What's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 02


Like earlier, coming from Akiba's room, she skipped to the door like a coltish girl rather than like a mature motherly woman. She paused in the doorway, turned again and said, "Why don't you give me a minute or two, then come wait in the hallway outside Wade's room, and listen? I don't want you thinking that you are being neglected here."

"What might I hear?"

"That depends on how Akiba reacts to what she saw. If she's too upset, maybe you would be better off staying here and imagining me tongue fucking Akiba until she cries out so loudly that it wakes the neighbours. If you chose that, though, you might miss even more fun."

Before I could say anything more, Luci vanished down the hallway. I heard her open the cabinet and pour brandy. I thought I heard two snifters clink against each other as she continued down the hall.

The next sound was knuckles rapping gently on a closed door. I took that as my cue to gather myself up off of the bed and walk quietly down the hall. By the time I rounded the corner outside Wade's room, the door was open, and Luci had vanished inside. I could here sniffling, and perhaps sobs. The bedsprings squeaked, suggesting that Luci had sat beside Akiba.

I leaned carefully against the wall and listened.

Akiba was speaking, between sobs. "I'm sorry I barged in like that."

"Don't worry about it," Luci giggled. "I'm the one who said it was okay for you to come get me if you wanted brandy. Here, drink some."

I imagined Luci shifting closer as she handed Akiba the glass, making sure that their hips just touched, enough for the heat to radiate from Luci's flesh to our guest.

"I should have shown more self restraint," Luci continued, "after all, between your boyfriend and Jared both behaving badly, the very idea of sex must creep you out right now. It's just that my husband has such a great cock, and he was so excited. I'm sorry."

"Well, not all guys are idiots. After all, Deanna found Wade, and it would make sense that he learned good behaviour from his Dad. Jared is just a horny immature teenager, he will learn over time."

Luci chuckled again, this time that deep throaty laugh. "Well, you do have those big tits that so many guys like, and that big chocolate box."

This time both women laughed. I wondered whether the brandy could have gone straight to Akiba's head already, or maybe, in her emotional confusion, bypassed the brain and gone straight to her cunt.

"Deanna must get jealous of the attention your lush body gets from men," Luci said next. In my mind, I pictured Luci leaning her shoulder against Akiba, and turning as she spoke, so that the meat of their breasts touched lightly.

Akiba chuckled, breaking through the sniffling. "That girl turns more heads than I do, Luci. After all, she is a cheerleader, and even though a lot of guys are curious about the mystery of my big chocolate box, they all have that white bread American fantasy of the blonde cheerslut encoded in their DNA."

I noticed then that without even thinking about it, my right hand had dropped to my package, and had progressed from holding the weight of semi aroused balls to fondling my shaft back towards erection.

With Akiba settling down, was Luci bold enough to turn to face the girl? I had to see what they were doing. I knew that if I could see them, Akiba might notice me, but I took a chance and eased along the wall until I could look in the ornamental glass wall hanging outside the room at just the right angle to see the bed.

As I moved, Luci was saying, "Well, I have to admit that Deanna is pretty sexy."

"Maybe I should just give up boys and try to fuck Deanna." Akiba said. "Except she's busy fucking Wade constantly. I guess I'm bound for celibacy. Isn't that a great resolution for Valentine's Day? Lonely and unloved."

"Neither unloved nor lonely, I'm sure. After all, I'm here to keep you company."

"But you don't love me, you don't even know me."

"There are lots of kinds of loving, and lots of ways of knowing someone."

I had moved to where I could see that Luci had her forehead leaning against the younger woman, their noses almost touching. Their nipples were rubbing together slowly and softly, just from their breathing. Neither was doing anything overtly sexual, but the innuendo, and close quarters, created a heavily sensual atmosphere. 'Perfect for Valentine's Day,' I thought, as I massaged my own balls.

"What do you mean?" Akiba asked Luci. I wondered whether her innocence was feigned, or did she really not know that she was being seduced?

"Well, tenderness between people who care is a form of loving, just different from romantic love." Luci replied. "It might be horrid to say this on Valentine's Day, but romantic love is over rated. It is so hard to find, and tougher to sustain. And even people who find so-called 'true love' sometimes like a little of the other sort, a bit of tenderness."

"They do?"

"Before you arrived, I was talking to Wade's Dad about how Deanna and I both enjoyed adventure which complimented our love for our guys. Talking about it and sharing just made our love richer. It was actually a very romantic atmosphere until Jared ruined it."

"You....and Deanna?" Akiba stammered, actually pulling back from Luci a bit.

Luci now slipped both arms down Akiba's back, holding her loosely, embracing but not hugging.

"Not, like, together?" Akiba continued.

I could not tell in the dim light whether Luci blushed. She just nodded her head positively about a half inch, and then looked down. Her eyes would be focussed then on Akiba's bejewelled navel.

"Wow. What about Wade?"

"I'm not sure what you are asking. He wasn't part of the fun during the tenderness with Deanna that I was describing to my husband earlier tonight. But I have fucked him, with Deanna and my husband watching."

Akiba had recovered from her shock enough to laugh. "Is fucking the same as tenderness?"

"Sometimes. And, to be honest, sometimes in addition to romantic love and tenderness, a woman just craves a good hard fucking. Not that the fucking with Wade was just fucking. It was a lot better than that. I hope even though you hate men right now, you appreciate that Wade has a magnificent cock, and even a mother might not want to resist getting pumped full of seed by an instrument like his."

"He came inside of you?"

"Not only that, but Deanna ate his cream pie out of me, on Christmas Eve."

"Uh..." Akiba paused. Luci rubbed up and down her back, nodding her head encouragingly, motherly, but the touches were becoming more obviously caresses as Akiba continued speaking. "...and did you eat Deanna too?"

Luci chuckled, using her newfound sex laugh, the one that came from her toes, deep like a guy. "Not that same night. If I had though, it would have had my husband's seed in it."

"So you ate it plain?"

Again Luci laughed, now throwing her head right back, her whole body quivering, shaking the bed. I noticed that her hands had moved, sliding down to cup Akiba's ass, and lifting the young woman towards Luci.

"Not plain," Luci explained, her hands travelling up Akiba's flesh and palming her pendulous breasts. "I ate Wade's cream pie. So we have both eaten his mixed with the other's pussy juices, but neither of us have eaten daddy's cum out of the other."

As Luci's fingers explored Akiba's nipples, I squeezed my shaft, in pain from having to restrain my orgasm, my balls tight to my groin, my rod rock hard. My wife lowered her head and flicked her tongue across a chocolate coloured tit. A line had just been crossed with Akiba sighing rather than screaming.

Akiba moaned. "I watched her get filled by Wade so many times, but never got up my nerve to suggest that they share."

"So they would fuck right there in your room when you were there?"

"The first time was after a party, they were drunk but horny, and thought I was asleep. Once they noticed I was watching, they were in the middle, and just kept on going."

"That must have been very frustrating for you to watch."

As Luci spoke, she eased Akiba back onto the bed until the young woman was sprawled on her back, legs dangling off the end, knees wide apart. Luci sat in between, stroking Akiba's muscular legs, tracing the veins and quads, working slowly towards the girl's inner thighs. I slumped against the wall, teasing my scrotum with my little finger, maintaining the excitement, though I suspect the visual was all I needed. The rest of my fingers I kept clamped tightly around my root, as an improvised cock ring.

Akiba moaned from Luci's touch, and then resumed talking about watching Wade and Deanna. "Well, I didn't just watch. I started touching myself. At first it was just underneath my covers. I had to caress my nipples, trying to stop them tingling." She chuckled softly and her voice trailed off, then she spoke softer, so I had to strain to hear. "...that didn't work very well. Instead, it just spread the twitching to my clit..."

"Didn't you know that from masturbating before?" Luci asked, just before flicking her tongue over Akiba's navel gem, following which she licked down that soft brown belly.

"I was young, inexperienced, or maybe it was the confusion of watching my room mate fucking her boyfriend a few feet away. I had never watched anybody fuck before, and never seen a white guy's cock. I had always believed the myths, so assumed they would be puny. Wade dispelled that. He and Deanna were both so beautiful, and together, they were like something out of a dream."

"Had you dreamed erotic dreams of Deanna and Wade before that?"

Luci had two fingers on either side of the bottom of Akiba's pussy lips, just beginning to gently ease them open. Her mouth was so close to Akiba's clit that Luci's breath might warm the hood enough for the nub to bounce up in response. I was just holding my own breath, anxious to see and hear more, filled with urgency to climax, yet fearful of wasting a load that might be better used as a Valentine's gift for these sensuous women.

"Time for me to find out what's in your big chocolate box." Luci said. This time, it was Akiba who laughed so hard that her belly shook. My cock throbbed with each blurt of laughter.

"Up to that day, I had dreamed just of Deanna," Akiba admitted. "From the first time I saw her half naked, changing a top the first day we were room mates, I had a hard time not staring at her. Maybe it was because she was so milky white, even when she was tanned, compared to me and my family. Still, I had seen white girls naked in the showers at the gym and so on, and never got flustered the way I felt around Deanna. I did start having wet dreams about her. I started secretly sniffing her soiled panties while I masturbated. I was convinced I was a lesbian, trying to get up the courage to see whether she felt the same way, and then she started dating Wade, and they started fucking right away."

Akiba paused to sigh and catch her breath, though whether it was the speech or Luci's tongue teasing Akiba's clit finally free of its shelter was not clear. I was used to seeing Caucasian clits, pink pearls. Akiba's was a richer purple hue, and proportioned to her body, meaty like a baby's thumb.

"I started dating boys, or men, after that, but found out they all remain boys no matter how old them become."

"Maybe that's why Deanna has a whole 'Daddy' fascination with Wade's Dad...because fatherhood does mature some men." Luci said, coming up for air, but still running her fingers up and down Akiba's slit, stroking her clit. "But I'm surprised that you never acted on your lesbian urges....or did you?"

"No, I kept dating losers. Maybe Deanna has something trying older guys for tenderness. That night I watched Wade fuck Deanna was the closest I came. As I got more excited, eventually I had to push the covers looser so I didn't overheat. Wade and Deanna were too busy to notice, I thought, except that they came just before I climaxed. They were resting on Deanna's bed, catching their breath, and I let out a groan. That caused them to look over my way."

Luci was silent now, one finger stimulating Akiba's asshole as the younger woman's hips thrust up to meet Luci's lips as my wife's teeth grazed those enflamed labia. I waited for Akiba to say more, my grip still tight on my throbbing organ, but our guest was too busy thrashing about on our son's comforter. Her hands moved down her body, caressing her own flesh, beginning with her distended nipples, lingering momentarily on her belly as Luci bobbled Akiba's clit from side to side with her tongue.

Akiba's finger dug into Luci's hair, shoving Luci's face deeper into that big chocolate box. Though I couldn't see what Luci was doing, she was obviously doing an effective job; her mouth on Akiba's clit working together with a finger thrusting up her asshole until Akiba screamed so loudly that I feared Jared might come to investigate. Fortunately, he was still off in his own room in the far wing of the ranch house, pouting about being too young.

Time was standing still, so I don't know if it was seconds or minutes before Akiba's hips stopped rolling from side to side and she released her grip on Luci's hair. She seemed to have ridden a wave of orgasms, one after another, without interruption, each one stronger than the next. Finally, she collapsed and sighed, "I had no idea I could come that hard for that long. I saw Technicolor explosions, just like in my dreams of Deanna."

She looked down at Luci, whose head was flopped on a meaty brown thigh. "I'm sorry it was plain, not a cream filled center, like Valentine's chocolates should be," Akiba giggled, stroking my wife's face.

"Well, you said a minute ago that you thought Deanna might be right about older guys. Wade's Dad would be glad to find out what's in your big chocolate box, I'm sure."

"Do you mean eating me? Because I don't think I want that from a guy, at least not now."

"Maybe I should have said he'd love to see how he fits in your big chocolate box. Then I could taste it cream filled." I edged closer to the room, my cock aching with urgency. I knew that if Akiba did agree to fuck me, I would not last long, that I might even explode prematurely like a teenager. While I awaited further developments, I tried to think of spreadsheets and sales calls. That did not distract me much as I kept picturing the receptionist at my largest account, a young nubile lass who loved to tease visitors with hints of her milky cleavage by leaning forward wearing low-cut blouses,. Her ass was equally lush, a fact she displayed by bending to get into low filing cabinets. She seemed always to need those same files, and it took an effort, with much tushy wriggling, to drag them out. These images got even harder to handle when I recalled that she was pregnant. The last few visits, she had started to blossom, her jugs even fuller, and her hips spreading slightly, just like Deanna. I wondered if she fucked like Deanna, ruthlessly and passionately.

Then I returned to thinking about how Akiba would fuck, if she would just accept Luci's idea. I looked again at Akiba, lying on Wade's bed, catching her breath. Her beautiful melons were still young enough to sit pertly on her chest without drooping much despite their size. I wondered if the receptionist would be the same. Perhaps before the pregnancy, but not after, I guessed. My little devil voice wanted to know whether I would ask to drink her breast milk. I told it to shut up, but that Deanna and Wade might share my daughter in law's cream with me, since she liked my cream so much.

I could feel precum ooze from my slit as Akiba toyed with Luci's hair, both women glistening with sweat, both smiling like angels. She was staring up at the ceiling, as if having given Luci's idea clinical consideration.

Finally, Akiba looked Luci in the eye, "Would Daddy fuck me? Would he fill my big chocolate box with his seed for you? Even though I'm nothing like a daughter?" Akiba was still breathless, but now it was anticipation and excitement mixed with the caution in her voice.

As a sales expert, I knew that Luci just had to reassure the customer of her own wisdom to close the deal. 'Don't blow it,' I thought to myself, and then I realized that I had spoken out loud. Fortunately, Akiba seemed not to have heard, her attention still on Luci.

Luci looked up from where her head still rested on the young woman's tummy, her eyes slightly unfocussed, her voice dreamy. "Well, you are young enough, and sexy enough, that should do, I think. Especially if he knows that I want to eat his goo out of your big chocolate box. The image of me munching Deanna got him so excited, that I just know that your big chocolate box filled with cream would be a perfect Valentine's gift, for both him and me."

Akiba giggled. "I guess for me too. After all, my boyfriend might be a jerk, but Wade and his Dad both seem like good guys, so I guess I better not give up on men yet. I mean, even though you make me want to try eating pussy, I don't think I'm ready to declare myself a lesbian yet. I better keep my options open."

"A good fucking tonight should help clarify things for you. Besides, you can't say that you are a lesbian until you eat some pussy too. Being eaten doesn't really count. After all a tongue is a tongue, even though my experience with Deanna suggests that women are better at it than men."

Akiba released her loose grip on Luci's head and stretched, extending her arms over her head, her tits giggling, talking to my cock in body language. "I hope Deanna will let me taste her."

Now it was Luci who chuckled, lifting her head enough to see that I was lurking right outside the door. If Akiba shifted just a bit, she would notice me too.

"I bet she'd want you to try her with and without cream, just to be sure," Luci said, and then both women laughed.

"Wade's cream or your hubby's cream?"

"Why not both?"

This time the laughter shook the whole bed. I had been about to walk in, but paused, listening to see if Jared had awoken from the sounds. All was quiet from his end of the house.

"You make Deanna sound like a real slut."

"That gets back to the whole love, monogamy and tenderness and fun debate. I think you know now where I stand on that. As far as I know, Deanna plays selectively, mostly sharing the fun with Wade, and always respectful of his role as her future husband. After what happened here at Christmas, I am not in any position to judge her for that."

"I guess especially not after what just happened with me, also. After all, how would your husband really feel about you eating me on Valentine's Day? Isn't this one day supposed to be all about romance? I heard what you said about me being a chocolate treat for him, but I doubt he'd really feel that way."

The softness had faded from Akiba's voice; she was getting sober and reflective. A single wrong word might slide her back into her depression. Luci wisely said nothing for a moment, calmly playing with Akiba's navel piercing, and gently grazed the girl's nipples with her other hand. She slid back up that lush yet powerful brown body and kissed each erect nipple, making Akiba sigh contentedly and roll her hips against Luci's pelvis. Only then did Luci respond, her palms still cupping Akiba's mounds.

"Well, since it feels like you still want to get fucked, why not ask Daddy to do it, and see how he feels about me being with you?"

"Maybe Deanna's more his type." Akiba was starting to sound gloomy again. Luci licked each nipple in turn and slid her hand down her lover's body, thumbing Akiba's clit just once, making the youngster moan. Then my wife lifted her head from that heaving bosom, locked eyes with me, and nodded once. I recognized my cue.

"I'd love to feel what it's like inside your big chocolate box," I said softly as I stepped into the room and paused by the edge of the bed, careful that I was not standing directly over the skittish young woman. "Can I be your Daddy tonight?"

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