tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Angels Cum Ch. 07

When Angels Cum Ch. 07


Author's Notes:

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As for the speed of chapter releases, I don't think I can go any faster; at least for now. You may have noticed that the quality of the chapters has increased from chapter 5 onwards. The complexity of the story has also increased more than I originally intended, and I am trying my best to make it read worthy, despite the lack of an editor. My speed may improve as I become more proficient at writing but do not expect sudden any sudden improvement.

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Over the next couple of days, Jie Er and Rebecca scoured the surrounding forests, whenever they could, for signs of an adult Quetzal. However, they did not even come across a feather of a Quetzal within a forty yonder radius of where Blaze found Sky.

The three of them postulated numerous reasons over why a Quetzal hatchling would appear out of nowhere, but none of them made much sense. Rebecca finally decided for herself that the world goddess, Hathor, had finally granted the angels a Quetzal they could tame.

Jie Er and Blaze were more suspicious, but without anything to focus their suspicions on, they had to give up on their contemplations.

"You know, Rin and Lin have experience in taming. As scouts, they've worked with puokai and dogs. Maybe they can give you some advice on Sky" Rebecca said that weekend, as they worked on Blaze's new room. They were extending the foundation of the house to the left of Jie Er's room.

Blaze nodded as he recalled the two purple haired twins he had met at the army camp.

Sky was currently locked up in her coop, glaring at Blaze for confining her. For a mere bird, she seemed to be quite expressive. She had not yet taken to the older angels and did not like it when they were close to Blaze.

She hadn't grown visibly over the past few days, but tiny hair like pale blue protrusions started sprouting over her head and tail. She was also pooping a lot and she liked to do it anywhere but her coop. Thus, she had been officially banned from entering the house.

Blaze had tried in vainto train her but pointing at the coop and saying 'poop' did not seem to be having much of an effect.

"How about I ask them to come over on the morning of Turdas or Fredas? They've been nagging me about the pool. We can let them have a dip after they help out with the training" Rebecca said to him.

"Sure. But, don't you have to be at the camp on weekdays?"

"Yeah, about that. We are being sent off to the TriSaw Ridge for a month. The demons haven't ceased their activity along the north western border and we have been asked to guard the ridge. We were given a few days off before we leave" Rebecca replied.

"Is it going to be dangerous?" Blaze asked, a little worried.

"TriSaw Ridge? Nah. It's just an energy stone quarry. Quite far from the border. They are afraid that the demons might send someone to sabotage it, so we are just going there to guard it"

"I guess I won't be seeing you for a whole month then" Blaze replied glumly.

"I'm sorry"

"We need to have a party before you leave. Let's have the twins over on both days" Blaze replied, trying to sound innocent.

"What are you planning?" Rebecca asked, unconvinced by his act.

"Oh nothing. Just a little bonding between the twins and their lieutenant. After all, you will be stuck together in some stupid mine for a whole month" Blaze grinned.

"Hmm. That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. A lieutenant does need to get to know her soldiers. What's the plan?" Rebecca replied with a gleam in her eyes, rubbing her hands together.

Blaze put an arm around her and started discussing his idea in hushed voices.

Jie Er watched the two conniving angels and simply shook her head. She couldn't say she wasn't a little envious. She had work on those days.


"It's really a Quetzal!!" Rin shrieked in delight, as soon as she spotted Sky. The little tyke charged at her from across the garden as soon as 'he' realized that a stranger had landed in his territory. Just because he let Jie Er and Rebecca live in his house did not mean it was welcome to other angels.

Blaze had been referring to Sky in his mind as a 'he'. Quetzals like angels were asexual and there were no gender pronouns on Azra-El, but Blaze had been longing for a 'bro'. He decided to designate the role to Sky.

The 'bro' bird lunged at Rin's ankles as soon as he reached her, but the angel deftly sidestepped and simply lifted the bird off the ground. Sky struggled and tried to nip at her fingers, but Rin held his shoulders in a way that neither his beak nor his claws could reach any part of her skin.

"queee queee" Sky complained at a laughing Blaze.

Rin, with her waist length and side-swept pale pink hair, was the more feminine looking twin.

She was wearing a gold lined skin tight white sleeveless top, with an open chest and a high collar. A long flowing skirt wrapped around her perky butt and was held low by an orange ribbon belt. The front of the skirt was open and revealed her thighs and knee-high white socks.

Lin was the tomboy twin with short scruffy orange hair. Blaze was pretty sure that the twins were both purple haired the last time he saw them, but they seemed to have dyed their hair or maybe it was their original color.

Lin was wearing a yellow long-coat dress that revealed her chest and stomach. Her low hanging dark purple trousers were skin tight and had only one leg. The other side was cut high up her thigh. A green belt and chain held the coat and pants together at her hips.

Although the way the two of them presented themselves was drastically different, they were still identical twins. They had gentle almond shaped green eyes with slightly upturned outer corners. They had soft button noses and cute pale pink lips with pretty smiles. Their faces were oval and rounded with a faint mongoloid resemblance.

"Are you sure she is tameable?" Rin asked Rebecca and Blaze, as Sky waged a war against his indomitable foe.

"Let me show you" Blaze replied, taking Sky from her hands. The bird clawed her way up his shirt and onto his shoulder. He hugged Blaze's face with a wing and snarled threateningly at Rin.

"He just needs to get used to other angels, I think. He doesn't hate aunty Jie Er and Becky anymore" Blaze explained, as he glanced at Lin who seemed to be keeping her distance from them.

"Oh, don't mind her. She seems to have a thing against birds" Rin said wryly.

"I have a thing against Quetzals" Lin clarified.

"Remember Claudis? She still can't fly" she continued.

"That was an angel killer, Linnie"

"I don't see the difference!"

"Sigh. Anyway, lets go over to that table. I'll show you the basics of taming. I am the puokai expert, anyway. Lin's a dog lover" Rin said, leading them to the garden table. Puokai were large eagle like birds that were used by the angels for scouting and hunting for food.

Blaze set Sky on the table and the group gathered around him.

Rin reached a hand out to the bird, and he immediately tried to snap at her fingers. Rin nimbly popped a round pellet into his mouth.

Sky tried to push the pellet out until he felt the taste. He blinked for a moment before he started rolling it around, savoring the flavor.

"My special recipe. My birds love them. Especially, Ahren" Rin explained.


"She's my main flyer. Smartest out of the six puokai I am training"

Rin tried reaching for his head again, but Sky swallowed the pellet and snapped his beak at her.

Rin procured another pellet and dangled it temptingly. Sky quietened down and watched warily, making no move for the treat.

"I guess you're not that easy huh, little guy?" Rin sighed, but she only seemed to become more motivated by Sky's reluctance.

For the next twenty minutes, Rin tried to get the bird to let her touch him, constantly coaxing him with treats. Finally, Sky relented and let her pet him on his head for a short moment before he snatched the treat with his beak and scampered back into Blaze's arms.

"Well, for a Quetzal, she is extremely friendly. If all Quetzals were as sociable as her, we would've have had an army of demon killers" Rin sighed, looking longingly at Sky. No bird had ever resisted her guiles as much.

"Rin, have you noticed the color of its plumage?" Lin suddenly asked.


"What's wrong?" Blaze asked.

"Quetzals usually have darker feathers. This one's color seems too light. But it's possible that they will darken as she grows" Rin postured.

"Or maybe, she is an angelic Quetzal!" Rebecca proclaimed.

"Haha. Maybe Rhea has bestowed us with our own Quetzal. Either way, I can't wait to see our very own Quetzal knight" Rin laughed. Rhea was the mother goddess of Azra-El. She was credited to be the mother of all life and the one to bestow world energies to all living beings.

Blaze smiled as he pictured himself riding a huge sky-blue quetzal. "How big will he get?"

"Pretty big. At least twice the size of a Xenodon. Obviously, not as heavy though. I hear you fought against one. That was quite a brave thing to do" Rin replied.

Over the next hour or so, Rin and Lin taught Blaze the basics of taming as they worked around a reluctant Sky.

"Remember not to pamper her too much. The key is to be consistent with reward and punishment. Also, make sure to be the dominant one in your relationship. I won't be able to help over the next month, but after that I will make sure to visit whenever I can. I can't miss out on training the angels' first Quetzal. I still can't believe how tame she is" Rin finished excitedly. Sky had begrudgingly allowed her to hold him.

"Do you think we should report her to someone higher up?" Rebecca finally asked their opinion on the issue.

"Not unless you want her to be taken away. Despite my dislike towards Quetzals, I don't see how raising her by ourselves is a bad thing. Blaze is a talented young angel and since the bird has already bonded with him, its best to let them grow together" Lin said from the side.

"That settles everything then. Ready for a dip in the pool?" Rebecca replied with a glint in her eye.


Blaze and Rebecca let the twins enjoy the hot spring in peace, as the Quetzal paddled around in joy. They had found within the first couple of days that the bird loved water.

The twins were initially surprised by Blaze's member, but they easily accepted it as an unnatural quirk.

Blaze sat in the water beside Rebecca and silently admired the view. The twins were similarly built. Small and cute breasts, bony hips and perky butts. However, Rin had a slim soft body while Lin was more toned with sinewy legs. It seemed like she enjoyed running with her dogs.

"Have the two of you had enough of the pool? We have a special treat planned for you. Consider it a gift for helping us with Sky" Rebecca said after an hour of reveling in the water. They had been in the water long enough for the skin on their fingers and toes to start wrinkling.

"Treat?" the twins asked in sync.

"It's a special kind of massage that Blaze invented. It's quite pleasurable. You wanna try it?" Rebecca replied mysteriously.

"You want to give us a massage?" Lin asked puzzled.

"Yeah, but everyone is an active participant. We'll show you if you agree"

"Sure. What do we do?" Rin agreed for both.

"Well let's dry ourselves and head to my bedroom. It should be more comfortable" Blaze responded. Hot spring sex had slowly lost its novelty.

"Let's go then!" Rin replied getting up.

Rin had lean thighs and her thigh gap was wide. As she stood up, the water dribbled down her body and rolled of her thin slit drop by drop as Blaze watched in fascination.

"I am guessing she's your pick?" Rebecca murmured from his side.

Blaze nodded without averting his gaze, as Rin slowly climbed out of the water perking her butt towards him. Her slit slightly opened as she heaved herself up. The long foray in the water loosened her muscles and made her feel heavy.

Lin gave Blaze a dubious look before following her sister. Blaze watched her too, but his choice was made.

"We don't need our clothes" Rebecca said, after the group dried themselves. Lin had reached for her space ring to bring out her clothing.

Blaze who had been helping Rin, took her hand and lead them into Rebecca's bed room.

"Your room is cleaner than I imagined, lieutenant" Lin commented, once they stepped inside. Blaze had helped Rebecca with organizing her room. The sheets were new and plush pillows were arranged neatly at the head. A faint lavender fragrance permeated the room, titillating their olfactory senses.

Blaze was about to give his usual spiel before sex, but Rebecca just grabbed Lin's hand and led her to the bed. She sat down on the edge and pulled her towards herself.

"What the..." Lin cried as she fell on her. Rebecca grabbed her butt and pulled her onto her lap.

"Rebecca?" she questioned softly as she looked into her lieutenants' fervent eyes. She was a good six inches shorter than Rebecca and though she sat on her lap her eyes were level with her.

Rebecca gently wrapped her arms around Lin's waist and pulled her close, making her straddle her thighs.

"Just know that you can stop whenever you wish to. You know I will never hold you against it" Rebecca said gently. She never understood why Blaze was so particular about explaining himself over something that was so enjoyable, but she realized that she was in a position of power and that she could unwittingly coerce Lin into doing something she didn't want to.

Lin gave her a confused nod. She wanted to ask her more, but she suddenly found a pair of soft lips on her own.

Lin's eyes widened in surprise as Rebecca took her lower lip between hers and started gently caressing it with her wet tongue. She felt a tingle down her spine as Rebecca's long fingers traversed along her back and butt.

Their breasts pillowed against each other and their stomachs touched as Rebecca gently pulled Lin into herself.

Blaze slowly inched towards a perplexed and curious Rin. He reached a hand to her perky butt and cupped her left cheek along the crease. Rin looked down to him, but he only gave her an innocent smile. Rin gave herself a mental shrug and turned back to the other two, as Blaze slowly caressed her butt. Maybe it was a part of the massage.

Rebecca slowly increased the intensity of the kiss as Lin got used to the idea. She pushed her tongue against her lips and gently pried them apart, coercing her way into her mouth. She traced her tongue along her smooth pearly teeth and tapped against them, asking for access.

Lin gradually let her in and soon met her with her own tongue. They tasted each other as their mushy organs collided fleetingly like two butterflies. They pulled apart and savored the flavor for a moment before they collided with much more vigor.

Rin felt an unfamiliar heat rise in her cheeks as she watched the two angels kiss each other, tenderly at first but with increasing voracity.

Blaze took her hand and gave her a questioning look. She responded by a shy smile. Blaze led her to bed and sat down a foot or so away from Rebecca. Rin gave him an unsure look. Should she be sitting on the younger angel?

Blaze did not give her time to ponder the question and gently pulled her in.

She climbed up and straddled his hips. She could feel his strange member poking against her stomach as she looked down into Blaze's eyes. She was a short angel, but she still towered over him.

She leaned down toward his lips, trying to emulate the other two. However, Blaze craned his neck and planted a quick peck on her lips before pulling her closer. Her slit climbed up his thighs and pressed against his erect member as he dove for her breasts.

Rin let out a shrill giggle as she felt Blaze's tongue flit across her perky nipples. But tickling her senses was not what Blaze had in mind. He grasped her butt cheeks tightly and pulled her into himself, as he enclosed his mouth over her left breast and swirled his tongue hungrily over her areola.

Rin intuitively arched back, pushing her hips against him as her slit slid over his penis.

"Mmmh Aaah" she let out a slight moan as Blaze nipped her nipple gently, while moving his hands greedily across her back.

Hearing Rin's moan, the other duo paused to look. Rin's head was tilted up and her eyes were closed to experience the pleasure as Blaze gorged on her breasts.

Not to be out done by Blaze, Rebecca increased the intensity of her ministrations. She pulled the angel close and started showering her neck and face with kisses as she grinded her body against hers. Her hefty breasts squished into Lin's smaller ones as their nipples and areolae chafed against each other.

Unsure of how to respond and overwhelmed by the increasing pleasure, Lin wrapped her hands around Rebecca's neck and surrendered her body.

Suddenly, Lin found herself being turned over and laid on the bed. Rebecca crawled to her side and slid a hand down her elastic stomach to her pink slit. She looked in to her shy green eyes and reached for her breast with her mouth.

Meanwhile, Rin started moaning as she started feverishly rubbing herself against Blaze's penis. She did not know what she was doing, but her body seemed to be intuitively responding to Blaze's attentions.

Blaze could feel her lower lips spread apart over the length of his penis as she heavily grinded against it. He silently kept working on her breasts as he reached a finger to her puckered hole. He titillated it lightly for a while before pushing it.

"Ooh" Rin gasped.

She grabbed his head and hugged him tightly against her breasts as her walls clenched tightly around his finger. Her body felt hot and she felt a terrible need in the pit of her stomach.

Blaze could clearly hear the pounding of her heart and the hotness of her breath as she panted while crudely jutting her hips against his.

"Eeeeehhh" he heard a sudden shriek of ecstasy just as he thought of moving things along.

He turned to the other two, to see Lin spasming with raised hips and cumming all over Rebecca's fingers as she rubbed them over Lin's lower lips. She clung onto Rebecca's neck and her eyes displayed a complex mix of intense emotions; pleasure, confusion and a craving for more.

"I win" Rebecca grinned smugly at Blaze, once Lin stopped coming.

"Hey! You started first. And, it's not over yet" Blaze replied turning Rin over and laying her beside Lin, surprising her with his strength.

Rebecca scooted to the other side. She wanted to give Lin sometime to recover and wanted to watch a master at work.

Blaze grabbed Rin's thighs and pushed her up towards the head of the bed. He leaned into her slick slit and went to work with it. He flicked her engorged clit with his rough thumb as he entered her with his tongue. Her insides were slimy and accepting, despite the tightness of her walls. She tasted of peaches.

Rin felt strange about a foreign object entering a depth of her body that had never been explored. However, she loved the feeling. Blaze's tongue helped satisfy the strange emptiness within the pit of her stomach and she wanted more.

As Rin moaned under Blaze's repeated expeditions into her interiors, Rebecca noticed his lonely engorged dick that seemed to be bursting out of his foreskin. She decided she needed to do something about it.

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