tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen Amber Met Wifey

When Amber Met Wifey


The mood was light the conversation convivial. The trio hit it off instantly each a party to the alliance, all three pleased with their selection.

Topics ranged from their homes, their hobbies, and how their websites were fairing.

Dress was elegant casual as agreed upon for the initial "meet and greet."

Amber had taken her time before leaving home for the weekend, painstakingly choosing her outfit for the first night. She had to look good and sexy for both of them. Her role had been partially defined, to be the first woman ever to have sex with Wifey, but to be open and available to anything that might take place during her stay.

She'd subscribed to their site for the last month and was well versed in their sexual forays, particularly Wifey and the varied ways Hubby brought her to orgasm.

She'd been astounded by Wifey's natural beauty and voluptuousness, and marveled at how similar they were in looks.

Being somewhat versed in bi-sexual relations Amber became excited at the prospect of being Wifey's first female coupling.

Amber carefully selected blue as the basis for the impending encounter. She knew her eyes sparkled with this hue and applied a complimentary shade of eye shadow. Her lashes stood out, black and pointed with mascara. The cascade of blonde curls fell to her shoulders and she swept them back with a barrette.

Applying blush and pink lipstick she smiled in the mirror her white teeth flashing back at her.

The strapless blue dress with gold and tan accents lay on the bed and she rummaged through her lingerie collection searching for her turquoise and lace bra and thong.

The strapless bra and mini thong had white lace applique sewn onto the 34DD cups and skinny "V" of the set. The under wired brassiere helped keep her big tits from sagging too much and the lace demurely covered her nipples. Amber knew from experience that when aroused her nipples would push out above the lace like budding little flowers seeking the sun.

Sliding her short dress into place she admired her tanned legs and feet perched atop her wedge sandals.

One last dab of perfume behind the ears and she was on her way. Her outfits and toys had been carefully packed. Amber was ready for action.

Wifey was in a tizzy. She'd been through her wardrobe and didn't know what to wear. "Hubby has it easy," she thought. "He looks good in anything. Slacks and a shirt and he's ready. Amber is sure to look hot. God, some of those scenes on her website, she always looks good."

"Wifey, put on something comfy to start. Here, how about this pink top with the deep V for your cleavage, this tight little white skirt and some sandals. You can wear some frilly pink undies but when the time comes, this is what I'd like you to wear."

From a box he'd carried in under his arm Hubby lifted a long, dark purple and lavender gown. The spaghetti straps rose from a silken bodice, with sheer, light blue chiffon panels cascading toward the floor.

"Oh Hubby, that's beautiful."

Letting the gown fall he moved to where she sat and pulled her to him. "You're beautiful too, you know."

Pulling the knotted belt from her short red robe he turned her to face the floor length mirror. Sliding the robe from her shoulders he whispered encouragement. "Look at yourself Wifey. You are a beautifully proportioned, sexy goddess. You accentuate any outfit you wear and with your make up on, you turn me on to no end, and when we make love, well, you're my little dynamo."

"Yeah,?" She loved it when Hubby complimented her. It bolstered her already sexy self image. She loved Hubby and everything about him. She loved making love and having sex on camera for their website. She couldn't seem to get enough of their sexual climaxes, particularly when Hubby came in her mouth and she swallowed it for their fans. Jerking him off while he buzzed her clit with a vibrator and watching him cum on her sizeable breasts and huge nipples was another favorite turn on.

But recently something had changed. They'd decided to spice things up. Wifey had wondered aloud what it might be like with a woman, to have a threesome, and perhaps watch her Hubby fuck another woman as long as she was there to watch and participate.

One thing led to another and Hubby found Amber's website. "Wifey, look at this. This woman, Amber Lynn Bach, looks so much like you it's amazing. And look, she likes what we like, and more."

Viewing Amber's website extensively, they made love while watching her suck cock and being fucked by her husband and multiple partners, including some big breasted, lovely women. After much whispered encouragement, Wifey contacted Amber.

Wifey convinced Amber to view 'Wifey's World' and before long they began chatting and decided to get together. They began establishing ground rules.

"You know it might only be petting, or maybe giving Hubby head, but if he does get to fuck you, it's condoms only." Wifey had warned.

"Remember, this is about what YOU want, Wifey," Amber agreed. "This is about YOU experimenting, not Hubby having his way with me, a big tit, blonde clone. But if it comes to that, I'd fuck him. He's cute."

"Well, let's see how the weekend goes, take it from there."

"Listen, while we're on the topic I've got some ideas..."

Hubby left Wifey to finish getting ready, his erection subsiding in his pants.

He'd fondled her ample breasts bringing her large nipples to attention and had breathed her perfumed neck deeply. Kissing passionately he'd had to excuse himself before the session progressed too far.

Thanking him for the new nightgown she told him she couldn't wait to model it for him.

"For us," he'd reminded her. Before exiting he'd laid out his suggested outfit knowing she'd probably wear it verbatim.

Hubby's mind wandered to the 'Sissy' sessions that he and Wifey enjoyed. But this Amber, hell it'd be like being with twins, only better, and, Amber did it all! Lezzy, gangbang, bondage, anal, there didn't seem to be any taboo areas for her. And her looks, my god, he hoped Wifey would grant him immunity to enjoy Amber's sexuality. If not, there was his beloved Wifey to get him off. She was after all, the sexiest woman on the planet. He anxiously awaited the evening's festivities.

They'd finished two bottles of Chardonnay and Hubby had excused himself to grab another. They all felt relaxed, perhaps a little tipsy. Amber knew it was time.

Standing, she moved behind Wifey. Brushing Wifey's long blonde hair to the side Amber lightly massaged her shoulders. As Wifey shifted her position Amber caught a glimpse of the pink lace in her cleavage.

"That's a pretty bra you're wearing." Gazing down at Wifey's prominent bust Amber continued. "Big tits, blonde hair, blue eyes. Everyman's dream right here!"

"That feels good Amber. Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Blind dates tend to be a little iffy, but, this one is going great."

Sliding her hands down to cup Wifey's tits Amber lightly kissed her behind the ear. Gently, Amber felt the fullness of the breasts, running her hands under and around them.

"Nice aren't they?" Hubby returned with a new bottle of wine. "34FF, if you're wondering." Bending over he planted a kiss on Wifey's lips. "Let yourself go honey, let yourself go."

Delicately, Wifey removed Amber's hands from her breasts. Her first wave of feminine juices had been released in her vagina and Wifey was ready for more.

Rising from her chair she turned and taking Amber's face in her hands, they kissed.

Amber's tongue was deliciously moist and they lightly flicked their tongues back and forth. Their breasts rubbed lightly and Amber touched the curve above Wifey's round hip.

Separating, Wifey reached up and fondled her own breasts.

"My nipples are rock hard. I think I'm ready."

"Go get changed and we'll meet you in the living room," Hubby directed. Watching Wifey's retreating form he turned to Amber. "I got her something special to wear. I hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will. I like everything about you two." Amber kissed Hubby on the cheek before entering the house.

Leading Amber by the hand they entered the living room. Executing a quick dance twirl Amber ended up in Hubby's muscular arms with her shapely ass rubbing against his crotch. Placing his hands on her tits Amber guided them, enticing him to explore her full bust line. "What do you think?"

"I think I'd like more but it'll have to wait."

Being a naughty girl Amber pushed her full bottom against him noting his hardness. "How much more do you want, Hubby?"

"I want it all Amber. I want to lick you, probe you, delight you, cum for you. I want to fuck you, and cum in your mouth. Then I want your ass."

"Ummmm, sounds delicious. You feel big back there rubbing against my butt."

"You're going to have to wait. Wifey cums first!"

Just then Wifey floated into the room the chiffon panels of the sexy nightgown flowing around her. "Well, you two look better acquainted."

"Hubby's feeling me up through my little dress. I think he's making my nipples hard. But now it's your turn Wifey. I'd like you to feel me up, play with my tits, and undress me for Hubby. I want him to see my pretty lingerie. Then I want you Wifey, because you are a vision in that gown. Trade places with Hubby. Now, close your eyes and feel my breasts the way you'd feel your own. Unzip me and feel me through my bra."

Unzipping Amber's dress Wifey slid it down her frame. Hubby whistled appreciatively at the sight of Amber in her lingerie. Wifey was absolutely stunning in the gown he'd bought and Amber's turquoise bra and panty set were tastefully seductive.

As expected, Amber's hardened nips protruded through the lacy panel above the demi-cups of her bra. The tiny V of her thong was held in place by a thin elastic waist band and a thin strip of elastic running up the crack in her ass.

Wifey's touch was light, delicate, and from the heart.

Amber closed her eyes and let the arousal wash over her. She could feel Wifey's firm breasts against her back and her tongue and lips flicking her ear lobe. Reaching behind herself she released the clasps to the half bra and let it drop. "Play with my pussy Wifey. Feel how wet you've made me."

Wifey slid her hand slowly from Amber's breast, across her tummy and her diamond belly button ring, to the damp material of her blue thong.

"Do me the way you do yourself."

Pulling the tiny panty aside Wifey's fingers noted the small patch of pubic hair, the very wet lips of Amber's vagina and easily slid two fingers inside of her. A sexual sigh escaped Amber's lips as Wifey fingered her pussy. Amber pushed herself against the invading fingers.

Enraptured, Hubby watched as Wifey elicited this hot response from Amber Lynn Bach. His eyes met Wifey's as she brought her fingers to her mouth. "Mmmm. Would you like to taste Amber's pussy, Hubby? You want to lick her slit and her clit?'

Without hesitation Hubby was on his knees in front of Amber. Gently he pulled her thong down and let her step out of it. She sported a little tuft of pubic hair above her slit but the rest of her was waxed clean.

Kissing her pussy lips he spread them with his tongue. Sticking his tongue deep into her folds he licked its length. Reaching up Hubby spread her labia with one hand and attacked her clit with the other. Hubby slid his middle finger deep into her wet and supple cootchie.

Moaning her consent, Amber helped Wifey squeeze her big, round breasts. Her nipples were hard and aroused and Amber directed Wifey's fingers to them.

As quickly as he'd joined them, Hubby removed his finger then stood to kiss his wife. "Amber tastes good doesn't she Wifey?"


"Now it's your turn. Where would you like to continue this sexy encounter?"

"I think I'd like to move to our bed."

"I'll be right there," Amber cooed. "I need to get a couple of things."

Leaning against one of the bedposts, Wifey left one leg exposed through the long slit in the bodice of her gown. Hubby took a seat in the chair beside the bed.

Pausing in the doorway Amber soaked in the wanton sexuality of Wifey. She'd donned a knee length silk Kimono. The robe hugged her luscious tits but most notable was the large, fake dick, protruding from beneath the lightly tied belt.

Enthralled by her appearance Hubby said, "Take off the robe and let's see what you've got there."

Dropping the robe from her shoulders Amber exposed a leather harness holding a long, thick, strap-on dong. Moving directly to Wifey Amber spoke, "God, you're lovely."

Kissing passionately Wifey's hand moved to Amber's member as Amber lowered the spaghetti straps to the top of the purple gown exposing the large full tits contained within.

"I guess this is for me?"

"Do you like it? It's 10 inches of vibrating heaven. It's even got an attachment for me."

Stepping back she showed the couple her toy stuffed vagina.

Returning to Wifey, Amber flicked her big breasts with her tongue, ran her hands over and around Wifey's globes, and sucked her hardened nipples.

Laying her back from the edge of the bed Amber spread the folds of the nightgown exposing the pretty little g-string covering her destination. Kissing Wifey's vulva through the silken material Amber removed the thin layer of this sexy obstacle before burying her face between Wifey's legs.

Her arousal was instantaneous and Wifey gazed at Hubby through sex soaked eyes.

Mesmerized, Hubby sat stroking his hard cock.

Closing her eyes as the feeling engulfed her, Wifey ran her fingers through Amber's blonde hair.

"You're so wet Wifey, I think your pussy is gushing." Pushing the gown up around Wifey's waist Amber licked her slit then kissed her sensually before the juices dissipated from her lips.

"Fuck me Amber. Fuck me with your strap-on. Fuck me like you're my man."

From the controls at her waist Amber activated the big dong then the smaller one planted in her own pussy. Rubbing the thick cock up and down Wifey's slit she held the buzzing monster against her own swollen lips before slowly sliding it inside Wifey.

The two busty babes were soon lost in their own worlds of passionate pleasure, the buzzing cocks buried deep in their pulsing pools of womanly secretions. Amber began slowly before increasing the intensity and depth of penetration from the life like dildo she wore. In and out of Wifey's blissful love, the thick, buzzing dong impaled her.

Moving in for a closer look Hubby watched intently as Amber slowly and methodically fucked Wifey with her strap-on appendage.

Wifey's lower torso bucked against Amber's thrusts as she began the first of many orgasms.

"You found her spot Amber. She's bound to cum a number of times for you."

Glancing at Hubby's erect manhood Amber responded, "Like what you see?"

"Oh, mmmm." Wifey was cumming again as she rotated her abdomen against Amber's thrusts. Cupping her own breasts, Wifey pinched her protruding nipples between her thumb and fingers.

"Look at me Wifey," Amber commanded. Her blue eyes opened slowly. The two 'twins' smiled broadly. "Turn over honey. We need to include your Hubby in this soiree."

As instructed, Wifey turned over placing her hands and knees on the bed.

"Hubby, put your dick in Wifey's mouth. I want her to suck you off while I fuck her from back here."

Hungrily Wifey took his cock and fellated him with gusto.

"How's that?" Amber asked. The couple mumbled their ascent.

Amber fucked Wifey doggy style while Hubby continued to fuck her mouth and soft loving lips.

"Wifey, do you like anal?"

Removing Hubby from her mouth she glanced back at Amber. "Sometimes, but not all that much."

"I'm surprised. A sex nymph like you and you forgo the pleasures of anal sex? I'm telling you when you're all worked up, and your juices are flowing, and you just want to cum and cum, it adds another dimension to sex. You'll see by the time we're done. And I know men like it. They just can't help themselves."

Amber lubed a tapered butt plug as she continued expounding on the virtues of butt fucking. Lubing her strap-on dick as well she re-inserted it in Wifey's pussy. Her own joy oozed through her wanton pussy from the vibrating toy's attachment.

Wifey pushed back against the big toy granting deep access to her sex. Taking Hubby into her mouth she relished the delight she felt from her first 'three way.' Closing her lovely, mascara laden lashes over her blue eyes, she allowed the experience take her away.

Lubing the tip of her pinky Amber pressed it against Wifey's anus. It slid right in and she pushed it to the hilt.

Continuing to mouth fuck Hubby, Wifey re-acted with a muffled grunt and sigh.

Removing her finger Amber smiled slyly at Hubby then pressed the tip of the plug against Wifey's waiting ass.

"Do it Amber, shove that thing in my ass. Fill me up you guys! Fuck me, fuck all of my holes."

Sliding the plug to its base, Amber fucked Wifey's vagina like she was a man in heat.

Fellating the tip of Hubby's dick, she flicked it with her tongue before returning to the mouth fucking she'd allowed earlier.

Buried in Wifey's mouth Hubby took Amber's hands and pulled her to him. Kissing long and passionately he said, "Thanks Amber. You're everything we'd hoped for." He let his hands massage Amber's tits.

"And then some, I hope."

Wifey's torso shook again from orgasm. Reaching behind her she felt the base of the plug. "You're right Amber. I like this thing."

"Hubby, are you going to cum in Wifey's mouth?"

"You know I love to but I was hoping to cum for you."

Continuing to fuck Wifey with the vibrating ten inch cock, Amber caught the base of the butt plug between her fingers. With a sexy look she beamed at Hubby. "I think I'd like that, but it's up to Wifey."

"I know he wants to fuck you Amber, and I guess I'm ok with that. Besides, there's next weekend to consider as well." Wifey was to assume Amber's role with Amber and her lover the following week. It was part of the arrangement to get Amber Lynn Bach to consider this sexual play date. "But first I'd like to use your tool on you!"

As Wifey discovered the pleasures of the double cocked strap-on Amber moved to Hubby. Lightly she stroked his hard on while delivering a sensual tongue battling kiss. Then his prominent cock was in her mouth, her lips and tongue continuing the promise of their extended kiss.

With one hand she held the base of his engorged penis the other hand caressing his balls.

Closing his eyes and tilting his head back he let Amber raise the level of satisfaction in the head of his dick.

"OK Amber, over here!" Wifey looked amazing with the big cock extending from her hips. The small attachment was inserted into her and she felt engulfed in continuing sexual gratification. Amber situated herself on the bed while Hubby crouched and briefly took the latex cock in his mouth.

Grinning at the two blonde beauties he remarked, "Giving Wifey head, now how's that for a turnaround?"

Starting Amber in the missionary position, Wifey pushed the ten inch cock into her. The buzzing in her own snatch made her gasp a couple of times.

Meanwhile Amber was licking Hubby's cock and balls from below as he played with her succulent tits. Now it was Amber's turn to have her nipples tweaked while she cooed and moaned in pleasure.

Pushing Hubby away Amber looked Wifey in the eye and said, "I want you guys to DP me. But first I'd like Wifey, then Hubby, to eat my pussy. Get me good and wet. Then I want to fuck Hubby for a few minutes. After that, I want that big, fake cock in my ass while Hubby fucks the shit out of me. Sound good?"

Crouching between Ambers legs Wifey began licking her slit like it was an ice cream cone. Then it was Hubby's turn, then Wifey again. Pulling Hubby to her, they kissed exchanging Amber's scent and taste.

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