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Wheat Country


Many thanks to tangentjoker, who edited this story.

All characters are older than 18. This story is about an incestuous relationship.

We live in a large, three-story, neo-colonial farmhouse. It is wheat country so the farms tend to be large. The nearest neighbor is almost 2 miles away. The closest town is 7 miles away. It isn't very large but has a grocery, bank, post office, along with a few farming related businesses. It is almost 30 miles to the nearest Walmart. Our house is two miles off the highway on a gravel road. Our family consists of my paternal grandmother, my mother and myself.

Grandma just turned sixty. Her name is Vera. She is about 5' 4" tall with a slim body. She has nice breasts and butt. The breasts are about the size of large grapefruits. Her hair is gray, but she dyes it a light brown. She always dresses neatly, but does not care much about fashion. She usually wears a dress or a skirt, but occasionally slacks. I never saw her in a pantsuit. She has many friends and is very active in church and community affairs. She is often the leader in organizing events. Looking at her, one would think she is a formidable woman, but she has a wry sense of humor. She can be quite entertaining.

Mom, Susan, is forty-one. She is 5' 2" with a firm, compact, body over a very shapely butt. Her perky breasts, about the size of large oranges, look good on her. She has very nice hair. It is silky, dark brown, cut just above shoulder level. Mom has more fashion sense than grandma but way out in the country, like we are, she usually wears jeans or a housedress. Her face is pleasant, but not pretty. She uses makeup expertly; that compensates somewhat. She is a very feminine woman, attractive to men despite her homeliness. So far she has shown no interest in a romantic relationship. She is very intelligent; reads a lot and keeps up with the news.

My name is James, but I'm usually called Jim. I'm 6', 180, well built and in good shape. My sex life isn't anything to brag about. I have had a couple of flings with the class slut, but not much experience otherwise. My high school is small, so there aren't a lot of girls to chase. Whatever sex I have these days, I take into my own hands.

My grandfather and father ran the family farm together until both were killed in an accident. I was twelve. Grandma and Mom were grief stricken. They did their best to explain how such a thing could happen, but I was devastated; nothing could make me understand how I could lose them both.

Eventually realizing both women were as distraught as I, I resolved to help as much as I could. Noticing my efforts, they began to call me "The Man of the House".

My parents and I had lived in a separate house, about a quarter mile from Grandma and Grandpa's house. About four months after the tragedy, at Grandma's urging, we moved to the main house.

We were in very good shape, financially. Both My father and grandfather had good insurance. About six months after their deaths, Grandma and Mom auctioned off all the farm equipment. They made arrangements to rent the farmland. Some good investments brought in additional income.

The way the wills of my grandfather and father were written, Mom and Grandma shared everything equally. Fortunately, they got along well together so they were able to pool funds instead of having to split everything. Even after expenses, plus a good chunk set aside "for rainy days", we were very well off. Mom and Grandma both drive late model cars.

Grandma had never, at least in my hearing, said anything to Mom about my upbringing. Doing whatever I could to help the two women, included doing what Mom said, I soon learned running to Grandma did no good at all; she would not contradict my mother.

My mother is a firm believer in work. So I got paid for chores I did around the house (There were a lot of them). Once I turned sixteen, I had set aside enough money to buy an old pickup. I was expected to get a summer job. I did; pumping gas in town. The pickup was my transportation.

When I was eighteen, starting my senior year in high school, the two women made a trip to Omaha to do some shopping. It is a three hour drive each way, which is a long day.

Bored, while they were gone, I did a little exploring in their bedrooms. In both their closets, I found sexy nightgowns. I checked their dressers, too. In Grandma's I found several vibrators, including a "Rabbit". There was also one with double heads. Mom had some toys too, but with even more variety, from a small egg to a rabbit. One or two bent in the middle. Mom also had nipple clamps. I was a bit surprised at both of them, but terribly aroused. I jerked off three times before they got home in the evening.

I fixed them a light supper then sat with them while they ate. I had trouble keeping my cock under control. Every time I looked at either woman waves of lust flashed through me. I managed to get through until bedtime without embarrassing myself. I had no idea what the supper conversation had been about.

After my exploration, my masturbation sessions changed. I would jerk off, fantasizing about a girl from school, but she would morph into either my mother or grandmother. A couple of times they were in my illusions together. I noticed something else. Whenever either, or both, of the two women were in my mind, my cock seemed to get harder than when I fantasized about girls I knew. My orgasms were more intense too.

I thought back over a couple of incidents to which I hadn't paid much attention. Once I had walked in on the women, in the sitting room, hugging each other tightly. Mom's head was on Grandma's shoulder and, thinking back, it is possible Grandma's hand was on Mom's tit. Another time, I had gotten up late at night to go to the bathroom, was about to step into the hall when I saw Mom going into Grandma's room.

These two incidents didn't bother me; even after I figured out there might be more to it than I first thought. Instead, they intrigued me. They worked their way into my jerk-off dreams. Into my sleeping dreams, too. I woke up one night humping the mattress dreaming it was Grandma. The same thing happened a couple of nights later, but I was with Mom.

Shortly after the shopping trip, I noticed Grandma wearing her robe a little looser in the mornings; open a little at the neck. Every once in a while, I'd get a flash of leg or thigh. A couple of times, she wore low cut dresses showing cleavage, something she had never done before. The displays continued all summer, becoming more obvious as fall began.

Mom was displaying more flesh, too. She wore house dresses of a thin material, without a bra. Her perky tits didn't need one. The sight of her nipples poking through the cloth was often repeated in my nightly jerk off sessions. Sometimes Mom would wear tight, very short, cutoff jeans; often with a shirt, the top couple of buttons open and tied at the bottom. Other times, she wore a halter top. With either, her nipples poked through the fabric like little bullets.

Both women were hugging me a lot. My mother would somehow rub her body against mine. It was done so subtly I was never sure it was real, but it did make me aroused. My grandmother would press her tits into my chest. Between the two of them, I was in an almost constant state of arousal.

Sometimes it was hard to hide the bulge in my pants. I was pretty well endowed, not huge, but a comfortable seven inches with a proportional girth. My cock was topped by a bulging red tip. I had been circumcised so had no foreskin to hide it. A few times, I saw the women looking at my tented pants. Once I saw Mom look at Grandma, with a slight smile, after she spotted the swelling at my crotch.

Winter that year was the worst in several years. A couple of blizzards snowed us in for several days each; until the plows came. Rural gravel roads are not a high priority.

During the first blizzard, I was wandering around looking for something to do. Walking by Grandma's room, I heard a giggle. The door was closed, but I put my ear against it. Listening hard, I heard the hum of a vibrator. Then a moan, followed by, "Oh, yes, Vera. Yes, yes. So good." It sounded like my mother's voice. I listened some more, but there were no more words I could understand. Only the humming sound overlaid with moaning. When I thought they were finishing their fun, I snuck away to my room. I jerked off to visions of the two of them tangled together, naked.

It was shortly after the second blizzard I saw my mother and grandmother playing with each other.

When the plow finally cleared our road, I was sent to town to grocery shop. We were low on several things. My errands didn't take long. I was back in less than forty-five minutes. I went in through the garage. There was no one in the kitchen. I walked into the sitting room. My mouth dropped open when I saw Mom and Grandma on the floor naked. Grandma lay on her back with a pillow elevating her butt. Mom knelt beside her, using the double headed vibrator, pushing it into Grandma's pussy and ass. Grandma was pushing a rabbit vibrator into Mom's snatch as Mom leaned over, kissing Grandma's tits.

Engrossed as they were, they didn't see me. I stepped back into the kitchen, removing my boots and shoes. I didn't know what to do, but my raging hard on needed to be dealt with. The sounds of orgasm from the sitting room increased my lust. I only knew two hot, naked, women were pleasuring themselves in the next room. That they were my mother and grandmother didn't matter.

I stripped down and looked into the room again. They were in the 69 position with Grandma on top. I walked in and knelt between Mom's wide spread legs. Her knees were drawn up. Grandma was licking my mother's cunt, right before my face.

I fucked my mother first, after pushing Grandma off her. She was hot and ready. She saw my hard, pulsating manhood standing straight out. Mom mumbled "No, no," but her legs remained spread. The dark tangle of her pubic hair capped her swollen lips. They were opening to display the redness of her cunt, which was wet and ready. She was snug on my prick as I pushed my manhood into her, but the slickness caused by her needs eased the way for me. I fucked her hard and deep. She responded by thrusting her hips up at me. I was so hot, I couldn't last long, but Mom was ready to come again. Her body was quivering. Her arms tight around me, pulling my body into hers. I felt her orgasm starting, shivers running through her body, butt lifting. Her hands were pulling my face to hers, hot wet kisses, devouring each other. I felt shivers up my spine as my mother's pleasure added to my own. I let myself go, releasing my hot seed deep into her belly. As I lay on top of her, softening inside her, my mother's arms held me tight. Hugging me close to her without words.

I looked over to see Grandma watching us, licking her lips with her hand in her pussy. As my cock softened, I slipped out of my mother. Moving over to Grandma, I knelt next to her head. I found her vibrator and pushed it into her, pulling her face to my cock.

"Make me hard again, grandma," I told her.

Mom was lying on her back, a few tears on her cheeks, but no complaints.

My grandmother sucked my cock, responding to the vibrator I was shoving into her. Her hips lifted. She put a hand over mine that was working the toy. Grandma got me hard again quickly. She gave my prick one last kiss, pushed away the vibrator and rolled onto her back with her legs splayed. She offered herself to me, wanting me. The gray delta of her pubic hair over the wet, swollen, red lips opening for me; inviting me into her depths.

She said to Mom, her voice hoarse. "Come over here by me, Susan."

As I knelt between my grandmother's legs, Mom lay next to her and Grandma put an arm around her. Mom hugged her as I slid my hard cock into my grandmother's hot cunt. I fucked her hard and deep, as I had my mother. I could last longer this time. I pulled my cock back to press on her clit and drove it home again. Grandma was moaning, her mouth was slack and wet. She rose to an orgasm. Her legs clasped me tight and she raised her hips to meet my thrusting manhood.

I put one of Mom's hands on Grandma's tit. She played with one, I sucked and nibbled the other. Mom covered Grandma with open mouthed kisses growing more and more passionate. Grandma had her hand over Mom's ass with two fingers in Mom's pussy. Mom's hand darted to her cunt to cover Grandma's probing fingers.

The women were exchanging hot, open-mouthed kisses as they rubbed against each other, their hot cunts hungry for satisfaction. My grandmother soared on the heights of an orgasm as she mouthed my name and Mom's mixed with nonsense words.

My mother started to tremble as Grandma's finger fucking brought her to the verge of ecstasy. As I felt my balls drawing up, I pumped harder at my grandmother. I felt her body respond. I exploded then, my hot cum flowing into my grandmother's cunt. She was on a high that would not stop and Mom's body shuddered as she and Grandma came as one.

I lay next to Grandma with Mom on the other side of her. Now that my lust had abated, I wondered what would happen. No one said anything for a long time.

Eventually, Grandma said, "Come lie between us, Jim."

Mom didn't say anything, but moved over to give me room. I lay on my back between the two women. No one said anything. They both lay close to me. The scent of sex permeated the room. Our naked bodies were shiny with sweat.

My mother kissed me on the cheek. I was surprised. Both women gave me light kisses from time, petting me softly. We lay together for about an hour, then Grandma stirred as if to get up.

"I love you both" I said. Then we went to our own beds.

The next day, no one said much, but neither woman seemed very upset. Once, my mom hugged me briefly. She gave me that subtle rub of hers. Later, Grandma gave me a harder hug. The women went to bed early. I stayed up a short time, then went to my room.

Mom was in my bed waiting for me. She had on one of the short night gowns I had found in her closet months before. As I lay on the bed, beside her, she opened her arms to hold me tight.

Mom murmured in my ear, "Oh Jim. I want this."

She held me close for a few minutes. My hand went to her silk covered tit. As I fondled it, she popped it out of her nightie. I sucked her nipple as I rubbed my face against her sensuous softness. Our hands moved to each other's sex. She fondled my hard cock, as my finger slid past the swollen lips of her pussy to her clit. She was hot and wet with juices flowing from her. I kissed her body, working my way down to the delta of her pubic hair and the top of her thighs.

Mom pulled on my hips, hoarsely whispering, "Bring it to me."

I straddled her head, on my knees, positioning my hard manhood over her face. Her tongue flicked out, licking my glans, her lips tasted me.

I lowered my face to my mother's cunt, inhaling her exotic, musky aroma. It was intoxicating and arousing. Her lips were swollen and opening to the red of her sex. I plunged my face into her wetness, licking her, sucking her, drinking her essence. Sucking her clit, licking it, pushing my tongue into her hole, tongue fucking her and then back to the hard nubbin of her clit.

We rolled over, feasting on each other. Mom took my hard shaft deep into her mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling, rubbing it over her face. She quivered as she soared to a climax. Her fingers twisting in my hair when she was close, pulling my face into her pussy. It was a thrilling sensation, making me want to eat her even more.

My mother brought me to the verge and held me there; the blood pulsating in my rock hard manhood. Her lips and tongue and teeth were sending me to the heights on waves of pleasure. Her quivers became shudders. She clasped my head with her legs, her hands in my hair holding me a willing prisoner at her fragrant cunt. I exploded into her mouth. She never stopped sucking me, nor released her grasp on my hair.

Eventually, as I was going soft, she let go of my hair. I turned to lie next to her. We kissed, exchanging the tastes of each other's cum.

We lay together until I started getting firm again. Mom stroked my shaft, licked it and kissed it until I was ready. It didn't take long. At my young age, I was quite resilient.

Mom laid on her back. She pulled me close, speaking hoarsely in my ear.

"Make me yours, Jim. I am here willingly for you."

She pulled me on top of her, legs spread wide, knees drawn up.

"Fuck me, fuck your mother, Jim," she murmured, as I slid my throbbing manhood into her hungry cunt.

Her words thrilled me. I fucked my mother hard and she responded. Our bodies were slamming each other. My cock was sliding through the slickness of her womanhood; it was hungry for me, wanting to be filled. Mom came and came again with shudders wracking her body. She pulled my face to hers for wet open-mouthed

kisses. I soared with her, shivers pulsed through my body. My mind was screaming, "I'm really fucking my mother."

The thought exhilarated me. At the height of her orgasm, I shot my hot load into her. My cum flowing into her as her hips were thrusting into me. She was repeating unintelligible, mindless words. We were devouring each other with our kisses. I collapsed on top of her.

We lay together, spent. We kissed each other, hugged and petted. We slept together in each other's arms. I was naked, but mom still wore her nightie, bunched around her waist with one tit contained and the other exposed.

Mom woke shortly before me. I opened my eyes to see her, head propped on her elbow, looking at me.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," she said. "How did you sleep on our first night together as lovers?"

I spent the day shoveling snow. I had already done much of it, but the wind drifted some of it back. The plows had left a big pile in front of the driveway.

Mom called me into the house several times for hot drinks. She looked lovely. It might have been my perception had changed or maybe it was the "well fucked look". She hugged me every chance she got. I was more than happy to hug her back.

After dinner, I was sitting on the couch. One woman on each side snuggling up to me. All of us were ready for bed, wearing robes over whatever our sleepwear was. Grandma stood. She held out her hand to me. I looked at Mom, who nodded. My grandmother led me to her room and to her bed.

She stood back, slipped off her robe and let it fall to the floor. She stood before me proudly naked, except for a garter belt and nylons. Her slim body awakened my animal lusts. I felt my already hard cock responding as I looked at her. Her grapefruit sized breasts sagged only a little. Her nipples were prominent and her large areolas were dark with a slight reddish tinge. Her stomach was taut, not showing her age at all. Her mound was nicely rounded. I found it to be very erotic. The garter belt framed her gray pubic hair. Her nylon clad legs were lovely.

I dropped my own robe to the floor. I was left with only my shorts. Grandma stepped close and pushed them down. As I stepped out of them, she put a hand on each side of my face and brought it to hers for a kiss. She kissed me softly on the lips and I put my arms around her, pulling her tight to me. I pushed my tongue past her lips to twist around hers. As our kiss intensified, our mouths opened. Our lips ground against each other.

Grandma pulled her head back and told me, "Let's lie down Jim." As we lay facing each other, Grandma said, "Making love is much nicer if you don't get in a rush, Jim. Try kissing me more softly."

She guided me that night. She showed me how women like to be kissed. She steered my lips to her tits, to suck them, nibble them and caress them.

Taking my hand, she led me to her pussy. She taught me how to rub her clit, to fuck her with my fingers. I learned how to find her g-spot and how to excite her with a 'come hither' motion. I thrilled as grandma came. Her mouth on mine; open and wet, our tongues dancing. Her butt lifting, she held me tight with one arm. Her other hand on mine holding it into her cunt. She held me, thusly, until the orgasm had passed.

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