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What You've Made Me Do...


We joke around about my showerhead, but at the same time we both know that it’s not just a joke. I don’t usually go out of my way to have an orgasm. If I’m taking a shower I’ll take my toy with me, and after I’m done cleaning my body I take the time to please it. But tonight….tonight I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about rolling around in a bed with you. Tonight, I’ve thought about what it would feel like to have your skin rubbing against mine; my mouth on you and yours on me. I don’t need a shower, but damn do I need that showerhead.

Before I have time to question it, I walk in and start the water running. While it warms up I undress slowly in front of the mirror. Forgetting all my normal insecurities and humility, I begin to feel excited watching the way my body moves as I pull off my shirt. I focus on the way my waist dips in and curves back out to create that strangely erotic hourglass figure. I notice the shadow created between my breasts, and the soft skin just waiting to be caressed. I unbutton my shorts and slowly let down the zipper. Each little bit of skin revealed turns me on just a little bit more. I let my shorts fall around my ankles as I reach back and unhook my bra. Both of these get tossed into the corner and I focus back on my body in the mirror. My nipples are already tight and hard. I run my fingertips over them lightly and a shiver runs down me…Realizing that the water is more than ready by now, I quickly kick off my underwear, grab my toy, and climb into the shower.

In the shower, I bring down the detachable showerhead and take my favorite position kneeling in the tub. Normally at this point I let my mind wander while my body does what it needs to be satisfied. But tonight I’m thinking specifically about you. I’m thinking about how much I wish I could tell you what I was doing right now. “Look at what you’ve made me do…” I say out loud. Setting down the toy between my knees, I use my left had to part my pussy lips as the right points the spray of the showerhead in between my legs. I start off gently. My head tilted back, eyes closed, moving the soft spray of the water up and down my slit, jumping a little every time it hits my clit. During this time I’m thinking of you…of your hands…wandering over my body, massaging my breasts, running over my stomach, grabbing my ass. I was hoping this slow start would help me ease into a quicker pace, but it’s already getting close to being too much to bear.

Accepting how my body responds to just the thought of you, I pull the showerhead away and adjust the setting to a stronger, pulsing rhythm. Going back to my original position, my heart beat jumps up as the harder spray first hits my clit. Deciding not to push it too far, I go ahead and place the showerhead right up against my clit so that it’s more like a constant pressure against it. The pulsing rhythm creates a vibrating effect that makes me moan. Sitting just like that I realize that I could cum…but I want you inside of me.

Since I can’t have that, I reach down for my toy instead. This is always my favorite part. My problem at this point is usually finding a delicate balance. My pussy is naturally so tight that just putting the first inch of my toy in can be enough to throw me over the edge. But it’s not about the toy, it’s about you. And I want all of you. So while I’m just keeping a moderate pressure on my clit, I ease the dildo in ever so carefully. That pleasant hugging feeling is instantly there, so I stop and wait. As my body accommodates, I continue to push more of the toy in. Finally, I’m completely filled up and a smile plays across my lips. “I’m ready for you to fuck me now,” I tell you.

Starting slowly, I ease the toy out of my pussy and then push it back in reveling in that ‘full’ feeling again. After a couple of repetitions of this, my pace quickens. In my head you’re kneeling behind me in the shower. You have your hands on my hips and your dick deep inside of me. Every thrust of my toy is you pulling my ass back to meet you. That’s when the constant pressure on my clit begins to play its role…as it all starts to build; moans and whimpers begin to escape me. Knowing what’s coming, you push yourself all the way inside of me and prepare to wait.

First, my toes curl up. Then, the muscles in my calves begin to tighten, followed by my thighs clenching. As the muscles in my arms and shoulders join this tense dance, I swear I can really feel you as you tilt your head down to bite me just where the back side of my shoulder meets my neck. In an instant, a blackness—where nothing exists but pleasure in its purest form—overwhelms me, and as I begin to feel that falling sensation, my pussy tightens around you to a point where you wonder if it’s ever going to let go. An explosion of lights happens behind my eyelids and a low, pure animal sound leaves my body as my pussy begins to spasm all around your cock. I hold onto the bliss for a few seconds before I’m forced to pull the stream of water away from my clit.

My breath comes out in pants as I turn the water off and pull the toy out of me. Holding onto the walls for balance, I find my way back to my feet and replace the showerhead. I step out onto the bathmat and again catch myself in the mirror. My face is flushed, my lips are parted as I still labor to breath, and my body is covered in little sparkles of water.

I dry off, set the towel down onto the seat of my chair, and enjoy the sensation of cum dripping out of my pussy as I sit down to write you, and tell you what you’ve made me do.

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