tagAnalWhat's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?


I'm standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. I can feel you nuzzle your beautiful face into the back of my neck as you start to playfully bite and kiss me. My mind starts to flutter with ideas of something tastier than the meal I've begun to prepare.

You slide your encircled arms up so they are pressed against the base of my chest. Reaching up with each hand you get a firm grasp on my boobs and start to massage them. You're kneading and groping my tits while you continue to kiss and nibble at my shoulder, neck, and ear.

"You're so beautiful, and delicious. I could kiss you, and hold you, and love you forever," your words offered in a sultry, charismatic voice. The sweet nothings you've whispered into my ear make me giggle and squirm, as I enjoy more and more the wonderful feeling to have you wrapped around me.

I feel you press your hips against my butt, and can feel your excitement push into my backside. A big smile has washed over my face and is unable to subside. It feels so good to have you touch me, kiss me, get hard for me. It feels so good to have the strength of your hard shaft pressing against my buttocks, foreshadowing more pleasure yet to come.

As you continue to fondle my breasts, one of your hands works its way along my body, down from my breast, over my stomach, sliding across my hips. You slip your hand into the waistband of my pants and navigate your way into my panties. You reach deeper to find the well-trimmed flesh that you've been waiting to dive into.

You push your body harder against mine, with your raging stiffness pressed deep into my back, as you continue to explore the treasure in my panties. Your hand delves deeper into the moist folds of lovely flesh, feeling the wetness that you've made me produce. As you begin to massage my clit, my hands force your body away from mine enough to undo your button and zipper, and reach into your pants in search of your hot cock that I'm craving.

My hand is drawn to your stiff dick like a magnet and immediately sets it free from the constraints of your pants. Then I push my own pants down past my hips, so that I can feel your flesh pressed against my skin. Your cock fits so nicely along the crack of my ass, and the heat of it is driving me wild.

You continue to massage and explore my pussy further, as I raise one leg high and prop it up on the counter. You've got both hands between my legs now, one massaging and spreading my ass cheeks, and one hand with fingers deep in my pussy. You smear my juices all over my clit and anus, as your hands take turns fingering and massaging me.

You gather my sweet wetness on your fingers and bring it to your mouth to taste. "Ahhhh . . . mmmm . . . you taste as good as you feel," you explain as you moan with desire while the sweet musky flavor of my pussy drives you wild. After devouring my juices, you wet your finger thoroughly and dive it deep into my ass. My little hole exciting you with the promise of a tight fuck.

You push my ass cheeks apart and decide you've waited long enough. You ram your cock into my waiting hole as your hands take a forceful grip on my hips. I whimper slightly feeling the tight fit. You place your hand on my back between my shoulder blades, making me bend over the counter top, so that you can delve deeper into my ass.

You start to ram your cock in me forcefully, having been driven insane from the taste of my pussy juice. Your overwhelming excitement creates a primal, animal instinct that makes you want to take me hard and fast. You begin to work your hips faster and with more force, as your hands grip me more firmly.

You thrust your hot cock into my ass deeper and deeper, working your hips forward as you pull my hips back onto you. You fill my ass with your wondrous, throbbing cock and my mind starts to spin with euphoria. My groans become louder and louder as you fill me with your hard, hot love muscle more than I thought possible, and I feel your balls slapping against my thighs.

Your fingers work fervently on my engorged clit, while you continue to pound my ass. We stand there in the kitchen fucking and fucking and fucking until my moans turn to screams and I start yelling out your name.

"Yes...yes....YESSSS!!!!" The words bellow out from deep within my core.

We ride each other seemingly forever when unexpectedly the oven timer goes off with its obligatory 'ding'. It was like a cue from the sex goddess because just after the sound of the bell, I came, my whole body uncontrollably shaking and quivering, which sent you immediately into orgasm as well. You continued to thrust your cock deep inside me as we both pulsed and throbbed with great pleasure. Your hot juice filled my ass, bringing me to the height of pleasure.

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