tagIncest/TabooWheeling Park Ch. 09

Wheeling Park Ch. 09


I dragged Jarid out on a walk the next day. Just a little walk around the Park, sharing a joint with his mother, who realized that she actually liked the stuff. I wore those denim shorts that my bottom hangs out of with a snug, light purple, short sleeved pullover and no bra because, in this case, his mother liked to think she was getting a reaction.

Jen's admission of her intentions towards Jarid came as a bit of a shock, even though I somehow knew she would say something like that. Yes, it disturbed me, yet on another level the thought of the two together in my imagination was somehow tantalizing. And I was curious about Jarid now, too. Liv and I had decided to just monitor the situation but, like me, I felt her imagination was teasing her to anticipation.

"I suppose you thought I was crazy when I packed you two into the RV and brought us out here."

"Something like that."

"Things have worked out pretty unexpectedly."

"You said it."

"I don't have much of an explanation for you."

"Liv told me about your moment. When we were out at the grocery store that day, I mean."


"Yeah. Y'know, Mom, like I say, Dad's a dickhead."

I had nothing to say to this. I'd never used the kids against Kevin and if Jarid had his problems with his father, those were his concerns and I was loathe to interfere.

"I'm just sayin,... I don't know." he muttered.

"Are you thinking about what he'd say if he were here?"

Jarid laughed and said, "I keep trying to picture him here. But, more than anything, I keep thinking that none of this would have happened if not for that stupid divorce. I'm not blaming you, or anything, it's just,... so screwed up, especially now."

"Would you rather we ended up at Vicky?"

"Vicky seems so normal."

"Is that a good thing?"

"I don't know."

"Are you uncomfortable with me now?" I asked.

"Not exactly. It's more like finding out that Santa Clause does exist after all."

"I suppose. Like I say, I can't offer any excuse, or explanation."

"I guess you don't owe me one, anyway. Liv tells me it's like a dream here. A place where you can do what you want within reason, without consequences when you wake up and leave."

"She told me the same thing." I said. "Do you see it like that?"

"I can see how a person could take advantage and make that real when they're surrounded by likeminded people. I've had some pretty good dreams."

"I'll bet.", I said, actually wondering what those dreams may have been.

"I guess I just don't have the mindset for it."

"I wouldn't have thought I would,... well, I guess I'm just glad you're not outright disgusted with both of us. But, Jen is a little worried that you don't trust her like you used to."

"No, I just need to get used to the idea of who she is here."

"I thought so. How are you and Liv getting along?"

"Just fine, as long as I'm being a good little dog."

"It's not like that, Jarid."

"I don't feel like getting into it."

"Alright. I worry about you, you know." I said, putting my hand on the back of his neck and smiling at him as we walked. "What are you going to do about Jen?"

"I don't know."

"Well, do me a favour and keep it in mind, alright?"

"I will."

"Trudy, Jarid!" someone called.

I looked around and saw Dave and Dick, Carrie's husband, and a couple of other guys around an idling Harley Davidson in a trailer occupied lot. He was beckoning us in.

"Come on, let's go see what they want." I said, veering off the track with him behind me, headed for the group.

They were standing around smoking weed and drinking beer, Dick with a screwdriver in his hand.

"Hey, you two, have a shot." he said, gesturing to a medium sized toolbox behind him, in front of which was a quart of Crown Royal.

"Are you sure?" I asked him with a smile over the racket of the bike.

"Sure, I'm sure, you two hang out a bit. Got no glasses, though, but that won't bother Jarid."

I looked at him and noted his small, guilty smile, remembering how he was slugging the stuff back the night before.

"We'll have to have a talk about that, you and I.", I said half seriously, wagging an admonishing finger.

"Yeah, yeah."

Dave passed me the bottle and I took a drink. They all laughed a little when I gagged after barely managing to get it down, even Jarid, who took a drink after me.

"Thanks.", he said.

"S'no problem, Jar." Dick replied. "Hey, grab that Torex set and bring it here? Dark blue, plastic case- yup, that's it. C'mere and check this shit out, I replaced all my outer gearbox screws."

The liquid heat of that shot was working its way to my belly, the rye going straight to my head as I gasped, "Good lord, how can you stand that?"

"You just throw it by your tongue." Dave said. "What're you two up to today?"

"Not much, just a lazy day. You?"

"Tunin' Dickie's ol' Hawg."

I liked Dave. He was one of those big guys that were all man, the kind of guy that makes a woman feel like a woman, as cliché as that sounds.

"Why are the handlebars so high?" I asked, standing alongside him to look at it.

"They're called 'ape hangers'. It's an old style that's still cool."

"Loud and shaky." I observed, finding that I actually liked the appearance of the rebellious looking old thing.

"Yeah, Harleys are. You ever been on one?"


"Dick, mind if Trudy sits on your bike!?"

"-cause they fuckin strip out every time- no, go ahead, chickie!- every fuckin' time you gotta get behind-"

"Hop on, just don't hit anything with your foot."

"Umm,... Alright, it's pretty low, so I'll just,..."

With a careful, slightly awkward and less than ladylike maneuver, I hoisted my leg, bent at the knee, stretched it over the seat and put my foot down on the grass, straddling the wide engine now with my hands on the handle grips, smiling triumphantly as Dave and the guys seemed to take a fresh notice of me.

"Have a seat and give it a rev.", he advised.

I carefully sat, my thighs spread, hands up in the air and still on the grips. The vibration hit me right away, the hard, rhythmic hammering speaking directly to my groin, sending tingles down my legs when I revved it a little.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "It feels so powerful!"

Another guy gave it a much higher rev, a smile on his face as he watched me laugh during the deafening sound, trying to squeeze my thighs together a little.

"Like that, huh?" he asked.

"Yes, it's so,... raw. And it tickles my pussy."

"You got it, baby." Dave laughed as Dick spread my right thigh further to get at something with a screwdriver, he and Jarid's faces close to the powerfully thumping engine.

"-hard to tell with these old fuckers until ya know em, cause they idle so rough, eh? But, basically, what you're looking for is an idle that-"

"Wanna go for a ride when we're done?" Dave asked.

"Sure.", I said, looking at the deep red, metallic tank and the big, polished chrome speedometer mounted there as my nipples began to erect themselves.

They lit up a joint and passed it around, me taking turns as well as I stood again, leaning away from the machine in order not to drop any hot ashes on it.

"Fuck, Trudy, we usually have to tell people to be careful of that shit." one of the unknown men commented.

"What's that?" I asked around a lungful, passing it on.

"Never mind. Hop off and have another shot, honey baby. What do you drive at home, anyway?"

I carefully removed myself from the machine in the reverse manner that I got on, the men looking openly at my crotch as I did, (including Jarid) and said, "O-eight Honda Accord."

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" he groaned.


"You should have an old drop-top Mustang. Panhead's the name, by the way."

"I'm Trudy, pleased to meet you."

"That SST Simmy has for sale." the other countered, looking at me as if sizing me up while I took the bottle.

"Fuck, she doesn't need that rotbox." Dave scoffed.

"It's a bracket racer, man, it's a fuckin' twelve second car."

"She doesn't want a bracket racer, she wants something- hey, you okay, Trudy?"

I was holding the bottle out, trying not to gag again while daintily dabbing at my lips, afraid my breath would catch fire when the joint came around again.

I answered, "Ughh-hh! Gaa,... Yes. (giggle) Uck!"

"You're gonna make her puke." Dick charged, standing now and pointing a screwdriver at Dave while Jarid single mindedly rooted through the toolbox for something.

"Oh, she's alright! You're alright, aren't ya, Trudy?"

"I think so.", I laughed, feeling more than alright.

"Well, give her a beer, Jarid too." the unknown guy suggested.

"Oh, no, we don't want to impose, we didn't even bring anything ourselves." I protested.

"Don't worry about that." he said, sticking out his hand. "Name's Gigi."

I shook it, replying, "Hi, Gigi. It's okay, I don't want to drink all your beer."

"There, she wants the rye." Dave said, as if proving a point while Dick and Jarid crouched beside the bike again.

"Actually, I think I might throw up if I have another drink of the rye, but it's okay, I'm good. Believe me, I'm good."

"You just don't wanna be a bother." Dave said.

"Well, that too." I admitted with another little laugh, brushing my hair out of my face.

"It's no bother, Trudy, but if it'll make you feel better, why don't you just suck some cock for beer?"

"What!?" I laughed.

"Suck my cock for a beer." he dared with a playful leer.

"Oh, my god!" I laughed nervously. "Well,... Okay."

Another thing I liked about Dave was his big, thick penis.

"Dave, you cad." Gigi laughed.

"Jarid, you want a beer?" Dave called.

He wasn't hearing any of this, only popped his head up from behind the bike and nodded with a polite, thankful smile.

"Kay, buddy!" he called, looking at me again after Jarid returned to what he and Dick were doing to say, "Course, that'll be two blowjobs."

"I suppose it would be." I gamely agreed, getting to my knees on the grass in front of him.

I could tell he was already hard as Gigi and Panhead watched me undo Dave's belt, both smiling almost as widely as I was.

I undid the buttons of his fly one by one, discovering he wasn't wearing underwear. I put my hand inside his pants and found it easily, pulling it out and stroking it, looking up at him before kissing the head.

"Lick my balls."

I began doing just that, stroking him the whole time, grabbing his cockhead and rubbing the top with my thumb, making his hips jerk a little while I rested my other hand on his thigh.

I'd sucked Kevin's penis and it wasn't anything I had an aversion to, but it was never any real big thing for me, either. Maybe because it was never any real big thing for him, I don't know. Usually our sex happened on a predetermined day, that being Saturday evening. Boring. This was different. Kneeling there out in public, sucking the hard penis of a man I barely knew beyond the fact that he was funny and friendly while his friends watched, my own son in attendance, was just grand.

I licked his scrotum all over, wetting it down with my tongue and lapping up again, in essence cleaning him before doing the same thing to his stiff member, beginning at the bottom and working my way to the top. By the time I got there, he was moaning out loud and I didn't look to see if Jarid had noticed what was going on, or if he heard over the racket of the bike.

I sucked at his head for a little bit, stroking his shaft with my hand before slowly going down as far as I could, massaging with my tongue, almost using it to draw him in further. I got as much in my mouth as I could and bobbed, my other hand now resting on his other thigh. Then I stroked him with my mouth, sucking and making those dirty slurping sounds before trying to take a little more of him.

This time, I slowly tried to drive his cockhead down my throat just a little way. I had to breathe through my nose, but I could do it. It was really just the gag reflex to overcome.

"Ummplk. Nnnnggk! Ogggggkk! Ahhh!" I expressed, bobbing and letting it out of my mouth.

I got my breath a little and tried again, this time knowing what to expect.

"Oh, fuck! Ohhh, fuck, baby! She's deepthroatin' me! Ahhh, shit, she's good!"

I worked my mouth down further, practically screwing his penis down my throat until my mouth and lips were spread, full of his girth and I knew I'd never get much more. I left it there, my eyes closed as I got used to it, carefully moving my tongue and trying to work my throat around it.

Without warning, he suddenly spurted his cum right down my throat. I choked and had to let him out just a little, but recovered quickly with a swallow. I massaged his balls and stroked him with my other hand, letting him pump his cum into my mouth as I swallowed.

"Mmmmpk. (slurp) Mmmmm. (gulp) Ummmmmpp. (slurp) Mm- (gulp) Hmmmmm-mmmm.", I moaned around his big, squirting shaft.

I made sure he was clean and pulled his pants back up for him, smiling at him while he recovered himself.

"Fuck, Trudy!" he said.

"Okay, that's Jarid's beer." I said, glancing over and seeing my son still behind the bike.

Apparently, he didn't even see, which made me smile a little wider when I looked back at Dave.

"Fridge is in the trailer, baby, go ahead." he said, gesturing over his shoulder at the medium sized towable. "You are somethin' else!"

"Thanks.", I said happily, sashaying by him on the way to the trailer.

I got one of the beer from the refrigerator and made my way back out again with a devilish grin the whole time. This was fun. I gave Jarid the beer, he thanked me and went back to his conversation with Dick as I walked around to the other side of the bike to where Dave, Panhead and Gigi were.

They shut the bike off and I asked, "Now who's cock should I suck for my beer?"

"I'll take that." Panhead volunteered, going for his western style belt buckle.

"No, no.", I said, walking towards him. "Let me get that for you, I love taking them out."

"Right on." Dick laughed, letting me know that this time Jarid had to be watching and having it confirmed a second later.

"Mom, holy shit."

I went to my knees in front of Panhead, turning to look at Jarid taking a drink from his beer as he watched, surprised, awed, but not quite shocked.

"I wouldn't complain." Dave joked, adjusting himself in his pants. "That's how she got you your beer."

"Jeez, Mom."

"You might even thank me.", I joked in turn as Panhead's cock fell from his pants and hit me in the face. "Oh! Ohhh, my, look at that! Mmmmm."

"Thanks, Mom."

I looked around at him again as he took another drink, watching attentively as Panhead lightly slapped my face with his rapidly hardening penis. I could see Jarid's hardon in his jeans.

"You're welcome, honey."

I turned and closed my eyes, letting him rub it all over my face, his precum sticking here and there. I left my jaw slack, ready for him when he grew tired of this exciting act. I was quite turned on now and I knew my nipples were proudly betraying that beneath the tight polo shirt.

He shoved his cock into my mouth at last and I began sucking. I opened my eyes and stroked his rock hard penis with my hand while I looked up at him.

"Did she swallow?" Jarid asked.

"All of it.", Dave ensured. "She's good. And so fuckin' hot. Look at her suck that cock."

"Oh yeah, yer mom's fuckin' deadly." Dick commented.

"She ever walk around in like, just her bra and panties at the house and that?" Gigi wanted to know.

"No, not really." Jarid answered. "Sometimes she wears nice bathing suits."

"Make ya hard?" Gigi asked.

"No. Well, yeah."

"You look pretty fuckin' hard right now, man.", Dave said.

"Oh fuck, she is good!" Panhead exclaimed, both his hands on the side of my head as I again experimented with deepthroating.

Panhead, not being as big as Dave, was able to get more of himself into my mouth and I was surprised when his pubic hair touched my nose. I carefully bobbed there, making those little choking sounds.

"Oh my fuck, this is so good!" Panhead asserted.

Before long, I was swallowing his hot load as well. I fastened him up again with a smile and went to get my beer.

Back at the group, everyone was in good spirits. I opened my beer and drank about half of it in one shot.

"Slow down, that's a blowjob a beer." Dave joked.

"That's alright, I enjoy it.", I said.

"The beer, or sucking cock?" Dick asked.

"Both.", I sleazed. "Will you take me for a ride on your bike if I suck yours?"

"Deal, baby."

I walked right over to the other side of the bike where he stood beside Jarid and wasted no time. Down came his pants, out came another nice hard penis, and then down I went.

"Oh my god, Mom."

"Mmmmp, mmm, mmmmm, (slurp) ummmmpphh." I replied.

"Holy shit, she loves it!" Dick said. "Look at her go, Jar, holy fuck!"

I was so horny my bottom felt like lead. I was soaked down there and was suddenly glad I wore the pink lace panties under my shorts, rather than none at all, which I'd considered while getting dressed.

Almost immediately, I tried to deepthroat him. He was a little bigger than Panhead, but nowhere near as big as Dave, so I was able to get quite a bit of him in my mouth and down my throat, but not quite all. I took a little break from this to kiss and lick under his balls, pumping him with my hand the whole time as I lost myself in this lewd act right in front of my son.

I leaned into him, grabbing him so I could pump while I busily slurped away, tasting his precum and anticipating another ejaculation into my mouth. I loved the feel of the surprisingly forceful jets of seed hitting my tongue, the inside of my cheeks, the back of my throat, but most especially the roof of my mouth.

I stopped long enough to lick up and down the front of his cock, holding it by the top and working the head with my fingers as I wrapped my mouth around it as though it was an oversized pencil.

Before long, I felt him getting close. I deepthroated him again, as far as I possibly could and held him there as he emptied himself into me, the lovely feel of his twitching penis in my throat making me all the hornier.

"Ah, fuck! Ahhhh, fuuuuuuck!!" he groaned as I swallowed it all, sucking him clean as he pushed himself in and out afterwards.

After doing up his jeans for him, I stood and bragged, "Three nice big ones and I never spilled a drop."

Everybody laughed and toasted this as I grabbed another drink from my beer.

"Well, a deal's a deal, Trudy." Dick said. "You ready?"

"Not yet." I said, looking at Gigi. "Jarid may want another beer while we're gone."

Jarid's jaw fell as the rest of them cheered and clapped. A laughing Gigi and I approached one another. He was actually quite handsome in his own unkempt way and I went to my knees right away to take him out.

I took it in my hand and kissed the very head a few times, his precum sticking to my lips. I licked the rest off as he came to his full size in my hand.

Cock. There's just something about it, what can I say? Those proud, hard, completely erect things that represent aggression and accomplishment in society, yet so vulnerable and such a joy to please. I loved seeing my hand on it with my rings, pumping dedicatedly while I sucked at it, as though the creamy results were the fountain of youth. Yes, there's just something about it and, before Wheeling Park, I never got that.

This time I played here and there, sucking, licking his balls and taking one carefully into my mouth before deepthroating him. I made it nice and sloppy with long, thick lines of my saliva sliding down his cock, running from my lips, down my chin and on the front of my shirt as I moaned, the others watching.

"Ah, fuck, you guys weren't kidding!" Gigi gasped as I tried to pleasure every part of his genetalia at once.

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