tagErotic CouplingsWhats For Pudding?

Whats For Pudding?


I glance up from wiping the surface of the long pine kitchen table to see you stacking the last of the dirty plates on the draining board. The lights are low in the kitchen area as you dry your hands and move away from the sink. The section of the long room where I’m standing is warmed by the light from the many candles lining the sideboard against the wall, their flickering flames reflected in the big window that overlooks the dark and silent garden.

As I cross the room to drop the cloth in the sink and get our pudding from the fridge you start back towards the table, collecting the whiskey bottle and two glasses from the countertop as you go. I'm chattering at you about my day but I'm not getting much of a response. You hardly said a word throughout dinner and you're clearly distracted about something but I'm beginning to lose patience as all my gentle queries have been ignored……..and I'm really, really not in the mood to be ignored tonight! I've been thinking about your hands on me since you walked through the door. So far you've been oblivious and I've been holding back hoping you would tell me what was bothering you but I'm not going to wait much longer!!

I return to my seat and place the bowl of rich, dark chocolate mousse on the table in front of me. You're leaning back in your chair, legs stretched out in front of you. We both came home late and are still in our work clothes but you've removed your shoes and socks and rolled your sleeves up. One hand hangs over the edge of the arm rest holding your whiskey glass carelessly between thumb and forefinger, the other holds the newspaper about 4 inches from your face, effectively shutting me out. This, I decide, is the final straw! I'm just going to have to find a way to get your attention!!!

You did remember to pour me some whisky at least so I pick up the glass and toss back the contents in one swallow. Standing, I take the empty glass and the whiskey bottle across to the sideboard and pause briefly before crossing back to you. I reach for the pudding bowl and move to lean against the head of the table by your side. You glance up from your paper questioningly and I smile and dip my hand into the smooth chocolate, coating my fingers in the cool, sweet desert. Raising my hand to my mouth I slowly start to lick the mousse off my fingers, sliding them between my lips and sucking them clean as I look at you. Your mouth curves up slightly as you watch me and after hesitating for a few seconds, you straighten up in your seat, placing your glass and paper on the floor by your chair.

I slide along the table edge until I'm sitting right in front of you, pulling my rose coloured shirt loose from my waistband as I do so and beginning to undo the buttons. My knee length gray skirt rides up a little as I sit back, showing the tops of my black stockings and your gaze drops to my legs. Your eyes narrow slightly and I know I've got your full attention at last. I pull the shirt open but don’t take it off, although you can see the black lace bra I'm wearing, the outline of my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Much to my annoyance you still make no move to touch me, obviously I'm going to have to offer you some incentive! I scoop another dollop of chocolate mousse onto my fingers before leaning over to put the bowl on the nearest empty chair leaving the tabletop clear behind me.

Holding my hand out towards you I ask, “Want some?” You raise an eyebrow, "Have we run out of spoons?" you smile as you lean forward, attempting to catch my fingers between your lips. "Well, if my fingers aren't good enough for you…" I pout, pulling my hand back and lifting one leg to place my foot on the seat of your chair beside your knee. The movement makes my skirt ride up even further exposing the pale flesh above my stocking tops, and I smear a little of the chocolate across the newly exposed skin. I see you focus on it and your lips part as you lean forward again dipping your head to run your tongue over my inner thigh, lapping at it until all the chocolate is gone. My skirt is still covering most of my lower body so I place my other foot on the opposite side of your chair and shift to the very edge of the table, spreading my knees just enough so that the fabric rides up to my hips. Which exposes the black suspender straps attached to my stockings and allows you to see I'm not wearing my panties.


I hear your breathing deepen and quicken as you look at me, which sends a sharp tingle through me and I can't help laughing gently, "…..still hungry babe?!" I'm already really wet and I know you can smell my arousal, which turns me on even more. Leaning back on one arm I smear the rest of the chocolate mousse across the top of my right thigh and over the damp curls on my mons. Waiting until you look up at me again before I lick my fingers clean of the last of the chocolate and lean forward to rub a hand along your neck and up into your hair, pulling your head towards me and ordering softly "Eat me…."

You put your hands on my ankles and run them up my calves and onto the backs of my thighs as you lean forward in your chair to reach the chilled and sticky mousse on my skin. At the first touch of your mouth I sigh deeply and sink back to lie flat on the hard wooden surface, stretching my arms above my head and parting my legs a little more. Your fingers knead my flesh and brush along the tops of my stockings as, licking and biting gently with your teeth, your mouth gets closer and closer to my now aching core. You start a long, slow trail over the very tops of my inner thighs, kissing softly and darting your tongue along first one side, then the other. Then you continue lapping gently at all the exposed flesh you can reach before finally starting to suck the last of the chocolate off the increasingly wet curls covering my swollen lips. When you've licked off every last trace of chocolate you run your tongue slowly up and down the edges of my lips, just skimming over the surface, making me moan and lift my hips up to your mouth, wanting more. Your movements and your warm breath on my skin are making me wild and I lower one hand to clutch at your head and force you closer to me, flexing my fingers in your hair, trying to push myself harder against you, needing your tongue inside me now!

Abruptly I wrench your head off me and sit up, taking my feet down from the chair and wriggling off the table to stand up in front of you. My hands grab your shoulders and push downwards as I moan low in my throat, "get on your knees…". You slide off your chair and kneel on the floor between my legs, your hands moving up to cup my bottom under my skirt and pull me back to your mouth. I love the feeling of you being under me and I'm still wearing my high-heeled work shoes so I'm at just the right height for you. I'm breathing heavily, getting so desperate to feel you inside me, "Fuck me with your tongue ….." I pant as I push your face harder against me.

I spread my thighs a little more, closing my eyes and groaning loudly as I feel you push your tongue as far as you can inside my slippery walls, swirling around again and again before rubbing hard, back and forth, against the sensitive spot just inside. God you feel so good and a tremor goes through me as you begin to slide your hot, rough tongue up towards my throbbing clit. I can barely catch my breath as I open my eyes to look down at you, I pull my skirt up around my waist so I can see your head arching up between my legs, as you search for the best angel to lick me harder, faster, more deeply. I gasp as you move one hand from my bottom and I feel you push two fingers into me and begin to thrust them in and out hard and fast. I can feel my legs begin to shake and I'm not sure how much longer I can stand. I can't stop myself bending over you a little, both hands now clutching your shoulders as I lean heavily on you, trying to hold myself up as you start to lick around my clit with the tip of your tongue, firm strokes in small, quick circles.

I can feel my legs weakening and I'm afraid I'm going to fall so I take my hands from your shoulders and reach behind me to grab the edges of the pine table just behind me. I lean back, throwing my weight into my arms, bending backwards so my head falls back and my hair sweeps over the wooden surface, as my hips push forward against your face, gasping and moaning your name as I buck against you. Your tongue and your hands feel fantastic and I don't think I can take much more when suddenly you slide your fingers out of me and press your slippery index finger against my arse, pushing it inside me almost to the knuckle, pausing a moment to let me get used to the sensation before starting to thrust it gently in and out. I inhale sharply, I'm always stunned at how different it feels to be penetrated there, how surprisingly good, how incredibly full I feel as you plunge your thumb into my pussy and start to finger fuck me while your tongue and lips lick and suck my clit. My whole body starts to shake as I feel myself get even wetter and as I imagine my juices gushing over your mouth and chin I know I'm going to cum so hard.

The deep throbbing that has been building since you first touched me starts to spread outwards from my clit, pulsing with increasing intensity through my insides as my whole body starts to tense. I throw my head back and scream as the orgasm rips through me in incredibly hot, deep waves. It seems to go on and on and when it finally subsides I realise I've been squeezing your head between my thighs so hard I was almost smothering you. I let you go and you sit down heavily on the floor panting loudly. I just manage to push myself onto the table and collapse on my back, where I lie still, fighting for breath and listening to my heart pound against my ribcage and wondering vaguely if I'm ever going to be able to move again!

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