What's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 01


The pause this time was punctuated by another girlish giggle. After a large gulp of wine, Luci continued. "I can picture myself glancing down at the shampoo bottles lined up on the ledge, wondering which one Deanna might best use as a dildo, to fuck me with. I guess after a couple of decades of being on the receiving end, I was stuck in pretty vanilla territory."

"I don't think giving head is so kinky."

Luci rewarded me with a huge grin, a flounce of her hair, and an out thrusting of her chest. She undid another button before continuing. The inner half of each nipple was visible through the lace of the bra, and peeped teasingly over the edge. My cock by this point was forcing my zipper open, one tooth at a time, but the opening of the shirt advanced my progress a good inch as my meat swelled and tried to stand upright.

"Well, you are an enthusiastic carpet muncher, I must admit. Even though honestly, Deanna is far better, I think I should maybe ask you to go down more often."

Once again as she digressed, Luci seemed contemplative. "I guess I've held back on that the past few weeks, because I keep not wanting to hurt your feelings, and Deanna's talented tongue has really spoiled me. So I guess that does answer one question. If Deanna is willing, and you and Wade don't mind, I do hope that she'll keep on eating at Mom's...her mother in law's , that is."

This time, Luci threw her head back and let lose a chain of belly laughs. It was like she was nineteen all over again, full of joy at life, except with the wisdom that only time grants us, which in this case, was opening new worlds for her to explore. Then I considered that the key to that door was a girl who really was nineteen, and who was pregnant with her son's child. I realized that it was my world that was changing as well.

"But this time, you said it wasn't just about her eating you..."

"She didn't eat me at all. She did fuck me though. Once she was pressed back against the wall of the shower, first one hand and then the other made the journey down my tummy from my tits to my pussy. The fingers of her right hand tugged my lips open, stretching my cunt wide, allowing the water to rinse me. I whispered that she was going to miss the cream pie. She replied that if anyone was about to be eaten, it was her. So I replied 'What about me?' and she said 'Fuck you' and proceeded to."

This time Luci and I laughed together, as we reached across to hold hands. After a moment, I asked, very quietly. "What did she fuck you with?"

"In the shower, with her fingers, and then she diddled my clit with the edge of the soap dish, but that was later, while I was eating her."

"Sorry, I guess I made you jump ahead. Why not tell it in order?" I did notice the reference to 'in the shower...' This told me two things -- that Luci and Deanna also had sex outside of the shower, and that it involved more than just fingers.

Luci gulped her wine dry. I poured more. Her tongue caught a drop dangling off her lower lip before she spoke more. My cock twinged, wishing that lick was for it.

"Where was I? Oh, yeah...her right hand held me open. She thrust into my pussy with her left hand two or three times, but even with me almost sitting in her lap, it was too awkward, so she focussed on my clit, using mostly her thumb, though I recall her other fingers sort of strummed along, since they were dangling right there. The whole thing was just so fucking exciting that I came almost instantly. After all, you had given me a pretty great warm up."

"How did you come to eat her?" I asked, reminded of the fact that Luci's pussy had been full of my sperm. "Was your pussy washed clean by the shower before she got a taste?"

Another throaty laugh. "Probably, but that wasn't what made it unfold like it did. After all, it was my turn to munch carpet. Deanna wasn't shy about pointing that out, almost as soon as I climaxed. I was laying there, in her lap, with her slumped against the back wall of the shower, water streaming all around us. Her fingers were still toying with my cunt, with the other hand stroking up my body and playing with my hair. You know how I love that."

As she spoke, Luci began twisting a lock of her thick dark hair around a finger. Her tongue kept flicking across her lips. Her breathing was shallow. My cock did all my thinking for me, willing me to reach across, brush her hand aside, and take over the hair twisting.

"Oh, I do," I said, chuckling. "It's a great way to get you going for oral."

That was not quite the whole truth, since in recent years, Luci had lost interest in giving head, but I was not too honest to feed her a little flattery.

"Well, it worked for Deanna, too," Luci laughed along, her eyes again faded into dreamland.

"You ate her right there in the shower?"

"Of course, haven't you been listening?"

"I guess the blood leaving my brain affected my hearing, or my memory."

"But not my mammaries...." Luci groaned at her own bad pun. "...we'll take care of you after I finish the story, or else I'll never find out what's in this big box of chocolates. Plus, if you can't tell, talking about it is turning me on tremendously."

She wriggled in her chair, again playing with the ribbon on the big box of chocolates. I smiled content that the gift was not needed to encourage hot steamy sex.

"Deanna only gave me a few moments to rest after my orgasm, during which she caressed my whole body," Luci recalled. "Her pace increased. I remembered as she touched me that she plays the flute, and I imagined that I was her new instrument. Then she blew into my ear and said, 'Time for you to taste your son, with a little hint of me mixed in.' then before I could say a word she flipped me around just by nudging my left arm and swinging me."

"Were you startled?"

"You know me so well. It was the suddenness. I mean, I knew what she wanted, but I never thought she would be so aggressive, so like a man, even after her urgency to eat me the night before."

"So, did she have to force you to go down on her? Was it straight to the source with your head pushed by her hands, or did you graze a while on those great tanned tits of hers?"

"You do like her titties, don't you? More than mine?"

Luci straightened up on her stool and moved her shoulders so that her tits shook in front of my eyes.

"Not more, just different. Like how you like Wade's cock."

Luci grinned, and then let loose with a friendly chuckle. "Touché."

"So, tell me what you did."

"I told her how much I had wanted to suck her nipples as soon as I saw them the night before, when she was on the couch begging you to fuck her. I had almost rushed Wade through our fucking and said that if you weren't going to fuck Deanna, then I would."

I was shocked that my placid wife was having such racy thoughts. I had assumed that only Deanna's aggression had unlocked Luci's deeply buried Sapphic leanings. Apparently, they had been much closer to the surface than I had thought.

I guess my expression displayed my confusion, because Luci chuckled, but tenderly this time, and again took my hand in hers. Pressing it against her warm cleavage, she asked, "Are you upset with me? Do you think I'm a slut?"

I wriggled a finger deeper into the valley between her tits before replying. "You mean because women turn you on, like they excite me? No. I understand why women are sexy, so lesbianism just seems natural to me. I'm surprised, not upset."

"Well, Deanna did taste great, and not just because she still had Wade's cream inside of her. Even her tits were a treat, as I'm sure you would agree."

"So you started there?"

"Of course, when nature gives a girl a gift like those, it would be a shame not to enjoy them."

"Yours are bigger." I was able to twist my wrist to palm the side of her left breast, lifting it out of the bra.

"Size might matter, but it isn't everything. Even at her age, I was never in such terrific shape. The firmness just emphasized how ripe and desirable she was. Speaking of size, I sort of understand why guys sometimes say that 'more than a mouthful is a waste'. No matter how much I tried, I could not get as much of her flesh into my lips as I craved. If I wasn't anxious to taste her cream pie, I might have spent an hour with my face buried between those tits. It gave me a better appreciation of how you enjoy playing with mine."

Luci moaned as I massaged her flesh, and then continued the story. "There I was, sliding down Deanna's young tight wet body, the water from the shower beating a tempo on my back as I found myself between another woman's widespread knees for the first time in my life. I paused briefly to admire her cunt. I had not had a good look at it the night before. The excitement had my clit rock hard; throbbing like your cock is right now. Her hair down there, in case you were too busy to notice, was neatly trimmed -- partly shaved, I guess, but a little tuft just at the top of her mound, like Cupid's arrow pointing to the love button."

We both laughed at the appropriateness of that image to Valentine's Day, and drank a bit more wine before Luci continued.

"Deanna's nipples were sticking straight out like thumbs, and even though her tits are so firm, the areolae were a little extra puffy, begging to be sucked. I began slowly, teasing her applying just the tip of my tongue to the point of each nipple, alternating sides, getting bolder with each swipe. I loved how even though she was excited before I started, each time I tongued her nipple, it seemed to want to stretch out longer, and get harder, like playing with your cock, but with no end to the responsiveness. Pretty soon, she grabbed my hair so that she could force my entire mouth to take her flesh. She guided me from side to side, occasionally just sticking my face in the valley between her mounds and writhing, allowing the friction created by my hair to excite her."

I spread out my hand and reached my thumb under the edge of the other bra cup, teasing the underside of Luci's right breast, while still stroking the left one. She sighed, dreamily, and resumed.

"Deanna was moaning as soon as I started licking her nipples, asking me to fuck her ass, to stick my finger in her cunt. So while I kept on nibbling, I reached between us and found her clit with my finger. It was fun, because the back of my hand was pressed against my button, so every time her pelvis bumped out from the wall, it made me fuck myself just a little bit."

I flicked my thumb across Luci's right nipple as her breast popped out of the cup, which meant I had to release her left tit momentarily, but I quickly returned to that side and began twisting her nipple with my index finger, as I let my other hand fall into my lap, where it toyed with my cock.

"Hey, don't ruin my treat down there," Luci said. "That's more fun than whatever is inside the big chocolate box, I bet."

I put that hand back up on the counter, by the big box of chocolates and just said, "Go on."

"I moved my fingers faster across her clit, making the little rosebud bobble in circles. I raised my head from her tits, and arched my back for a moment, looking down between her bodies, just because I wanted to watch myself finger fuck her. Despite the rush of sound from the water beating on my back, I could make out the squishy sounds of her flesh between my fingers, and realized that her moans had adopted my rhythm. I took her nipple back between my teeth and nibbled. She seemed to enjoy a little pain with her pleasure. Then I drew my finger out of her quim and lifted my mouth again I tasted her for the first time. It tasted heavenly. I put my hand back on her cunt, but this time started fucking into her with a straight forward hard finger, burying the length into her like I had a cock. The cream was a great lubricant, but she got wetter and better."

Another girlish giggle.

"Of course, she came right then, before I started to eat her. Good thing women can come more often than men, and like to keep right on going."

"Tell me about her orgasm." I smiled, recalling how it had felt Christmas Eve to have Deanna's young twat clenched around my throbbing cock as she writhed on the couch.

"She began to pant breathlessly. I continued to tongue her nipples going from one to the other, increasing the pace with each flick of my tongue. She grunted once, like a guy as his come bursts out of his cock, and then she screamed, but the sounds of the shower prevented it from waking either you or Wade. Finally, waves of joy convulsed her entire body as her climaxed flowed out from her core to her shoulders and knees, her fingers and toes. My clit was throbbing right along, craving to be touched, but I knew that first, I had to taste that cream. Finally, Deanna slumped back in the corner of the shower, exhausted, but ready to be my breakfast."

"Beats oatmeal any day."

Luci rewarded me with a deep throaty guffaw. "First, though, I lay for a while, just listening to her racing heartbeat calming. Then, I lifted my head up off of her chest and we just kissed for a while. With the water cascading over us, it was like we were in a rain forest; it was enchanted and disconnected from reality."

My slight pang of jealousy over Luci achieving such rapture with our future daughter in law rather than me was alleviated by the comfort of knowing that Luci returned to me in reality. And if current behaviour was any indication, her admitting her attraction to Deanna would only assist my sex life.

"The kissing lifted me to another place entirely. My body was hot, I thought I was going to explode," Luci said, interrupting my thoughtfulness. "When we came up for air, I said to Deana 'Now I'm going to eat you.'"

"And then you did?"

"You betchca, did I ever! Turns out maybe I have undiscovered talents. First I slowly ran my hands gently down her body, making sure that all of her flesh was warm and ready. Then I followed along with my tongue, side to side, describing a sort of big lazy Z pattern. I only lingered a moment at her belly button. Rolling my tongue into that little hollow sent shivers right through my spine all the way to my clit. Once again, I wished that I had a proper cock to fuck her with, but at the same time, I was going insane wanting to taste her."

"But you already had licked some nectar off of your finger."

"I wanted the sensation of burying my whole head face first deep in her soggy cunt, of becoming a muff diver first class."

"Even though it was not purely pussy you were about to eat?"

"At that point, I was past caring. In hindsight, I think the congruity of me eating cream pie like Deanna had the night before was nice, but if it was important at all, it was more significant to her than to me. I just wanted to eat her, in whatever condition she might be in at the time."

"How did it taste though?"

Luci chuckled knowingly. "I knew that was what was on your mind. Wade does taste a little different from you, but the mixture was just really musty, I guess because your load matured overnight, and then sweet, which was the part that I assumed, was Wade's fresh offering."

"Of course, there was some of Deanna in the blend as well."

"Probing to see if I have gone back to try and identify what she tastes like without the cream, dear?" Luci laughed, and then yelped as I pinched her nipple in retaliation for the teasing.

"Here I thought I was being subtle."

"About as much as your fingers are being gentle twisting my tit like that."

Luci reached over and slapped my face, playfully. Still, it stung a bit. This was a new development. Our sex play, in the twenty years together, had never included slapping.

"Be careful how far you go, or you might get spanked for being naughty."

"Santa always did like the naughty elves best, not just at Christmas, but don't think your digressing will get me ahead of my story. You are the one who wanted me to tell you all the details, so that is what you are getting. No relief for you until I'm done."

I sighed over the delay in gratification, made worse because before continuing, Luci slowly dipped a hand below the countertop. Though I could not see exactly what she was doing, it was pretty obvious that she was stirring her honey pot with at least one finger. I sat there, riveted by the tiny motions of her elbow, amazed that she could just sit there, eyes half shut, toying with her clit to tease me.

I did not watch for long before she raised her arm, and opened her lips, her tongue extending well out of her mouth to suck a damp fingertip into her cheek, and roll it like a kid with a candy. My aching cock strained even harder with desire. I was tempted to end this game, and lift her up on the counter top right then for a good fucking, like Wade had done, but I knew that if I did that, the instant gratification might cost me a lot more pleasure in the future. For once, my big brain over ruled my little one, and I waited.

When she was done, Luci's lower lip glistened with her sweetness, and her grin brightened the quiet of the night. She resumed toying with the ribbon on the big box of chocolates as she continued, knowing that although I was compelled to watch that magic finger, my ears were attuned to her tale of play with Deanna.

"I did not spend long on Deanna's lower belly, but lingered a bit on her thighs, especially after I discovered that Wade must have come buckets, some had flowed right out of her cunt and coated inside her legs." Luci giggled, and then moaned, her finger in her pussy, as I again tweaked a nipple. "In fact, that was not a real surprise because Wade had pumped a huge load into me the night before. That is one area where he does do more than his Dad, sorry to say, my dear. I had never really looked closely at another woman's sex parts. I had to pause and admire how they resembled a flower, except there was no unfolding here - the petals were wide open like after a rain storm on a sunny day. Deanna got a little impatient again, and guided my face right up against her flesh."

Luci paused and looked down, fidgeting. "You want to know everything, well, I have to tell you, she said how great my warm breath felt on her clit, but that she also loved it up her pee hole, and she asked if I wanted to taste her piss afterwards."

Despite how it stepped out of the Christmas morning story, I had to know. "Did you do that?"

"You must think I'm a really kinky slut. I bet..."

"No, I love you more than ever. I'm glad we're sharing instead of keeping secrets. It makes this Valentine's Day like falling in love all over again."

Luci chuckled, and took her hand above the counter, removing mine from her bosom. She held my palm upright and kissed it, twisting her tongue, teasing me.

"I was going to say that I bet you think I'm sleeping with every guy we know, or maybe just the women, I don't know."

"You can sleep with all the women you want, as long as you tell me about them," I suggested, carefully avoiding the land mines surrounding the possibility of Luci being a cock hound. It seemed so unlike her, but why would she bring it up?

"Let me finish telling you about eating Deanna in the shower then. Despite Deanna's urgency, I had to touch the petals with my finger tips, marvelling at how strange but familiar another woman's body was. Everything was slick, and a little sticky, so I took another taste off my fingers. By then, Deanna was really impatient, begging me to make her come again, to suck on her clit. But first, I licked all around the outer edges, working towards the middle, in a sort of circular fashion, one set of folds after the other, enjoying the taste, discovering that it got more pungent as I got deeper."

"More of the taste of woman, or more aged sperm?"

"By aged, do you mean like wine, or because yours would be deeper than Wade?"

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