tagInterracial LoveWhen a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 03

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 03


Hello readers,

Thank you all for reading Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story. This is continuation of that story. The character Keisha was introduced briefly in chapter two of that tale, and for some reason I feel compelled to tell her story. I must state that these are fictional characters and exist solely in my imagination.

Also, thank you Willieone and 2275Jr for helping me edit and revise this chapter. You guys are the best. I did tweak the story before submitting it, so any errors found are my fault alone.

This is an interracial love story. In this chapter, chapter 3, Deshaun comes home.

Please read it and enjoy. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.


The next morning, Lana and Chase rode to Dylan's house. As they arrived, Lana immediately rushed inside to check on Keisha. She was relieved to see her new friend. As Keisha assured Lana that she was alright, the Greenes and Mya arrived. Surprised but happy, Keisha embraced her guest. She cried as Felix hugged her and reaffirmed that they cared about her. Desiree followed and Keisha hugged her so tightly, never wanting to let go. Mya cleared her throat, and a new flood of tears came, as Keisha greeted her one true sister. Mya was more to her than a friend. "How? Why?" she asked, just happy to see them.. Dylan called them last night as she slept. He invited them to his home and they arrived that Sunday afternoon.

Mya hugged her friend. Since Keisha relocated to Baird, they rarely saw each other. Mr. Greene and his wife considered Keisha one of their own. So when Dylan called, they knew where they were headed.

"Keisha, we are going with you Monday. What time do you have to be there?" Felix asked.

"Nine, but no Mr. and Mrs. Greene I can go alone. It's just the DA. I'll be fine." She reassured her elderly friend. Desiree stood rubbing her back comforting her.

"I'm going with her," Dylan stated. Felix and Desiree nodded, relieved that the she would not be alone. The next morning, Dylan drove Keisha into Newark to meet with the DA. As they talked, he considered having her leave town for a while.

The DA met Keisha as soon as she walked into her office. She wished she had better news for her, but in reality, Williams had fooled many people. He would be released in six months. It was now her job to prepare Ms. Johnson for this event.

"Hello, Ms. Johnson, Officer Nash. I'm glad you could make it. Officer Nash, I was not expecting you." She added taking note of his possessive hold on her waist.

"Morning, Ma'am, call me Keisha." Keisha extended her hand as the woman greeted her.

"Morning, DA Jones, I wish we were meeting under better circumstances." Dylan greeted his former coworker.

"Alright, Keisha I called you to update you on the status of Deshaun Williams and his parole hearing. As you might recall, he copped a plea and was given a reduced sentence. He provided information that helped the police solve several unsolved cases." She stood and walked around her desk. Grasping both of Keisha's hands, she continued.

"If I may be frank, he was such a hothead that I didn't think he'd be released early. I knew he'd mess up, but the man has been a model inmate. He has gone through counseling, and will be required to report to a parole officer weekly and continue with therapy. They have no reason to hold him." She paused and exhaled. Keisha, has he tried to contact you in anyway? A call, note, anything?" she asked already knowing the answer before Keisha responded.

"No ma'am. He has not called, but..." Keisha paused. "I think he has been having me watched."

"Have you called the police? Do you have anything on file?" She asked.

"I couldn't prove it. Dylan talked to.." Dylan spoke.

"I talked to my captain, but no one ever made contact. So no she had no cause to file a report." He explained. "Ms. Jones, he does not need to get out."

Keisha was silent, and she knew. Her time was up and now she had to think. If it was just her, she could stay and face him, but her child was another issue. She could not be here when he got out. She had to protect her baby. Dylan saw the decision in her eyes. The light that shone so brightly died, and he knew she'd leave.

DA Jones was speaking. "Ms. Johnson, we need you to testify. Right now, he has everyone fooled, even our psychologists have said he seems to be on the level. If you can convince the parole board that he is a threat, there is a small chance, he might make him serve the remainder of the five years."

"Ms. Jones, will it make a difference? Please be honest." She asked.

"Honestly, no. We've had our doctors interview him and even they agree that he seems to be rehabilitated. He is now on medication, and it has helped him gain a modicum of control." She explained.

"So it won't matter if I testify or not, right?" Keisha asked.

"Keisha, the parole board needs to see you. We need to put a human face to his animalistic behavior. If you can recount the abuse you suffered, it might sway the parole board to hold him." She exhaled. "I can't promise it will work, but we have to try. OK."

Keisha nodded, "OK, I'll speak. Will he be..." She froze.

Dylan had to hold her then. "I won't let him near you. Baby, I promise." he whispered. Keisha held on to him tightly, closing her eyes, she relived the nightmare of being in constant fear of Deshaun Williams.

"We need to prep for the hearing. Keisha, I will ask you to recap the abuses that you suffered. He will be there. Don't look at him. Look at me. I will prompt you," she exhaled. "Now his attorney will question you as well. Keep your answers short, and simple. Don't let him trick you into admitting anything."

"OK, when is it? When is the hearing?" Keisha asked

"In six months. We will have additional psychologist reevaluate their findings. And I will do everything I can to keep that monster locked up. Ok, Keisha." Dylan stood as did Keisha when they finished.

"Thank both of you for coming, and I'll be in touch" DA Jones replied. "Keisha if you find you don't want to do this, let me now, OKS."

Keisha nodded and she and Dylan left her office. They drove in silence. "I have an appointment at one. Will you take me?' she asked.

Dylan smiled and answered. "Of course." He held her hand, and moved it to his lips. He gently kissed her knuckles. "Baby, I love..."

"Don't, not now. Dylan. I can't..." Keisha stopped him, her heart racing, as the weight of her decision weighed heavily on her.

The two stopped for lunch, and he knew she was worried. He knew also that she wanted to be gone when that bastard got out. For the first time since this nightmare began, he understood her reticence. He agreed but if she left she'd take his child. She'd take a child that he might never have a chance to know.

Dylan knew he wasn't much to look at, but he could protect her and the baby from Deshaun. That bastard was a coward, and a bully, and he wasn't afraid of him. He could not sit here and let him destroy his family before they had a chance to start. Soon they went to her appointment. As Keisha filled out the paperwork, Dylan thumbed through a magazine. Soon she was called and they went into a private exam room. The doctor examined her and administered the test confirming her pregnancy. Dylan held her and cried, unashamed and happy. I have waited so long for this. I will not let him take this from Me. he thought as he held his lover tightly.

Keisha's blood pressure was elevated, and the doctor was a bit concerned. But Dylan knew that it could not be helped as long as she was worried about that sick fuck.

For the next few months, life returned to normal. Keisha worked as did Dylan. She moved from her apartment and now lived with him. Her pregnancy advanced, and her baby bump was clearly visible.

Dylan loved having Keisha in his home. He held her close every night and they made love at every opportunity. They were at it so often that Carter often told them to take it to their room. Dylan loved the subtle changes in her body. Her areoles were darker, and nipples were super sensitive. He would give her full body massages and kiss every inch of her body.

The first night she stayed after moving in completely, Dylan promised her a trip to the heavens. He delivered. He loved her body, and proceeded to savor every inch of it. When he spread her thighs exposing her honeypot, Keisha whimpered, Dylan ordered her to be quiet, Carter was studying.

"Cruel" she whispered, watching him, eagerly anticipating his next action. Then he licked her and she was hooked. He pleasured her in ways she only ever imagined. At first, she worried that he would be repulsed as she grew bigger, but he was more excited about the changes than she was. He noticed the slight baby bum. He constantly touched her and talked to the baby. He would be a fantastic father. Their son or daughter was one lucky kid. Keisha had an appointment for a sonogram and she learned the sex. Dylan didn't want to know yet, so she didn't tell him.

She was horny all of the time. As soon as they made it home, she would jump Dylan. Truthfully, he didn't mind. He loved it. He was just as horny as she was. She was his woman, and one day soon he planned to make her his wife. For now they were happy, but Keisha knew it could not last.

Keisha was working at Dyson's one afternoon when a group of young women came in. As a sales associate, she waited on them, knowing why they were in the store. Their message was clear, Deshaun knew where she was. "Oooh Keisha, a baby? Does Deshaun know? Wait, it's not his." One girl teased. "Girl, he gone be mad when he gets home in two months." She laughed. Her supervisor came and told her to break. She handled the sale.

Keisha sat in the break room and decided. It was time. She had no one; nowhere to go, but her baby needed her to try. If it was just her, she would stay, but the baby deserved a life away from fear and mistrust. She called DA Jones and told her she would not testify. Then she penned a letter to Dylan.

Placing the letter in an envelope and putting the envelope on her boss's desk, Keisha asked for the rest of the day and was granted it immediately. Over the past months, she'd managed to save a few thousand dollars. As she cleared out her accounts, and then she called the last person she ever thought she'd need to ask for help.

"Hello, Talia Green. May I ask whose calling?" Talia answered the call. The number was familiar, but she didn't recognize it. She heard a sob. And then Keisha spoke.

"Talia, I need help. I know I don't have the right to ask, but can I come stay with you a few days until I find a place." Keisha whispered.

Talia didn't hesitate. "Yes, come on. When can you get here?" she asked.

"I'm buying my bus ticket now. I'll be there in a few hours." Keisha answered.

"I'll meet you at the bus stop." Talia replied. "Keisha, it's going to be alright."

The two women hang up. Talia called her twin, and she and Dalia talked. "Deshaun will be out soon and she's running. Talia, she's leading him to you. Please be careful." Her twin pleaded.

Talia called her new fiancé Richard, and told him about Keisha's cryptic call. He told her he'd go with her to pick the other woman up. Talia smiled, I am so blessed to have found a man as wonderful as Richard. Every woman should have a man like that. she mused.

Keisha bought her ticket and boarded a bus, carrying all of the money from her account. She left her life in Baird behind. Caressing her baby bump where her daughter was growing, she thought of Dylan. She hoped he could forgive her, but she had to go. She had to protect her daughter.

Her supervisor found the note addressed to Dylan on her desk. She didn't open it, but called the precinct immediately. Lana and Dylan were on patrol when his CO called and told him to get over to Dyson's. A chill ran down his spine and he and Lana rushed to the store. As he rushed in, the supervisor led them to her office and gave him the note. He didn't need to read it, for he already knew what it said.

She explained about the customers and the remarks about the baby. That was when she told Keisha to break and she handled them quickly. Dylan looked at Lana, and she felt his pain.

God please keep them safe. Baby, be safe. I'll find you someday soon. He won't get near you. Dylan promised silently. They could not file a missing person's report for twenty-four hours. He had no idea where she could have gone. Then he thought of the Greene's. Would she have called them, and he did. They had not heard from her. He called Mya, and she did not call her either. Lana drove them back to headquarters and Dylan was told to take some time. Lana called Chase. Chase asked her to let him talk to Dylan.

"She is safe. She is with friends. Your child and your woman are fine." Chase assured his friend.

"Chase, if you see anything at all, tell me." Dylan whispered knowing his friend had the gift of sight. "Do you know where she went?" he asked.

"No, but she needs to be away from the serpent." He replied. Dylan could no longer keep his tears at bay. They flowed freely down his cheeks. He needed to be searching for her. She just vanished. She claimed to love him. She said she trusted him to protect her, but in the end she ran away. Where was she? She took his child. How could she just walk away with his baby like that?

His coworkers went on alert, checking for anything that they could find, her usual hangouts. Nothing turned up. He and Lana drove around. Even Carter took to the streets searching.

"Officer Nash, her accounts have been emptied; she took the money and the clothes she had on. She canceled all of her cards. She is invisible right now and doesn't want to be found. In a few hours we'll put out an APB and it will become statewide search." His supervising officer informed him.

"Thank you, sir. If she can contact me she will." He added, praying his words were true.

Lana stayed with her partner, and when the shift ended followed him home. Carter, who had been called earlier, had returned home from searching.

"Dylan, she's pregnant and has high blood pressure. Did he have someone take her? Did that Deshaun guy do this?" Carter demanded.

"No, she left on her own free will. Carter. She didn't think I was man enough to keep her and the baby safe, so she ran. She took my baby and left." Dylan simply sat, distraught and hurt. Lana was silent and watched the brothers comfort each other.


Keisha's bus arrived, and she exited relieved to see two familiar faces. Talia and Richard were waiting She never thought the day would come where she would have to call on this woman for help. She had every right to refuse after the way she'd treated her. But she didn't she actually hugged her, their extended baby bumps colliding and told her she was safe.

Keisha held herself together until she was safely tucked away in Talia SUV. No one spoke at first, and then she thought of Dylan and the fact that she might never see him again. Why could she just not have someone love her? Was she cursed, doomed to spend eternity alone and despondent? Talia felt for her completely empathizing with the fate. She dated Deshaun and he was vile. At first she didn't see it, but the night he hit her, she knew she didn't need a man like him. She was with him mainly because he had Keisha. Keisha made her life a living hell and being with Deshaun was a chance for payback. That was once decision she regretted immediately.

She noticed the girl was always made-up, but she didn't realize when she was younger how bad it was. Yes he'd shove her sometimes, push her down. She even saw him slap her a few times, but Keisha was so mean and nasty to her, that she wasn't all that concerned. She heard about the beating after her visit a few years earlier. Her mother called when the girl almost died two years ago. They arrived at Talia's home and Keisha was taken to the guest room.

"Babe, I know you want to help, but she has serious problems. Maybe we can find someplace else..." Rick stated concerned about Talia and the baby.

"Baby, look, she called me; she called the one person no one expected her to reach out to. That tells me that she is in trouble. She's running and scared. She has no one else, and even though we've had a difficult past, I won't abandon her. Look, let's rest tonight and we can talk about this more tomorrow." Talia suggested, as she stroked his jaw.

Rick nodded and then answered, "I understand, but you and this baby are my main concern and I won't jeopardize you."

Talia and Rick hugged, and soon she went to Keisha's room to see if she wanted to go out for dinner with them. Keisha was tired, but she was a bit hungry Even if she had no desire to eat, she needed to nourish her daughter. She was taking control of her life today and would make sure her daughter did not end up this way

Instead of going to a local restaurant, the three had dinner with Richard's parents. They had called earlier and told them the girl was coming knowing the relationship she had with the Greene's, Brenda told them to bring her to dinner. As soon as they arrived at the Harris' home, Richard's parents embraced her. They were well aware of the animosity of the past, but they also knew that she and Talia had renewed their connection.

For the first few days, Keisha simply existed She didn't talk much, just cried Then on day four, she asked for the paper and started searching for work. It was also on day for that she told Talia that she'd start looking for a place and move as soon as she could. She had some savings and that should keep her until she found work. She also offered to pay rent for the time she resided with them, but Talia refused.

Keisha found work immediately and started her job. She had taken some nursing classes and obtained a CNA license. At first the director at the local elder care facility was hesitant about hiring a young woman, who was expecting, but Keisha was insistent and she convinced the woman to give her a chance. Her hours were long and hard. Talia didn't like it, but Keisha was grown so she didn't say anything.

Eventually, Keisha moved into a small apartment in a bad neighborhood, against Talia's and Rick's wishes. She didn't really like the small efficiency apartment, but she needed to be on her own. She had stayed with Talia and Rick long enough. She didn't live there long, because one night she left work late and came home. She was hurting. The pain was so bad; she ended up going to the ER. She called Talia, and that was the final straw for her friend. She insisted that she move back with her and Richard at least until the baby was born. Keisha refused. She could not allow herself to become dependent on another person. First it was Frank, then Deshaun, and finally Dylan. She had to be self-reliant This argument lasted a few days, until Cedric came up with a solution.

On their street, a small two bedroom house was for sale. He knew the owner and could get him to lease the property. If Keisha moved there, it would settle the dispute between her and Talia. The Harris's would be close by to help her, and she would no longer live in a bad area. She was ordered by the doctor to take a few days off of work to rest, and when she returned, her boss sadly had to let her go.

Keisha was upset. She had worked her entire life, and now with the baby due in a few months, she found herself without a job. Now more than ever, she needed to work. Rick told her not to worry and called his office. They actually needed to rehire a few new maintenance people, and he asked that they hold a position for her. She could start right away, doing some light cleaning. She met Mr. Preson and he was impressed.

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