tagIncest/TabooWheeling Park Ch. 05

Wheeling Park Ch. 05


By the time I got back with Carrie and Robbie, Mom and Olivia had already left. I put my infamous hockey video on the TV for them while I showered, changed and put on my own makeup with another beer on the vanity.

My mind slipped away again to Liv, as it was doing every now and then since I met her. She was really something in a way I couldn't describe and I was sure my mother saw it too. She commanded attention and it wasn't just her looks, either. She was Ollie's daughter through and through. One thing was for sure, Mom seemed pretty relaxed around her. I couldn't remember the last time I saw her wear makeup and I was fairly certain she never dressed like that. She was suddenly a very attractive woman and I remembered again how Liv had said that Wheeling Park had a funny effect on people.

I decided to wear a pair of sheer blue panties and the matching pushup bra. Over this, I threw a small, white cammie that showed lots of cleavage, my see through bra underneath and then a nice, very short, blue skirt. As an afterthought, I grabbed a blue hair band, just for Robbie.

The Club was already in full swing when we got there. We three walked in and I looked around at the tables full of park residents, thinking everyone must have been there.

"Oh, look!" Carrie yelled above the band's blues rendition of Guitar Town.

She pointed along the back wall where Liv was standing and waving us over to some seats she'd apparently saved for us with Mom.

In a sense, I was disappointed. I didn't want to sit with my Mom here at the club, but I sure didn't mind seeing Liv again. In any case, I couldn't very well refuse, especially since the two friends I arrived with grabbed my arms and led me in that direction anyway.

I sat to the right of Liv, mom on her left while Carrie and Robbie sat across from us. Carrie introduced Robbie and Mom while I wondered where Jet was, glancing to my side at Liv every now and then.

She wore one of those backless, gold sequined shirts that left some of the outsides of her boobs visible, also showing she wasn't wearing a bra. I glanced down to see she was wearing a tight black skirt that her hips and legs looked very good in.

"Like my outfit?"

I was startled to be caught staring, but she smiled warmly at me.

"Yes. I think I should have done better myself, now."

"You're perfect. Glad you made it."

"I wouldn't have missed it.", I replied.

We were looking each other right in the eyes as we spoke and I felt my heartbeats come a little quicker. It was like when you hear people talking about becoming mesmerized by a cobra before it bites you, but I knew she wouldn't bite.

"So, you're ready to have a good time?"

"Yup. I like the band."

"They weren't always this good", she laughed, "but they practiced on us enough."

"Practice makes perfect."

We stared at one another for a moment and I asked, "Who are you?"

She put her hand at the back of my neck and squeezed a little in a tender gesture that sent tingles down my spine and stated with that warm smile, "You'll find out soon enough, sugar."

"Okay.", I answered.

I was in awe of her. It sounds stupid, but there it was. She had this funny quality that just wouldn't be ignored.

"So where's your brother tonight?"

"I don't know. He probably won't come."

"Oh, because of what you said about him earlier?"

"Yup. It would surprise me more if he actually did show up."

"That's too bad." she said sincerely.

"I know, but it's his choice."

At that moment, Carrie showed up with beer for all of us. (I didn't even notice her leave) I looked over at Mom, who, I only now noticed, was wearing one of my T-shirts, a white one with light pale pink tie-dye designs all over it that was pretty snug on her. No question she wasn't wearing a bra, but she smiled and nodded at me and my beer before thanking Carrie and taking a sip of her own.

Wow. This was my mom?

Carrie faded back into the crowd while I watched Mom resume her conversation with Robbie, taking note of the faded blue hip huggers that I'd never seen her wear before now.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

I was startled again.

"Yes, but,..."


"Well, I shouldn't stare so much. That's twice you caught me and it's not polite."

Liv chuckled at this, then said, "I look at it as a compliment. I'll bet your mum would, too. Did you know she thought she was boring?"

" ... No."

"Do you think she's boring?"

"No. I mean, not now."

"See? She'd be happy to hear that. Anyone would be."

"You're sure not boring."

"Neither are you.", she said, her eyes glancing over my chest, hips and back to my eyes all in a split second, making me blush and finally look away.

As I finished my beer a bit later, Carrie returned to the table, gesturing for me to get up and follow her, so I excused myself from conversation with Robbie and got up to trail her through the crowd to the foot of the stage. The band had just taken a break and I was introduced to the woman I'd earlier seen tending bar, a full figured, extremely pale knockout with black hair, makeup, nails and long flowing dress. Under the dress was a pair of black thigh highs, but the daring black and red corset was what really caught my eye. Her name was Trixie and Carrie left me with her.

"So glad to meet you, darling." she said. "I've already met your brother."


"Delightful young man.", she said with a funny smile.

"Most people wouldn't say that about him, but he's really nice once you get to know him. I'm glad you like him."

"I can't imagine anyone not liking him. But, right now, we have an announcement to make, you and I."

"We- we do?"

"Oh, yes, my darling. We have to make sure that our free and easy lifestyle here at the park doesn't have any adverse effects on your life at home. Your friend Carrie is concerned with what you told her about drug testing athletes in University."


"Yes, so she's asked me to see to that situation in the way that only I can. Up. Up on the stage with me, my pretty little doe."

She stepped up and held her hand out for me to follow. I glanced around nervously, but took her hand, trusting Carrie in this. Besides, Liv and Mom were there.

"May I have everyone's attention?" the beautiful night crawler asked through the mic.

She got their attention, which didn't surprise me.

"Thank you. Now, as I'm sure you're all aware by now, we have new people to fry in the sun with us this summer. One of these new people is this delightful little thing, named Barbie. Say hello, Barbie."

I said hello, a little embarrassed, but at least not blushing and they roared a hello back, the men and some women clearly checking us both out.

"Barbie, here, is in women's hockey and is apparently quite good. She's set some very realistic goals for herself on making the Women's Olympic Team."

They cheered and I smiled, feeling like I'd already made the team.

"I'd like to make it clear that they do perform drug testing in university and the last thing she needs is to fail one of those. So, nobody give her any pot. Even if she gets loaded and begs you, don't give her any pot, or 'specialized' painkillers from your father's medicine cabinet. In order to press my point further, I'd like you all to turn your attention to our screen."

They all did as the infamous video started playing. What a surprise, to say the least. It was Carrie, of course. She loved the recording and told me so when I emerged, dressed and ready to go earlier that evening, and this was just the kind of thing she'd do.

So there I was, pelting down the ice as shown from a camcorder in the stands. My last name could be seen clearly on the back of my blue and gold jersey as Trixie pointed me out and began commentating with a smile. Myself and another girl on camera were on a two on two breakaway, she had the puck. That's when I sailed right through the opposing team's defenseman at full tilt, sending her reeling through the air over my back and crashing down on the ice.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" the crowd yelled as the recording froze and replayed it in slo-mo.

"It was completely legal!" I insisted, arms at my side, palms out in a pleading gesture as I tried not to laugh.

They good naturedly, but just as loudly rejected this claim.

"She wasn't even watching me, she should have known better!" I tried, but to no avail.

"And then there's this,...", Trixie said as the recording started at full speed again.

I received the puck from my team mate a split second after the check and dumped it in just as neat as you please, a hat trick goal for me that night and the game winner. Everybody cheered this. (It was a nice goal)

"Buuuuuut, then there's this,...", Trixie said, putting her arm over my shoulder as I groaned at what came next.

On the big screen, I had just thrown my arms up, celebrating my goal when a girl of the opposing team came in swinging. My triumphant smile disappeared as I began swinging back, pulling her jersey over her head and punching with repeated right crosses until three referees blazed in to pull us apart. While people rushed to the inert player I'd left on the ice, I was thrown back, my helmet having come off at this point, and was attacked by another girl who I also pummeled to the ice with a vicious expression on my face.

"This is the best part.", Trixie laughed.

On the screen, I looked up, hearing something the opposing team's coach was shouting as the camera zoomed right in on me.

I forcefully jabbed my finger, mouth twisted in extreme anger and apparent loathing, shouting in a voice loud enough to come across on the recording, "Yeah, well you just keep your dirty little skanks the fuck off me, you stupid bitch whore!"

The whole Club cheered and stomped their feet, a lot of them whistling.

"Oh, my god!" I wailed, laughing. "I'm going to become a lawyer at university, so I can sue Carrie for this!"

They laughed even harder as the video rewound and played my awful rant at the coach in slo-mo, pausing right where a globule of spittle was shooting from my vile little mouth. They were all clapping and even my mother was laughing along with Liv.

"No drugs for this girl!" Trixie laughed, pointing at me while everyone agreed.

I stood with my hands covering my face, shaking my head and laughing in embarrassment as she finished.

"And besides, I think we all want to see what this one will do to Team USA.!"

They all cheered and went into the 'Ca-na-da!' chant while Trixie lowered the mic and said into my ear, "I know you're not really mad at Carrie, but, if you didn't already figure it out, she's bought you a lot of respect here with that video."

She was right. Everybody wanted to meet me after I got off that stage, jokingly giving me beer in exchange for me not punching them out. I felt like the star attraction for the rest of the night. Well, one of the star attractions.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

A couple hours later, we were all feeling pretty good and I mean the whole place, judging by the handful of now topless women in the Club. I wasn't staggering and I didn't think Mom was, but she wasn't up out of her seat very often and, only then, to use the ladies room before she'd come right back to sit with Liv.

I'd spoken to Trixie again by then and she told me that Jarid knew everyone would be there and that he was more than welcome to come, but I never saw him. As I told Liv earlier, I'd have been surprised if he showed up, anyway.

I was sitting across from Mom and Liv, taking a drink of my beer when the taller woman moved her grinning lips close to Moms ear.

Mom's eyes went a little wider and she turned to look at Liv, saying, "Like what?"

"Whatever. Something nice, but exciting. Just for me.", she said, now with a very affectionate smile.

"What if I do the wrong thing?" my mother asked.

"You won't."

"I'll need a minute to think,..."

I watched Mom, who didn't seem to notice me, then glanced at Liv. She caught my eye and winked. What was going on?

"I know." Mom suddenly said, then asked her with a big, nervous smile, "Could you call attention for me, please?"

Liv stood, putting her fingers to her teeth and sounding a loud whistle. When everyone turned and saw it was her, they quieted immediately. She sat, gesturing to Mom, who stood up on the wooden bench where she'd been sitting to nervously address the crowd with her midriff showing, her nipples plainly erect.

"(ahem) Um, for those of you I haven't met, my name is Trudy."

"HII TRUUUDYYY!!" everyone called in loose harmony, some whistling at her.

"Well, I uh, just wanted to thank everyone for being so nice when we got here and so helpful. You've all been just great and we're having such a wonderful time here. So, I'd like to thank you all, but there aren't too many ways I can do that. I thought you might appreciate this small gesture,..."

To my utter, slack jawed amazement, my mother grabbed the bottom of my tight little T-shirt and slowly worked it up to, and over her boobs to her neck. As the crowd whooped and cheered, she smiled, despite her red face, and even turned a little each way so everyone could see. Her boobs were just great and I wasn't surprised at the reception they got at all. I managed to look at Liv In time to see her stop clapping, stand and deftly lift the shirt right off and over her head, whipping it into the crowd while Mom shrieked, but laughed aloud too, not trying to cover herself. I suppose, why would she?

She sat back down and looked at me and the shocked smile on my face. I couldn't get my jaw closed.

"Trudy, why don't you go get yourself a beer and move around a little?" Liv suggested.

"Like this?" Mom asked, taking her embarrassed smile from me and setting it on her.

"Sure, they've all seen them and it's not like you've got anything to be ashamed of."


"Go on, everyone here is friendly. Meet people and have a good time."

"Well,... Okay." she agreed after looking at my gaping jawed face again.

"Isn't she something?" Liv asked after she'd gone, boobs swaying and bouncing enticingly.

"Ah,... OMG!" I laughed.

"She's having a great time."

"I'll say!"

"So are you, sugar."

"Yes, I am."

I tore my eyes away from her to look at the crowd, seeing my mother standing topless while talking to three big guys, one of them Junior. She already had a beer in her hand and a nervous, but very friendly grin while the men looked from her chest to her face, somehow respectfully. She laughed at something one of them said, her eyes shining as Liv touched my wrist.

"Something tells me you've never had any trouble mixing. At least not judging by that video."

"No, I usually don't, but I hope you don't think I beat people up. Hockey is an aggressive sport, is all."

"So are you, apparently." she noted with a smile at her double meaning that tended to hold me in one place.

"Well, just on the ice."


"Umm,... well there was the sales clerk at the mall who offered me a free pair of jeans in exchange for a favour in his stockroom. I kicked him in the nads, but he doesn't count."

Liv began laughing at this and said, "Good for you. But, what else?"

"I, uh, punched a guy in the face at school for saying something about my boobs. And there was the time I accidently hit the bus driver in the face with my stick when I was getting on."

"Oh, what happened there?"

"Well, he's a jerk and a lot of the kids would razz him,... me too, I guess, and so he was accusing me of doing it on purpose."

"So, you hit him?"

"No, I told him to F off. But I got into trouble for that and now everybody thinks I really did do it on purpose, even though I kept telling everyone I didn't."

"You've gained a bit of a reputation, then?"

"I guess."

"You're mum believe you?"

"Yes.", I said, looking around at the crowd again at the mention of her.

Junior was standing behind her with his hands on her waist, tickling her sides as she laughed, suddenly bending her knees and straightening again quickly, making her boobs bounce.

"Oh,...! Mom! But, what about Pammie, Junior's wife?" I asked.

She let go of my wrist and pointed, her elbow resting on the table, to a knot of people near the bar. His blonde wife was standing on top of a chair, watching Junior and Mom with a drink and a smile.

"Like I told your mum, park stuff is park stuff, but we leave it here, like we leave our town lives in town. But every once in a while,..."

I was facing her again and, for the first time, I saw some hesitation, maybe even vulnerability in her expression.

"Well, things may be different from now on for your mother. And for me. We enjoy each other's company a lot."

"Umm,... okay."

"Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"I think so. I'm not sure."

"Well, like I say, park stuff is park stuff and it stays here. Like how you're different, now that you're here. There's no need for you to be the person we saw on that video while you're with us and you get that, but you also get that you'll have to switch back when you go home, right?"

"Yes. I can't dress like I do here back at home, for one thing."

"Exactly. In the same way and for the same reasons, there are things that I'll do and that I am while I'm here that you'll never see in my regular life. Some things. But beyond that,... I just don't want you to be confused on how things are with me based on what you see here."

"I think I understand."

"I hope so."

"Mom does seem different here. A lot happier, especially since you came."

"Hmm. See, from my perspective I'm a lot happier since your mum got here." she said with a smile, adding, "Oh my, look at the situation that little vixen's got herself into now."

Mom's back was now towards us as she and Junior kissed. He had his hands on her boobs.

I looked over to Pammie again and watched her fidgeting with the top button of her jeans. She looked over in our direction, saw me looking and gave me a wink. I turned away, back to Mom and her unreal behaviour.

"He's playing with her boobs." I noted again, this time aloud.

"Does this bother you at all, Barbie?"

I turned and looked at her again, pausing before I replied, "Well,... I guess not. It's her choice and her body. Carrie and Robbie kiss me sometimes, so does Jet."



"You like it?"

"Yes.", I admitted with a smile.

"Even when it's another woman?"

"It's different, but,... you know. Exciting."

"It turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yeah.", I admitted again, looking at the table in embarrassment in spite of the beer.

"I like to kiss girls too, you know."

" ... Uh-huh?"

"So does your mother. Oooh, she's definitely enjoying that." Liv observed.

I watched them begin swaying to the music while they made out.

"Fuckin hot, isn't it Barbie?"

" ... Umm,... Uh-huh."

Hey, it was. There was just something about seeing my Mom like that, it was definitely turning me on. One of the strange things about the scene was how so few people really seemed to notice, some distracted by their own excitingly dirty little games, I now saw.

A hand touched my shoulder and I looked up. Liv was beside me now and she looked down at me with a very striking expression before putting her hands under my arms and lifting me up to a seat on the top of our table. She moved between my legs and spoke in a low, sultry tone.

"I'd love to kiss you if that's okay, little Barbie doll."


She slowly pushed me backwards with her body, following me down to the tabletop with her arms around me as she proceeded to plant small, soft kisses all over my face.

"Oh, Barbie!" she breathed. "You're so precious! Just like your beautiful mother!"

This was quite a surprise. I lay there, not moving and allowing her to do what she would until she started kissing my lips. My eyelids fluttered as I watched her beautiful face and it wasn't long before I began kissing her back, squirming hornily underneath her while her tongue found its way into my mouth.

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