife or I were aware that his girlfriend would be accompanying him. His text message to us giving us a heads up that he was "ten minutes away" made no mention of her. I am sure it is because he couldn't wait to see the looks on our faces when she stepped from the car. Simply put; she was stunning.

As they pulled up into the driveway, Kathleen discreetly asked me, "Is that somebody in the car with him?"

"Appears that way, sweetheart." I tried to play it cool since it really did not matter much to me; or at least that is what I thought for that last moment before our son's girlfriend emerged from his car.

"Hey mom," Brian chirped as he bounced from the car. After motioning to his girlfriend to follow him up the driveway he smiled at me and said, "Hey dad; this is Jessica." With a sweeping gesture he presented to me his girlfriend, sweet Jessica. I hugged Brian. Then, I hugged Jessica. It was immediately a struggle to keep my mind in check. As Brian slipped into a greeting hug with his mom, I felt the rush of that snuggle with this amazing, college girl dressed in a pair of cute shorts and a tank top that served as a perfect frame for breasts that had to be at least size 38D. That she was blonde was obvious. That she had a slender body with curves that framed her breasts was even more obvious. But, that she was a dead-ringer for Kathleen back when she was in college was absolutely striking. It was as if I were going back in time and hugging my own wife over 20 years ago when she was in college.

I don't remember much about the next few hours. I know we chatted, caught up on Brian's life, got to know a little bit about Jessica's history. We shared dinner and laughs around the dining room table. Brian then said that he wanted to take Jessica to meet up with some friends at the local hangout popular with his buddies. Moments later they were gone and both Kathleen and I exhaled as if we been holding our breath for an eternity.

"Do you see what I see in Jessica?" Kathleen asked me.

"Absolutely," I replied. "Kathleen. She could be your twin!"

Kathleen had already made her way to the photo albums we kept on the bookshelves in the living room. She slid an older one from the shelf and flipped it open. There was the evidence. Several photos of her back when she was in college, age of 20. It was as if Jessica had made her way into our family photo album!

I stood behind Kathleen and looked at the photos as she flipped a few pages. I couldn't help but notice, as I looked over her shoulder, how much her married breasts pressed against her own tank top. I was looking down over her shoulder at the photo's partially, but mostly down her top. I moved my hands to her shoulders and squeezed. She sighed and muttered, "I cannot believe it."

"Uncanny, isn't it?" As I authentically echoed her shock, I slid my hands down the front of her shoulders and towards the upper edge of her tank top covering her sweet, 38c married tits. "Look at that..." My voice tailed off, leaving it unclear whether I was referring to photos of Kathleen which looked identical to Jessica or to those heavy tits of hers just begging for me to slide my hands down her top and fondle.

As Kathleen let out a delicate sigh that let me know she welcomed my attention, I slithered my hands down her top, inside her bra cups and cupped her warm, heavy, married tits in the palms of my hands.

What she did not know is that my mind was full of the vision of those tits belonging to Jessica, not my wife.

What I did not know is that her mind was full of the fantasy of those hands belonging to Brian, not her husband.

"Let's go in the bedroom," she whispered. Moments later, she was standing in front the sliding closet door that was covered from floor to ceiling with a mirror. I stood behind her. As I looked over her shoulder, she could see the look of lust in my eyes. What she could not see was the reflection in the mirror that met my eyes with a vision of Jessica. I drank in the view of my hands fondling sweet Jessica's full tits.

As I looked over her shoulder, I could see the smoldering desire in her eyes. What I could not see was the reflection in the mirror that met her eyes with a vision of Brian's hands reaching down to grope her and feel her full, mommy-tits.

We swayed in sync with one another for a while, soaking up the pleasure. The longer I looked in the mirror, the more Jessica's image dominated my vision. Eventually, it was her young, college body I was pressing my throbbing cock against as I leaned into her from behind and squeezed her tits with filthy intentions.

I heard her moan, unaware that she was giving in to the temptation that had been pent up for years. She was giving her body away to Brian inch by inch. She saw him in the mirror. She felt him on her body. She wriggled her sweet married ass in an inviting manner, making sure to grind against his oversized cock.

As I nuzzled down her neck, I became intoxicated with Jessica's fragrance. I slowly lifted her tank top away from her body as the reflection in the mirror revealed her smile and I felt her hands reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra.

By the time her breasts fell free into the open, she could see Brian's hands squeezing her and then pinching her nipples. Jessica arched her back to seductively offer my eyes a view of her breasts that invited me to move further.

As Brian pawed down Kathleen's tummy, his fingers tucked inside her shorts. I felt Jessica's hand guide me to the snap on her shorts. As I popped it open and lowered her zipper, Kathleen wriggled her hips to allow Brian to slide her shorts to the floor. Her hand again reached behind here, this time to expertly peel open those shorts to allow that throbbing cock to spring into the open.

We both lost track of time. By the time Kathleen felt the last spurt of cum filling her pussy... by the time I felt the last orgasmic pulse from that clitty throbbing against my dick... by the time Brian had fucked his mom and I had fucked sweet Jessica... WE heard the front door open.

Pulling ourselves together, we covered our tracks as we welcomed Brian and Jessica back home. I will never forget how she looked at me. With a distant look of lust that only I would ever understand. Brian and Jessica chatted with us for a while. I don't remember a word either one of them said, but I do remember that look of lust discreetly tucked away in the corner of Kathleen's eye.

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by Anonymous

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by johnny170510/08/18


Beautifully written, but I agree there needs to be follow up action. Thanks!

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by Rw4310/02/18

I think the story stopped

where the "true" part ended.

Anything else would be uncivilized.

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by Anonymous09/20/18

Got me Thinking

This, like 99% of all the other writing contributions at this site, seems to get negative comments from folks who seem to think far more highly of themselves than they ought to. Although seemingly briefmore...

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by alcopop09/19/18

Forget annonymous cowards.

The STORY is ok and could reflect lots of situations. What I DON'T understand is the faceless, nameless cowards who obviously read the stories... only to be offended in a grammatically inferior way, Theymore...

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by Anonymous09/18/18

Oh please give us more!

I love how a short, provocative tale can touch all the bases and yet leave so much else to be said! I think almost every married man can relate to this and to have it put into words like THIS is arousingmore...

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