tagLoving WivesWhen a Fantasy Becomes Reality!

When a Fantasy Becomes Reality!


We had been married for only 4 months before I found out I had to go away for 6 months. I was wondering how my sex mad wife would be able to cope for all that time without being fucked?

I had also wondered what it would be like to watch my lovely beautiful 25 year old wife get fucked by a black guy with a big cock!

We had spent weeks talking about it in bed. We both got very turned on by the idea, but it was just a fantasy. It got to a point where, I would lick her pussy, fuck her with a black dildo and talk about the fantasy.

I used to secretly look on adult dating sites, looking for a potential fuck buddy to screw her. I spent weeks looking, until I found the perfect one. Huge black cock, married (No strings), friendly, decent looking etc.... I showed her the pictures of his cock in the heat of the moment and she came instantly!

I contacted him and we spent weeks trying to confirm a date, but whenever we did make plans, one of us would get scared and make an excuse to get out of it. He told me to send him pictures of her, so she posed for some semi naked, then naked, shots with her breasts and pussy well exposed, showing him what he was going to get!

Eventually, we both plucked up the courage to arrange a meeting with him. We arranged to meet him at 10PM in a local garage forecourt.

As we were driving towards the garage, I kept asking her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. She kept insisting, that although she was shaking, she wanted to do it! He drove to a garage and we met him late at night in the forecourt. I asked him to follow me to a nearby hotel. As we pulled into the car park. Me and the missus were shaking like crazy. We were very nervous, but also very excited.

We walked towards the hotel and decided to get a drink in the bar first. They sat down whilst I walked to bar to get the drinks in. By the time I had returned, the tension had eased. He was a very easy going, laid back guy and he put us both at ease very quickly. Although he said he had never done this before, we found it hard to believe, cos he was so smooth.

I offered to get another drink in, but they were both keen to get a room, so I asked the bartender if I could get a room. He looked at me, then looked at my wife, sat next to the black stud and then back at me. Would you like a suite with 2 bedrooms sir? He asked me. It's 120 for the night. Or if you prefer, and he smiled when he said this, you can have a one bedroom by the hour.

I was taken aback and didn't know how to respond. I hate wasting money, but I didn't want the barman to know that I wanted a one room apartment, for myself, my wife and a Big black guy! It was a bit of a dilemma, so I said, "No, it's not what you think" I'll take a one bedroom apartment for the night & he can crash on the couch. "He smiled and said, sure....sure..sir. Collect the key from reception, I'll call them and tell them you are coming.

I arrived at the reception and the woman there asked me if I was the guy wanting a 1 bed apt for 3 people? I knew the barman had told her his thoughts! That Bastard! I agreed, swiped my credit card and went back to the bar to collect my wife and her stallion. We walked out of the bar and towards the apartments. I could feel everybody staring at us and talking. They probably were, but I didn't care. We were about to live out the kinkiest fantasy of our lives!

As we got to the door of the apartment, I fumbled like a drunkard with getting the key in the lock, my hands were shaking and my palms were sweaty! I eventually opened the door and swung it open. It was a nice suite. Basic but clean and tidy. Just the job for what we needed. A place to have raw sex!

We all sat down in the living room, the mood had changed now. All 3 of us was nervous. We chatted with small talk for a short while, then I suggested we all took a shower, so we were clean for the fun! I went first, to allow them some time to break the ice again, and left my beautiful wife on the sofa with the black guy. I emerged wrapped in a towel. I had been playing with my cock, trying to make it bigger, as I had seen his and he was really packing! I knew we would all be naked soon and I didn't want to be embarrassed laid next to his huge lump of meat. My wife went into the shower next, leaving me and him alone to talk.

He asked me how often we had done this before and I replied... first time! He said he could tell. He asked me why I allow her to do this and I told him it's because I want her to really enjoy herself, have a wild time, try something different and experience a Big Black Cock. I said, a lot of women dream about it and fantasise about it, but not everyone does it. Out of those that do, many of them do it behind their husbands back. That's cheating I said, but if I am give my permission, or am present, then we can all enjoy the experience. With that, my wife came out of the shower, naked except the towel. He then went into the shower and my wife sat next to me. I said to her, last chance if you wanna back out baby, but she was still keen to go ahead. "We're here now, so we might as well go ahead and do it" she said smiling, pretending like she wasn't too bothered either way, but I could see how horny she was, as she kept fidgeting on the sofa, trying to calm her pussy down.

When he came out of the shower, we all went into the bedroom and were disappointed to find it had twin beds. I quickly pushed them together and jumped on, inviting my wife and her "stud for the night". We all got on, but she was still nervous, so I started off by going down on her pussy, licking her out, trying to get things started. It didn't take too long. I looked up at her and saw her massaging his massive semi-hard cock in her hands! She played with it for about a minute, before leaning over and taking his Fat cock in her mouth! I was stunned to see her behave like this. It was amazing to watch, but so..... I was lost for words!

She sucked him like a slutty whore for only a couple of minutes, as he was rock hard in no time. She gives mind blowing blow-jobs!

He pushed her onto her back and positioned himself between her soft creamy tanned thighs. She shouted at me to fetch a condom quick! I rushed around but didn't know where to look. In my handbag she shouted, they're in my hand-bag. They I thought? What was she planning? A whole night session with her new Stud? I could only manage once, twice at a push, per night!

He ripped it open, hurriedly put it on and positioned his giant black cock near my wife's sweet pussy. This is her first ever black cock, I thought, as I was wondering what thoughts were rushing through her mind! He pushed himself towards her and I heard a muffled whimper from her tightly closed mouth. I guess she didn't want the neighbours to hear her!

I stood behind the pair of them, watching intently as he went in, inch by big, thick, muscly inch, until his whole mighty sword was swallowed by my wife's tight vagina. He moved backwards and forwards, slightly from side to side in a gentle grinding motion. Little did I know, he was just working her up for the hard fucking he was about to give her! It got gradually faster and faster, working up into a frenzy, until all of a sudden he stopped and asked me if I wanted to join in?

I didn't need asking twice and I jumped on the bed, moving alongside my wife. She span round and got all fours, taking my swollen cock in her mouth, whilst her entered her from behind. I was in heaven, looking at the expression of bliss on my beautiful wife's face as she was being satisfied by two men at the same time. She has had more than one cock at a time before in her youth, but nothing like this!

He built up speed again and within seconds he was banging my wife like it was his last night before he went to jail! All of a sudden, the bed broke, one of the legs snapped! So I got up, and went into the kitchenette to find something to prop up the bed. All I could find was an upturned washing up bowl! So I used that, but his hard fucking was too much for it and that buckled too, so they moved onto the other bed.

There wasn't enough room for me, so I just had to stand and watch my amazing wife being fucked by this stallion, right in front of my eyes! It carried on for ages. After a while, I asked her how she was enjoying it. She said she found it difficult to relax, with me there, so I offered to go into the front room. This I actually found to be highly erotic, listening to the sound of a big black stud banging my hot-wife in the bedroom next door. Her moans got louder and louder. I could tell she was ready to come all over his fat tool! I was so excited, I was stroking my cock in the living room!

After leaving them to fuck for about an hour, the sight that greeted me was one I'll never forget! He walked in, with his huge cock, covered in my beautiful wife's creamy pussy juice, closely followed by my beautiful wife, staggering slightly and struggling to walk! She sat down next to me with her glowing face and asked me if I was OK. Ok, I said, I'm fine thanks, how are you. She smiled wryly and said "I'm good thanks". Her Stallion sat opposite with a huge wet bulge in his underpants. He was smiling at me, and said "are we cool man" I said, yeah, of course! I then asked him if he enjoyed fucking my wife, to which he smiled and replied, yeah, she's good!

After a short break and a cigarette, he said can we go back in yet? My wife said that her pussy was rather sore from taking that much hammering off such a monster cock, so she was going hoping to pick this up another night. He said "But I haven't come yet" so my wife offered to take him back in and suck his cock. He walked back into the bedroom first, but before my wife went in after him, she whispered in my ear that he wants to come inside her hot juicy cunt. I told her, if she's happy, to go ahead! She said no, I am just going to suck him off!

With that, she followed him into the bedroom> I thought I'd leave them to it, then after a short while, curiosity got the better of me, so I walked towards the bedroom and then stopped! I could see in the dim lighting, that my wife was laid by the side of him, leaning over him with his almighty cock & it looked HUGE from this angle, in her mouth, sucking him for all she was worth! WOW, it looked amazing, but I thought I had better let them finish in peace, so I laid down on the sofa. About 5 minutes later, I heard them talking quietly, then the bed started squeaking again! "He's fucking her again" I thought! He certainly was! Fucking her HARD!

I heard his big balls slapping against her bum, I heard her moan and scream at the mighty fucking she was getting. I then heard a crunch! I rushed in to see what was happening. They had only broken another bed! I went towards them to try to fix it and was told by him to leave it! He carried on fucking my horny wife with his big dick, not giving a shit that the bed was broken, so I left them to it again, sitting in the front room, listening to her moans getting louder and louder and screams getting uncontrollable! I heard him moan and moan, then get faster, I heard her scream out in orgasmic pleasure. Her cunt tightly wrapped around his mighty fat, wife pleasuring cock. He pumped her hot cunt full of his thick creamy spunk as her cunt carried on twitching in orgasm around him.

He pulled out and I was a little disappointed to see he was wearing another condom. Ah well, it was still fucking amazing! We got dressed and he wanted to walk down to the car park with us, but I had other ideas! We thanked him dearly and closed the door behind him. I led my wife back into the bedroom with two broken beds and hurriedly we both got undressed again. I laid on the bed and asked her to 69 with me. She got on top and stuck her juicy, very swollen, very stretched hot cunt in my face. Wow, it smelled fucking sexy! I kissed all around it, trying to be gentle, as it looked very sore. She gently started sucking my cock and I asked her to be gentle as I was on the verge of coming for about 4 hours! I licked all around the outside of her stretched cunt, tasting the condom lubricant from her black stud's dick. I then did something I hardly ever do. I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt to lick her stretched insides! It was delicious!

She sucked harder on my cock as she was starting to come too! I couldn't hold back and shot torrents of hot creamy come into the back of her throat, as she gushed all over my face!

We then smiled and got up to fix the room back to how we found it, doing as best we could about the broken beds! We went down towards the car park and I had to go into reception. They knew exactly what had just happened! Man & Wife & Black man take hotel room for 4 hours, then leave separately in the early hours of the morning. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out, does it!

Since then, she won't entertain the idea of a repeat performance, even though I am happy to do something similar again, even if it's not with him, but hey... It was a lot of fun! He's keen too as he occasionally sends me a text or an email asking if he can take my wife out & fuck her in his car. He has also asked if he can come round our house & screw her whilst I am away, he said this time he wants to cream her insides!

We'll see!

At the time of writing this, I am still away and she has gone out on a girly night out with her old pals, that used to hunt men like a pack of sluts! She's going to a few bars, one of them she was fucked on the dance floor in! It's now after 2AM and I am waiting for her to text me to let me know if she's going to be late back. If you know what I mean ;-)

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