tagBDSMWhat's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?


He walked through the door at his usual time to find his wife in the kitchen, so engrossed in her task that she was unaware of his presence. At first he was annoyed. He loved that she always stopped whatever she was doing to give him a hello kiss and ask about his day, but after watching her for a just a few moments, he felt something else entirely.

She was in a dress with an apron firmly secured around her. He watched as her ass swayed back in forth in time to whatever she was working on. He was always mesmerized by her ass, thinking it perfect and loving the mewling noises she made every time he sunk his teeth into it.

Tearing his eyes away he took in the state of the kitchen. Dishes were piled high along the counters and every burner of the cook top was on. She had obviously been busy with something and the whole house smelled wonderful.

Quietly, he walked up behind her to catch a peek at what she was doing. Her hands were covered in flour, strands of hair had fallen into her face and streaks of the white powder were left behind in places. He bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek before grabbing a handful of her ass.

"Sir!" she squeaked, quickly wiping her hands on the towel beside her. "I didn't hear you come home!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck before returning to her work. "How was your day?"

Without a response from him, he moved behind her, snaking a hand into her soft red hair. He heard her breathing hitch when he tightened his grip and buried his face into her neck, breathing in deeply the scent that only belonged to her. He felt the shiver run up her spine and knew that she had already grown damp.

"Turn around baby girl."

Doing as she was told, she turned to face him and dropped to her knees when she saw his pointed finger. She watched hungrily as he undid his belt, then the button and zipper of his jeans. She bit her bottom lip waiting patiently for him to free his cock so she could devour it.

As he pushed down his jeans and boxers, his cock sprang free and she licked her lips. She looked up at him, waiting for permission and he smiled. Nodding his approval, he growled the second her lips closed over the head. She teased him, running her tongue along the underside and pausing to give little flicks against the tip, but he wanted to be buried down her throat.

Fisting her hair once again, he forced his entire length into her mouth, pausing when he felt the slight resistance from her gag reflex before pressing forward and past it. He watched her as her eyes closed and she gave herself over to him like so many times before.

"I'm going to make you cry tonight baby."

He pulled back slightly, allowing her to take a quick breath before he started fucking her mouth in earnest. He closed his eyes as he rocked his hips back and forth, savoring the sounds of her gagging and choking on him. When opened his eyes to see the wet lines of mascara down her cheeks, he pulled him out of her mouth. Using her hair, he pulled her to her feet spinning her around the bending her over the counter.

Lifting up her dress, he caressed her ass before running his fingers through her folds. Fingers covered in her juices, he shoved them into her mouth and listened to her suck them clean. Taking her arms placing them behind her back, he bent her forward even more, allowing him the angle he wanted in order to take her pussy.

Plunging into her warmth and hearing her cry out spurred him on. Her faced pressed into the counter, all she could was take it, take him as he continued to assault her cunt.

"That's it baby. Get my cock good and wet with your juices. It's going into your ass next."

He felt her pussy clamp down and try to milk his cock as she cried out her pleasure, coating him in her climax. Slipping from her used cunt, he lined his cock up with her asshole and pushed, gripping her tighter as she tried to squirm away.

Holding her firmly in place once again, he forced his length into her listening to her cries as he began to fuck her ass just as harshly as he took her mouth and pussy. He knew it was painful, not giving her time to adjust to his thickness, but he also knew how much she enjoyed his harshness and how much she would cum if he didn't stop.

Letting go of her arms, he grabbed tightly onto her hips with a bruising force that made her cry out again. He was close to cumming and knew she was holding onto to hers as long as she could.

"Give it to me baby," he commanded and she did, sending waves of liquid down her thighs seconds before he grunted his release. He didn't move as he slowly softened inside her, catching his breath and letting his hands roam over her body. When his cock slipped from her ass, he pulled her up and turned her towards him. Kissing the tears from her cheeks, he wrapped his arms around her and listened to her sigh.

"When we can play 1950's housewife again Sir?" she giggled.

"Right now baby. What's for dinner?"

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