tagIncest/TabooWhatever Didi Wants Ch. 04

Whatever Didi Wants Ch. 04


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that's not your cup of tea. Don't look for realism, and you won't be disappointed when you don't find it! Enjoy!


Sometimes I think I really must be the luckiest guy in the world. Other times, I know for a fact that I am.

I'm in love with a girl that is just as crazy about me as I am about her. She knows me and understands me, she accepts me for who I am. We've known each other for all our lives, we grew up together and, as far back as I can remember, I never truly loved anyone but her. In so many ways, it's not just natural that we ended up together: it's simply right.

I guess I could call her my girlfriend or my lover, my soulmate even. She is all of that, and so much more. She's my little sister, Deirdre. My sweet, adored Didi.


A week had passed since I came back from college for the summer. After the first night we had sex, Didi and I became inseparable. Well, even more inseparable than usual, which is saying something.

We made love all the time, like we couldn't get enough of each other, like we physically needed to be joined with our beloved sibling, feeling perfectly connected the way we always knew we were meant to be. We had to seriously force ourselves out of my bed when Mom was home from work. Even then, the only real reason we could find to stop fucking and sucking was that we shouldn't get caught, because that might mean no more fucking nor sucking.

Still, even when Mom was around, both Didi and I were barely capable of keeping our hands off each other. We had always been affectionate and it was not unusual for us to cuddle in front of the TV or hug randomly or give the other a smooch on the cheek, but that was hardly enough for us now. If it had been up to Didi and I, we'd have made out in front of Mom, sucking face on the couch like the horny teenagers we were.

It wasn't merely the insane lust coursing through us, like it happens to any new couple when they start having sex and they just want more and more and more. Beside that, there was something even stronger. After a lifetime spent nurturing our deep, true, caring sibling bond, we had found a new powerful and intimate way to express our love physically, through sex. It was as simple as that.

It felt so natural to hold my irreplaceable little sister in my arms and kiss her sensuous lips, running my hands all over her, caressing her tailbone and tracing her arched back or cupping her ripe splendid tits while our tongues intertwined. It was instinctive for me to just hug Didi from behind, nestling my permanently semi-hard cock between her supple asscheeks while I nuzzled her neck, smelling her unique scent, sinking my nose in her long raven hair while she cooed and pressed her lithe body back into mine, reaching her hands back to bring my head to her mouth so we could kiss.

As much as we tried to be discreet and act normal, our passion was always right beneath the surface, demanding to be expressed, threatening to boil over. Every time I leaned in to give Didi a kiss, I had to remind myself to aim for her cheek or her nose instead of her lips. More than once, I had to stop at the very last second while reaching for my sister's mouth-watering little bubble-butt, my hand ready to grab her ass while my brain suddenly kicked in and told me that Mom was in the room too.

It was torture, but I forced myself to be stoic. Didi wasn't so disciplined, though. She knew we had to be careful when Mom was home, but she got a kick out of the fact that everybody else saw what we did as forbidden, while for us it was so natural. It excited her to take chances, it made her even hornier than she was.

I should have discouraged her, I guess, but it was always tough for me to say no to my sister. As I discovered, saying no to her when she would suddenly push me into a corner and drop to her knees, fishing out my cock to give me a wild blowjob, was simply impossible. The thrill of getting caught was exciting, I had to admit, and any time Didi went full cumslut on me like that, I always came like a geyser, spraying a huge load straight down her throat. Unfailingly, my amazing little sis would swallow my seed with gusto, careful not to let a single drop of cum escape her fabulous lips.

Once it became clear that my half-hearted attempts at instilling some caution in my silly girl were pointless, I decided to cooperate actively when a bout of cocksucking frenzy caught her. I reasoned that if I were to cum faster the chances of us getting caught would be reduced.

The first time I grabbed her ponytail and started pounding her mouth, face-fucking her like a madman, Didi moaned around my hard-on and looked up at me with a glint of naughty approval in her eyes. With her lips tightly wrapped around my meat, she made a lewd attempt at a smile, winking sexily up at me. Her cock-stuffed face was flushed with arousal and she purred underneath the wet gurgling sounds of our sloppy throat-fuck as I slammed my shaft into her gullet until I came, pumping her tummy full of sperm. Since that time, Didi readily let me fuck her mouth as if it was her pussy whenever she was in the mood for a risky blowjob around the house.

As restrained as I wished to be, I unavoidably let myself go more and more. My sister's supple body called to me irresistibly. I just had to lay my hands on those sweet curves and somehow enter her holes and be inside her, at least with my fingers. It helped a lot that Didi, true to her word, had stopped wearing panties.

On the days when Mom was home, I masturbated my sister's slick tight pussy whenever I could, kissing her neck and caressing her ripe tits as I sank my digits between her velvety folds. Even if there was not always time to finger-fuck her to climax, I never missed a chance to sneak my hand inside Didi's shorts or under her skirt to diddle her clit. At regular intervals during the day, I would ease my digits into her slick honey pot and pump her for a bit, licking her delicious juices off my fingers after I was done.

Didi loved being touched as much as I loved and ached to touch her. She said that even if she didn't get to cum, she liked to feel my hands on her, in her, all over her body, any time. When she told me those kind of things, I fell in love with her all over again. I kissed her deeply on those occasions, professing my undivided adoration for her, meaning every word. Laughing and hugging me, my sweet Didi murmured her love for me in turn, between soft kisses. It felt unbelievably good to know that I meant so much for the one person that meant the world to me.

Despite our shenanigans, both Didi and I agreed that fucking while Mom was around was a bad idea. So we didn't do it. At least not during the day and not outside our rooms. Well, except for the one time when Didi jumped me while I was on the couch watching TV, with Mom fixing dinner in the kitchen. That was a big risk, and an even bigger turn on.

My silly girl was snuggled into my side one second, and next thing I knew she was straddling me, clamping her mouth on mine in a devouring lip-lock while she swiftly freed my growing boner from my pants. Pantieless as she was, she just hiked up her skirt and guided my cock up into her wet little pussy, impaling herself while our kiss muffled our moans. I had the presence of mind to raise the volume of the TV a bit, just high enough to cover the slapping sounds of Didi's juicy ass bouncing on my lap as she rode me, but not so high that we couldn't hear movement coming our way in case Mom exited the kitchen.

In hindsight, it was a serious risk we took, but, since we got away with it after all, I'll say it was well worth it. We fucked like animals, with an urgency and raw passion that added up to our already oversexed state. I fluidly pumped a finger into Didi's tight little asshole while I bucked my hips up into her slippery slit with hard unrestrained thrusts, making my incredible sister gasp into my mouth all the while, her juices bathing me and her silky walls gripping me snugly, until I felt her pussy squeeze my shaft in a massive climax that brought me off too, making me cum explosively inside her. Didi bit my lips until she drew blood as she came on my throbbing, spewing cock. The metallic taste of blood mixed with our saliva somehow made it all even more erotic.

Later, when I had to explain to Mom how I bit myself on the lip, the embarrassingly lame excuse I came up with was a small price to pay for that experience. Didi was snickering like crazy as I improvised a ludicrous explanation for my suddenly split lip, basically saying that I had stupidly chewed my own mouth instead of chewing my gum. It was my turn to laugh after dinner while we cleared up the table, when I pointed to Didi the wet spot on her chair where my cum had trickled out of her pantieless pussy and soaked the seat. My little sis just blushed and broke into a giggling fit. It was a good thing that Mom had already left the kitchen.

At night, regardless of Mom having to work the night shift at the clinic or being home, Didi and I were always together in my room. After our first night, she never slept in her bed again. And, every night, we kept up our life-long ritual of reading together. Now though, we added some slight changes that kinked it up quite a bit.

We decided to mix story time, our oldest and dearest pastime, with our newest favorite activity, sex, merging the two things into a game of concentration and oral pleasure. Basically, one of us would read while being licked/sucked by the other. If the reader managed to complete a whole chapter without neither cumming nor losing her/his place on the page, the reader won. If the licker/sucker managed to pleasure the reader to climax or just enough to cause a serious distraction, the licker/sucker won. The winner got to pick in which positions we'd fuck that night. It was the best game in the world. The way I saw it, it was always a win.

When I won, I usually chose to have Didi ride me cowgirl style, so I could feast on her lovely pointy tits, sucking those pink puffy areolas and hard sensitive nipples that I had grown addicted to. Didi's preferences when she won oscillated between missionary and doggy style, based on how much we had been able to fuck that day.

Any time we had the house to ourselves, we ended up having sex in any room at all hours, so on those nights Didi's pussy was often a bit sore from the repeated pounding it had willingly taken. In that case, if she won our reading game, her choice would be a slow sweet missionary fuck. It was priceless to lose track of time while making love to my little sis, sliding gently inside her while kissing her, my hands roaming all over her smooth skin, her legs wrapped around my back as I moved in her, drowning in her big soulful brown eyes.

On the other hand, if Mom had been home during the day and we had to limit ourselves to hasty finger-fucking and rushed blowjobs, Didi invariably chose doggy style. Getting on all fours and wiggling her supple round ass in my face, my silly girl would demand that I fuck her hard and deep, which I did, really giving it to her good. After a long and frustrating day of waiting, I ached to be inside my sister just as much as she ached for me to ravish her. We both grunted in unrestrained pleasure while I mounted her like a rutting animal, ramming my throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy, making her mine over and over again.

Still, no matter who won and no matter how we made love, every night ended the same way. Sated and exhausted, our sexes still joined, our mingled juices dribbling on our groins and gluing us together, my beloved Didi and I would collapse on the crumpled sheets and embrace, cuddling tightly in each other's arms until our eyes closed and a deep peaceful sleep claimed us.


The first week of our love went by like this, in a blur of sex and indescribable heart-warming emotions. Completeness is the only word that comes remotely close to defining what it felt like.

After the first few mind-blowing days, we began to emerge a little from our sensuous stupor. We had plans to put in motion, all revolving around the moment when Didi would leave for college with me in the fall. I was giddy at the prospect of my sister attending my same university, the realization that we'd be together even when our magical summer ended seemed just too good to be true. But it was, and it required some focus.

Mom already knew that Didi had been accepted at my same college long before my sister told me, surprising the hell out of me. What Mom did not know yet was that my little sis and I were set on finding a place other than the dorms to stay at, so that we could have more privacy. When we told her about it, Mom was not against the idea of us getting rooms in an apartment off campus, even though she was caught a bit off guard.

We sweetened the news by telling her that we planned to get summer jobs to help with the rent. That got her approval, as we knew it would. It was a wise move to show her that we were serious about this thing and that we were trying to emancipate ourselves a bit, contributing financially even though it wasn't strictly necessary.

I started putting some feelers out, trying to see if any of my fellow nerd buddies from high school could help me get some sort of webmaster gig or another similar job for the summer. I knew for a fact that at least a couple of them had done that in the past, and I hoped they'd throw me a bone.

Didi reestablished contact with her friend Janie, whom, after the day I came home, she had not seen in person again. During our sex binge, my sister's contacts with Janie were limited to videochat sessions, during which Didi tended to be a bit distracted. That was partly my fault, since I made it a point to test Didi's focus by licking her pussy under her desk while she talked to an ever more baffled Janie.

Now that we were a bit more sober though, we realized that Janie might be the solution to our problem. Her aunt ran a flower shop in town and had recently expanded her business, buying some greenhouses from a retiring local grower. Didi recalled Janie mentioning that she'd be helping out her aunt part-time during the summer while she set up shop in a bigger store. Didi figured that maybe we could get hired by Janie's aunt too, so she invited Janie over to talk about it.

I was out cleaning the pool the afternoon that Janie was supposed to come by. A minute after Mom left for work, Didi appeared by the pool and hugged me from behind, brushing herself against me. I was wearing only a pair of shorts, while Didi had her bikini on, ready to catch some rays while she and Janie talked. I could feel her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her bikini top as she pressed herself into my back. She had her hands wrapped around my chest, her fingers slowly tracing my torso and inexorably descending down to my waist, sending shivers up my spine and jolts of excitement to my groin.

By the time my sister's hand reached my crotch, I was hard as a rock. We had been on our best behavior all day, waiting for Mom to leave, so our arousal was off the charts. The fact that Janie would be knocking on our door any minute didn't seem to matter in the least, our raging hormones getting the better of us.

"Mmh, Teddy Bear... You're so hard for me," Didi murmured mischievously in my ear as she undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants with one hand, rubbing my bulge with the other.

"And I won't get any softer as long as you keep doing what you're doing!"

"Oh, I'm counting on it," she giggled as she pulled down my shorts and boxers. She grabbed my boner the second it sprung free, slowly pumping me in her tiny fist, murmuring into my ear: "I've been waiting for this all day... I'm so hot right now, it's like my pussy is on fire. I need you inside me, Ted, I need to feel your cock in me now."

Within seconds we were rolling on the grass, naked and horny, a whole morning of abstinence and pent up desire finally exploding in a furious primal fuck. I pumped my cock hard and deep inside my sister's tight slippery pussy, grunting in pleasure at the feel of her warm folds clinging to me. Her little feet were locked behind my back as she humped up, matching my strokes, her eyes closed as she gasped at each of my brutal thrusts.

I plowed Didi relentlessly, pinning her down on the grass, pressing my groin against her clit and nibbling hungrily on her delicious nipples, until she let out a choked gasp and her vaginal walls contracted around me in a series of soft caresses, bathing my cock in her girl-cum.

Without waiting, staying embedded in Didi's silky vagina, I rolled her over on her tummy and repositioned her on all fours. I started hammering into her immediately, desperate to cum. As I groaned and panted, grabbing my sister's sweet little butt and pulling her into my impaling shaft, Didi was mewling constantly, pushing her ass back to meet my pounding strokes. Whimpering in pleasure, she reached for her clit and started furiously frigging herself, spurring me on as I humped her like a madman.

"Ooooh yeeees, Ted, yeeeaah! Fuck me hard and cum in me, pleeeeease! I want to feel your cum in my pussy, Ted, give it to me! Fill me, fuck meeee!"

I slammed into Didi's little pussy faster and harder until I exploded inside her, flooding her hot tight hole with thick cum. I howled in pleasure as I sprayed my sister's vaginal tunnel with the huge load I had accumulated since the quick sixty-nine we had done early that morning in my bed before joining Mom for breakfast. As I spurted jet after jet of creamy seed inside her, Didi came on her fingers, massaging every last drop from me with her wet rippling folds.

We were still wheezing, lying in a heap side by side on the grass when we heard the doorbell ring. Didi giggled as she swiftly disentangled herself from my embrace, letting my cock plop out of her snug cum-filled pussy with a squishy sound.

I put my boxers and pants back on and helped Didi tie her bikini top. Before putting on her bottom though, my silly girl dipped her fingers into her leaking entrance and scooped up glob after glob of our mixed juices, bringing every creamy dollop to her mouth and purring while she swallowed.

"Wow, Didi, you're so insanely sexy," I gasped, wide-eyed and turned on like crazy despite having just cum. "You're getting me hard all over again just doing that."

My sister smiled as she licked her fingers clean. "It's both practical and tasty, actually. If I let all that yummy cum there to dribble out, I'll have a major wet spot in my bikini bottom in a second. And in front of Janie, too!"

"Yeah," I laughed, leaning in to nuzzle the top of her raven-haired head, "good thinking I guess. And speaking of Janie, I should go open the door while you cover your sweet pussy."

"Just don't let her see your boner, Teddy Bear!" she yelled at me as I jogged through the garden. I could hear her bright laughter as I walked into the house, smiling and shaking my head in wonder.


By the time Janie left, I was a sweaty sticky mess. I had cleaned the pool and did some chores in the garden to score points with Mom, while Didi sweet-talked Janie into getting her aunt to give us jobs for the summer. She succeeded too, apparently. Janie said she'd have to check with her aunt, but she was pretty sure that she could get us hired.

After Janie left, reddening as she turned to say goodbye to me, Didi rushed to hug me tight, kissing me ravenously as if we had been apart for ages. I loved that.

"Whoa," I laughed when she broke our lip-lock, "missed me that much in the last two hours?"

"That much and more, Teddy Bear," she answered, looking into me with those huge warm eyes of hers, making me go all fluffy inside. "I wanted to run at you and jump you all afternoon. I kept getting distracted looking at you, working in the sun with just your shorts on, all sweaty and handsome..."

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