tagLoving WivesWhat's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 02

What's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 02


This story follows "What's in the Big Chocolate Box? ch 1" but can be read on its own. The couple was introduced in "What's in the Big Box?", but that is a freestanding adventure. Rachlou helped with characterization and plot holes, wicked woman edited. All errors or perversions are mine alone.


Luci had worried her confession might upset me, but of course it had aroused me, so I was not about to jump up and see who might be calling at this hour. Then a young voice sounded out from out in the hallway.

"I've got it."

I had forgotten that our sixteen year old younger son, Jared, was still home. Our house was big enough that his room seemed like it was in another county. I assumed that he was expecting a friend, since he seldom jumped to answer the door. I did wonder what sort of friend might be calling after midnight, though.

We heard muted voices, and then quiet. I assumed whoever had arrived was talking to Jared in the other end of the house. My mind was still a slave to my swollen member, and I was occupied with wondering how to get Luci naked. With Jared home, atop the kitchen counter was out, but maybe the shower, or at least our room?

"Should we go see who is here?" Luci asked. Her body had stiffened and her fingers had already redone the open buttons.

"What if it's a girlfriend? Shouldn't we respect his space?"

"After midnight? Too much privacy might not be a good thing. Its one thing for Wade to get Deanna pregnant, they are adults. Jared is not old enough to fool around."

"Who said anything about sex?" I said. Saying that word out loud did make my cock lurch upwards in a final plea for attention. I did not like the direction this was heading, either physically or emotionally. "Of course sixteen is too young."

Suddenly, there was muffled shouting from down the hallway. It was a woman's voice raised first, followed by Jared, high pitched, sounding like he was pleading. "We'd better go investigate," Luci said with urgency in her voice, but I was already stuffing my semi relaxed cock into my pants, as I stood up off of the stool.

Luci hadn't totally lost her playful spirit. Despite her anxiousness, she patted my bulge and commented, "I hope no one looks closely at your package, or they'll figure you are advertising."

The loud voices lead us to the family room, where we saw Jared and a curvaceous young black woman standing at either end of a love seat.

"What's going on in here?" Luci demanded, at the same moment as I asked, "Who the hell are you?"

The black woman answered both of us. "My name is Akiba. I came looking for Deanna. She was my room mate before she moved in with Wade."

She was sobbing, and it looked from the puffy eyes and shiny snot filled nose that she had not started in the few minutes since the yelling had begun.

"You seem upset," Luci calmly observed.

"I am. My boyfriend picked the night before Valentine's Day to tell me that the reason he didn't make dinner plans for the big day is because he's dumping me for some med student. Probably one that looks like a Playboy bunny."

She paused to heave some more sobs, and blow her nose into a fistful of tissue. I could not help noticing that she was blessed with generous boobs, which floated bralessly as she moved, contained only because her mid rift baring t-shirt was clinging tightly to her skin. The little devil that lives in the darkest recesses of my mind commented silently that if she sobbed much harder, she might give herself a black eye.

The little 'muffin top' roll of chocolate covered belly glinted in the center, a jewelled arrow in her navel pointing down to her loose track pants. I instantly wondered what she might like in her big chocolate box then I was jolted back to reality.

Akiba thrust an arm straight out, one finger pointing at Jared. "If that isn't bad enough, I come here looking for Deanna, because I couldn't stand to be alone, and this, this jerk...your son...tries to grab my tits...."

"Jared!" Luci barked, "That's totally inappropriate."

"Yeah," Akiba exclaimed, calmed slightly by Luci's support, "not only are you jailbait, but a real man would know that Valentine's Day or not, you don't try to take advantage of a woman who just broke up. The last thing I want right now is a man. That's why I came looking for Deanna."

The little devil asked me how wanting Deanna and being turned off men might link up. Given Deanna's obvious experience with other women -- Christmas Eve munching Luci's carpet on the counter was not the act of a newbie - just what sort of solace had Akiba been seeking?

"Jared, go to your room, and go to sleep. Your father and I will discuss this and decide on a punishment. We'll tell you in the morning."

Luci's harsh tone made me presume that any hope of Valentine's morning sex that survived Akiba's arrival had now vanished, however, I could not help noticing a little twinkle remaining in Luci's eye and she seemed to be having trouble keeping the right corner of her mouth from turning up into a grin.

Akiba was still sniffling, her shoulders heaving a bit less, as Jared left the room. Luci moved across, and put an arm lightly around the girl's shoulders, easing her onto the love seat. Although her tits had stopped bouncing, I noticed that in spite of her anger about the male gender, and Jared's bumbling advances, she had large nipples tenting her thin t-shirt out almost an inch. The ice cream cone look around the points suggested that she had the sort of large puffy areolae that might nicely fill a man's mouth, or, for that matter, a woman's lips as well.

I told myself to stop fanaticizing, not to get excited over things that weren't going to happen. The devil within kept talking, suggesting that the temperature in the room, which was plenty warm, was not the cause of Akiba's nipple pops, so maybe it was the size and shape of the hardness regenerating in my tight pants, which was again surging so much that I worried about the strength of my zipper. If not, perhaps the cause was Akiba's noticing that Luci's nubs were aroused, something obvious through her translucent blouse and lacy bra.

"Honey, go put fresh sheets on Wade's bed." Luci said. Her head was so close to Akiba that I knew Luci's warm breath was caressing the black girl's earlobe. "Akiba is way to upset to drive tonight. She can sleep here and call Deanna in the morning."

"No, I couldn't trouble you so much," Akiba insisted. "Tomorrow - well, today, I guess now, is a special day for a married couple like you."

There was a pregnant pause. I waited to find out whether either of the women would say that it was obvious that we had already started making the day special. No one said anything, so I did as instructed. As I walked to the linen closet, I was imagining Luci licking Akiba's neck, and then easing her to the cushions.

I stripped off Wade's used sheets, recalling how all our incestuous adventures had begun because Luci accidentally had walked in on Wade and Deanna fucking in this bed. She had been unable to get the image of Wade naked out of her brain, so when they walked in on us fucking after she had told me her confession Christmas Eve, things followed naturally. It had turned out, I now knew, that Luci had also been possessed by mental pictures of Deanna's lithe cheerleader body.

Akiba was built more for comfort, and Deanna was built for speed. I sensed that this difference between the two women could be a perfect test for Luci to find out whether or not she was truly bisexual, or whether her attraction was specific to her future daughter in law. As I carried the laundry to the hamper, I shook my head, trying to stop imagining Luci moving her tongue along Akiba's dark flesh, sending shivers through the young woman's body, making her pussy all wet as my wife ran her hand up under that tight cropped shirt.

My cock ached, so I loosened my zipper as I unfolded the fresh bedding and made the bed. Images of Luci possibly slipping her tongue into Akiba's ear as her other hand toyed with the navel gem before sliding effortlessly into the waistband of the track pants clouded my brain.

I could tell that Luci was whispering to the girl, but I could not make out the words. Was it harmless girl talk, or was Luci saying something like "I want to set your pussy on fire with my lips, to show you why we don't really need men except as breeders."

My cock refused to believe such defeatist talk. Its resurgent stiffness argued strongly that all the evidence suggested that bi play just made Luci want a hard cock even more. Contrary to that, a little voice in my head argued, she had not returned Christmas morning and fucked me after eating Deanna. I looked at the almost remade bed and wondered whether she had satisfied any cock cravings by slipping in here and fucking Wade. Not that this mattered much, since the mental image of Luci bouncing on top of Wade's upright pole just made me want her more.

I paused and hefted the weight of my balls and my shaft, stroking the silky outer flesh, which made me fully rigid.

"Would you like a brandy?" I heard Luci asking Akiba.

"Let me try to sleep. If I have trouble, may I come ask you for one?"

"Of course."

The voices were approaching down the hall towards the room. I quickly tried to stuff my erection back into my pants, but found that my zipper just wouldn't co-operate, and the swollen tip of my cockhead kept trying to poke free.

All that remained to make the bed was the comforter. As I shook it and floated it out over the bed, I wondered whether it retained the scent of Deanna's sexual flow, and if so, whether Akiba would find that smell familiar and comforting.

"How about a nightgown. I have lots of clean ones you could borrow. Nice flannel, good and warm."

"That's okay." I heard laughter in Akiba's voice for the first time. "I always sleep nude. Though if that makes you uncomfortable, I can sleep in this t-shirt and my panties. I would hate to excite Jared on my way to the bathroom."

"No need. There in an en suite powder room."

Suddenly, images of Luci in here with Wade gave way to picturing Akiba, Deanna and Wade in a dorm room, bodies intertwined, slick with sweat, fingernails raking flesh, soft black hips rising to a pair of tongues lapping inside either thigh, and then jousting to see who got to suck a large clit into lips. Though the size of what was in Akiba's chocolate box was totally speculation.

I wondered also what Akiba might wear to come get Luci for that possible brandy. Seeing this lush black body naked might even make up for the probability that Luci would refuse sex in case Akiba interrupted.

The ladies entered the room just as I fluffed a pillow in place. They both started giggling, Luci covering her mouth daintily, but Akiba guffawing heartily so that those magnificent tits jumped, teasing my cock even further. A long black finger pointed towards me. "I think you better give that man some relief, Luci."

I realized that the excitement had caused my helmet to slip loose, and force my fly open, so that my semi erect cock was nodding hello at the women.

"I hate to think I interrupted someone's Valentine's treat." Akiba continued. I noticed that the talking seemed to be calming her even more than Luci's efforts had. "Misery might love company, but my misfortune shouldn't affect you guys."

Since the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, I shrugged and tucked my cock back inside my pants. This time, the tumescence had abated enough that the zipper closed safely.

Luci stepped into the room and grabbed my hand, taking the one which had not just had a fistful of penis. She tugged me towards the door. "We better let Akiba get some sleep. It's late," Luci commanded, closing the door as she pulled me out of the room.

I expected the stern church lady persona to be manifested again, but as soon as the door shut, Luci began giggling like the young intern who had blown me in the office supply closet so many decades ago. She dragged me quickly across the house to our master bedroom, skipping girlishly, and threw me on the bed, landing beside me with a bounce.

"A big box of chocolates, $10... a dozen roses $75... a romantic getaway $500. The look on your face when your cock popped out ...priceless," Luci spurted between chuckles.

She rolled over and placed her left hand on my right cheek, holding my mouth open so that she could stab her tongue deep between my teeth, almost right into my throat. Her body snuggled on top of mine, reviving the hardness which embarrassment had ruined. She shifted sideways and slipped her right hand to my groin.

"I'm guessing that you really got excited thinking about getting into Akiba's big chocolate box," Luci squeezed me playfully, and then undid my pants, allowing my cock to pop free, and stand straight up like a flagpole.

"Why do you say that? Maybe this is all just from our earlier play."

"I saw how you were staring at her tits. The only times you stopped looking at her nipples growing were when you glanced at her crotch. After my telling you about Deanna in the shower, I bet you were fantasizing that I was seducing her right there in the family room."

The darkness prevented Luci from seeing me blush, but she knew she had read my mind, but since she wasn't angry, I pushed the point. "It just seemed like an opportunity, like we discussed, to find out whether its Deanna specifically you like eating, or whether you have bi tendencies. Akiba's big chocolate box would be a strong contrast, I would think."

"Doesn't that depend what's in the big chocolate box? After all, Deanna had a creamy center..." Luci's voice drifted off dreamily and I wondered if she was nodding off. Her hand answered my question by reaching over again and starting to stroke my shaft.

"Wondering what's in that big chocolate box?" I asked.

"Maybe thinking a bit about how to get it nice and full of cream, but with Akiba upset about her boyfriend, you seducing her tonight is as unlikely as your fantasies. But it makes a nice fantasy, to file under 'future'."

Luci's fingers teased the most sensitive flesh right around the slit on the top of my cock, making the hole gape open. She slid down the bed and flicked her tongue along the gap. "No precum yet. How about telling me what you were thinking I might do with Akiba? See if that helps."

I was speechless.

Luci chuckled, that same deep from the belly laughter she had enjoyed when talking about Deanna. She resumed speaking, her breath warm on my throbbing mushroom. "Did you picture her moaning with desire, those perfect big black tits jiggling, so firm like only a young cheerleader's can be, when they are so huge? Did you wonder whether or not I slipped a finger into her pussy as I ate her?"

As she spoke, Luci rolled her tongue around the underside of my cockhead. My hips responded by rising up a bit. I was shocked as she slid a finger under my butt and teased my anus. "Of course, touching her soft spots would be much more fun than what I'm doing now, but I bet this helps your imagination."

My ass answered on my behalf, wriggling as Luci moved her finger further. "Stop me if this hurts you dear," she said. "It might stretch you a little."

This time, Luci's chuckle was evil. "Unless you've been balancing my bi play with Deanna by letting Wade fuck your manly asshole. After all, why should Deanna get all the fun?"

She shook her head from side to side, her hair gently rubbing my shaft. "Somehow, though, I doubt that. Despite Brokeback Mountain, I think you are both just too manly."

"Does the idea of my taking it up the ass turn you on?"

"Maybe if it was me with a dildo, or Deanna." Luci paused and looked up from my rigid member, meeting my eyes, knowing we might be thinking the same thing. "But the best would be Akiba with a big ebony strap on."

We both laughed so hard at the image that my ass pushed deeper onto Luci's finger, until I was buried to her knuckles.

"You really are reading my mind," I said as I got my breath back.

"I bet though that the girl on girl thing still would excite you even more. I wonder if Akiba's pussy tastes sweet, without any cream in it. Is that what you were thinking as you made the bed? Were you dreaming of sneaking in there and tasting what's in her big chocolate box?"

"Not on Valentine's Day," I croaked as Luci's fingernail scraped a bit awkwardly along my inner membranes before settling into a nicer pumping rhythm. "At least, only if I was sharing her with you. That way, after I was done, you could have your cream pie."

"How sweet," Luci said, and then was silent, her mouth descending straight down, swallowing my cockhead, and continuing down my shaft with her lips pressed against my flesh, sucking as she went.

"Honestly, sweetie, yes I was thinking of you, but not so much of me in the picture. I guess it was a replay of you with Deanna."

I gasped as Luci inserted a second finger into my ass and then wiggled both digits playfully, stretching me.

"I would have loved to see you lick her labia and eat her clit," I continued. Luci nudged me onto my side, and slid between my legs, so that my cock was at her lips, but her hands could reach inside my thighs and around to my ass.

"I bet Akiba has a beautiful box," Luci said. "Rich brown hues setting off deep almost purple red inside, darker than the pink that white girls show. I do think I'd like to stick my tongue in there..."

While I was distracted by that image, she spread my cheeks apart with her two fingers and slowly inserted a third, before reinserting the first two as well, gradually, until she was spreading my ass with three fingers.

"... just to compare her taste to Deanna, of course," Luci laughed, and then licked around the head of my cock again.

"I'm about to erupt," I warned. Luci took my root in her hand and pumped, stimulating my prostate at the same time. As soon as she relaxed her grip on my shaft, my seed would burst forward in a gob of goo.

Suddenly, there was a gentle knock on the door. Luci must not have closed it snugly with her rush to throw me onto the bed, because that tap was all that it took for the door to fly open. There stood Akiba, her right hand frozen in mid air, naked.

"Luci, I'd like that brandy..." she said, before her mouth also froze open, catching up to what she was seeing.

After a moment, she stammered, "Oh...gawd...I'm so sorry...I never knew..." and ran back down the hall. Even in our large well built house, we could hear the sound of the door slamming on the room she was using.

Luci had turned as the knock sounded, sitting up on our bed between my sprawled legs. My cock was still in her fist, though her other hand had naturally pulled out of my ass, perhaps before Akiba saw the action, perhaps not. I was still half erect. My mind was filled by the vision of Akiba's naked tits, as dark as that strip of belly she had teased us with earlier, and crowned by fat puffy nipples, surrounded by bumpy chocolate areolae. That frozen image reinflated my cock quickly in Luci's grasp. I waited to see whether she would resume playing with me, perhaps by tugging on the shaft to draw me back to full arousal, and then maybe attacking my anus again to reach my prostate. I could tell she had been anticipating the effect of that nudge on the force of eruption into her mouth as much as I had been. I worried briefly though that the interruption had spoiled her mood.

I was just as mistaken this time as earlier, when Luci had not allowed Akiba's first vision of my erect cock to stall her fun. Luci laughed with her whole body as soon as she caught her breath, the power of the laughter shaking the bed and causing her arm to move. The hand job connected to the arm ensured that my gun was fully loaded.

Quickly, Luci dropped my tool and leapt up off the bed. She glanced at me and said, "I better get Akiba that brandy."

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