What's Eating The Boss?


God, this was so hot. This woman was my boss - no, my boss's boss - and there I was, on my knees, eating her pussy out. Despite my arousal, I maintained my slow, deliberate pace until she was squirming in the chair, quietly babbling, "omigod omigod omigod" in a continuous string. Her hand rose to cover her mouth and she seemed amazed by what was happening to her. At this point Deborah had given up maintaining any trace of decorum or composure and had surrendered to the wonderful feelings I was providing between her legs. I took a long, excruciatingly slow swipe over her enflamed clitoris and she responded with a shiver and an extended groan, "Nnnggghhh.... GOD!" She shimmied in my hands and tried in vain to maintain control, but I persisted until her hips rose out of the seat, straining and shuddering in response to my assault.

I knew she was close to cumming, but I couldn't decide what to do. My first instinct was to back off, to stretch it out and extend the pleasure, both hers and mine. But I was dying to make her cum and I could see that she needed to be satisfied. I opted for a quick release and intensified my assault on her engorged flesh, switching to extended, deliberate licks from her asshole up to her clit. That brought more cries as both her hands went to my head with a desperate, iron grip. I took one last lick and then covered her clit with my mouth, sucking it in while my tongue flicked repeatedly over the swollen head. Deborah stifled a scream, made a deep, growling sound, and cursed under her breath. Then she jammed my mouth roughly into her cunt as she hit her peak. I grabbed her hips and just hung on while those luscious thighs scissored violently around my head and the cream poured out of her. I could feel my own juices wetting my panties as this lovely, strong woman came in my mouth.

It was a delicious, intense orgasm that went on for a long time. Deborah bucked and writhed in the chair, instinctively pulling her legs up as they shimmied and shook in ecstasy. Her lips were franticly clamped shut, stifling the screams that would otherwise accompany the violent spasms coursing through her. I rode it out, doing my best to keep my mouth pasted over her wet hole as she throbbed in ecstasy.

At last the waves began to ebb and she returned to the real world, though her legs were visibly shaking and she still cried out each time her body twitched with a new aftershock. I kissed her thighs, calming those warm, trembling pillars while my hands caressed her hips and stomach. I reached up to hold her full breasts, delighted to once again feel those warm pillows overflowing my palms.

I continued to caress her for a few minutes, licking her inner thighs, close to her quim but never touching it. But I just couldn't help myself - it was so good making her cum, and I Wanted more of her. On my next trip up her leg I didn't stop - I continued to her open gash. My god, Deborah's juice was everywhere, and still flowing out of her. I began to clean up the mess I'd made and felt her tense a little at this new touch. It was a response to the stimulation, not a tension of resistance. I licked lightly over her clitoris and she gave a little cry, then looked down at me, wide-eyed. "Oh my god," she whispered incredulously. "More?"

I looked up and smiled sweetly. "Mmmmmm," I responded, "definitely more." I licked into her again and with a moan her head dropped back, her legs opening wider to receive her new pleasures.

It was even better the second time. Deborah was past the guilt and worry that inhibited her earlier. Now she just wanted more sex. I licked lightly over her labia and was rewarded with a breathy "Ohhhhhh." Deborah's legs spread wider and I pushed them out and back until they were draped over the arms of the chair. Her head was all the way back now. and her body was lewdly positioned for my attention, her mound thrust upward, begging for my mouth. I quickly covered it and returned my tongue to its proper place, eagerly slurping inside her. She responded with a fervent, "Ohhhh ... yesssss" as her thighs throbbed warmly against my ears.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I'd been eating her out for a good half hour - no, a wonderful half hour - but I'd had no relief myself and I was going crazy. I paused for a moment, just long enough to undo my own jeans, enough to let my hand slip down the front. I don't think Deborah even noticed. I moaned quietly as my fingers touched my pussy, my mouth never slipping from the succulent treat of Deborah's cunt. My licking grew more frantic as my hand worked in my pants, and Deborah responded in kind, grabbing my head and working me vigorously back and forth in her open slot.

It didn't take long for Deborah to cum again. Within minutes, she was bucking and writhing, her ardent cries, unrestrained now, filling the room. I wasn't far behind her. The excitement of doing her, not once but twice, was too much, and while she was still in the throes of her orgasm, I was suddenly off on mine. It was incredibly good, as her passion fed mine and vice-versa, drawing both of us out through a series of intense, extended climaxes.

After a short rest, I did her one more time. Now there was no surprise and no resistance - Deborah just lay back with a smile and accepted what I gave her. We both got off again, and then it was finally over. As I got up off my knees, she scolded me, "You should be ashamed of yourself." Of course she could not suppress a smile when she said it. When I asked why, she responded, her eyes flashing, "Because you're so damned good!"

And so started our dirty little secret. Since then, our "progress meetings" have become more and more frequent, despite the fact that the project is well underway and progressing as planned. I'm pretty sure Deborah just makes up reasons for us to meet. The meetings are usually at the end of the day, and invariably end with my head between Deborah's legs. She never reciprocates, never gives any indication she wants to, but I don't care. I love doing her, love making her cum, seeing the spasms rock her lovely body and the marvelous glow on her face when it's over.

So my temp job is going well. Deborah arranged for a raise in my pay rate, and I get plenty of hot sex right at the office - not a bad gig at all. My only complaint is that Iím still frustrated in one way: While I'm meeting regularly with Deborah, I also have my standard weekly meetings with Angie. And unfortunately, Angie still stirs me. Despite my times with Deborah, I still lust after Angie, too. I am still dying to make love to her, and still imagine her writhing on my bed and screaming my name as I tongue her through a series of exquisite orgasms. Sure, Deborah is wonderful, and she provides a delightful distraction from those unrequited desires for Angie, so I really have no right to complain.

But I'd really like to have them both.

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