What's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 02


"Yes, Daddy," Akiba moaned, any resistance fading under the influence of Luci massaging her clit between two fingers. I was rewarded with a renewal of Akiba's girlish giggle. "For a white guy, you have a nice big cock, Daddy."

"A lot like Wade's," Luci pointed out. She pushed herself up to a sitting position and reached over to grab my cock like a handle, pulling me closer.

"Watch out, that thing looks like its loaded and has a hair trigger," Akiba laughed. "You wouldn't want to waste that cream."

"No. If it splattered all over you, Daddy and I would be forced to lick it all off, and we wouldn't want that."

"I think Daddy would rather try my big chocolate box."

"He might even prefer to eat it, but I'm not giving him a choice. If you say it's okay, I want him to fill your big chocolate box with cream so that I can eat you."

"Do you like that idea, Daddy?" Akiba was giggling like a girl. Her fingers instinctively stroked her firm breast, grazing across her erect nipples. "Or will you insist on sharing?"

I glanced down at Luci. Though we had swapped with Wade and Deanna Christmas Eve in the kitchen and living room. We had each stuck to one partner. Her lesbian activities had all been private. Telling me about them was new territory. Eating pussy in front of me was bold. Both our tongues lapping the same cunt, whether together, or one after the other, might be further than she could go.

Luci was not looking at either Akiba or me. She gazed distantly into space, but her fingers continued to caress the underside of my shaft right where it met my scrotum.

"As long as Luci is along for the ride, I will explore any new adventures. For us, now, as of this Valentine's Day, that is what love means."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Luci blurted out, with emphasis on the 'fuck'. "Do I get all the cream out of Akiba's sweet chocolate box, or do I have to leave some for you?"

"Isn't that your call?" I replied, suddenly regretting deferring twice to my love in this situation; realize how weak that might make me appear. "If I'm hard enough, I would rather fuck you anyway. If not, I'm more interested in who is going to lick the mixture of goo off of my cock before I sleep tonight."

I hoped that sounded more forcefully. After all, 'Daddy' needs to be in control.

"Well, we might just fight over it," Akiba said, "but if it's my juice mixed with yours, that might be more fun for Luci."

"Except that's about the same as the cream pie, so you can have the cock... tail if you want," Luci said, laughing as she spoke. She then bobbed her head down and slurped Akiba's chocolate nipple into her lips, sucking hard so that the areola puffed up. I watched my wife swirling her tongue around our guest's tit, while pumping my aching rod. I knew that if we waited much longer, Luci would miss out on her cream pie, because I would spurt all over the two women.

I had to somehow move Luci out from between Akiba's legs before I climaxed, so that I would have time to thrust my lance deep into that big chocolate box, and fuck her well before I came. If Akiba needed a real man -- a 'Daddy'- to make up for her asshole boyfriend, premature ejaculation would just not be good enough. It did not help when Luci ran her finger along Akiba's belly all the way down from the navel ornament to her clit, and then jiggled that lush numb with her nails. This both prolonged and intensified my discomfort, as my balls pulled tighter into my groin than I ever recalled before, figuratively screaming, 'enough pain...we want some pleasure...'

There was no solution other than to take charge. "If you keep this up, Luci, I'm going to ram my meat into you from behind, rather than wait for Akiba. Then you won't get your cream pie."

Luci turned and looked at me. "Well, then, Akiba would get her turn to eat cream pie first."

She paused, shrugged. "As much as I know that's what the girl needs, I know you want to find out what it's like in her big chocolate box, and I am still hungry. So, I'll be a bad hostess and make Akiba wait her turn. Maybe in the morning we can switch roles. If not, I bet Deanna and Wade will give Akiba a chance now that she knows they like to share."

We both looked over at our guest. Akiba was still lying back on top of the comforter, propped up slightly on her elbows, legs wide open, a dreamy look in her eyes, her grin loose and a little lopsided. What college boys might call a 'just fucked look', though technically, she was just about to get fucked.

"Hurry, my clit is aching," Akiba moaned, breaking the moment of silence. "I want your fat meat now, Daddy."

Luci stroked inside Akiba's thighs with one hand, dragging me closer with the other. She only had to shift a bit for her ass to slide off the bed and she gently settled to the floor at Akiba's feet. As I stepped between Akiba's knees, Luci stayed close, kissing the black girl inside her knees, tonguing down that dark flesh and suckling a toe on Akiba's left foot. That final movement left me with a clear close up of our guest's big chocolate box.

I must have stared intently, because Akiba, after groaning in response to Luci's activity, chuckled that deep dirty laugh, ran a finger along her own slit and said, " What's wrong Daddy, never seen a hot wet ready black cunt before?"

Kneeling on the bed, I leaned over and kissed Akiba the most intimate way possible, not on her clit, but on the lips. That was the kiss of love, of tenderness, to use Luci's word, not the kiss of sex. She pushed up further with her elbows to meet me, pressing her body up against mine. I could feel her hard nipples drilling into my chest.

We broke for air. "I could learn to enjoy tenderness," Akiba moaned, "too bad more guys my own age don't understand."

I slid down her body and kissed her nipples. She grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my mouth to hers, kissing me passionately. I later learned that as this was happening, Luci was experimenting, sucking Akiba's toes. Both women would agree that this added to the excitement.

But at that moment it was enough for me to know that somewhere, behind and below me, my wife was waiting to eat my sperm out of the big chocolate box beneath me. All that remained was for me to thrust into Akiba's wetness and make the deposit. First however, I explored with my hands, palming the tit I was not nibbling, and sliding the other hand down to toy with the belly jewel, before slipping a finger into Akiba's waiting slit. Her hips leapt up in response. She grabbed my face in her hands and dragged my lips to hers, sticking her tongue deep to the back of my mouth. I understood what people meant when they said a kiss was tickling their throat. I made a quick mental note to ask Luci to get Akiba to teach her that.

"That's good, Akiba, stifle that scream, don't wake Jared up," Luci said.

I then realized that not only were Akiba's hips bouncing up off the bed, slamming her pelvis against my stiff cock, which was hitting her belly just above her clit, but her cunt walls were clenching around my finger because even though I had yet to either touch her clit or penetrate, my teeth on her nipple, plus, though I did not know this last then, Luci nibbling her toe, was sending another shuddering wave of orgasm through the beautiful brown flesh.

Akiba shifted her position just a bit and suddenly, my cock slid effortlessly into her wet cunt, slipping straight in all the way in a single motion. Actually a pair of motions, since my instinctive dry humping met her pelvic thrusting halfway. Without thinking, I bit down on Akiba's nipple so hard that she yelped. This startled all three of us, as we paused, listening for Jared, but we heard nothing from his end of the house, so I resumed pumping my length deeper and faster into Akiba's big chocolate box. After all of the build up about the mystery of the big chocolate box, it was not much different from any other pussy. Akiba was looser and deeper than Deanna, because of the contrasting body types, with younger stronger abdominal muscles to clamp down in response harder than Luci could. Otherwise, I was learning, fucking is fucking. It is the love, or, at least, as Luci said, the tenderness, that made it special.

There was not a lot of tenderness in the physicality between Akiba and me, not in the gentleness since of the word. We were two hungry animals mating, my load ready to fill her cunt. I suddenly realized I hadn't worn protection. Fucking my already pregnant daughter in law was fun. Knocking up her room mate would be another.

"Should I pull out?" I asked, pausing again.

"Luci wants her cream pie. I'm on the Pill. I was smart enough not to get pregnant with that bastard boyfriend. I'm not lucky like Deanna to have a great guy like Wade," Akiba gasped out, panting for breath between every few words.

I felt hands running up inside my thighs and the next thing I knew, Luci had her body pressed tightly behind mine, sandwiching me as the meat with Akiba as the other slice of bread. I could barely wriggle my hips, but my ass wanted to thrust my cock into Akiba.

Luci kept her tits mashed against me, her nipples threatening to pierce my skin as if trying to meet Akiba's nubs, which were hard against my chest. However, she pulled her groin back from my butt, and then I felt her finger slip past my sphincter and nudge my prostrate.

That was all it took to send me past the point of no return. My load spurted into Akiba's waiting vessel, rushing out in a thick steady stream. At the same time, I felt Akiba's climax rolling through our connected flesh. This time, she bit down on my shoulder to squelch her scream. Luci's finger waggled back and forth as her body kept me tightly in place until the last spasm of ejaculation emptied my seed all into our guest.

Finally, Luci pulled back, standing just long enough to move over and flop beside me on the bed. I lay atop Akiba, both of us huffing to catch our breath. After a minute or two, my wife poked my belly from the side.

"Move over, big boy, I want my chance to eat some cream filled pussy, and, if you are good, you can stay and watch."

"If you don't want to be left out, I'll lick your cock clean," Akiba offered.

I rose up on my hands and knees and awkwardly crawled over Akiba's leg, and then positioned myself by her head as Luci slipped into the warm spot I left between Akiba's thighs. I had an excellent view of my wife's tongue begin by teasing Akiba's clit. Luci had already tasted Akiba earlier, though, so she wasted little time burying her face right into the cream filled depths.

Not wanting to seem greedy, I took a moment to reach down and cup Akiba's breast in both hands, rubbing them, marvelling at the full firmness. She moaned as I bent further to tongue a nipple, my rhythm matching Luci's licking at the other end. Akiba spread her knees apart even more to give Luci room.

"Isn't Luci beautiful?" Akiba asked, running her hand slowly through my wife's hair as Luci ate her middle of the night box lunch. "And your cock is gorgeous too. Luci's right, it looks a lot like Wade's, though I haven't seen his prick this close up."

My orgasm had really emptied my balls, so as Akiba tilted her head enough to drag my tip to her lips, I did not stiffen much. She did not try blowing me, but concentrated on bathing my entire tool, from slit to underneath my scrotum, swallowing the pungent mixture of our juices, while Luci got the same taste out of Akiba's big chocolate box.

"Mouthwatering..." I heard myself whisper, watching Luci flick her tongue from one side to the other in search of stray bits of goo out of the crevices.

"So this is what's in the big chocolate box..lots of creamy treats," Luci sighed as she came up for air and then slurped Akiba's clit back deep into her mouth, pulling the button awaty from the girl's groin, suckling it, as she finger fucked Akiba's cunt.

I knew that I wanted to taste Akiba's pussy soon, though I understood it would not happen tonight, as Akiba was already trembling, her hot breath on my balls coming now in gasps, as my wife's talented tongue slid up and down her slit.

"My pussy is burning up," Akiba moaned as her hips thrashed up off the bed to meet Luci's tongue.

I collapsed beside them, knowing that the young black woman was too busy shuddering with the explosions running through her flesh to continue toying with my tired meat. Finally, Akiba sighed, took a fistful of Luci's hair tight in her fingers and dragged Luci's tongue away. "Stop, please, I can't come any more... " she begged, her voice already heavy with sleepiness as the adrenaline rush gave way to the exhaustion of her emotion filled day.

Luci grinned and stood. Akiba's heavy eyelids were already fluttering as Luci leaned over to kiss me, offering me my first taste of my cream mixed with pussy juice. Her tongue darted into and out of my mouth, teasing me. She took my hand and drew me up off of the bed, leading me towards the door.

"She's sleeping already, poor thing," Luci said, looking back at Akiba and her big chocolate box once more as she opened the door. "If you're as tired as I am, we better hurry to bed before Jared wakes up and finds us passed out here. After that demonstration of how much you love me, I can wait until morning to see what's in the other big chocolate box."

I slept like a baby, and woke up that Valentine's Day wondering if it was all a dream, but knowing that Luci loved me more than ever.

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