tagIncest/TabooWheeling Park Ch. 07

Wheeling Park Ch. 07


"Not so bad, is it?" Olivia asked.

I was beginning to mellow out a little, actually more comfortable with the situation, with her there. But don't think this little coup of hers was lost on me, I knew just what she did there and why she did it. The only question was her motives. Was I to believe that she actually gave a shit about my social discomforts?

"I guess not." I answered, watching the black woman dancing face to face with Carrie to Bachman Turner Overdrive.

"So, what do you think looks best about me tonight?"

"Looks best?" I asked, wondering where this was heading.

"Well, let me ask you this first: Do you find me attractive?"

" ... Yes."

"You sure? You hesitated there."

"Yes, you look good." I said in a carefully aloof manner.

"So, if you could stare at one spot on me, where would it be?"

(what the ffff,...?)

"Uhhh. I guess your, um,... Gee whiz, why do you wanna know that?"

"Just curious. I mean, I could assume it would be my tits, but maybe assuming some things with you would be a mistake."

"Your- well, I suppose, yeah. Not necessarily, I don't know. ... Yes, it would be your- You know."

"Tits?" she teased.

"Yeah.", I sighed, taking a drink of beer and looking around.

Shelly was dancing with some guy a little further out towards the track. They stopped and I watched as he actually helped her out of her shirt, leaving her in a satin slip that covered almost half of her huge melons.

I looked away and saw Junior, slow dancing with the unknown blonde, probably his wife but, again, who'd know? They were speaking in one another's ear with smiles.

Mom was talking to one of the guys who hooked up the RVs utilities when we first got here. She nodded, listening closely as he spoke, then looked down with a small grin before looking back up at him again. He laughed a little and looked down her revealing top.

Jen had joined Robbie and Carrie at their request, dancing close with them while they spoke.

"So, you'd look at my tits, huh? I suppose you'd like to stare at Mums. Most people tend to when they first meet her, man or woman. I think they just want to get a good look so they can get over it and move on with their lives."

"I can see that."

"Is that why you want to look at mine?"

"I didn't say I want to look at them."

"Yes you did."

"No, I said that if I could stare at any part of you, which was what your question was, I would stare at your,... them."

"Tits, Jarid, just say it. And that amounts to the same thing, by the way. You'd like to get a good look at my tits."

"Olivia," I said, feeling my face going a little hot and trying not to think of her all to nice tits. "I don't want to look at them."

"But you would."

" ... Fine, I would, can we please drop it?"

"Like, if you were watching me and I didn't know, you'd take the opportunity."

"No! That's peeping tomery!"

"'Peeping tomery'? Ha! Ha ha!"

"Oh, god." I said disgustedly, looking away.

"You smiled, I saw that."

"I did not." I lied.


"I didn't."

"You must like me a little bit, sugar."

"Stop teasing me, Olivia."

"Cause I like you. Maybe more than a little bit and call me Liv."

I shook my head and looked around again. Jen was coming toward us with a devious smile. She swayed just a bit and landed in Olivia's lap.

"Hi.", she said, taking another drink of her beer.

"I think you've had enough of that for a little while, my little Barbie doll." Olivia said with a warm expression, taking the bottle out of her hand.

"Okay.", she easily agreed. "Having a good time, Jarid?"

"Oh, yeah." I replied, trying to make it sound real.

"Just relax, have fun. Hey, Carrie wants to give you a tat. No charge."

"I wouldn't know what to get."

"She's got all kinds of nice ones, but she'd probably do something custom."

I nodded as Olivia's hand landed on Jen's thigh and caressed it lightly while she listened.

"And she's really, really good, too. She even owns her own parlour and everything."

"Cool, I'll think about it."

"Hey, look at your mum." Olivia said.

We looked. She'd gotten a little closer and wore a tolerant, but humoured expression as the big guy she was talking to began unbuttoning her top further, leaving only the bottom button and spreading the opened sweater around her large boobs. She giggled when he was finished in her very sexy white bra with colourful little flowers all over it, her nipples making quite an impression.

"Look at her nipples." Jen said. "She's pretty horny."

"Holy shit." I breathed, stunned and shamefully turned on.

Jen and Olivia weren't helping that situation, either and another couple of images were on their way to that well known department in my head where nothing at all had been accomplished, anyway.

Jen watched with a leering smile while Olivia squeezed her thigh.

"Jarid wants to see my tits, you know."

I almost died on the spot while Jen laughed out loud.

"Olivia, don't! You know I never said that!"

"Isn't he cute when he's embarrassed? We had that conversation and we rationally established that you want to see my tits, don't you remember?"

"No, that's just what you keep saying. You're trying to put words in my mouth."

Jen grabbed Olivia's tits and squeezed them together slowly, then let them go and looked at me.

"They're really nice tits." she said matter of factly, as though she were defending the quality of produce at Mr. Grocer.

Before I could even get over this, Shelly walked up and greeted the three of us in her usual manner. Jen immediately hugged her and looked at her unreal tits with something like awe. Well, they were something else, alright.

"How are you two little darlings?" she enthused. "Having a good time, are we?"

I couldn't help but smile with Jen and say that I was, no matter what kind of a time I was really having. She was just like that. Not to mention,...

"You've got really nice big boobs, Shelly." Jen said.

I almost choked on the beer I'd just finished. She was acting like,... I didn't want to think about it. I couldn't. And I didn't have time, anyway.

"Thank you, sweetie, you've got a very nice set of tits, too."

"Thanks. Umm, is it true that they hurt your back?"

"Oh, yes."

"I got the reduction surgery because of it.", Olivia said.

"Wow. Will mine hurt?"

"It's proportional, you'll be fine." Olivia answered.

"Can I see one?" Jen asked Shelly, looking at her chest again.

"Of course."

I almost dropped the empty bottle in my hand when I saw Jen casually reach out and pull the satin down from Shelly's shoulder and use both hands to lift her boob out.

"Wow.", she said, pinching the nipple up. "They're totally like,... wow."

I caught Olivia's eye while I was staring at this scene in disbelief. There was a small smirk on her lips as our eyes met.

"Thanks you, Shelly." Jen said, replacing the boob.

"No problem, sweetie. Wait till the wet T-shirt contest. Bye, all."

"Bye, Mum." Olivia called.

I could only lift my hand in farewell and let it drop almost as a deadweight while Jen said a cheerful, "Later! You should have asked to touch one, Jarid."

"Yeah, Jarid." Olivia said, backing her up with that same grin. "Here, you look like you need a drink, finish your sister's beer."

She was definitely right about that and I took the almost full bottle.

Carrie and the black woman were on the red lounger, making out. I took another drink and tried not to stare, my hardon now complete and very uncomfortable. Mom was now also talking to the black guy, who reached out and grabbed her boob and shook it as if he were introducing himself. Mom was surprised, but laughed along with the two men.

"Jarid, take a look." Olivia alerted.

I looked at her to see where she meant. Right there. Jen was slowly pulling down the front of Olivia's shirt while smiling at me.

"Aw, geez."

"Don't look away, just stare at them like you want to." she directed as Jen tugged the foil like material over her large nipples and down under the rounds of her beautiful tits.

"Geez, Olivia." was all I could say.

"Call me Liv, sugar. I'll leave them out so you can stare whenever you want. See, aren't I nice?"

I didn't reply as Jen started playing with Olivia's bared nipples.

"Mmm, that's nice Barbie. Oh, look at Mummy."

The black man had crooked a finger between the cups of her bra, pulling her forward against a small amount of playful resistance on Mom's part to kiss her, then letting her lean back so he could pull her in again for another kiss. The other guy was rubbing Mom's back under her sweater and talking into her ear with a grin.

The same younger guy that was earlier dancing with Shelly was now pulling her long skirt down, pausing to kiss her ass while he did. He lifted the back of her slip and kissed her some more while she reached back and held the back of his head. The blonde that came with Junior walked up and kissed her on the mouth, licking her lips passionately with her tongue. Shelly returned this by pulling down the younger woman's halter top before they kissed again and wrapped their arms around each other.

"Look at Mom now, Jarid." Jen said with a funny tone in her voice.

Mom had one hand in each of the big man's front pockets, feeling around and I barely heard her laugh, saying, "This better not be some dirty trick, you scoundrel. What's-? Oh! Oh! Ha ha ha ha! Oh my god! You don't have any car keys in your pockets at all, do you? Ha ha! Whoo!" she cried as the black guy grabbed both her boobs from behind and started playing with them.

"I love her, so flirtatious in that way of hers.", Olivia observed as though with pride.

Her hand drifted further up Jen's skirt while my misaligned cock was starting to become agonizing. This was nuts. I knew I should leave, but it wasn't as if that would stop anything.

By the Mom got her hands out of the big guy's pockets, her boobs were half out of her bra. She covered her nipples and backed away a step, playfully warning them off when another man walked up behind her and put his hand on her ass. She turned, her mouth open in surprise and he kissed her, holding her there while the big guy grabbed her ass in his place. He smiled as her ran his hand all over, stopping to squeeze here and there and gently pulling her ass cheeks apart while he grinned in appreciation. The tall black guy put his hands on her thighs and began feeling her legs and hips, soon moving to her inner thigh as Mom broke the kiss, looking back and down over her shoulder with a long little moan.

"Wow. What a turn on." Jen said. "What do you think they'll do with her?"

"Whatever they want, I expect. She's a very gracious and thankful person, your mother, and I do believe that she likes to entertain. What do you think, Jarid?"

I swallowed, watching their hands all over her ass and legs, the third man now grabbing her boobs as he kissed her neck.

"I,... Holy shit." was all I could say.

"I know. "You must be pretty hard watching this."

"I'm- I uhh,... ", I sputtered, flushing and seeing Jen playing with Olivia's other nipple now while watching Mom.

"Look, look at what Jet is doing!"

The black man had his fingers between Mom's legs, his thumb pressing between her cheeks, driving her up on her tiptoes while the third man now had her tits right out of her bra and was having quite a party with them. Another man walked up and casually put his hand on her belly and slid it down between her legs, rubbing her crotch through her pants and I clearly heard her moan louder in appreciation.

"That is sooooo,... fucking hot.", Jen breathed.

"Why don't you go help her? I think she's going to need some help, don't you?"

"Really?" Jen giggled.

"Just go and say hi."

"Jen,...", I tried.

"Well, it is Mom and it's the least I can do."

" ... Ho-ly fuck."

She hopped up from Olivia's lap and gave my shocked, open mouth a kiss, slipping me her tongue before walking off.

"She- Oh my fuck, what in hell are they doing?", I wondered aloud, shaking my head as I watched Mom's pants being unbuttoned to allow a few hands to get in.

"Why don't you take your pants off and let me help you relax?" Olivia sleazed, dropping my eyes to my crotch as I dropped mine to her chest.

"I,... I don't know if that's,... what I should do."

"Stand up, honey."

I did, looking at her totally awesome boobs again as she leaned forward and undid my belt, then the front of my jeans. She smiled at me, me staring back as she pulled my pants right down and lifted my feet out of them where they landed on the grass. She then put her leg up on the chair.

"Come and sit between my legs, back to me. Watch your sister and your mum enjoying themselves."

"I shouldn't be doing this." I worried, wondering if I'd still be standing there if I were sober.

"Yes, you should. You want to and you can. Look."

I turned around as Mom's pants were being slowly peeled down over her hips. Her matching panties were full of fingers, poking and prodding everywhere, her legs spread, back arched, lower lip in her white teeth as she allowed them to play with her. Her body was tugged and jerked this way and that while she made pleasured sounds, once crying, "Oh, my clitty!"

"This just can't really be happening." I said as Olivia pulled me back and down into her warm embrace.

"Just watch, sugar. That's all, just watch Mummy be a bad girl, like you want to."

"Oh, fuck, she's so,..."

"Fucking sexy." Olivia finished as I saw Jen put her arms around the black guy's neck and gave him a kiss. "Just like you are, sugar."

My seductress reached around me and slipped her hand right inside the front my boxer briefs, finding my hardon and pulling it out, balls and all, through the fly.

"Ahh-h! Oh, fuck! Olivia, no!", I gasped as she lightly stroked it, working a small squirt of precum out of my cock when she milked the head, making me shudder as I watched.

"Mmmm. Nice, young, big and hard. I have so much to thank your mummy for."

"Olivia!" I panted while the group of men pulled Mom closer to the picnic table with Jen following, pointing out that Mom should suck somebody's cock.

"Call me Liv, sugar." she hissed wantonly in my ear, kissing my neck and squeezing my unbelievably hard cock a little harder.

"Ohh, Liv!"

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

"Jen!" Mom said, looking at me in amused shock.

"Now, why do you think your mom should suck cock, Barbie baby?" Jet asked me.

"Well,... Because she's sexy and pretty and since everyone's been so nice, I just think it's right that she should have a cock in her mouth."

I laughed a little, looking at Mom and noticing that Dave, the man whose pockets her hands were in earlier, was removing his pants on the picnic table. I was going to enjoy this.

"Well, I hate to tell you this," Jet replied with a grin, "but you're sexy and pretty, too. And, since you're with your Mom and so quick to volunteer her,... well, I think you're the one who's gonna suck the first cock, Barbie."

I was surprised by this, hearing Mom gasp behind me, but I only said truthfully with my little smile, "I've never done that."

"You'll learn pretty quick."

"Wheee-heee!" Mom squealed.

I turned to see two guys pick her up and take her to the picnic table where Dave was sitting on its top. Her pants were gone and, with their hands under her thighs, they set her down in the half naked mans lap. He aimed his huge pecker so that it went inside her panties and suddenly appeared behind their front panel, the little flowers design stretched around the thick, prodding bulge there, so enticingly obscene.

"Oh! Oh my god!" Mom exclaimed as she looked down to see this. "Ohh,... Big cock!"

"Hey, Barbie!" Dave said. "Come over here and suck on this one, honey."

Mom was squirming in Dave's lap and breathing hard, looking at me as if daring me to do it. I walked closer, stopped before them and glanced at Jarid who was watching this, wide eyed as Olivia stroked his tool, and a very nice one it was, as I noticed. I smiled at him as Jet grabbed the back of my skirt and slowly pulled it up to the small of my back.

"Holy fuck, you got a rockin' little body." he told me, rubbing my ass and playing with the garter straps. "Get down there and suck that cock."

I obeyed, kneeling on the seat in front of them and between their legs, pulling my grunting mother's panties out and down and watching the big snake writhe back and forth, precum clinging to her pubic hair already. I bent lower and touched my lips to the slippery cock, pulling moms underwear further down so I could get at it better. I found I enjoyed the taste when I let it slide a little way in and out of my open mouth. I loved the feel of the head passing my lips, the hard, yet soft feel of it on my tongue. I pushed my face further, trying to grab it lower so I could direct more of it in while holding Mom's thigh open with my other hand.

"Mmmm, mmmm.", I said, expressing how much I was enjoying this.

Somebody was spreading my legs and playing with my ass, Jet, I hoped, but I didn't really care that much. The crotch of my panties were pulled aside while my ass was spread.

"I am so gonna fuck that, man.", somebody said.

"Not before I get it." Jet answered.

"Lemme eat her first."

"Deal. I'll play with Mommy for now, but make it nice for her. She's special."

It turned me on, to be bargained off like that. Yes, it was one hell of a turn on while I sucked all the harder, making slurping sounds and pushing my face even further between Mom's legs as a mouth and fingers started exploring my tight, soaked little muffin.

"How is she, Dave?" Jet asked, getting on top of the picnic table.

"Fuckin awesome, she can suck me anytime." Dave gasped in reply.

"Ahhhn! Ohhhh!" Ohhhhhhh, god!" Mom wailed as Dave held her in his lap with both hands on her waist.

Whoever it was at my muffin wasn't bad. Not as good as Olivia, or even Mom, but not bad. Mostly, it was the fact that it could be anybody that turned me on. In a sense, I didn't even want to know. Then a finger, slick with my juices was pushed into my anus. Oh boy, I loved that. I was the one wailing now, except into Dave's cock as he began to increase his pace against my mom's pussy and my mouth. The finger inside my ass was bigger than Olivia's or Mom's and, since I already knew to just relax,... Well, it was good.

I could hear Mom getting louder above me and I soon learned why.

"Oh! My Clitty! Right! On! My! Ohhhhh- mmmmbbp? Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm!"

I assumed that was Jet, or at least his huge cock in her mouth.

"Ohhh-h fuck!" Dave groaned as I jacked him through Mom's panties, looking up to sure enough see Mom's mouth full of Robbie's husband. The look on her face was like, just so perfect.

"Fuck, Fuck!" Dave yelled.

By the time I pulled her panties back he was already cumming. I'd never seen it like this, the one experience I'd had being a nervous and brief, overall disappointing encounter, so I watched Dave jerking his cock back and forth, spurting thick cum into Mom's panties. I wailed as another finger slipped into my anus and a shot went right in my mouth, lacing my lips and chin. Tingles shot down my shoulder as the last spurt landed on her lower belly. I closed her panties, rubbing it all in with his cock still in there.

"Clean your mess, Barbie!" I heard Olivia call.

I smiled and tugged at mom's panties, going down once again to make sure Mom and Dave were nice and clean, the only way there was. Yeah, you guessed it.

"Ohhhh! OHHHH!!" Mom got the chance to yell before Jet's cock was plugged back into her mouth so she could vocalize her very energetic orgasm around that.

Dave slipped out from underneath her as I darted my tongue around her thick, soft pussy hair, cleaning as I'd been told by Livy.

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