tagNonHumanWhen a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 02 of 03

When a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 02 of 03


"Tell me about Anya's children. Your children." BiBi corrected herself the next day when she was sitting at his side as he drove her car. She had spent the early morning packing what she needed to have with her before she would need the rest of her things, and they had set out for the 13-hour drive to Duluth right after they'd eaten a quick breakfast.

They were already in Illinois, the first part of their journey had begun in silence. BiBi hadn't minded, she'd needed the time to calm herself. This, doing this, was not something that she had been really able to prepare herself for. She was going to go to this man's home, to meet the men, and the woman, he treated like people he was married to, and in a way, he was. And in a very real way, their being together was not ok. She knew that tore at him, and she also knew that a little bit of the wolf worried that he would be denied her. And he didn't want that. She didn't want it either, but she also wasn't sure she could handle being claimed by him. Being bonded to any of them.

"There are the four oldest, light sirens like Anya."

"Light siren?"

He nodded, he hadn't told her what Anya was before.

"Light sirens make both those of the dark and the light feel...more. They get intoxicated by her, rowdy, a bit out of control. Since wolfs are dark in their wolf body and light in their human form, we are sort of...settled around her, but we are very intensely motivated to be with her."

"She's like some sort of drug to you guys?"

"Yes, to all nonhumans. Everyone likes her...sexually especially." He told her.

BiBi frowned, would she have to work to get Grigory's attention from the light siren? She frowned and looked out her window, but didn't say anything.

"Sam is eight now. He was the one who was blind before Vesper touched him. He's very inquisitive, smart. Funny. He's getting pretty decent at soccer." He started to tell her about the children and she turned her head back towards him.

"Penny is next, she's six. Precocious. Caring. She is really good with her little brothers and sisters. Then there is Oscar, who is almost five. He's always getting into trouble, mostly because he lets Boris influence him so much. And then there's Dina. She's almost two, and of all of her fathers, I have to say she likes me the most." He beamed at BiBi with pride and she felt her gut tighten, he certainly sounded like the doting father.

"Then she had the babies with the dragons. They age fast, they'll be fully grown within five years. The oldest two, twins, boy and girl are Ju Long and Mei, she had with Wei Lotus. Then Li, a boy, with Yu Lotus, and Zhen with Zheng Lotus."

"Why did she have so many dragons?" BiBi asked.

"She wasn't given a lot of choice." His guttural response was full of anger and BiBi nodded.

"Sergei bred her first, and she had seven pups with him, Ava, Boris, Catarina, Demetri, Egor, Fionna, and Gertrude. They were born two years ago this month, but to you, they would look like eight-year olds."

"Eight-year olds?" BiBi gasped as she looked over at him.
"Wolf pups age two years for every six months of a human's life. Anya's pregnancies have also been shorter with her litters." He explained as he pulled off the road to fill the car with gas.

BiBi thought about what he was saying to her as he stood outside the car filling the tank. The woman had basically been a baby making factory. She shivered, wondering if that is what Grigory would want. Would he want her pregnant right away? Would he breed her with the others? There were so many things that she didn't know. Things she was scared to know. She was falling for this guy and his life was insanely complicated.

When he got back in the car, it was to find her with tears falling silently down her cheeks.

"BiBi?" He asked, his hand on her cloth covered thigh as he looked at her in concern.

"I just, it's just a lot. Ignore me. I don't mean to be emotional." She muttered, wiping at her eyes and sending him a soft smile.

He kissed her gently and restarted the engine.

"Anya had another litter not that long ago. This one from all of us in the pack. Hannah is mine, then there are Ivan and Jack, who belong to Yegor, and Katja and Linus, who belong to Yakov. Michali is Sergei's."

"That's so many kids."

He nodded. "Litters are not always so large, but Anya ovulates strangely, and it causes the large litters."

"Do you miss your daughter?" She asked softly, running her hand along the edge where the window met the bottom sill on the passenger front door.

"I miss all my children with Anya." He frowned at her, but sighed after and moved his hand up her thigh a little, "But I do miss Hannah, yes. She's got bright red hair, not much of it, but it'll definitely be red."

BiBi smiled, trying not to feel wounded. Not really succeeding. He was such a part of the lives of so many other people. However would there be enough room for her?

"Where will I fit in to all of this." BiBi looked over at him, watching as he moved his eyes to her, intimidating as ever as he tried to read her question, and his mouth pulled down a little at the edges.

"What do you mean, BiBi?" He asked, his voice a little unsure.

"Where do I fit in to this, to the pack? All these kids and the other males and Anya...the whole pack seems to revolve around her. And I don't hate her, Grigory, I'm hella jealous, sure, but I don't hate her. I just don't know how there's any room for me."

"BiBi. Packs have several females. There is plenty of space. They will accept you and you will have a place in the pack, beside me." He tried to assure her by petting her thigh and she put her hand on top of his.

"Anya isn't a werewolf." She stated with meaning and he looked at her, his gaze a little angry.

"What does that mean?"

"She doesn't know what a 'normal' pack does. You said she wants to just be bonded with all of you. She only took Aidan because she was 'desperate,' you said so. Her accepting your need to claim me, there's nothing in it for her." BiBi knew he was getting upset by the grip he had on her thigh, but she didn't care.

"BiBi, please. You shouldn't worry. She'll accept you. Once she sees how I want you, what you mean to me, she will accept you. Sergei will accept you, and then she will accept you." He told her huskily as his hand moved from her thigh to press into her pussy through the thick fabric of the long skirt he'd made her wear for the trip.

BiBi dropped her head back on the seat behind her and whimpered as he pressed the medium sized dildo fully into her pussy from where she'd relaxed with a few inches out of her. The larger one was in her ass, spreading her open, clenching as it had remained in place for the last few hours. She could barely handle it and when he refocused her attention on it, she could feel the moisture pooling out of her pussy and onto the towel he'd placed under her.

BiBi closed her eyes, not stopping him as he pushed against the dildo, and then rubbed over her clit several times, his eyes on the road, her face turned away from him as she whimpered and responded to his touch. She knew what he was doing to her, he knew what he was doing to her. She had over twelve hours total to sit in a car and be terrified that this light siren was going to tell her to fuck off, and then she was going to have to leave, she was going to have to leave this big, annoying, sexy, erotic wolf. And then she was going to have to live with the fact that she'd fallen for him hard and fast, and she would never ever have him. Ever.

Later that day, they were just north of Bloomington, Illinois, when BiBi woke up from a nap that she had taken. Grigory had finally stopped driving the car for a moment, long enough to make her come several times before he finally pulled both cocks from her pussy and ass and put them in a bag with the towel she had soaked with her juice. He'd kissed her deeply, languidly, as he'd pulled a pair of panties up her slim legs and moved her skirt back down to where it had been. The plan was to get close to Minneapolis and stay in a hotel, then they would go to Twig, the little town where their property was located, and meet his family in the morning. She would get one more night with him. One more night. She had fallen asleep hard and hadn't woken until she heard the car door shut and he sat down beside her again.

"I was hungry. I got some more of those Moon Pies you like." He set a bag down beside her, a half-eaten chocolate Moon Pie in his hands. She couldn't help but smile at him. He'd never had one before, and in Tennessee, they were more popular than water.

"You eat so much, how are you all muscle."

"I was a wolf for over a month. And I ran from Toronto to Tennessee. It shouldn't be hard to believe I would get a little stronger." He smiled at her after he chewed that last of his pastry and then licked his lips as he looked down at her.

"Do you always eat like this?" BiBi sat up a little and reached into the bag to see what else he bought. Smiling when she found some apples.

"Pretty much. Yegor, though, he can really pack it in." The man chuckled and it rumbled out and made her shiver a little.

"Was there a bathroom in there?" BiBi asked when he moved to start the car.

Grigory nodded, "Yeah, it's inside."

BiBi nodded and got out of the car, smiling back at him as she walked through the cold to go inside and she looked around for the bathroom.

"Can I help you?" The older man behind the counter asked and BiBi felt that familiar feeling and plastered a smile on her face and turned to look at him.

"Where's your bathroom?" She asked.

"You didn't buy anything. Bathroom's for paying customers." He said, folding his hands in front of him.

"Oh, my boyfriend was just in here. Big guy, tall, just bought a bunch of Moon Pies."

"Don't remember him, either buy something...or leave."

BiBi bit the inside of her lower lip, she hadn't remembered to bring her purse in with her. Without saying anything, she walked back out the door and got back in the car. Grigory turned to her and frowned.

"That was quick. I thought you had to pee?"

"Just go." BiBi muttered and pulled her seatbelt on.

"What happened?" His voice was more stern now, and he was looked out towards the gas station they were parked at.

"Grigory. I want to go. Just go." She said, not wanting him to question the shakiness to her voice.

He remained silent for several minutes while he pulled back onto the interstate, but she knew he wanted to say something. His whole body felt hotter to her. And he was tense, as if he would jump out of his seat if she were to touch him.

"What happened?" He finally asked in a heavy sigh.

"I didn't buy anything. He said the bathrooms were for paying customers." She muttered, really not wanting to have this conversation with him.

"What? But I was a paying customer."

"He said he didn't remember you. Don't worry about it, Grigory, it doesn't matter."

"It does matter, you needed to pee. That guy should have let you. Hell, I peed before I bought anything."

"Grigory, just forget about it."

"No, he shouldn't have done that, I should go back-."

"No, Grigory. Don't. It's not a big deal." She put her hand on the arm he had closest to her and made him look at her, "It's not. That stuff happens to me all the time."

He looked at her like he didn't understand, and BiBi felt her eyes widen when she realized he really had no idea.

"What stuff happens to you all the time?" He asked, his jaw was clenched tightly, he was really mad.

"Grigory, I'm black."

He looked at her like he was expecting her to follow that up with 'and I'm from outerspace,' and she stayed silent.

"Black people pee, too."

"Oh, Jesus, yes, Grigory, black people pee too. That man knows that. Please, you can't be this thick, you might be nonhuman, but you live on the same planet, in the same country that I do, with the same awful president that I have. You have to know about being black."

"I'm sorry, BiBi, I am very shielded from human issues, I mean, I know about the discrimination, the voting, all of that, but you were just looking to use the bathroom." He looked frustrated as he watched the road in front of them.

"Grigory," She sighed, "Not everyone, oh, I can't do this. I can't have this conversation with you because you don't get it."

"Don't get what?"

"That I'm black."

"BiBi, I am not blind, I can see the color of your skin." He told her, his eyes a little upset as he sent her a look.

BiBi put her hands on her temples for a moment, "Grigory. I am black, you are white, do you understand that there is a difference between the two?"

He did not, that was very clear from the way he looked at her.

"I don't see it." He shook his head, and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply to try to calm herself down.

"Please do not be that guy that says he is colorblind, oh my God, I will kill you with a damned Moon Pie if you do!"

Grigory sighed and pulled the car over to the side of the interstate so he could turn to her and focus on their conversation.

"I see you, BiBi. I understand that I am in love with a black woman. I understand that your life experience is and will always be different than mine, even in the same situations. I understand that while I look at you as an equal, as superior to me in many many ways, there are those that will always see you as lesser. I'm not color blind, BiBi, I know what you are, what you look like, and I want it, I want you, I want in. But when it comes to things like that, that man not letting you use the bathroom, those subtle bits of racism that I don't see because of the fact that I'm not human, I'm not going to get that every time. You're going to have to make me aware."

BiBi frowned at him, his explanation was good, sound even, but he had her temperature up, and he had stopped the car on the side of the road to talk to her, and that weirded her out. "I'm not explaining to my white boyfriend every time someone does something that I feel is racist. I don't need you to come save me." She told him.

"Stop calling me your white boyfriend. Stop referring to me by the color of my skin." His voice had deepened and she could feel the car heat up with the irritation he felt towards her.

"But, Grigory, you are white."

"Human." He practically shouted as he put his hands about a foot apart, palms open towards each other and then moved them in shaky jerks up and down in front of her, then moved them the same way in front of his body, "Nonhuman."

She closed her eyes and tried to count to ten this time.

"That doesn't matter..." She started to speak and heard him growl, truly growl, and his body shook, and she winced and shrank away from him, scared that he would suddenly morph into his wolf form in her car.

"It....matters." He snarled at her and then put his fingers from his left hand in front of his eyes and pressed hard, trying to focus.


"I told you that a long time ago, werewolves were almost killed off. Remember that?"

BiBi nodded, "Yes, you told me."

"We were hunted, like animals. Just like animals. By other nonhumans, but mostly by humans. Wolf hides were sold and the bigger they were, the more expensive the price. We almost all died. I have few, if any siblings left because if this. I barely escaped. I shouldn't have. My fur is rust, and that was seen as extra exotic to the people from my country. I grew up hating humans. Hating them. Because they hated me." He told her as he looked out at the road. There weren't many cars right now.

"Grigory." She said but he shook his head at her.

"I hated humans for a very very very long time. I didn't care what color their skin was, they were killers to me, the enemy. It has taken me decades to get over the beginning of my life, It took time to stop seeing humans as an enemy and just seeing them as they are today. You cannot expect me to be to a point where I see a difference between the colors of their skin. I'm just not there." He put a hand on her cheek.

BiBi didn't realize that she was crying, again...she was so tired of crying. She leaned her head into his hand.

"I want to understand. Not to be your knight in shining armor, but because I want to understand what this difference means to you." He told her.

"I'm not used to that."

"Well, I don't know how else to explain this to you. Skin color really doesn't matter to nonhumans."

BiBi frowned, doubtful of that. "Are there any werewolves who are not white?"

He'd been about to shift the car into gear and start driving when she said that, and she could see his skin prick up as he turned to look at her again. "Yes, all shades, just like humans. There is human blood in me, remember?"

"And they're all treated equally?"

He looked at her in frustration and nodded, "Why wouldn't they be?"

"But you told me that packs have a tendency to bond with those from similar regions. Wouldn't that mean that they'd be pretty homogenous?"

"Homogen-what? BiBi. You are twisting things. Stop. It's not the same."

"Maybe it is, she shrugged, maybe you just don't know it."

"Maybe you're looking for something that's not there." He flipped at her as he finally pulled back onto the highway.

"You're being obtuse, Grigory, to deny that there might be discrimination that occurs in werewolf packs."

"Oh my God, stop." He groaned, putting his head on the steering wheel for a moment.

"I'm just saying."

"You are just picking a fight." He snapped at her and she bit her lower lip, okay, maybe she was picking a fight, a little one.

"I still think it's possible."

"Jesus, you are a speech pathologist, you literally know how to shut up and you won't." He said to her, making BiBi gasp and drop her mouth open at him.

"Grigory, stop this car, I'm gonna kick your ass."

"No." He shook his head at her.


"Where the hell are we, anyway?" He looked at the signs sweeping by them.

"Grigory, what?"

"I'm going to take us somewhere. It's just a little off course." He told her and kept driving.

"Where? Why?"

"Wisconsin. I know someone there. I want you to meet her."


"Yes. We can't go to the pack until tomorrow anyway, so this works out perfectly, and she can explain."

"Grigory, it's okay."

He shook his head. "Nope, we're going to go see Domino. She and Jo should be able to explain better. Maybe they can help me understand."

"Why? Why would you take us off course for this?"

He looked at her with those intense blue eyes of his. "Because I love you, and I need to understand."

BiBi looked at him in confused wonder, and then she settled back in her seat because she finally realized something. He had told her, twice now, that he loved her. The big annoyed, idiot werewolf who didn't understand was in love with her, and it filled her with a gooey warmth that made her smile a little bit.


Grigory had turned onto the road that he knew the vampire lived on and had stopped the car for a moment, wondering what, exactly, he should tell the woman at his side about the people she was about to meet. It had taken them about ten hours, with stops, to get here and it was about an hour past dusk. The vampires should be awake by now, and not so hungry that bringing BiBi into their midst would be an issue.

"Who are these people, Grigory?" Came the nervous voice at his side and he looked over at the woman beside him, her hands shaking a little in her lap, and he put his hand over hers.

"They're good people, BiBi. They will like you. Domino, Domino once was involved with Aidan. For just a moment, though." He told her.

"So she's a werewolf?"

He shook his head, "No, she's not."

She looked like she was about to repeat her first question, but he moved the car forward again, parking in front of the quaint little house with the white picket fence in front. It made him smile, such a pretty house, the envy of anyone, and it was home to a vampire couple and their toddler daughter.

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