What's In the Big Box?


Finally, my shaft spasmed and I felt one last chunk chug into Luci's cheeks. She slowly pulled her head back, allowing my deflating organ to exit her lips with a "plop". She smiled up at me. In the semi-darkness, I could make out that just a trace of my juices coated her lush lips. Her smile broadened as she released my cock from her grasp, and she dropped her lower jaw open. I saw that she had retained enough of my sperm in her mouth to cover her tongue, with strands dangling from teeth to cheeks.

"Merry Christmas, now I dare you to kiss me," she chuckled, rising up from her haunches with elfin grace.

"Well, we are still under the mistletoe," I replied, as she repeated her technique of drawing my face to hers with a hand behind the neck. Her tongue stabbed deep into my mouth, sharing my sweet saltiness back to me for the first time ever. I suppose that it was that moment that lead to me loving to eat Luci's pussy after filling it with cream over the following twenty years.

I was not thinking twenty years ahead in that supply closet, however. My prick was stirring again, surging back enough to brush against the silly felt micro skirt of Luci's elf costume. My little brain did not care at all whether or not we had time for round two before someone noticed we were missing from the party.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. It was Bob. "Hey, you two, you better not be screwing in there."

"Yeah, that's our room," Arlene added, slurring drunkenly.

"So is this your mistletoe?" Luci asked Arlene as Bob opened the door, creating a diversion.

Luci barely had time to tuck my cock in my underwear and roughly tug up my zipper. I turned my back to shield my undone belt as I fumbled with the buckle. As I turned to face the party, I saw stunned looks of genuine confusion on Bob and Arlene's faces, while Crispin, the slightly weird British exchange worker, was blushing crimson. Half a dozen of the female staff diverted their eyes as well, suggesting that Crispin's ploy had met with considerable success.

Grabbing my hand, Luci dragged me into the light and said, "Isn't it time to open presents?"

That jolted me back to reality, as I suddenly realized that present day Luci had just said the same thing, her fingers poised on the bow on the big box.

"Where had you gone? You totally zoned out for a few minutes."

"Ghosts of Christmas Past," I replied. "Thinking how you are even more beautiful today by the fire light than the first time, by the dim light in the supply room."

She chuckled. "At least Bob and Arlene won't burst in on us tonight."

"Geez! I knew I shouldn't have wrapped them up in that box!"

Luci laughed harder than she had in years, falling prone onto the hearth rug.

"Both of them? How kinky. You shouldn't have!" She rattled the box slightly, like a little kid, as she rose up off the floor "You must have had a hard time jamming them in, if they are any fatter than when we worked with them."

"Speaking of Ghosts of Christmas Past, maybe you'd rather find Crispin in the box?"

"Yuck, the idea of Crispin in any box of mine is almost as gross as thinking of that slimy old Big Boss of ours."

"I thought from the blushing at that party over the mistletoe that he was quite the ladies' man."

"Then you missed the shameful looks of four or five guys in the room, hon. Young Crispin swung both ways, and back then, it likely wasn't even safe sex. Ugh. No, you are the only man I need in my box, tonight or any other night, my dear."

I could hardly believe my ears, but my cock seemed clear that it had heard right. Any hesitation in my hardness after the cavalcade of images -- Deanna with Wade, Deanna imagined with me, Luci the elf with me, even Luci imagined with Bob and Arlene - disappeared, and my wood strained in my pants again.

I reached across and grasped Luci's fingers. "I love you more than ever for saying that, but I would never be afraid of sharing you, if that sparked up our sex lives."

"Maybe fantasies are more fun than reality." Luci's fingers caressed my palm, sending currents of electricity surging through my body, all the way through my arm and shoulder, down my spine, and then up my shaft. Just like twenty years ago, I could feel my slit opening, precum dampening my underwear.

She giggled, once again the girl in the elf costume. "Maybe the reality of you is better than what ever is inside the box, too."

"There's nothing better than what's inside your box, sweetheart," I replied, shifting closer.

Luci gave my joke more laughter than it deserved, causing her to sway back on her haunches. Since she was still holding my hand, this caused me to tumble down on top of her. "Oh, goodness, Santa, what did you bring me in your pants?" she giggled.

"I brought an extra present, if you have an empty box."

"Well, we did agree that I could open one present tonight," Luci agreed, reaching her hand in between our bodies to fumble my belt open, as awkwardly as in that supply closet so many Christmases ago. This time, however, there would be no one to knock on the door to interrupt.

Once again, the pressure of my urgency aided her task, forcing the zipper open, and filling her palm with my meat. Luci's hand instinctively stroked me. I stayed quiet, suddenly realizing I was waiting to see whether she might moan Wade's name. I wondered whether or not I fear that or would secretly cheer it.

Those thoughts did not last long, though, since my bigger brain function soon gave way to hip squirming lower brain activity. Luci helped out by flaring my pants open and flexing her hips so that I soon was naked from the waist to the knees, my erection rubbing against her panties. Her groin continued bumping up off of the floor, smashing my tip into the fabric.

Since her eyes were glassy and out of focus, staring at the ceiling, I took charge, reaching a hand under my hip to rip her panties off. This proved harder than expected, since soaked wet cotton is tear resistant. The tugging forced the material deeper into her gash, making her writhe more vigourously, moaning loudly.

"Yes, fuck me with your fingers, run my clit with your thumb," she commanded, and I obeyed, holding her labia open by extending my baby finger out on one edge, while curling the others halfway into a fist, allowing my thumb to stick up like a second cock, the side of my forefinger brushing inside the other lip.

I started by thrusting my knuckles along her flesh, and then plunged the end of my thumb deep into her hole several strokes, before permitting the tip to come up underneath her clit, bobbling that pearly flesh upwards, while also stretching it away from its base. I then established a rhythm, rotating my thumb while easing it back and forth, causing Luci's love button to do a dance.

Luci groaned, her hands leaving my hips so that she could rip open her blouse, buttons popping underneath the tree - one landing in the fireplace even.

"That's it, fuck me harder. Use your whole fist," she growled.

I stabbed at her clit with a few more thrusts of my thumb as I slowly clenched my fingers into a ball.

"Oh, yeah, what a great fucking present in my box," Luci screamed as her pussy walls clamped down on my hand, seemingly drawing it into her womb. Soon, I was buried to my wrist, her pelvis twisting and lifting to meet each stroke. If any carollers had happened by, they would have easily heard her climax.

Despite an orgasm so strong that I thought she was going to rip my arm off and keep my fist up her cunt, Luci wanted more. She barely paused to catch her breath, still gasping for air as she commanded; "Now I need your fucking fat love meat buried deep into my cunt, Santa."

This triply shocked me. In recent years, Luci had always rolled away as soon as she came, as seldom as that was, occasionally even telling me "finish yourself if you must, I'm tired."

Secondly, she had not used graphic language for years. It was like having kids had turned that elfin vixen of the supply closet into the Church Lady. And third, she never was this forceful.

I eased my fist carefully out of her pussy, pausing to tickle her anus with my thumb, provoking a string of girlish giggles.

"Oh, Santa likes the rear chimney?" she teased. "Have I been a naughty girl?"

As she spoke, Luci scuttled towards me, using her heels and her hips, while at the same time reaching out to try to grab my cock and steer it towards her greedy cunt. She could not quite reach my lance, which was attempting to deny gravity with its urgent stiffness, but kept bobbing down towards the floor as I in turn tried my best to scuffle close enough to impale my wife.

It seemed like my helmet was bobbling along Luci's thigh, leaking a snail rail of precum, for a long time, even though it was only seconds, I am sure. It gave me a good sense about soldiers in combat, crossing "No Man's Land"...the rush of excitement, the terror that you might explode before you reach your goal.

"Are you ready for your gift?" I chimed.

"Well, it feels like quite a lump, I hope it isn't just coal," Luci giggled back, her fist finally enclosing my shaft.

"Ho, ho, no," I laughed, "Mrs. Claus has told Santa to institute a new gift idea for naughty girls, especially the ones not wearing stockings."

"Oh, fuck Mrs. Claus," Luci laughed, tugging me closer, my tip bumping up against her inner lips as she shifted her thighs wider. This caused my left hand, which had been using her shoulder for leverage to slip down and cup her tit, my fingers instinctively clamping around her erect nipple, which rose even higher in response. Accepting the unspoken invitation, I quickly twisted the nub and pulled it away from Luci's breast, making her gasp with painful pleasure.

"Oh, kinky, you like to watch?" I asked which suddenly caused images of her watching Wade and Deanna back into my brain. This just made my cock throb stiffer as I pictured Luci slipping one hand into lacy panties, the other abusing the same nipple that I was exciting. Of course, my imagination also supplied a pretty picture of Deanna's tanned naked tits rising rapidly in response to Wade's studly thrusts. In my mind, she had cherry red nipples, three quarters of an inch long, erect enough to scratch Wade's chest, as his body builder's pecs brushed her flesh.

These images automatically hardened my shaft even more and at the same time, caused my hips to thrust feverishly to meet Luci's bounces up off the hardwood. She was roaring with excitement. From the way that her abdominal muscles were clamping around my cock, and her sphincter was clenched about my finger, her climax was a long series of waves of orgasm.

Apparently she was enjoying similar fantasies, since just as my load exploded into her cavity, Luci screamed "Ohhhhh, Waaaadeeee......"

What I heard then instantly deflated my cock. It was Wade, asking "What's in the big box...?"

Luci screamed again, this time not in joy, and, grabbing her clothes, ran towards her room, apparently ashamed at what she had revealed, and that her son had heard her.

Before she got down the hall, though, she stumbled over the threshold to the kitchen area. She had to grab the counter to steady herself.

"What are you doing here?" Luci asked.

"Deanna and I got sent home by her parents after we were caught naked in the public hot tub with a pair of Swedish twins and a male Austrian ski instructor." Wade explained.

"To hell with what's in the gift box, son, I think your Mom needs you in her box," I startled myself by saying.

"Well, she is under the mistletoe," Wade agreed. I glanced up and saw that someone had indeed taped a sprig of holiday décor in the archway.

He moved boldly, not giving his Mom a chance to object. He gathered her deep into his chiselled arms and chest, her face buried against his torso. She sobbed slightly, gasping, "this is so wrong."

"Hush, enjoy this gift," Wade sounded mature beyond his years. He gently tilted Luci's chin upwards with just the edge of one finger.

"Merry Christmas, Mom," he continued, bending to kiss her in an adult manner. Her hesitancy dissolved as their lips met, church bells beginning to chime midnight.

As Christmas officially began, their tongues intertwined, and before the last peel of bells, Luci had totally overcome her shame and doubt. Her hands were busy undoing her son's belt, and unzipping his jeans. The pants fell smoothly to the floor and our son kicked them off like a practiced cocksman while his mother began rubbing his already stiff cock through his boxers.

I watched, stunned, my cock already rapidly inflating afresh.

"I think this is okay with Dad," Wade suggested as he broke the lip lock and glanced my way.

"I know something that would make his Christmas even merrier." It was Deanna's voice. I had not noticed that she was in the room.

I turned and saw that she was sprawled on the sofa; her heavy coat tossed open, but otherwise still clothed. Her legs however were sprawled wide open, and her hand was busily burrowing up her mini skirt. As I watched, she used her free hand to lift the skirt higher. I saw that she had ripped her panties in her feverish excitement. Two fingers were plunging cocklike into the depths of her pussy, as her thumb made her swollen clit dance.

"Would you like some of that, Dad?" Wade asked.

I glanced back towards the kitchen. He had his hands cupped around his Mom's naked ass, grinding his hardness against her bare belly. Even at a distance, I could see that a fresh flow of fluid was leaking from her cunt, glistening on her thighs.

"I must be dreaming," was all I could say, as Deanna wriggled out of her white cashmere turtleneck sweater, still in her heavy wool coat. She did not wear, or need, a bra. Her perfectly tanned tots stared directly at me. Her nipples looked like smoky quartz, and were just as hard. She slowly rubbed her fingers across the surface as she licked her lips, locking eyes with me.

"Well, you're no fairy, sugar plum," Luci giggled, breaking the spell just for a moment.

"And by the looks of that erection, you like what you see, and want some of Deanna," Wade added.

I tore my eyes off of Deanna just long enough to see that my wife had dropped to her knees and had her son's cock firmly in hand.

"You better kiss that. You're still under the mistletoe," I thought out loud.

Luci's tongue flicked across her lips, moistening them as she bobbed her head forward. She ran the flat of her tongue once all over our son's mushroom, and then swallowed his length in one gulp. She proceeded to bob up and down, taking his entire shaft on each pass, but at the same time, caressing the rod with her fist in a corkscrewing motion. Her other hand slid inside Wade's legs, grasping his already tight ball sac. I knew if he and Deanna had been watching us fuck, that he would not last long.

As much as I wanted to see whether Luci would take Wade's load in her mouth or save it to fill her already puffy pussy, Deanna was purring over on the couch, wanting some attention. I stepped in her direction.

"Hmmm, I see that Wade gets more than his good looks from you, Dad...can I call you Dad?" Deanna said as she leaned forward and dragged me closer, using my cock as a handle. "Daddy has a great fat cock just like his son."

Deanna did not deep throat me like Luci had done to our son. Instead, she teased the gaping slit on my cockhead with just the very tip of her tongue, but then proceeded to bath my shaft, still spunky with Luci's drying remnants, rolling the flesh on her oral organ. I steadied myself by propping my left knee on the couch between her knees, enjoying her warm breath on my balls as she licked all around my root.

"You can come in my mouth later, I need your cock in my pussy right now," I heard Luci saying to Wade behind me, but I was too busy bending over to tweak Deanna's nipples to turn right away.

"Oh, Daddy, will you fuck me too, just like Wade is fucking his Mommy?" Deanna cooed. She lifted my shaft up against my stomach, leaned forward, and ran her tongue in one long slow motion up the underside, pausing only to wrap it around the bottom of the helmet, and toy with the soft flap with the edges of her tiny teeth.

I turned only my head, so that I could see Wade's prick pushing into the womb that had given him life years ago. He had lifted his mother up onto the kitchen counter, and she was drawing him in with her ankles locked behind his hips. A far as I knew, this was the first cock besides mine Luci had enjoyed in twenty years, but clearly she was ready.

"That's it, fuck me, just like Santa Daddy just did." Luci screamed.

At that point, my attention was literally dragged back to Deanna, as she fell backwards to lie on her back on the couch, but never released her grip on my tool, pulling me down on top of her.

"But I don't have any rubbers," I warned.

"That's okay, Daddy, I've never had unprotected sex with anyone but Wade," Deanna assured me, even as she wriggled her hips to insert my tip into her labia, "and I'm already pregnant. That's right, Daddy, you are about to fuck your future daughter in law, and you are going to be a grandpa."

"That's...great....news..." Luci panted between grunts. From the sounds, I knew her ass must be sliding on the granite countertop under her son, his fat cock ploughing deep into her. "I hope that it's a grandson so that he grows up to have a nice juicy cock like his Daddy and Grand daddy, so that in twenty years, he can be my Christmas present too."

"Well, if it's a girl, you can always just eat their cream out of her pussy, like I'm going to do to you in a few minutes" Deanna suggested to Luci, her hips bumping up off the sofa as I caressed her heaving tits, my shaft fully buried inside of her.

"I bet Wade comes really quickly. We were watching a long time, and he's a fast charger at best," Deanna whispered to me as I leaned down to nibble the point of her shoulder and lick across to her chest, aiming to chew tenderly on a nipple or two.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, come in me," Luci screamed louder than I had ever made her cry. "Merry Fucking Christmas, I'm coming already."

Deanna joined in. "Fuck me Daddy," she demanded as her pussy walls clamped around my cock, slowing my strokes even as her hips rose more quickly towards me.

"I'm coming," Wade exclaimed.

Being older, and having come already, my orgasm was last, triggered by my future daughter in law jabbing her thumb into my rectum, probing my prostate gland. As soon as that happened, a gush of goo flooded her pulsating box. As my girth faltered, she sighed and sank back onto the fabric.

"Aftershocks," Deanna cooed.

I rolled down onto the floor, which turned me to see that Wade had buried his face in Luci's wet cunt, eating his own gism out of his mother.

"Leave that for me," Deanna called, recovering already.

As she bounced up off the couch, I could see that her juices, mixed with mine, were still flowing down her inner thighs.

Luci slipped carefully off the counter and met Deanna beneath the mistletoe, where they kissed passionately, leaving Wade and I as helpless onlookers. Luci then led Deanna to the fireplace rug, where my adventures with Luci had begun not that long before. The two women collapsed, with Luci on top, their respective faces buried in each other's private parts, carpet munching as if they had been doing it all their lives, which I was pretty sure was not true about my wife, though Deanna's comments had suggested willingness based on experience. Unlike a porn movie, however, neither Wade nor I could see much, so we each sank into a chair and relaxed as the woman ate each other into a long chain of orgasms. The climaxes were more subdued, and eventually, I drifted off, as I heard the gals finish, as Deanna recovered and asked Luci "so, what's in the box?"

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