tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Angels Cum Ch. 04

When Angels Cum Ch. 04


Author's Comments:

Hey guys, I read all your comments. Keep em' coming.

This chapter contains a little bit of world building.


Three weeks flew by after Blaze's friendship with Elyssa. Rebecca had been dropping him off at the library almost every day, so the two of them spent a lot of time together. Over the weeks, they stopped getting on each other's nerves and grew quite fond of each other. Blaze still teased her, but both knew that it was just friendly banter.

Elyssa slowly stopped seeing Blaze as a child and now considered him her equal. Especially when it was related to Math and Physics. Blaze had surprised her with his mathematical understanding of flight dynamics. He understood concepts that most adult angels didn't even bother trying to learn.

Meanwhile, the intellectual exchanges with Elyssa helped Blaze understand more about the world. Blaze's initial impression of the world was that it was in a steampunk sort of era. However, he couldn't have been more mistaken. The lack of technological proliferation seemed mostly because the angels seemed to be not as materialistic as humans.

But he couldn't really compare the technological advancement of the angel world with the human world. The angels had no concept of electricity. He found traces of the concept in equations, but there was no physical technological equivalent. The energy they used seemed to be something entirely different. Maybe dark matter and dark energy? He had an inkling that maybe the physical laws themselves maybe different in this world or universe.

To put it simply, the angels seemed to be more advanced than humans in some areas, while less so in others. For example, they had no electricity, computers or cell phones. But, they could form energy weapons out of thin air and could shoot devastating laser like beams out of cannons. They had not traveled into space but had mastered the efficient use of energy in the world.

Blaze figured that the difference between the two worlds may be due to the longevity of the angels. The angels were theoretically stronger but practically weaker. They didn't not have as many people to work on new things and change took longer than it took for humans.

Anyway, on the morning of the fifth weekend of Blaze's appearance, he and his two angel aunts gathered outside the walls of their cottage. Blaze was finally ready to start his flying lessons. His wing length had reached four feet, which was enough to jump high and glide short distances. Thus, on Blaze's incessant insistence, Jie Er had agreed to give him some flying lessons. Rebecca was there to help in case anything went wrong.

The sight of three angels standing in the idyllic grass fields with their wings manifested was a sight to behold; spotless white fluffy wings of Jie Er, dazzling red wings of Rebecca & the red and white wings of Blaze. When he first manifested his wings, they were only red but now the inner regions of his wings were white and smoothly melded into his red outer feathers.

"Blaze Er, try flapping your wings as hard as you can without taking off" Jie Er asked him.

Filled with excitement, Blaze channeled energy into his wings and flapped them hard. The wings managed to create a lot of wind, picking up dust and ruffling the angels' hair and feathers, but didn't do much else. They didn't provide much lift. His heels were tipped off the ground, but it might've just been him standing tip toe in anticipation.

"Do you know why you didn't feel any lift?" Jie Er questioned him.

"I guess we will all need a good shower after this..." Rebecca complained softly. She seemed to have received the brunt of Blaze's wing attack.

"umm... probably 'cause I didn't angle my wings right?" Blaze guessed using his knowledge of wing dynamics.

Jie Er looked surprised for a moment.

"Smart kid! That's correct. After the first push, you must angle them this way while bringing them back down" she explained, demonstrating slowly with her wings. Her wings moved gracefully in an oar like fashion.

"Angling your wings, the right way, is very important. Wing movements depend on what you want to do in air. There are six basic ones. Taking off, ascent, descent, hovering, diving & landing. We can learn the more complex ones after you learn to do these intuitively. It may be a little frustrating at the start, but all angels will eventually learn to fly as easily as they can walk" Jie Er continued with a smile.

"Now, move back a bit" she said, stepping back a little.

"Stop" she shouted back when they'd made about 50 meters between them. Rebecca stayed somewhere in the middle.

"Now try to fly to me. Use your instinct and don't be afraid. Me and Rebecca will be there to catch you" Jie Er shouted.

Not being the one to scare of minor injuries, Blaze nodded and concentrated on his wings. He went over the wing technique a few times, before he braced himself. He pushed of against the ground and leaped towards Jie Er; timing his feet and wings to be in sync with each other.

He managed to attain lift off with the first flap of his wings and then beat them rapidly to gain more height. He soared to a height of twenty feet and continued gaining elevation.

Unable to control his movement towards Jie Er, he awkwardly leaned forward and tried to flap his wings horizontally. But his wings tilted, and his body dived as gravity took over.

He spotted Jie Er and Rebecca taking off towards him, so without worrying about his safety he tried his best to regain control. He managed to slow his descent before Jie Er caught him in her arms.

"Good Job!" Jie Er told him as he hung on to her neck. Rush with exhilaration, he felt his heart pounding in his chest.

"Not too bad for your first time, kiddo" Rebecca said, as she hovered beside them.

"Again!" Blaze exclaimed and ran back to his position as soon as they touched the ground. He felt like the first time he had learnt how to float in water. Only, this was much better.

The two older angels gave each other a grin before taking their positions.

For the next couple hours, Blaze practiced with eagerness even though he messed up almost every time. But slowly, he started gaining control and by the end of the day he had managed to crash right into Jie Er's arms on the ground. Learning to land was another day's lesson.

Jie Er and Rebecca repeatedly praised him while cooking dinner, and after a stimulating bath and a threesome, they went to bed for the night.

Although Rebecca got the new room, she barely used it, usually falling asleep beside the other two. However, Blaze had not taken the next step with Jie Er. The way their relationship was heading made him feel awkward about initiating such a thing. He had hoped Jie Er would ask him for it, but she showed no indication of such a thing.


The next day, Blaze worked on his landing. It was surprisingly hard to master, and the two angels taught him how to do it at different angles and speeds. One time, Rebecca took him five hundred feet into the air and just dropped him without warning.

Blaze had panicked initially but managed to slow down before crashing into a terrified Jie Er.

Rebecca received a sound scolding for her recklessness but Blaze secretly gave her thumbs up. He loved such thrills.

"Guys, I will be heading out after dinner. I won't be back for a week. My division is having an exercise and I must stay with it for the rest of the week. The exercise doesn't start till tomorrow, but I must meet up with my battalion tonight. I should be back by next Sunday though" Rebecca said, as they headed back to the cottage that evening.

Blaze was a little disappointed. Not only would he miss her 'company', Rebecca leaving meant that he could not visit Varna over the week. Jie Er owned a small book printing store at a village to the south east of Varna. Dropping Blaze at Varna would add more than an hour of commute to her workplace. Moreover, the two angels did not seem to have reached a decision on making Rebecca's stay official.

Regardless, they had a quiet but scrumptious dinner before Rebecca headed out.

"I will miss you, aunt Becky" Blaze said, giving her a genuine hug.

Rebecca held his face between her hands and planted a deep kiss on his lips, before kissing him on the forehead.

"I will miss you too, little one" she said before leaning in to whisper in his ear. "I will let you use my other hole after I get back"

Blaze wasn't sure how much he liked anal, but her words brought up his spirits. Rebecca hadn't been too eager to try it after their first attempt.

"Jie Er. Since I am leaving a week earlier, I was wondering if you could extend my stay for another week. I love being with you two and I would like to give me another week to let you decide" Rebecca asked her seriously.

Jie Er simply nodded but gave her a hug before seeing her out.

"I guess it's just us for the rest of the week" Jie Er sighed after Rebecca left. She took Blaze's hand and caressed it in consolation. Although Blaze had all his memories from before his manifestation, his emotions seemed to be governed by his new body. And since he was expected to behave like a child anyway, he gave in to his emotions.

The two of them spent a couple of hours reading books in the living room, before heading to bed.

Blaze got up from his couch and walked up to Jie Er as she placed her book aside. He climbed on top of her and snuggled into her breasts. With his cheek resting on her left breast, he grabbed her right breast with his hand and gently squeezed it. After a while, he peeled the cloth off her left breast; popping her nipple out. He lightly pinched it for a moment before he brought it to his mouth and started sucking on it.

"Shall we head to bed?" Jie Er asked quietly, after enjoying his ministrations for a few moments.

Blaze nodded without getting up. He just moved his head to her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her neck. Jie Er picked him up with his butt and he wrapped his legs around her.

Once they reached the bed, he stood on top of it and discarded his clothes before peeling Jie Er's off.

He dragged her into the bed and lay beside her. Looking into her deep blue eyes, he sneaked an arm underneath hers and drew her close. Caressing her naked back, he started devouring her lips as Jie Er squeezed his butt and pulled him closer. His leg made its way over her hips and wrapped itself over her as he pulled himself even closer. They mashed themselves into each other, feeling every bit of skin they had in contact.

Soon, Blaze felt an intense desire in his lower region. He broke contact with her lips and moved his body downward. He moved the head of his penis with his hand and placed it against her slit. It was hot and wet. He did not look at her face as he battled against himself. Finally, he steeled his will and just pushed his way into the gap between her thighs. Already wet with her juices, it slid in easily.

He hugged himself against her breasts and started gyrating within the grasp of her thighs. After a moment, Jie Er tilted his head up and started kissing him deeply; her body in sync with his grinding. His penis almost penetrated her a couple of times, but each time, he managed to angle it away right before it pierced her hole.

Finally, as Jie Er sucked on Blaze's tongue, her body shuddered, releasing streams of warm liquid onto his penis. Feeling the warmth, Blaze mashed his hips into hers and came between her thighs.

After humping against each and releasing themselves, the two of them broke their kiss apart. They looked into each other's eyes, before Blaze snuggled into her breasts. She hugged him tightly as they fell asleep.


The next morning, Blaze was stranded at the cottage with only his books to keep him company. He read his books and practiced, but he missed the playful company of Elyssa. The fact that he had to endure the solitude for the whole week made him even more restless.

Finally, by midafternoon, he decided he had to do something about it. He couldn't depend on Rebecca for too long. What would he do if it was decided that she wasn't staying? He needed to figure out a way to get to Varan by himself. Jie Er would never let him travel alone until he mastered his flight; which seemed like it would take a while.

So, he needed to figure out a way to get to Varan and back by the time Jie Er returned home. Walking or running wasn't an option. Jie Er had mentioned dangerous wild animals. But maybe he could glide his way to the town. No, simply gliding would take forever. I need to dive glide to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

The katabatic winds from nearby mountains blew in the direction of Varan in the morning. The evening winds came from the north. If he timed it right, he could use the winds to help him speed up the travel time. But first, he needed to learn how to dive glide.

Dive gliding was a technique where one combined diving and gliding to cover long distances with minimum use of energy.

So, he took a short nap before he headed outside. The northern winds started late afternoon and were cooler than the ambient temperature -- the Purple Sea was to the north of Varan.

He tested for the wind, unfurled his wings and hopped over the outer wall. He put some distance before positioning himself in the direction of the wind -- he did not want to accidentally crash into the wall.

He felt the cool wind against his feathers. Although they were ethereal, they felt very tangible when they were fully materialized. Feeling the steady breeze, he flapped his wings and jumped. He soared to about twenty feet before he felt the pull of gravity. He immediately flattened his wings and tried to angle his body slightly towards the ground.

He had expected the wind to aid him float even when he gained momentum. Instead, he divebombed. He tried to soften the crash with his feet and arms, but a twenty feet drop was no walk in the park even for a winged creature such as himself. He ended up bruising his knees and scraping his arms.

Theoretically, if Blaze held his wings at a slightly slanted angle to the wind, the wings should deflect the wind downwards, creating an upward lift that should negate the pull of gravity. However, putting the concept into action was apparently not as easy as it seemed.

Not being put off by a few scrapes and bruises, Blaze tried it again. The results were pretty similar. Are my wings not big enough? He wondered after the fourth crash landing. Suddenly, he spotted a raptor soaring high up in the sky, looking for prey. That's it!

He had been trying to go with the wind. Maybe he could gain the required horizontal momentum if he first tried to go against the wind.

He quickly got up to his feet and jumped to the air. He spread his wings to catch the wind, which blew him back and up like a kite. He reached a height of around forty feet before his body stabilized. It wouldn't be fun to crash from this height, he postured as he looked at the precarious looking ground.

Steeling himself, he keeled sideways like a jet plane, keeping his wings as rigid as possible. His body sped towards the ground, but simultaneously gained a lot of lateral distance. He had the urge to curl up into a ball, but he kept his wits about.

When he was about three feet above the ground, Bernoulli's equation kicked in - the lift finally trumped gravity and his body surged. He glided another sixty feet before he managed to make an awkward landing; some hundred feet away from where he started out.

Blaze squealed like a girl in glee. It was like a roller coaster. He was the roller coaster. Blaze, The Rolling Angel, he muttered to himself, before launching of a second time. This time his landing was much smoother.

When Jie Er came back that evening, Blaze was zipping around like a wayward fly. He couldn't fly too high or too far, but he could easily glide around a hundred feet in good time. If he maintained his speed, he calculated that he could make it to Varan in a couple of hours.

Jie Er landed outside the cottage and stared at him speechlessly, as he landed before her with overdone gracefulness. She had spotted an angel darting around her house, but she wouldn't have even imagined that it was Blaze. He was progressing too quickly. How can she even do that with such short wings?

"What have you done to yourself!?" she suddenly exclaimed, spotting his scrapes and bruises. She grabbed his hands and started fussing over his wounds.

"It's alright, aunty. I was just crashed a few times. Nothing I can't handle. Did you see me glide?" he said, proudly.

"You should've waited for me to come back!"

"I was bored, aunty. It's alright. I can deal with minor injuries. But did you see me glide? How was it?" he asked, his excitement not abating.

"Sigh! That's not the point. Come inside. I will apply some ointment" Jie Er replied, grabbing him and jumping over the wall. She was awfully proud of him, but she did not want to encourage such reckless behavior.

"You weren't supposed to learn how to glide until your wings were longer and stronger. Can you promise me not to try such dangerous techniques, when I am not around? What if you fell from a greater height? I can't even imagine what sorta things you did to learn the technique!" she admonished him, while applying a white cream over his knees.

"I won't unless I have to" he promised her. He just had to get to Varan.

Jie Er coddled him a bit more before they went to bed. This was why he couldn't take things further with her. But, he had kind of come to terms with their relationship. Besides, he had Rebecca and Agatha for his needs.


"Don't try anything stupid" Jie Er warned Blaze, as she stepped out of the house on the morn of Tirdas.

"I'll try..." Blaze replied, trying to sound sarcastic. He had plans for being reckless.

It was a warm sunny morning and the breeze from the south east was starting to pick momentum. He waited until the breeze reached a good steady speed before jumping up on the wall. He manifested his wings and launched himself in the direction of Varan.

He glided for about hundred fifty feet before he had to land. He paused for a moment and jumped again. Although Blaze's sense of direction wasn't the best, he had been to Varan enough times to know the route.

The distance to Varan from his home was about ten yonders, and it usually took Rebecca around half an hour to get there. It took Blaze a little over two hours of gliding to do the same. The sun was high in the sky when he landed outside Varan. He walked the rest of the way to the library.

"What happened to you?" Elyssa asked him as he flopped himself beside her. He was quite famished.

"Aunt Becky has some stupid exercise with her division. She isn't around to drop me off" he muttered in reply, as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"I was talking about the cuts and scratches..."

"Oh, I was learning how to glide"

"You can already glide!? Wait a minute. How did you get here?" she asked suspiciously, noticing his tiredness.

"Umm. I glided here?" he replied hesitantly.

"You what?" she exclaimed, pushing his head off her shoulder to look at him.

"Yeah. I am not very good at it, yet. But I could glide more than a hundred and fifty feet before I reached the city" Blaze tried to brush it off.

"You can fly already!?"

"It's not really flying. I just hopping and gliding"

"I was twenty-six by the time I could even try to fly"


"Are you trying to piss me off? Most angels don't even have wings until they are in their thirties. Flying takes a few more years. You are flying at 19!!" she screeched as her voice kept getting higher.

"What can I say? I am a genius!" Blaze replied nonchalantly, before resting his head back on her shoulder.

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