tagLesbian SexWhat's College Without a Roommate?

What's College Without a Roommate?


It was the first time in my life I'd been away from my family and friends. I was so scared I would hate living away from home but that all ended the moment I walked through my dorm room door. My roommate was great! We got along so well, and I am so glad that I got paired up with someone I could really hit it off with. It was comforting to know we would become good friends, and my God was she hot!

I had had my series of high school boyfriends and sat through hours of the fumbling around they called foreplay and sex. I'd stared vacantly at their bodies and told them I wanted them to fuck me, though I always wondered if they saw the smirk brush across my lips as I did. Though, a high school boy will never see the boredom in your eyes while he fucks you because he was too busy believing he was the best fuck in the world, and I, I figured why shatter his dream.

But truth be told, I loved women. I loved looking at them, all open thinking I am just their little heterosexual friend that would not be interested in their bodies as they changed in front of me. I loved to look at their breasts most of all, so beautiful. What I wouldn't have given to reach out and caress them, hoping although I'd startle them at first I could make them feel good enough for them to forget their heterosexual lives and beg for me to fuck them. But it just never went that way, I had to leave well enough alone. I just couldn't find a girl who wanted what I did in my little town, and although I was hopeful I doubted I would at college either.

I had guessed I'd been right after the first month. Although I was wildly attracted to my roommate I just didn't think there was anyone around I could fool around with. My circle of friends was just too small, and I was always too afraid to go out and make some new ones. So there I was, believing I was already closing another chapter of my life as yet more time I would have to run around playing Miss Pseudo Heterosexual.

I wondered about, giving in to conversations about how so and so was a hot guy and would how we would all love to fuck him, but I still held fast to my attraction. I loved to innocently watch her as she changed before she got in the shower and always had a small hope that when she got out, and was standing in our room patting herself dry, she would move too quickly and her towel would fall to the floor allowing me to see her naked body... but of course it never happened. But hey, a girl can hope can't she?

So there I was, walking back from class early one day, wondering what I was going to do with myself if this small obsession continued. I climbed the steps to the second floor where our room was located. I became surprised to encounter a locked door. I knew that Melissa didn't have class, and besides I could here the music blasting within. I quickly nodded it off as nothing, maybe she had locked the door when she took a shower when she got up. Whatever the case, I unlocked the door and walked in. I could never have prepared myself for what I had just walked in on.

There was Melissa, sprawled out on her bed completely naked, with her own hand buried deep in her cunt. I just stood there with my mouth hung open, the shock and excitement of seeing her like this soon passed as I felt the heavy air of embarrassment begin to choke me. I apologized quickly and entered our bathroom to, well leave her alone and try to calm myself from the overwhelming urges I was having to go over to her and show her a real orgasm. I sat on the edge of the sink for a moment, just trying to regain the ability to breathe. I finally decided to hop in the shower. The warm water always relaxes me. I locked the door to the adjoining room so our suite-mates wouldn't walk in on me, quickly slipped out of my clothes and hopped in the shower. I guess I hadn't noticed that I didn't bother to lock the door to our room, but then again we rarely did.

I stood there in the shower with the warm water cascading down on me. I tried to forget what I had seen, tried to push it from my mind and concentrate on something else. It was no use. I gave my own breast a little squeeze and pinched my nipple hard at the thought of touching her that way. I let out a small moan, thinking the sounds of water would cover any sounds of arousal that pushed their way past my lips. It was then that I heard the faint creaking of someone opening the bathroom door.

I just froze, standing there in shock. I didn't say a word, didn't ask who was there, just played along with their obvious attempt to catch me by surprise. I could hear whoever it was breathing from through the shower curtain. Then it came, "hey, uh, Lis?" a voice said curiously. I couldn't believe it, it was Melissa. I gasped through the waterfall coming down on my face as the shock settled.

"Yeah?" I answered trying not to sound at all curious as to what she was doing out there.

"Um, about before, " she began, "I um, well I uh guess I am sorry you, ya know, walked in on that...." her voice trailed off and I could tell she was feeling slightly embarrassed. I pictured her standing facing the shower, her face pointed toward the ground, all red and flushed. Her naked body covered in goose bumps and her hands hung down fidgeting with her fingers.

"It's, uh, no big deal, really. Just forget it." I managed to reply.

"No, it isn't," she started again, "because, well because...."

"Don't worry about it, really." I interrupted her and tried to comfort her from feeling more embarrassed.

"No... but," she quietly answered, "I, well I saw how you were looking at me." I gasped in my own embarrassment and was glad she could not see the red rush to my face. I hadn't had I? I didn't think I had made it that obvious. I stood there with my mouth hung open, completely speechless. I couldn't lie and there was nothing left to explain... she knew everything.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you." She went on with a new confidence behind her words. "It is just that, well..." she trailed off and I saw her fingertips grip the edge of the curtain. "I liked it."

She pulled the curtain aside, us both standing naked gaping at the other. God was she stunning! So slim, and the curve of her hips was just perfect. And her breasts, mmm, although quite smaller than my own fit perfectly to her figure. And there we were, both taking in the other's body with our eyes for who knows how long. Between my excitement and the curtain aside exposing my wet body to the cool air, I could feel my nipples harden up quickly and I could feel her as she stared upon them.

She saw the shock and confusion in my eyes no doubt, because she quickly stepped in the shower with me and tugged the curtain shut. She brushed my damp hair away from my cheek. "Well, its just that once you walked in I couldn't finish what I was doing, because I could not get myself excited anymore because you looking at me had excited me more than any dream I could muster up in my head."

With that she kissed me, long and deep. She took the upper hand, parting my lips with her tongue and when I tasted her sweet tongue I knew that I wasn't dreaming all this. I reached up from my former shocked stiff position and put my hands on the small of her back. The water hit against her and ran through my fingers as it traveled its way to her tight ass. My hands followed and I gently squeezed and caressed her sweet flesh. She let a soft moan sneak out through our joined lips. Oh God I was so aroused, so completely in my glory, I felt the aching need to cum but pushed it aside. No, I wanted her to feel good first. I wanted her to have the most amazing orgasm she ever had and I wanted it to be because of my touch.

I pulled back from her hungry lips, and looked into her eyes. I placed my hand on her forehead and gently tipped her head back, letting the water dampen her hair. I slid my fingers down the side of her face and down her arched neck. I leaned in to kiss it, I opened my mouth to taste her flesh, kissing and licking the length of her neck. Her breathing quickened and i could here the faint moans mixing with each exhaling breath. I kissed down her now, down past her collar bone and shoulder. I reached her breasts and took one in my mouth. I teased her erect nipple with my tongue, flicking it and drawing circles around it. I began to suck her nipple, soft and slow first, then faster.... harder. I gently rubbed it between my teeth, gently biting at it. Her moans went wild at that.

As I sucked on her breasts my hand slid down her body, finding her thighs. Slowly my hand made its way to the inside of her thigh, and she quickly and eagerly parted her legs at my touch. I ran my fingertips up and down the soft skin of her upper thigh for a moment first. Then I worked my way back up her thigh, this time not stopping, and in a moment I cupped her soft cunt in my hand. I began to explore her flesh with my fingers, touching poking and rubbing, thinking how moments ago her hand was deep inside where mine would soon be.

I listened carefully to her intakes of oxygen, and to the moans seeping their way through her lips. I used my finger to make circles around her swollen clit, taking care not to touch it directly. I knew what I wanted now. I wanted her to beg for this. I wanted her to finally look at me and tell me she needed me to touch her. She moaned and tried to jerk her hips forward, hoping my finger would push against her aching clit, but no such luck. I began to here the huffing and puffing in her voice as her excitement turned to aggitation. Just what I was waiting for. I let her nipple fall from my lips and I reached up to kiss her. She searched out my tongue anxiously and furiously. I pulled back teasing her some more. Her moan quickly turned to a groan as I could see the need in her eyes. I looked at her innocently and asked what was wrong.

She stammered, not understanding how I couldn't know and at the same time not wanting to actually say it. Hadn't she been through enough just having the guts to do what she had so far. What did I want from her? Then it sunk in and I saw in her eyes the realization as she knew what i wanted. She leaned in close to me, her lips practically touching my ear. "MMMM Lis, " she started "I want you so badly. I want you to make me cum, I want you to fuck me." Although I wanted to make that moment last longer, her sweet voice didn't have to ask me twice.

With that I let my finger push against her clit and she nearly doubled over in pleasure. I knew it wouldn't take long to get her to cum, she was so aroused. She must have been half there without me evening having to lay a finger on that clit of hers. I was gentle, very faintly touching and rubbing her clit as she shook in my arms. I was going to make this last as long as I could. She moaned and thrashed about, began digging her fingernails deep into my back. I knew she was getting close.

I stopped and looked into her eyes. Her look of arousal turned to one of defeat... she would do anything now. "Ppppleease." she quietly begged. I smiled, that was enough for me.

I got down on my knees, and although she was surprised at this, she quickly and knowingly lifted one leg up on the edge of the tub giving me more room. I tasted her sweet nectar as licked where it dripped down her thigh. I buried my face deep in her cunt, flicking her clit with my tongue and making her spasm with each flick. I was shocked that she was still standing as her knees kept beginning to buckle, but she was not going to fall, determined to not let anything disrupt the orgasm about to flood her body. She pushed her cunt into me as I licked her clit, quicker and quicker. I could feel the tension building up in her thighs around me, this was it, she was going to cum. I reached my hand up her leg and quickly darted two fingers into her cunt. She screamed and buckled down against my face. She shuddered all over as the orgasm ripped through her body until at last she could not take it anymore, and collapsed to her knees before me.

She smiled and teasingly licked my lips moist with her juices and kissed them. She let out a breath long enough you would think she had been holding it in this whole time.

She looked at me like she knew something I didn't know. She smirked innocently. "Now why didn't you do that sooner, like you wanted to?"

I gasped, she had known. She kissed me again and we just sat there, in the shower, with the water still pouring down on us.

To Be Continued...

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