tagAnalWhat's A Girl Gotta Do?

What's A Girl Gotta Do?


It's damned hard to right a really short story. This tops out at over 2,200 words; I was trying to come in at the minimum and failed. I had also planned to make it just dialogue, but felt the need to tie up the loose ends at the end. Anal sex is predominant with a little twist and turn at the end. It's a little tongue in cheek as well as tongue in other places.

"No, please...not there...I've never...oh, please...too big...sin...against God...you'll hurt me...agh, uh, oh no...please don't...ayeeeeee!"

"It's in baby, not all the way, just the head, relax, come on, stop crying, okay, I'm going to put it in a little more, relax, dammit!"

"I thought you loved me, this is nasty...perverted...you shouldn't...it burns...I feel like you're tearing me apart...I'm not a slut...I'm a nice girl...I can't move...can't stop you..."

"Almost there, sweet thing...you're doing fine...oh, yea, God your ass is so fucking hot...so fucking tight..."

"If you loved me you wouldn't do something like this...only whores let men do this to them...you're treating me like a whore...you're on top of me...holding me down...forcing your prick where it doesn't belong...it's a sin...we're engaged...I'm so full..."

"Okay lover, I'm going to start moving in and out now...real slow...oh, shit, that's really nice...your ass is so damned beautiful and my cock is stretching it...God what a view..."

"Slow, oh, ouch...that's too deep! We shouldn't be doing this...I'll be on the pill soon...we should have waited...I know you don't like rubbers...I know I'm not very good with my mouth, but...but this is so dirty...so mean...you don't really love me...you're not very nice...I thought you were a nice boy..."

"Oh, fuck baby, this feels so damned good...your ass hole is so hot. Play with yourself baby...go on, put your fingers in your pussy..."

"You know I think masturbation is wrong...I can't do that...well, okay, just a little...oh, that feels good...I'm feeling all tingly inside...it does make your, ah, cock, in my, ah, ass feel better...it doesn't hurt as much...the fullness...I think I kind of like it..."

"Can I start moving a little faster...go all the way in?"

"Okay, I guess so, that's not so bad now...oh yea, you know how sensitive my breasts are, that's right play with my little...titties...oh, that's really feeling pretty good..."

"Okay, baby, I'm going to start fucking your ass now..."

"Oh, I wish you wouldn't use that word. You don't fuck someone you love, you make love with them...okay, that's starting to feel very nice...go faster...go deeper...deeper...faster!"

"I'm going to cum in your ass baby, I'm going to shoot a load deep in your hot little butt!"

"Oh, no, not yet...are you sure I can't get pregnant this way? Oh, I know better...don't cum yet...I think I'm going to cum...how will I know? I don't think I've ever had an orgasm before...not really...you're going to make me cum the first time...that's good...pinch my nipples...I'm really close...slow down...let me work my fingers...please don't cum yet...just another few seconds..."

"I'm doing my best baby...I'm going to just stay still until you give me the word."

"Okay, okay, oh yea...oh fuck! I'm feeling it, I'm starting to build...okay, go ahead, start moving again...faster dammit! Deeper! Fuck my ass you bastard...fuck it like you mean it... yes, yes, yesssssss!!!! Oh shit, I'm cumming, oh, my God, okay, shoot inside me, cream my shit hole with that big cock...yesssssss!!!!"

"You raped me! You put your thing in my rear end. You forced me to do something so humiliating, so depraved...I just don't know if I can live with myself after this humiliation. I could just die from the embarrassment."

"Oh, Becky, you know I love you, but, well, you know, we've wanted to go, 'all the way' and since this is a small town and there's only one doctor and well, he'd probably tell your mother...and rubbers, well, sure, I don't like the way they feel, but you know they're not for sure either in stopping babies. You're getting better with your mouth, I wish you'd let me...I know you'd like it...let me give you a little sample..."

"What are you doing Robert! No! I don't think...I told you I thought it was dirty for a boy to put his mouth down there...oh, oh, okay...well, maybe this one time...oh, oh, oh, yes, right there, a little higher...no here, where my finger is...gentle now, just caress it with your...oh, ah, ah, ahhhhh!!"

"See, Becky, I told you you'd like it...I sure did...you know you liked it...didn't you?"

"I suppose so, it was just so embarrassing to have you putting your mouth down there..."

"Becky, do you think you'd like to..."

"Put your thing in my mouth? Well, wipe it off...no go wash it off and maybe...I mean, after cuming, I feel really relaxed, maybe my jaw won't get so tense...but the taste..."

"Please, Becky? I cleaned my cock off...used soap and water...please try it...you love me don't you?"

"Well okay...just this one time."

"Oh, my God, Becky, that's amazing, you're taking it so deep, your jaw must have really relaxed. Oh, shit, that's fantastic...oh, honey, I'm going to cum...do you want me to take it out! No, well okay...ahhhhhh! Oh, Becky, I'm sorry, I tried to warn you...I didn't mean to cum in your mouth...but it was so sexy...you can spit it out...you already swallowed it? What about the taste?"

"Kiss, me, if you really love me, and I'll share a taste with you."

"Oh, shit, I always thought that guys that liked the taste of their own cum were, well you know, but that was really sexy the way you shared it with me."

"Oh Robert, my ass is a little sore...why don't you kiss it and make it better?"

"You want me to...put my mouth on your...well, okay, oh, wow this is really hot, I'm going to put my tongue inside...do you like that? My fingers...where? On your pussy...oh, yea, oh, baby, that's hot...oh shit, you came again, didn't you?"

"You want to do the same thing to me...are you sure? Oh, wow baby, that feels so good...yea, I wish you could fuck me in the ass...I think...use your tongue, oh yea, jerk my cock now, it's really slippery...oh, yes, that's right all over your big tits...oh, fuck that's so damned hot!"

"You've ruined me, Robert! You're turning me into one of your little sluts! No man will ever want me---no man will ever want me as his wife."

"Oh, don't cry, Becky, you know I love you...we're engaged...I know I said we should wait to get married until I graduate...don't cry, I love you more than anyone in the world. I mean getting married in college, well it won't be so bad, I mean, my folks have money and they really love you and I mean, I'll take over the mill in a few years anyway...dad's health and all. The school year is over in a little more than a month...June! We can get married in June! Both of our parents got married when they were younger than we are."

"Oh, Robert, how could you even think about being married to a girl who...who...who...let you do that to her...let you sodomize her?"

"Oh, Becky, you didn't really let me do it...you didn't want to do it...I forced you. I'm so sorry. I promise it will never happen again."

"Well, we'll talk about that after we're married, I mean, I suppose what a husband and wife do in the privacy of their own bedroom..."

"Oh, Becky, you're the best girl a guy could have...I love you so much!"

"Well, we better get going Robert; we need to tell your parents about the change in plans and you know I have to be home on time."

"So, honey, tell your old mom how you got Robert to stop stalling and set the date---and a hell of a lot sooner than I ever expected. I bet you gave up your little cherry, didn't you?"

"Not on your life, mom, still intact at that end...but..."

"Why you little slut! And I bet at this very minute poor Robert feels like a complete heel for 'forcing' his fiancée to take the high hard one up her hiney."

"You mean just like dad felt after he..."

"Like mother like daughter, eh?"

"Everything important in life, at least as far as men are concerned, I learned from you mom...you're the best mother a girl could ever have."

"Well, son, I'm glad you finally got off the dime and set the date with Becky. As far as I'm concerned, she's always been the most beautiful girl in this town. You two have played together since you were babies and her parents, while maybe not as well of as we are, are just plain damned fine people. I have to tell you, I was worried that you'd end up knocking up one of those little trollops you used to fool around with. Fortunately, Becky is a real nice girl...you're not getting any of that fine young pussy until after you say, 'I do'"

"Dad, you're embarrassing me. But you're right, the idea of marrying a, ah, virgin is pretty far out. Becky really is a very good girl."

"Well don't fuck it up between now and the wedding---it's only six weeks away. No slipping out for a piece with one of those little whores you used to bang all the time."

"I promise to you on the Bible that my dick won't stray. As a matter of fact the next pussy it's going to be in is that of my sweet young bride on my wedding night."

Robert had loved Becky as long as he could remember but he'd heard stories about men that married women that weren't very good in bed...his dad had been one of them. One thing the little cunts he'd hung out with over the years had taught him was the exquisite pleasure of a good blow job. The tight, buttery pleasure of a woman's rump, well, that had always been a fantasy of his but he'd only tried it once before and it hadn't been anything like Becky...his Becky. He'd do anything she wanted to get another shot at that hot little butt of hers...

He'd almost been afraid that Becky had been a little frigid, but he guessed that under his excellent tutelage, she was on the road to becoming a very satisfying little fuck indeed...and he hadn't even tapped her sweet little cunt yet. She had been such a babe in the woods...so inexperienced...he felt bad about what he had made her do...but still, he knew he was marrying a good girl. Her attitude about sex had improved immensely; he must be a pretty could teacher indeed.

Men, you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em. Becky was real glad that this wasn't a royal wedding where they actually checked to see if that little skin barrier was still in place. She was technically a virgin; on the other hand, that little flap of skin had long since been rubbed away by her incessant diddling. Her tighter hole, on the other hand, well...everything was as it should be. In six weeks she'd be married to the best looking and richest boy in town. And she did love him---had since they had been very young children. Hmmm, would it be too forward to produce a strap on during her wedding night? Becky loved anal sex but she was going to dole it out judiciously and Robert was going to, 'get it in the end' sooner or later---from her. Turnabout was fair play.

Still, she was going to be damned if she was going to marry any man no matter how much she love him who was a lousy fuck...her mother had told her about women that made that mistake, to include her own situation. Robert was a quick learner and very trainable; she was sure she was the first girl who had ever 'encouraged' him to tongue her little pooper, but he had definitely learned something about sucking pussy from those little sluts he used to date.

She'd have to do a little practicing on her acting skills before the wedding night. Maybe some day she'd tell him and they'd both have a hearty laugh about it. That degree of openness could wait for a few years. In the meantime, she'd have to think about exactly how she was going to get Robert's wonderful cock up her butt as often as possible over the next month and a half without appearing to want it too much.

Later the next day, Robert's dad and Becky's mom were chatting at the mill office. Becky's mom had started as a bookkeeper at the mill right out of high school and was now the chief accountant. Everyone else had left for the day.

"So how the hell did Becky finally get that son of mine to commit to a wedding this June?"

"Oh, pretty much the same way I convinced you not to fire me as a, then, incompetent bookkeeper twenty some years ago."

"I remember it fondly. You hadn't married my foreman yet and were terrified of getting pregnant. And then, I, well, you..."

"Let's see, I think I, 'let you' do something really nasty to me...well, not really let you, I'm pretty sure you forced me..."

"Uh, uh. Want to give it a go, for old time's sake?"

"Oh shut up you old fart. Get that fat cock of yours up my butt...just like you've been doing every day for the last twenty some years."

"If you insist."

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