tagErotic CouplingsWhen a Couch Really Becomes a Loves

When a Couch Really Becomes a Loves


I was sitting on the loveseat in the living room, my feet up on the ottoman watching TV, Torri was doing a few things between the bedroom and the kitchen so she was walking behind me every so often. With each pass she would let her hand brush my shoulders or play with my hair, I just love anytime she touches me! Eventually she finished up and I could feel her standing behind me, her hands found their way to my shoulders (I'm a total sucker for any form of massage) her firm yet soft touch always gets me and I leaned my head back over the edge of the loveseat. I looked up at her and smiled...not just because I love looking into her eyes but also because there was that mischievous little twinkle there tonight.

She leaned in close and kissed me lightly on the lips, she then asked "What's on TV tonight?"

"What TV?" I replied, as I turned off the entertainment system.

"Would you like to join me in here?" she coyly asked motioning towards the bedroom.

"What's the matter with right here?" I replied.

My answer came with the dimming of the lights in the living room, so their brightness matched the subtle warmth of the glow from the fireplace. As Torri came around the side of the loveseat, she deftly slipped out of her pj bottoms to stand before me, just off to the side of the ottoman. There is something so sexy about a woman in nothing but a tee shirt...

She slowly slid up her shirt, first letting my see her sexy little landing strip and then her wondrous, large tits. She adjusted the ottoman in a way so it was longer, yet would still provide support for us. She then straddled me, and every so slowly climbed he way up my body. Torri pressed herself into me for a passionate kiss, our lips and tongues exploring each others, my hands finding their way to her ass to firmly squeeze and pull her close into me. She then slipped off my shirt and pressed herself against me once again as we kissed, the feeling of her hard nipples against my chest sent my already swollen cock throbbing to be released from it's clothed prison. Torri broke free from our kiss and pulled herself further up me, aligning her tits with my face. Cupping each breast with a hand, I give a light squeeze followed by a lick to each nipple in turn, the tip of my tongue playing along the firm edge of her erect nipple. Torri falls against me totally and I can already feel her starting to lightly grind against me, I take one of her tits into my mouth, sucking, while letting my tongue circle and flick and tease her nipple. At the same time I place a finger to her mouth letting her suck at it and getting it wet, before it begins to play with her other hard nipple. Torri's grinding intensifies and so I switch breasts, taking the other into my mouth, sucking, flicking teasing her nipple as my now other wet finger (thanks to her again) plays with her other nipple. And so this pattern goes on and on and on, I feel Torri getting wetter and wetter, her grinding has turned into thrusting and for a moment I think she is going to let me make her cum just as we are....then she pulls back and slides down my body taking my pants and underwear with her as she goes....

Torri smiles down at me as she admires her handiwork, I'm hard as a rock, she grips my shaft and starts to tease the head of my cock on her nipple...not really sure who enjoys that sensation more. She works her way closer to me and lets her wonderful tits brush around my now throbbing cock, with a final look up at me...she smiles and takes me all the way into her mouth. Her wet lips slide up and down my shaft, slowly but firmly, my hand finds the back of her head and I guide her movements as sucks my cock. Her steady movements are ever so slow at first, she gradually picks up the pace, faster and faster...my moans of pleasure get louder and louder as she goes. Eventually my hand on the back of her head holds her in place as I start to thrust up into her waiting mouth, now it is my turn and I thrust faster and faster as I fuck her face. With each thrust her tongue plays with my cock, her lips hold me tight, bringing me so close to exploding....but I want to wait...for now...

"Baby, I want you to ride me" I whisper, reluctantly pulling myself free from her.

I lean back into the loveseat, Torri slides her way back up my body, and leaning into me we share another long passionate kiss. She adjusts herself so her very wet pussy teases my aching cock with even the slightest move from her body. She teases me for a long while with her subtle movements as we kiss, eventually she sits up, my very hard cock resting against her...so eager to be inside her. Deftly, Torri sides a condom over my cock and moves her body forward, teasing the head of my cock with her lips...making me wait to be inside her. but I want her so badly I can't wait any longer, I reach around her waist, holding her with my forearms as my hands grab her ass and I thrust up into her keeping her in place, both of us enjoying the deep penetration. She starts to rock up and down my shaft, before switching to grinding into me, and then back and forth again and again and again. As she rocks I play with her nipples...sometimes pinching, flicking with my fingers, other times letting my tongue have the fun of pushing her closer to the edge. As she grinds my hands slide down her back and grip her ass, pulling her closer into me, enjoying the feeling her movements bring us both. On and on we go, losing ourselves in the sensations, bringing us both closer and closer...

I sense by her movements and her moans Torri is getting ever so close.

"I want to fuck you from behind" I say, and with one last grind, she slides off of me.

I arrange the ottoman once more and position her on the loveseat. I guide her arms so her hands can grip the back edge of the couch, her knees on the ottoman, her legs spread for me. I come in behind her, I take my swollen cock in my hand and tease her pussy and clit with it....just slowly sliding it up and down. Now it is her turn to not wait, as on maybe the forth or fifth pass she slides back onto me taking me all the way inside her. My hands grip her hips and I start to thrust deeply into her, thrusting slowly at first but quickly faster and faster. I reach my hands around and wrap my palms up onto her tits, holding them firmly as I thrust and thrust into her over and over again. She starts to call out my name, her moans get louder and louder, I slide one hand down from her tits to her pussy seeking her clit...with her magic words "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" echoing in my ears I let everything lose, pounding into her, feeling her pussy pulse around my thrusting cock, holding on every minute and then every second I can...until finally with a huge breath I explode into her releasing everything and allowing the sensation to wash over us both.

After a few minutes lying in a breathless pile, we kiss and lead each other to the shower for a well earned break.....or is it ;)

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