tagInterracial LoveWhat's The Password?

What's The Password?


The dimmed hallway led to an old gated freight elevator. It looked like the setting for a horror movie, but they walked down anyway...cautiously. As they made their way, their heels clacked against the hard tiled floor.

Meanwhile, in a darkened room...camera monitors track every step of these two sexy, young, Asian ladies.

At the elevator door the two women looked at each other. "You ready for this?" Janet asked Winnie.

Winnie nods silently, yet warily.

Janet reaches out her finger and presses against the intercom button.

A fuzzy voice blared over the intercom system, "What's The Password?"

Janet leaned into the intercom and pressed the 'talk' button, "I love black cock."

The fuzzy voice shot back, "Please step back so he can get a look at you."

Janet and Winnie stood back as a camera from above shined down on them.

Back in the darkened room, a figure glanced at the image on the other end of the camera feed. "What do you think boss?"

The boss was the man known as Mr. Marcus. His cock was legendary and he was one of the true cocksmiths around. His big black dick was something told about during girls' nights out, bachelorette parties, and online porn forums. Some believe he was real. Others believed he was like Bigfoot...just a myth.

Marcus gazed closely at the image of the two sexy Asian women showing themselves for the camera.

The one that did all the talking was petite with a nice dark tan and fit body. She had long black hair down just below her shoulder, a pretty face with big eyes and a wide smile. She was dressed in a body fitting short sleeved purple dress that clung to her toned physique and cut about mid-thigh. She had small tits, probably size A's, but a flat stomach, a nice shapely ass, and fine legs that were covered in black satin thigh high stockings. She wore shiny, 5 inch metallic gray peep-toe platform heels that gave her a slutty, sexy look.

Marcus nodded approvingly.

He then cast his eyes at the quiet, almost demure women standing in the background. She had a cute, sexy look about her. Much taller than her friend and paler in skin color, they looked like opposites. Her skin color and cute face, gave her an angelic look about her. She was also slim, but with slightly curly black hair down to just above her shoulders. Clothed in a twirly pink wrap dress made of a very thin and loose material tied around by a small white belt, she looked like a slight breeze would blow up the skirt of her dress to reveal her intimates underneath. That risqué look contrasted with her shy demeanor and it intrigued Marcus greatly. A pair of 4 ½ inch nude platform pumps completed the outfit and made her look very model-esque. Marcus noted the hint of nude colored stockings and immediately smiled to himself. If he were to dress a woman to his exact liking, this would be it.

He leaned into the microphone and spoke with a deep voice, "What's The Second Password?"...and I want to hear your friend say it.

Janet immediately shot back, "Oh, no no no. Not her. Just me."

There was a pause that almost sounded like a disappointed sigh. Fine, what's the second password the fuzzy voice called out? Janet quickly responded, "The Second Password is "I'm a black cock slut"."

A loud buzz sound signaled the opening of the freight elevator doors. The two women entered. As the doors closed and the elevator slowly ticked its way up, the two women looked at each other again.

"You sure about this?" Winnie asked. Janet nodded back confidently.

Within a matter of seconds, the elevator reached the top floor and the doors slid open. The two women stepped out into a brightly lit waiting room. A man dressed as a bodyguard stood there and motioned the women in.

"Leave your bags, phone, and cameras with me."

The two women did as asked.

The bodyguard handed Janet a form. "This is the contract stating the terms of the agreement tonight. By signing, you acknowledge that you are knowingly and willingly engaging in sexual activities. The rules are simple, if you can make him cum before you do, you win 100 thousand dollars. If you don't, then you are his for the remainder of the night and he will do with you as he pleases."

Janet glanced at the contract and quickly flipped to the last page and scribbled her signature. She handed the papers back to the bodyguard.

A quick look at the contract, then back at Janet, and the bodyguard motioned with his head. "Go down the hall. Last door on your right." He then looked at Winnie. "You have to wait in here."

Janet and Winnie looked at each other silently. Finally, Janet gulped and began to make the long walk down the hallway. The sound of her heels clicking on the hardwood floor created an eerie echo.

As Janet reached the doorway, she stopped and looked back at Winnie. She was still standing there, nodding her head in encouragement. Janet took a deep breath and opened the door and stepped in.

Inside was a candlelit room with blue walls. It was very open and clean, except for a large king sized bed in the middle. Janet looked around and found no one in the room. She took a few steps in and was startled by the touch of strong hands behind her.

She turned back to find Mr. Marcus standing there naked. He massive 9 inch cock hanging off his body like a tree limb. She gulped at the sight.

"So what's your name?"


Jerking his rock hard cock Marcus complimented, "You are one sexy woman...I haven't had some Asian in awhile."

With extreme confidence Janet shot back, "Well you are going to get all the Asian pussy you can handle tonight."

Mr. Marcus laughed. "I like the sound of that."

With no further delay, he roughly grabbed Janet and kissed her hard on the lips. His hands explored her tits and ass and lifted up her dress to reveal the tops of her stockings and her matching purple garter belt.

Marcus then spun Janet around so that her back was pressed against his, and continued to lift up her dress until it was rumpled up around her waist and the rest of her garter belt and lack of panties were fully exposed. His fingers reached down to her tight Asian pussy and gently massaged her clit. With his other hand he pulled her head back until her body was twisted like a half pretzel and stared deep into her lust filled eyes. He kissed her hard again as his fingers rubbed against her fast becoming wet pussy.

Janet began to moan and gasp as he squeezed a finger into her pussy. She reached back to grab his rock hard cock and began stroking it in rhythm with his finger fucking. Soon he was two fingers deep inside her dripping wet pussy and opening her up for his thick cock.

Outside Winnie could hear her friend moaning louder and louder. She began to feel a dampness in her panties and shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

Back inside the room, Janet tried to free herself and get in position to wrap her lips around that lovely cock. But his grasp around her was too strong and she couldn't move. She stared into his eyes and begged, "Please let me suck your cock", as his fingers continued to work her clit feverishly.

"No" was all he shot back as he aggressively pushed her over. Janet had to reach out her hands on the edge of the bed to catch herself, but she left herself in a bent position and her pussy was his for the taking from behind.

Marcus positioned himself behind her and slid his cock inside Janet's pussy. "Damn, you are fucking tight.", he cried out as he pushed his way inside her. Janet was being stretched wider than ever before and her hands clenched around a hand full of bed sheet. "Oh fuck that's big" she screamed out as Marcus pushed his cock deeper insider her.

Once all the way, he began to slowly and methodically fuck Janet with every inch of his thick, black cock. Touching every nerve and spot in her pussy, all Janet could do was hold on for dear life. She screamed out over and over, "Fuck that's a big cock." And "You're spreading my little pussy so fucking wide."Janet tried to contain her moans, biting her lips so hard that they almost bled. As Marcus quickened his pace, all Janet could do to not scream at the top of her lungs was to bury her head into the bed sheet to muffle the sounds.

Marcus was now pounding his cock inside her ruined Asian pussy. He grabbed hold of her waist and slammed his body into her ass with each hard thrust. Janet could not contain her moans any longer. She began to scream out and whimper uncontrollably. The feeling was too intense and she couldn't take it anymore. She was going to cum hard, so she pulled away by lunging forward onto the bed. The thick black cock popped out of her pussy leaving a ring of pussy juices around the base.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?", Marcus barked as he angrily grabbed hold of her waist and pushed her ass back up in the air and into his crotch. He wasted little time shoving his cock back inside her and pounded her pussy without missing a beat.

"Oh my god."...."Fuck"...."Holy Shit"... Janet screamed out in a blubbering fashion. She tried to pull away again, but Marcus grabbed hold of her by the shoulder and refused to let her squirm away.

Janet knew she wouldn't last much longer at this rate. She turned her head to look back at him and pleaded, "I want to suck your cock."

Marcus was in full control and stopped pounding her pussy for moment. He hovered over her helpless body, "What makes you think you deserve to suck my cock?"

"Please. Let me suck it."

"I don't think you want it bad enough. Prove it to me."

With every breath in her lungs and for the entire world to hear, Janet screamed out, "Please Mr. Marcus let me suck your cock. I want that big fucking black cock in my mouth. Please..."

Back outside in the waiting room, Winnie heard her friend screaming out the most vulgar things. The wetness between her thighs was becoming too much to bear and slowly her hand crept down her panties.

Marcus knew that he had Janet right where he wanted her and that she would cum in a matter of minutes if he so desired. But he wanted to have some fun with this sexy, hot fuck toy. He pulled his cock out of her dripping wet pussy, and let the pool of her pussy juices around the base of his cock glisten in the open air.

"Look what you did to my cock. You better clean it off."

Janet keeled over into an exhausted state in the center of the bed. It took all her energy to not cum and she was panting out of breath.

"What the fuck are you waiting for? You got two seconds to get over her or I'm fucking your ass."

Feeling a second wind, Janet bounced up off the bed and grabbed for Marcus' cock. She bent over in front of him and sucked and jerked his cock ferociously. Swallowing down all her own pussy juices in the process.

With adrenaline and lust pushing her, she barked out "Now it's my turn motherfucker." in between slurps of his cock. "Get on the fucking bed." she ordered.

Marcus was game, even if he was being bossed around, which he did not usually like. But he didn't mind getting comfortable, so he lay out on the bed spread eagle and watched Janet kneel in front of his cock and continue to slobber up and down his dick.

"It's my turn to fuck you now..." Janet barked as confident as ever ..."see if you handle this good pussy."

She climbed up onto his cock and slid down until she made his cock disappear. She crouched over him with her heels digging into the bed and lifted herself up the length of his cock and then back down. She reached out her hands, pressing her palms into his torso, and began slowly riding his cock. She continues to grind working up a good rhythm and making sure his cock is nice and slick from her pussy juices. From his soft moans, she can tell that he's enjoying it. Feeling the momentum swing, Janet reaches back and grabs hold off his knees and stretches her legs forward and begins crazily bouncing up and down on his cock. It's like she's doing dips on his cock.

This is Janet's favorite position. When she feels most in control and she loves every minute of it. She looks down at Marcus and sees that he's got his eyes closed. "Yea, you like that shit don't you." It's a rhetorical question and she starts fucking his cock harder and harder instead of waiting for a reply. The sound of her body slapping into his is almost as loud as her moans and screams.

She continues to fuck him hard, gritting her teeth through the pain and the pleasure.

Suddenly, Marcus starts to moan and she seizes on the opportunity. Janet whips her body forward and stretches out over his body with her knees now touching the bed. She grinds on his cock, back and forth, while mixing in a few bounces on his cock. She has him right where she wants him.

"Oh fuck, that's good." Marcus mutters out, eyes still closed. "Fuck."

Janet doesn't let up and starts to really pounce on his cock. She's fucking him like she's trying to break his cock in half.

Marcus can't take anymore and he pulls his cock out of her. Breathing heavily and trying to hold in his cum, he slaps his cock, and holds still as if any slight movement might make him shoot his load.

"I told you that was some good pussy." Janet mockingly declares as she reaches back and grabs hold of his glossy pussy juiced covered cock and pops it back into her pussy. Picking up right where she left off, she starts to grind and bounce on his cock like a professional bull rider. She's determined to make him cum and leans in and begins whispering in his ear.

"Can't handle that Asian pussy, huh?", she cries out as she continues to slam down on his cock, "You going to fucking cum for me? Cum all inside my tight Asian pussy?"

Marcus can only hold on for dear life. His hands caressing her ass and stocking covered thighs.

Sensing that she is seconds away from becoming a hundred thousand dollars richer, Janet fucks him as hard as possible to close the deal. His cock is so good though that she's moaning and screaming like a wild banshee. Her pussy is fucking with a purpose and a mind of its own, just bouncing up and down on his engorged cock. "I want you to cum for me, baby. Give me that sweet black cum." She cries out.

"Oh fuck, keep doing that and I'm going to cum." Marcus screams back. "Just like that...right there...right there."

Janet spurs up every bit of energy inside of her and continues to slam down on his cock as hard as possible. Her screams are getting louder and louder and her words are becoming incoherent. All she hears is Marcus telling her that he's going to cum and to fuck her just like that. She's trying to hold on just a little longer, believing that he's about to cum and then it'll be all over. But the feeling is too intense and deep down she knows she should jump off his cock and give her pussy a moment to calm down. Going against what her brain is telling her, she pushes through, sensing that he's about to cum any minute now. The smell of dollar signs urging her on.

Seconds pass. Soon it's minutes. And Janet refuses to let up. The bed shakes with each slam and it looks like it might collapse if they fuck any longer. She keeps holding on, begging that he'll cum any minute now. Or else she will. Then it hits her. The sudden realization that she's no longer fucking him. Her ass is sticking up in the air and his strong hands are holding onto each side of her waist while he thrust his cock hard and fast up inside her soaking wet pussy.

She knows that if he keeps fucking her like that, she will no doubt cum. She tries to pull away, but he's too strong and his grip around her is too tight.

"You mother fucker...fuck." She screams at him. This makes Marcus just pound into her harder and faster. He's absolutely relentless, his cock seemingly becoming bigger with each thrust.

Finally, Janet does the only thing she can think of. In a last ditch effort not to cum, she takes a bite of his ear.

"Oww..." Marcus yells out. "You fucking bit me." Janet takes the small window to slide his cock out of her pussy, but she lies lifeless on top of him. She is panting and moaning uncontrollably and on the verge of cumming hard. She needs to buy time.

"So you want to play it like that." an angered Marcus roars.

He slides his dick back into her pussy and grabs hold around her waist. He swings his feet off the bed and stands up, picking her lifeless body up like a ragdoll in his arms. He's now standing upright with Janet in his arms, his cock in her pussy, and her legs aimlessly shaking in the air with no surface to rest on.

"Did you really think I was going to cum from you riding me?" Marcus laughs as he moves his hands so they are positioned under each thigh, holding up her body.

He lifts her up and down on his thick hard cock, letting gravity aid in the pussy destruction.

The first thrust is like a shot of adrenaline and Janet is instantly awoken with bulging eyes. Marcus spares her no time and is instantly slamming her pussy down hard and fast on his cock. Janet screams and moans even louder than before. Her legs flail helplessly in the air. She is being fucked so hard that her high heel shoe might fly off her foot. Her head snaps back and forth with each thrust and she knows she is done for.

Marcus barks out, "Where you going to go now?"

He repeats that line again as he bends his knees a bit and positions himself to fuck her like this until she cums.

"You're going to bite me, huh? You crazy bitch."

"Oh my god, please don't stop."

"You want to cum over my cock?"

"Yes. YEEEESSSSS. I'm going to cum."

All of a sudden, Marcus stops.

Sounding like a cock addict without her medicine, she cries out, "Why'd you stop?"

"You don't deserve to cum."

Janet starts to bounce up and down on his cock, trying to fuck herself to orgasmic heaven. But Marcus pulls his cock out of her.

"No, please. Let me cum. Please."

"What are you going to do if I let you cum?"

"I'll do anything. Anything."

Marcus laughs out loud and then starts fucking her again. He stops and starts several times, toying with her pussy.

The uncertainty and frustration makes Janet ever hornier and more desperate to cum. Finally Marcus relents and Janet gives in to the inevitable.

Outside the room, Winnie has now made her way over to the doorway. She leans in to eavesdrop and all she hears is her friends' nasty mouth and wild shouts of pleasure.

"Oh my god...fuck me. Fuck my pussy and make me cum." Winnie hears her friend scream.

"You win motherfucker...you fucking win. Oh my god, I'm going to cum so hard."

Winnie can't believe how loud the screams of joy and moans of ecstasy are. It sounds like her friend is being harmed in there, but she knows she must be enjoying it based on her begs and pleas to allow her to cum. She can hear their bodies slamming into each other from outside and it's making her pussy so wet. Her hand reaches down her body and up her skirt. She pushes aside her little damp thong and starts to play with her clit.

Winnie closes her eyes and imagines it's her inside the room. Her hand rubs against her clit faster and faster as her breathing intensifies.

Suddenly, she feels another hand brush up against her pussy and jumps up in shock. She turns to look back...it's the bodyguard.

The bodyguard is a well built older white man. Although, he's in his 40's or 50's...he is in great shape and has aged quite well. He has on a shitfaced grin and a hard on begging to be let out of the confines of his pants.

Winnie is about to slap him, when the sound of Janet screaming and moaning snaps her attention back to the thin walls separating them. The room is literally shaking so much that the door pops open slightly ajar and Winnie can't help herself but to lean over and peek in through the sliver of light in the room. She is shocked at the sight.

On the bed lies her friend Janet. Her legs are pointed straight up in the air and the angle shows off her sexy stocking covered legs and shiny high heels. Standing on the floor at the edge of the bed in front of her is Marcus. She can only see his backside as his body is holding up Janet's legs in the air. Marcus muscles flex with each deep, hard thrust inside Janet. Beneath Marcus' massive physique, Janet's body bucks and shakes wildly and uncontrollably. Her hands reach and grab wildly, going from his torso, to her ankles, to her hair, finally resting on the bed with a fistful of everything on the bed. She screams over and over again that she is cumming.

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