tagErotic HorrorWhen a Witch is Not a Witch

When a Witch is Not a Witch


Paul was impressed when he walked into the party. His friend Dave had went all out. The house was totally devoid of electric lights and was only illuminated by various glow-sticks placed around the rooms. Dave loved Halloween and outdid himself every year. The entire house was decorated with spider webs; medieval props and other items that made it feel like a true haunted house. The glowing light set the rooms in a soft haze that completed the decorations.

Paul checked his costume before heading further inside. Dave had asked everyone to dress in a costume that would blend into the house. Paul had chosen to be a vampire. Where it wasn't a very original choice, Paul had done quite well. His costume consisted of a black suit that he found on a Gothic clothing website. The suit was Victorian inspired and fit the image of a modern vampire. He finished the costume with a pair of red contact lenses and small prosthetic fangs.

The living room was fairly full, and Paul scanned through the crowd for Dave. The evening was unseasonably warm and Dave had left the patio doors and all of the windows open. Paul said hello to a few people as he made his way through the room and soon found himself with a drink in hand. Dave was famous for his parties, and infamous for the toxicity of his drink. This year's punch was no different. He finally found Dave in the Family room. His costume was simply amazing. Dave was seated in a high-backed leather chair and was dressed like a demon. His skin was painted a deep red and two massive horns protruded from his forehead. He was dressed in a black suit but didn't wear a shirt, and he left the jacket open to show off his bare chest, which was also painted red.

"Welcome to my gathering fellow creature of the night! Indulge in all of the pleasure my hellish abode can provide!" Dave said in a deep voice when he caught sight of Paul.

Paul bowed theatrically to his host. "I thank you most gracious host for your hospitality."

Both men laughed as Paul walked over and shook Dave's hand. Paul was impressed when Dave extended his hand and revealed long black talons. "I see you went all out. I don't think you can top yourself after this party." Paul said.

"I don't really care. Have you seen what some of these woman are wearing?" Dave asked.

Paul nodded his head while he looked around the room. There were just as many hot gals as were in the living room. "Yeah, there are some hot ones here tonight. I think I'll find a cutie to sink my fangs into." He said with a toothy grin that flashed his fangs.

Dave clapped Paul on the shoulder and they both enjoyed a laugh. Paul downed his drink and was about to find another when he spotted a woman across the room. He didn't know how he had missed her so far, but she was exactly what he liked. Her skin was as pale as milk, which was in stark contrast to her long black hair. Her face was pretty, with a hint of European mystique. Paul unconsciously hissed through his teeth. Her face was what had caught his eye, but the rest of her hooked him. Her costume consisted of a sheer, black lace gown with slits on the legs that traveled all the way to her waist. The gown was accented with a series of black leather and silver straps that crisscrossed her torso and waist. Her legs were encased in a pair of thigh-high black leather boots with numerous buckles that ran the length of each leg.

"Dude, who is the hot little witch over there?" Paul asked Dave while tapping his arm.

Dave looked over and smiled. "That's Bettina. She just started working at my job in the advertising department. She's a graphic artist. Fresh out of college in the Czech republic."

"Is she seeing anyone?"

"She's only been in the country for a few weeks, so I don't think she's met anyone yet. I'd move quickly if I were you. I don't think she's going to stay unattached for too long."

"Okay, then introduce me." Paul said eagerly.

Dave gave a grunt before waving his hand and calling out. "Hey Bettina! Come over here for a minute."

Bettina excused herself from the two women she had been talking to and walked over to where Dave was sitting. Paul admired her walk as well as the hints of her breasts that came through the sheer material of her gown.

"Paul, this is Bettina. Bettina, this is my buddy Paul. Paul thinks you're hot and is too much of a chicken shit to come over and talk to you. I hope you won't hold his wimp ass against me. I've tried all I can but he just isn't a hot demon stud like me."

Paul clucked his tongue and resisted the urge to slap his big-mouthed friend. "I actually thought he would be a gentleman and introduce us properly, but I forgot who I'm dealing with. I couldn't help but notice your witch costume. It's really cool." He said to Bettina who was smiling widely at the banter between the two men.

"Thank you. I have gotten quite a few looks tonight, but who said I was a witch?" She asked. Her voice was light, but made harder by her strong accent.

Paul's eyes were drawn to her drink. She was slowly circling an index finger around the rim of the glass, and her shiny red fingernail was strangely exciting.

"I just took it for granted." He said slowly. Paul was almost in a trance as her finger stopped its movement and dipped into the cold drink. She stirred it and then pulled her finger free. Paul watched her finger as a drop of the red punch clung to it. He followed it as she slowly lifted her hand and slid the wet digit between her red lips. She slowly pulled the finger from her mouth with a soft sucking sound.

"Well, I'm not dressed as a witch, but I do like your vampire costume." Bettina said, finally breaking Paul's trance.

Paul recovered quickly, but his face reddened at how he was acting. "Thanks. So if you're not a witch, then what is your costume?" He asked.

Bettina smiled at him and he knew in that instant that he wanted her like he had never wanted another. "If you play your cards right tonight I just might let you find out." She said.

"Wow, all of these hormones flying around are making me want to find a little Demoness of my own. I'm going to go prowling my two horny friends. Have a good night but stay out of my bedroom. I like to dirty the sheets myself." Dave said as he rose from his throne.

"My glass is empty. Do you want to go and get some more punch?" Bettina asked.

"Sure thing." Paul replied. He followed Bettina as she turned to leave the room. He moved alongside of her and slipped his arm around her waist. Paul was pleased when she did not pull away and he became more so when she pressed closer to him.

A few glasses of punch later and Paul was feeling at ease. He found himself in Dave's family room, relaxing on a couch with Bettina. They were watching a vampire movie with a few of the other partygoers and Bettina had let him put his arm around her shoulder. She was actively squeezing his thigh and Paul was becoming excited. He tried to will his cock still, but it didn't work. He was just about to excuse himself and find a place to cool down when her hand drifted too far up his thigh.

Paul was mortified as Bettina stopped moving her hand and gave his stiffening hard-on a firm squeeze.

"I hope this is because of me and not the movie. Yes?" Bettina asked him once she had turned her face to look into his.

"I don't find vampire movies this exciting. I can guarantee that this is all your doing." Paul responded. His face was reddening and he was obviously flustered.

"That's good. You've had quite a bit to drink and I was fearful that you wouldn't be able to perform. I love a good performance and I always demand an encore." Bettina replied, punctuating her last statement with another firm squeeze of Paul's cock.

Paul was about to go out of his mind. If she kept up, he was going to blow his load in his pants. Bettina seemed to sense it and slowly pulled her hand away. She looked down at her watch and checked the time. It was only forty-five minutes from midnight.

"I don't think I want to wait too much longer. Why don't we head back to my apartment?" Bettina asked.

Paul was more than ready to leave, and the thought of getting Bettina alone made his mouth water. He was standing before he realized how overeager he appeared and was instantly embarrassed. A quick smile from Bettina set him at ease.

"Come on Mr. Vampire. I'll find something to take your mind off of blood. There are other things to drink that you'll find even more satisfying." Bettina whispered into his ear after she had stood from the couch.

The car could not move fast enough for Paul, but he forced himself to drive properly. Bettina didn't live too far from Dave and it took less than fifteen minutes to get to her condo. Paul barely noticed how nice the building was as he watched Bettina climb the stairs to her unit. He tugged his false fangs out of his mouth and was ready to pounce on her like a cat as soon as she opened the door.

Once they were inside and the door had closed, Paul moved in for a kiss. He didn't find any resistance, but after a few seconds was pushed away.

"Down boy. I love Halloween and the chance to be kinky. My bedroom is around the corner. There are some candles and incense that you can light while I fix us some drinks." Bettina told him. She could see the frustration that Paul was trying to hide.

"Don't worry, I'm going to take that edge off you as soon as I get into the room." She assured him.

"If you don't, I just might change into a bat. A vampire can only take so much." Paul said with a smile as he headed off to her bedroom. He found a book of matches next to the incense and lit the sticks that were already prepared. He then set about lighting the multitude of candles that were placed around the room. Paul could feel the change in temperature in the room from so many candles and soon felt a bead of sweat roll down his neck.

"I hope you like these. My mother taught me how to make them and I've never tried until now." Bettina said as she came into the room with two glasses of what looked like wine.

"What's in it?" Paul asked as he accepted the glass.

"It's a cherry liqueur and wine mixture, with a few extra spices thrown in. The women where I grew up used to swear that it makes men and women more...adventurous in bed." Bettina explained with a grin. She took a deep drink from her glass and Paul followed suit. The drink was sweet and the consistency was thicker than wine, and even though it was cold, he could feel it like a warm stream flowing down his throat.

"Wow, this is pretty good." Paul said as he took a second drink. He was going to take another, but Bettina stopped him.

"Let's save a bit. I want something else right now." She said as she took the glass from his hand. She placed the glasses on a bedside table and turned back to Paul. He soon felt her hands pressed against his chest as she pushed him down to the bed.

Paul tried to sit up but Bettina was keeping true to her word. Her hands worked deftly at his pants and she quickly unfastened and pulled them down his legs. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched her work. His cock had lost its stiffness but was now regaining its full strength as Bettina stroked it through his shorts. She pulled and stroked until he was fully erect, then pulled his shorts down.

Bettina grabbed the cock in front of her, plunged her mouth over it, and almost took the full length. Paul gripped the bed sheets like a jolt of electricity had just shot through him. His hips moved by themselves but Bettina controlled his pace like an expert. She sucked and licked his cock until he was grunting like a madman. His thrusts became stronger and he teetered at the edge of climaxing. His stomach muscles knotted and he felt the first convulsions of orgasm at the base of his cock.

"Not yet..." Bettina hissed as she gripped the base of his cock with unbelievable force.

Paul groaned in frustration and pain. His cock felt as if it were going to explode as his muscles continued their strong contractions. He felt helpless as he watched Bettina lift the hem of her dress with her free hand while keeping her death grip on his pulsing cock. Paul was only able to catch a brief glimpse of Bettina's pussy, but he was able to see that it was shaven clean and glistening in the candlelight. She straddled his waist and guided the head of his cock between her wet cuntlips. Paul felt her lips envelope the head of his cock for only a split second before she sank down and took his shaft fully into her wet slit.

Paul had been shocked at the feel of her mouth and it was the same thing but multiplied by ten. Her cunt was impossibly hot and felt smoother than anything he had ever had before. Beads of sweat began to roll down his cheeks as Bettina began to slowly move. She gripped his cock with her muscles as she pulled away and then relaxed them to swallow his cock like a velvet glove as she came down.

"Do you like this?" Bettina hissed through gritted teeth as she increased the force of her thrusts.

"Yeah..." was all that Paul could manage to say.

"I'm going to make you come like never before and you're going to do whatever I tell you to do. Understand?" Bettina told him.

"Yeah." He replied. He knew that he would play any kinky game she wanted at the moment. He felt as if he were going to pass out. His body was a series of twisted knots, and he was burning up.

"Promise me." She hissed.


Bettina slammed down on his cock with even more force. "I said promise me!" she growled.

Paul had to concentrate to answer. It was if all the drinks he had consumed that night were catching up with him. He finally found his voice. "I promise." He choked out.

Bettina didn't answer him in words, but leaned forward and kissed him deeply. When she pulled back she began slamming down on him with as much force as she could muster. Paul could hear the squelching sound of her cunt as the cream was forced from her with every thrust. He closed his eyes to shield them from the stinging sweat and his head pounded against the bed like a man possessed.

Paul would later swear that they had fucked for over an hour, but it was barely fifteen minutes. His body was tensed so tight that he thought his muscles would snap and his eyes rolled in his head. There was nowhere to go and no higher to climb. The usual sensations didn't apply and Paul was lost in the sensations. He didn't know when it started but he was dimly aware of his body convulsing and the sensation of semen rushing from his aching cock. The only thing that made it to his brain was the wet sloshing sound coming from Bettina's flooding cunt and faint chiming noise. Paul finally tumbled into darkness as the chimes struck twelve.

Paul regained his consciousness to find something cool on his face. He forced his eyes open to find Bettina dabbing his face with a cool cloth.

"I knew you would be coming around soon. I thought I would give you a few minutes to rest after a climax like that." Bettina told him as he struggled to wake fully. His eyes settled on a clock that hung on the wall. He had missed it when he came into the room, and he figured that it was what had made the chiming sound. The clock read twelve-fifteen. Paul felt cooler than before and he found that Bettina had removed his suit coat and had unbuttoned his shirt. He couldn't believe that such an unbelievable fuck had taken place in such a short time.

"How do you feel?" Bettina asked him.

Paul stretched his neck and groaned a bit before speaking. He found that he was actually feeling better than he should. "I'm not bad. I've never had such an orgasm before. You are fantastic." He told her.

Bettina smiled and tossed the cloth aside. She reached for her glass and took a sip before offering some to Paul. She leaned forward to give him the glass, but pulled it away at the last moment.

"You seem to be ready enough. I'll give you your drink, but you made a promise to do whatever I want." She told him.

Bettina sat the drink down and unfastened the straps of her costume. They fell to the floor and were soon followed by her gown. She stood before him in just her jewelry and boots, and Paul was even more impressed than before. Bettina was fit, but rounded in all of the right places. Her nipples were stiff and large and reminded him of ripe strawberries. He moved to sit up, but she once again took charge of the situation. She lifted her leg and pressed her heel into his chest, pushing him back down on the bed.

Bettina took her time as she moved over his body. She inched forward until her wet cunt was poised above his face. This wasn't a kink that Paul had ever explored and he was unsure if he wanted to. He considered protesting until Bettina moved her hands to her breasts and he watched as she rubbed and squeezed each mound. He could hear the little moans that escaped her as she became more excited and Bettina was soon pinching and twisting her nipples like a woman possessed.

"Touch me." She said with a groan.

Paul was pinned to the bed, but was able to slide his hands up the side of her legs and cup the cheeks of her ass. Her skin was hot and slippery from sweat, and his touch caused her to wiggle her hips. When Paul looked back up, Bettina's eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a silent moan. He gripped her ass cheeks harder and tried to match the pressure she was applying to her breasts. This treatment caused her hips to gyrate harder and Paul could see her cunt begin to ooze cream.

Bettina twisted her nipples savagely and groaned as she began to climax. She shook violently causing her dripping cunt to spatter his face with the results of their previous fuck. Paul continued to squeeze her as she rode her orgasm like a bucking horse. By the time she finally calmed down, Paul's face was dripping wet.

Watching Bettina get off was intense, and Paul was once again feeling the heat of the room. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to go again. He waited patiently for her to move, but Bettina took her time. She reached over to the nightstand and retrieved her glass. "Oh, that was good." She said through her heavy breathing. She reached back and grabbed his cock, which caused Paul to catch his breath.

"You seem ready, but I better make sure you have enough energy to get the job done properly." She said as she stroked his cock.

Bettina leaned back and slowly drew the glass down between her breasts. She continued until it was near her waist and then slowly tipped the glass toward her. Paul watched as the thick liquid rushed to the lip of the glass. It pressed against her skin before spilling out and flowing down in a small stream. When the stream reached the top of her clit, it flowed over it and down into the crease of her cunt.

"Come on baby. Lap it up." Bettina told him with a wicked smile on her face. She lowered herself a few inches and pressed her cunt to his lips. This gave Paul very little choice in the matter. He normally wouldn't mind, but he had already cum inside her and shot quite a large load. He could smell the difference in her cunt and knew that his sperm was mixed completely with her cream. Paul stuck his tongue out and hesitantly licked her cunt. The taste wasn't much different than just licking a woman's juices, and the liqueur helped mask the taste.

Paul licked a little bolder, and Bettina knew she had him. She had stopped stroking his cock, but resumed as his tongue lapped her sticky slit. His mind was quickly clouded by lust and he was soon lapping away hungrily but there was more of the sticky goo than he had anticipated. His mouth was flooded by a thick glob as his tongue pushed in and opened up her hole. Paul barely swallowed the slimy cum before Bettina pushed a fresh spurt into his mouth.

The room was even hotter than it had been before and Paul was oblivious to everything but what Bettina was doing to him. His body was covered in sweat, and moved with every twisting stroke of her hand down his cock. Bettina gave him another squirt from her cunt before releasing his cock. She spun around to face his feet and returned her still sticky cunt to his probing tongue. She gripped his cock by the base and began to slowly lick the entire length. His cock throbbed as her tongue traced over the sensitive skin and Paul knew that he would not last much longer.

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