tagAnalWhat's It Like?

What's It Like?

byDeadly Joker©

Ben laughed, finished off the wine in his glass, and then reached out for the bottle on the coffee table. Like a gentleman, he first tried to top off the ladies' glasses. Only a few drops trickled out.

"Damn, empty," he said. "Hold on, I'll go fetch a new bottle."

Ben left the room and went down to the cellar. Returning with a new bottle and the corkscrew, he paused for a moment at the entrance to the living room.

Late in the evening, it was cozy and dark; a few muted lights and a handful of flickering candles cast warm shadows on the rich dark colours of the walls and furniture.

At one end of the large sofa sat his wife, Laura. Pale skin and red hair cut short, she wore a loose summer dress with a flower pattern, and sat with her feet tucked under herself.

At the other end sat Kelly, long blonde hair contrasting with her black blouse and skirt, she leaned back sleepily on the padded armrest.

Ben put the bottle on the table and opened it up, filling up all three glasses.

"Thanks baby," Laura said.

"Geez," Kelly giggled, "I'm not gonna be able to drive if you guys keep filling me up with wine."

Ben had settled back into his seat. "You can just spend the night if you want," he said. "We've got the guestroom."

"Hmm," Kelly said, "I wouldn't want to impose."

"C'mon!" Laura said, and picked up her glass, "get drunk! Sleep over! Relax!"

"It's just that..." Kelly's eyes shifted from Ben to Laura to the floor. "Well, I'm sure tonight you guys want to...um...share your marital bed...uh, intimately, y'know..."

Laura raised her eyebrows and grinned with delight. "Baby, we can still fuck if you're in the house, pardon my French." Ben laughed along with her, but Kelly looked uncomfortable.

"Really?" Kelly asked. "I always...I never...I mean, Ralph never wants to, y'know, while we have guests or anything like that."

"Jesus Christ!" Laura said, "So like when your parents were visiting for a month you didn't...not once?" Kelly shook her head side-to-side sheepishly. "Well, fuck me," Laura said.

"I will," Ben replied, and husband and wife both laughed, and even Kelly joined in.

"Don't worry Kelly," Ben said, exaggerating a chivalrous tone, "I'll try to ravish Laura as quietly as possible, so as not to disturb your beauty sleep."

"Yeah right, buster," Laura said. "You're so frisky already, I bet you'll be sticking it in my ass five minutes after you get it out of your pants! And then nobody is gonna stop either of us from screaming, are they, lover?" Laura shot a lascivious look at Ben at the end of the sentence.

She then turned to Kelly, and saw her looking shyly at the floor. Attempting to shock her out of it, she said, "Because, you know, once he starts workin' over my ass with his cock well...I hate to admit it, but I just go off like a motherfuckin' rocket. It's the fucking truth, I just turn into this goddamn bitch in heat."

Ben was looking at Kelly, who was still looking at the floor, some redness appearing in her cheeks. He said, "Laura baby, maybe she doesn't want to hear--"

"Kelly," Laura said, "I didn't want to make you feel--"

Kelly raised her head up; she looked at Ben and then Laura. "What's it like?" she asked.

The room was quiet for a moment. Ben took a drink of wine.

"Well," Laura began, "You never, um, got it up the butt?"

Kelly shook her head.

"Don't feel bad," Laura said. "I mean, it's really not that big of a deal."

Kelly's voice, slightly dulled by drink, was like that of a little girl who suddenly had her candy taken away: "That's not what you said a second ago. Fuck, don't lie to me Laura, we've been friends for how long now?"

"Sorry Kelly," Laura said. "You're right.

"I'll be honest with you - I love to get fucked in the ass. I love to get fucked in the ass by Ben. You know how getting fucked in the pussy is good, and sucking a cock is good, but they're two kinds of good? Well, ass-fucking is like a third kind of good.

"Except it's nastier. And dirtier. And more extreme. So that's why pervs like Ben love it so much."

Ben shifted in his chair and cleared his throat, and took a sip of wine to try and disguise his embarrassment. His hand moved over his crotch as if to smooth something down.

"Jesus Christ, Ben," Laura said gleefully, "Did I just give you a boner?" Ben only gave her a slight grin as acknowledgement.

"Tell me Ben," Kelly asked, "Is Laura right? Do you like fucking her in the ass?"

"Yeah," Ben answered, and then said more bravely, "I love it. She's fucking amazing. I mean, I love to fuck her every which way, but she's dead sexy when she's taking it up the ass."

Kelly sighed and slumped back in the couch. She rubbed a hand over her forehead, as if chasing away fatigue. "You know how much I envy you guys? You guys aren't just in love with each other, you're in lust with another. Still. I mean, if I went to powder my nose, you two would probably try to get in a quick fuck before I got back." Laura and Ben giggled in agreement.

"Meanwhile me...jeez, me, you guys got me so curious, if I went out now, I'd spend the rest of the night looking for something to stick up my ass."

The room was quiet, until Laura spoke up: "Maybe you don't need to go anywhere. Maybe we've got what you need right here." Kelly and Ben looked at her questioningly.

"Here Kelly," Laura said, "stand up."

Laura and Kelly both stood up, and Laura had Kelly stand at a certain point in the room.

"Now bend over, just a little." Kelly realized she was in front of the easy chair Ben was sitting in, facing away from him. This didn't stop her from bending forward the way Laura's hand moved her, until her upper body leaned about forty-five degrees forward.

"Do you think she has a nice ass, Ben?" Laura asked.

"Laura!" Kelly scolded, but held her position.

"Don't worry," Laura said, "Ben's a bona-fide assman. He knows great ass. Well, Ben?"

"It's lovely," Ben said. "Nice and round. Sticks out the back and curves so sexy at the sides. I've been wanting to say this forever Kelly - you've got a killer ass." He looked up at his wife and smiled. "I mean, not quite as nice as Laura's, but second-place to an ass goddess isn't bad."

"How about now?" Laura asked, and grabbed the bottom hem of the back of Kelly's skirt and pulling it forward and up between her legs, pulling the material up and stretching it taught over Kelly's asscheeks, exposing the back of her naked thighs.

"Fuck!" was all that Ben said.

"Ben," Laura said, strictly, "get down on your knees." Ben kneeled down on the floor.

"Laura, I'm not sure..." Kelly muttered.

"Kelly," Laura whispered in her ear, flicking it lightly with her wet tongue, "It'll be fantastic. Trust me. Just move back and you'll plant his face right in your ass. He's lovely. Don't you want that hot breath on your ass?"

Pushed by Laura, Kelly shuffled back. "Oooooh!" she yelped as she bumped Ben's face with her ass. A moment later he was pushing his nose between her asscheeks, open mouth pressed to the material of her skirt.

Laura said, "As long as you don't push up her skirt, you can bring up your hands to maul her ass. Yeeeeah, like that!" Ben groped and chewed on her skirt-covered ass.

"Do you want to suck on Kelly's naked asshole, Ben?" Laura asked, running a hand lightly over Kelly's chest. He growled into her butt and kept on his attack.

"Kelly?" Laura asked.

"Give it to me!" Kelly groaned.

Laura pushed Ben back, and then in a second expertly pulled Kelly's skirt up around her waist and her panties down around her knees.

"Uuuungh!" Kelly groaned as Ben spread her asscheeks with his hands and attacked her butthole with his tongue. She leaned further forward, putting her hands on her knees for support. "Ooooh, he's licking my ass. Mmmm, oh Laura, my ass was sooo itchy all night, and now I've got a nice wet tongue...Mmmmm..."

"Push that spit up her ass, baby!" Laura coaxed her husband. "Fuckin' eat it out and slick it up!"

"Alright you two, break it up!" Laura growled, pulling them apart. "Kelly, on the couch and on your knees, ass in the air! Ben, get those fuckin' pants off!"

Ben shucked off his pants, and his cock bobbed in front of him, hard and thick.

Already on the couch, her knees on the cushions and her arms on the headrest, Kelly looked over her shoulder as Laura put her mouth on her husband's cock.

Laura's blowjob was rough and urgent, drooling all over Ben's cock as she gagged on it. Pulling her mouth off, she guided him, pulling him by the cock, until his cockhead touched the crinkle of Kelly's asshole.

"Fuck," Laura said, "there's no way this is happening without lube. I'll be right back, guys."

Laura left the room, and the other two froze where they were, awkwardly, Kelly bent over and Ben's cock at the entrance to her asshole. They both stayed quiet, and heard each other's hurried breaths.

"Huh," Ben finally spoke up. "That Laura, she's some hellcat schemer, huh?"

Kelly looked up at Ben questioningly, "Are you saying you don't want to fuck my ass? That you're doing it because of Laura?"

"No! Yes!" Ben answered nervously. "I mean, I want to fuck your ass." He pressed in a little with his cockhead. "I really want to."

Laura rushed back, holding up the lube like a prize. She spread some on Ben's cock and let him work it on and slick himself up.

"Is it okay if I prep you?" Laura asked Kelly. "I know you...um, you said you didn't like women's hands on you. But I want this to feel good, and trust me when I say I can really lube up an asshole."

"Okay," Kelly sighed, no resistance evident.

Laura used her fingers to spread the lube around Kelly's asshole, and then pushed in. As she worked in the lube with one finger, and then two, Kelly's body twitched and her breaths became more rapid as Laura's fingers probed her ass.

Laura pulled her fingers away. "I believe we're ready for some down-home ass-fuckin', the kind momma used to like," Laura said.

Ben stepped forward and pressed his cock into Kelly's ass. "Oooh!" she twitched as his cock pushed inside her. "It's like it's electric!"

"Your ass is so fucking nice, Kelly!" Ben huffed. "I'm just gonna slide into that passage nice'n'easy, alright? You tell me how you're doing, ok?"

"I-I'm doing okay so far," Kelly said, breathing heavily. "Keep...keep puttin' it deeper! Fuck it feels so BIG!"

Laura sat beside them on the couch. Her hand sneaked up Kelly's thigh and then stayed at her pussy, rubbing and probing it. "I hope you don't mind if I put my hand on your pussy, do you?" Laura looked evilly at Kelly, but Kelly had her eyes clenched shut, and growled through her teeth as Ben began moving his cock in and out of her ass, pushing deeper each time. Laura kept her hand on Kelly's pussy, and pushed a finger inside.

"Is this okay, Kelly?" Ben asked. "I'm just gonna fuck your ass nice'n'slow like this for a while, okay? How do you feel?"

"Mmm, I'm beginning to feel good," Kelly replied. "It still hurts, but it's good. How's your cock?"

"Your ass is so fuckin' sweet and tight and nasty. Ungh."

Laura moved in behind Ben, and he soon felt her hand tracing up the back of his thigh. "Oh hubbie dear, we've still got some lube. You know where else we can use that, don't you?"

Laura put a lubed finger on Ben's asshole, and pushed inward. It made Ben jump, and soon he was fucking Kelly's ass harder, Laura's finger travelling with his hips. She pushed a second finger inside him, beside the first.

"Jesus Christ, you should see this, Kelly," Laura growled. "You should see the way his ass takes my fingers."

"You're fuckin' his ass with your fingers, huh?" Kelly huffed. "No wonder he's fuckin' my ass harder. Mmmm. He likes it! Ungh."

"Yeah," Laura said, pumping Ben's ass. "After he's done fucking your ass, you can fuck his. We've got a strap-on. You can pretend you're a faggot out for some man-ass."

"Do you like it, Ben?" Kelly asked. "Do you like getting fucked in the ass?"

Ben was concentrating on watching his cock pound the tight depths of Kelly's ass. His hands gripped her waist. "Yeah," he said. "By women. I like it. I like getting my ass played with."

"Well then!" Kelly said, "I guess...mmm...I guess we're just all a bunch of anal sluts! Oooo!"

Keeping her fingers in Ben's ass, Laura shifted positions. "Get ready to shoot that cream in her sore ass baby," she told Ben, "She's gonna go off like a bomb!"

Laura moved under Kelly and pushed her face into Kelly's pussy, sucking down on the clit.

"Hey FUCK!" Kelly screamed. "I don't!...No!....I don't want to be licked by a...ah....aaaaa....woman...AAAAAAAA!!! FUCK-CUMMMMMING-AAAAAAA!!!!!"

Ben slammed into Kelly's ass one last time and shot his cum off in her clenching hot asshole, feeling his body spasm on his wife's fingers as he came hard.

The grunting and groans of their climaxes over, the curled up together on the couch, half dressed and half undressed, still coming down. Ben unfolded a blanket that lay nearby and spread it over their entwined bodies.

"You didn't cum, dear," he said to his wife, sleepily.

"The night's still young," she told him. Then she said to Kelly, "So, do you know what it's like now?"

"Thanks a lot for letting me know, guys," Kelly said. "But my memory's not that great." She moved her hand to Ben's soft and slick cock and gave it a squeeze.

"If I ever forget, can I come over for a reminder?"


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