tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Angels Cum Ch. 09

When Angels Cum Ch. 09


Author's Comments:

A couple of you found similarities with Harry Potter. I didn't intend it, but I am not surprised. Harry Potter and LOTR were my favorite books as a kid. If only I can be as good as either of them. Though, I feel the HP series deteriorated after the fourth book.

ReaderReaderFic: I never even thought that river otter made good pet until I played ARK. It was a fun game. Ride a T-Rex in tundra with a river otter snuggled around your shoulders for warmth. Doesn't get any better. Haha. I hope you do get one.

DrasticExplorer: Aren't we all a little perverted?

Thanks to the others for their wonderful reviews.

Is anyone interested in writing a brief synopsis for the novel? I feel that the one I wrote at the start isn't very good. I'd like to get a synopsis with an outside perspective. Feel free to post something in the comments section.

Warning: There is only one long sex scene in this chapter. Enjoy.

MAP: I am posting it separately.

Demons and Angels power order: Angel < Archangel < Deity < Deva; Demon < Archdemon < Devil < Asura


"Have you intimated Ms. Eloa?" Fiora asked Alice, after Blaze called her in.

Fiora was back to being prim and dignified. As soon as she was done with cleaning up, Fiora had immediately gone back to her initial demeanor. She had thanked Blaze for showing her his condition and asked him to call Alice back into her office.

"Yes. Ms Siofra has asked me to give you her thanks" Alice responded, as her eyes travelled between Blaze and Fiora.

"Good. Please show Ms. Blaze to her dorm and then take her to Ms. Eloa. She will take over from there." Fiora told her.

"It's been a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Blaze. I may be a little busy over the next couple of weeks, but feel free to contact Ms. Alice if you have any troubles or requests. And remember, school is not just a place for studying. Make some friends and have fun. You're already far ahead of your peers" Fiora said, giving him a faint but genuine smile.

Ohoho. You're gonna regret saying that. Blaze cackled internally as he nodded demurely.

"Well, off you go then" Fiora waved the two of them out of her office.

As soon as the door closed behind the two angels, Fiora flopped down to her chair.

What was that?

A strong uncontrollable craving had taken over her mind and body; starting with the heat and fullness in her head and slowly intensifying to the pit of her stomach, where she felt a hunger she had never felt before.

She had just wanted to grab the little twerp and ravage him. She had no practical experience in the matter, but she did have a faint idea of how she could've proceeded to do that.

Why does this brat have such an effect on me? Is it just because of her member or is there some other reason? Anyway, I have be careful. I can't let myself be overcome by her charm or my desire. Or I will soon be dancing on the tip of her fingers.

Fiora knew Blaze's type. They were good angels, but also natural trouble makers. They were also good at getting what they wanted, while simultaneously making people feel good for giving it to them.

She needed to play her role as the headmistress and not allow herself to be led on by Blaze.


"Was that really a wrestling move?" Alice asked Blaze, as they walked out of the Registrar's office.

Blaze, who had been thinking about his episode with the headmistress, was brought out of his reverie. He knew that the principal had enjoyed their little workout and was confident that if he could have a go at her a few more times, he would have her in his palm.

"I guess you could call it that" Blaze replied ambiguously.

"It was quite strange. Whatever it is that you were doing, I'd never seen such an expression on anyone, let alone the headmistress."

"Oh that. Well, the uniqueness of my move is that it makes your opponent not want to fight by making them feel good. That's probably why she had such an expression" Blaze expounded.

"How is that even possible?"

"Well, I can show it to you at some point, if you're interested" Blaze responded wryly.

"Haha. It's ok. I am not into fighting. Come, let me fly you to your dorm" Alice replied, manifesting a couple of pale pink wings.

Blaze considered it for a moment. He had to reveal his flying capabilities at some point.

"It's ok, I can fly" Blaze replied, bringing out his own wings

Alice sucked in a deep breath and was speechless for a moment.

"Aren't you only twenty?" she asked unbelievingly.

Blaze nodded.

"Does the headmistress know?"

"She should..." Blaze replied, but immediately reconsidered. He had never actually mentioned it. Ely's mom should've brought it up with the headmistress.

"No wonder you've been given a special admittance. Have they checked the record books? You could be the youngest angel known to fly" said an awestruck Alice.

"The youngest known angel to have flown lived two millennia ago. She was sixteen" Blaze answered back. He had checked the records. Technically, however, he was the youngest and will probably remain so for a long time to come.

"Regardless. It's an amazing feat. Come, let me show you around" Alice replied with a sigh.

She looked at Blaze for confirmation and took to the sky, looking back after she ascended a hundred feet. Though she was expecting it, she was nontheless surprised to find Blaze effortlessly fly up to her.

"It's really hard to believe" Alice said, as Blaze hovered beside her. The gusts from their wings ruffled each other's hair.

Blaze's hair had grown past his shoulders. He had wanted to cut it short, but Jie Er had been adamant about it. 'But it is so pretty and dazzling', she had said when he brought it up. Maybe I should learn to make a pony tail.

After a few moments of admiring him, Alice finally decided to move. She introduced him to a few buildings along the way; the aviary and the stable, the auditorium and the arena. The campus was immense and the distance between each building was quite big, with sprawling gardens, orchids and groves occupying the land between them.

Soon, they spotted six burgundy colored brick buildings symmetrically arranged in a hexagonal shape and spread over an area of a few acres. Each building was located at the center of each section of the hexagon and was surrounded by trees, play grounds, pools, gazebos and solitary benches. It was quite lavish.

"These are the first-year dorms" Alice replied, waving her arm over the entire area, once they landed at the foremost building.

It was a large three storied Victorian building with massive arched windows and doorways. Creepers with beautiful multi colored flowers adorned the building and it seemed like the plants knew to avoid the windows and doors.

"There are six different classes in each year. You've been assigned to Class1A and this is your dormitory. We don't have much time, so I won't show you inside. The matron will help you after you get back from your classes" Alice explained.

"How many students are there in each class?" Blaze asked, a little daunted by the extravagance. Is it because of the long life-span of the angels? He wondered.

"Around sixty in each class. I assure you, these are the best dorms in the western Heavenly union", Alice replied, misunderstanding the reason for his befuddlement.

Blaze simply nodded.

"Time to head to the Lecture building. I don't want you to miss your next lecture" Alice said, after giving Blaze a moment to take it in.

Soon, they made their way to a nonagon structure, a few thousand feet away from the dorms. Tir academy seemed to love its symmetry.

It was a single storied building with nine faces and a circular central plaza that spanned a hundred yards. It seemed like the nine sections were assigned for each year of angel schooling. Blaze was elated. It meant that Elyssa wouldn't be too far from him.

They landed in the plaza and Alice took him through the doorway with 'Year One' etched in large golden letters. They walked through the hallway and reached the teachers' section. It was a big area, with a common lounging space surrounded by the teachers' offices.

Alice knocked on a door with the name Eloa Alto etched on it. An older angel in a long red gown opened the door.

"Ms. Alice! I've been waiting for you two. I am little late for my class. Is this Ms Blaze?" Eloa asked, peering at Blaze with curious but gentle eyes.

Eloa looked like a human female in her mid-thirties. She had bright turquoise eyes with dark red hair tied up in a bun at the top. She had lightly tanned skin, a pleasant round face, small mouth with red lips and a cute snub nose.

Though long, her crimson gown with was split on both sides at the hips to reveal her smooth but strong looking legs. She looked quite sexy, but Blaze had no interest in someone who could be considered a grandmother amongst the angels.

"Hello" Blaze replied shyly.

"Hello, young one. I will take her from here, Ms. Alice. Thank you" Eloa said quickly and took Blaze's hand to lead him to his new classroom.

"Good luck with your first day of school, Ms. Blaze" Alice shouted to their backs.


"Ms. Blaze, I am your homeroom teacher, Eloa Alto. I will be in charge of your class this year, and I would really like to chat and get to know you better. However, we have to drop you off at your class and I have to head to Class C for their Math Lecture. I am already late. I hope you forgive me for my hastiness" Eloa said as she rushed him through the corridors.

"It's ok, Mon Eloa. You can just call me Blaze or Blaze Er"

Soon, they reached their destination and Eloa opened the door to a huge auditorium styled classroom. Sixty young angels and a teacher turned their heads towards them.

"Seshat, I apologize for the intrusion. We have a new student and I didn't want her to miss any more classes" Eloa said to the teacher standing in front of a wide blackboard.

"It's ok, Min Eloa"

Blaze looked around and his worst fears were confirmed. His classmates were essentially starry-eyed kids that looked to be around twelve to thirteen years old. They all looked at Blaze with naïve and curious eyes.

"Kids! Meet Blaze Er Lokra. She is a little late because of some special circumstances. Please be kind to her and help her out if needed. I hope you can all become good friends. I will talk to you later in the evening or tomorrow morning"" Eloa said to the class.

When she got a nod of affirmation from them, she took her leave and left in a hurry.

"Have a seat, Ms. Blaze" Seshat told him softly as Blaze stood there in his misery. She took his hesitation as shyness.

Blaze had come to the academy with the hope of meeting a classroom full of potential friends. Now he was stuck with either kids or teachers. Stupid principal Fiora.

Blaze gave her a slight nod and walked up the central stairs. It was a big classroom with around a hundred chairs arranged in a semi-circular shape around a stage and the blackboard.

Blaze chose a middle row chair with no students in the vicinity and sat down grumpily. Seshat gave Blaze a couple of moments to settle down before she resumed her lecture.

"As I was saying, the rise of the Hela empire began approximately seven hundred and fifty years ago. Before its rise, the demons had been routed to the southern and western shores of Azra-El. Now, they occupy almost half of the continent. Can anyone tell me what spurred this rise and change?" Seshat asked the class. The well sounded auditorium allowed for her crystalline voice to travel freely around the classroom.

Blaze who had been wallowing in his misfortune, finally noticed his history teacher. He immediately wondered how he had missed her in the first place. She was a stunner.

Seshat was an exorbitantly curvy angel with honey colored skin and sleek midnight black hair that was parted in the middle and flowed down her narrow waist to her wide hips. She was shorter than Jie Er but she looked to be around her age

She wore a top made from thin golden coins, interconnected on a narrow strip of white silk that hung from her slim neck. The strips of gold gradually widened to slightly cover her plump but pear-shaped breasts that hung freely under her top.

The two strips met at a ruby center right above her cavernous belly button and split once more to around her waist and latch on to her golden loincloth's belt at the end of her tailbone.

The two-inch-wide loincloth belt and the loincloth itself were made from inter connected golden coins and hung low on her waist, revealing her hips and the upper creases of her groin. A thin gauze like silken white cloth, held in place by the belt, was wrapped tightly around her pert butt and the back of her thighs.

A flexible golden circlet adorned her hair and forehead, and a tear shaped ruby hung from its center to embellish the space between her dark crescent shaped eyebrows. Golden bangles, armlets, anklets and heels with interconnecting golden chains decorated her thin arms and lustful legs.

Her dark green eyes within a clear white background were sketched in pitch black mascara, accentuating her long and heavy lashes. She had a strong and perfect greek nose and auburn colored plump bow shaped lips.

"Hela becoming the queen of the demons?" a purple haired angel in the first row answered, bringing Blaze out of his brief daze.

I guess History will be my new favorite subject.

"Good answer. Hela became a Devil at an age of two hundred. She defeated eleven demon lords to be accepted as the supreme ruler of the demons. However, that was only the beginning. I am looking for something else. Something that gave them the ability to conquer land and expand" Seshat replied and looked around for more responses.

"Was it because of Hela becoming an Asura?" a girl on Blaze's right conjectured.

"No. That was later in the war. It helped her consolidate her position, but it was more a consequence of Hela's rise rather than the war itself" Seshat repsonded.

"The Pixie betrayal!" Blaze heard a raspy voice from behind. Her voice was soft, but he could hear the venom in it. He turned around and spotted a tall kid with boyish short pink hair. Her bangs were parted in the middle and swept behind her ears, with a thick lock of hair hanging to the left of her cheek.

"What's your name, child?" Seshat gently asked the girl.

"Rachel" she replied defensively.

"Rachel. Are you saying the pixies betrayed the angels or the demons betrayed the pixies?" Sashet asked the girl.

"What difference does it make? My mum says that it was the pixie's fault that the angel's lost so much ground. If not for them, the demons would've never even dared to wage a war against us" Rachel replied angrily.

"You aren't entirely wrong, dear girl. Before the war started, the pixies started trading with the demons. The demons made a plea for the wheat that grows in abundance in the Mesa river basin, popularly known as the pixie lands. The pixie queen, Clarion Milori, accepted a trade deal and soon the demons had numerous trade routes into the pixie lands. When Hela came into power, she used these routes to take over the western side of the Mesa river. Once she ensured a steady and safe source of supplies, the demons were able to run over the western Fairy lands and push back the Xian empire into the confines of the Laya mountains" Sashet explained.

"So, the establishment of trade routes with the Pixies was primary reason behind the rise of the Hela empire. However, calling the Pixies traitors is doing injustice. In hindsight, they might seem foolish in allowing the demons to roam freely within their lands. Bu can you fault them for being compassionate? The lands the demons occupied before the war were not fertile and produced very little. Can you say that it is un-angelic to show compassion to another creature? The questions you must ask are what you would have done if you were in the place of the pixies. Can you call yourself an angel if you can easily ignore a creature in need? You can say that you should've been more careful. But that's easy to say in hindsight. In those days, the way the demons ultimately used the trade routes was not apparent"

"You say it as if the pixies weren't in cahoots with the demons. Why is it that the pixies were the only angels to be spared? They killed off most of the fairies and so many of the Xian were slaughtered while being driven out of their lands" Rachel retorted.

"I can't say I know the answer to that question, Rachel. But no angel can claim that she does. Maybe the fairies and the Xian angels were killed because it was considered an act of war. Maybe the demons felt guilty about killing those who provided them assistance in good faith, thus sparing the pixies. Or maybe some of the pixies were in fact in the hands of the demons. But it is not right to demonize the entire pixie race. Imagine if the Queen of Aranya made such a mistake and all of Aranya's angels were ostracized for it" Seshat tried to mollify Rachel's loathing for the pixies.

Rachel grumbled and put on a pout, but she did not offer an argument. Seshat continued her story and gave them a brief account of what happened during the war.

Ting -- a -- ling -- ling.

A bell rang from somewhere just as Seshat finished her tale; signaling the end of the class. Her voice and the way she spoke were enchanting and only the bell had managed to bring the students out of her spell.

"I guess that's it for today. Since it is the first day of school, I wanted to start off with something interesting. From tomorrow, we'd have to follow the school schedule and start learning from ancient history. As for your homework, I want you all to write a short passage on what you think you'd have done if you were put in the place of the pixies. It's just for fun. I won't grade your answers, but I expect you all to submit your answers by the Morndas. Have fun! I will see you tomorrow" Seshat finished and took her leave.

Blaze watched her graceful behind as she sensuously walked out of the class.

Was it a war for resources? The demons seemed to have been in a pretty dire situation before the war. They had been confined to a land that was mostly desert or cold or unfertile. Even now, almost half of the Hela empire was the uninhabitable Infernal desert.

"Hello!" a cheerful voice surprised Blaze out of his thoughts.

"I am Aahna and this is Bi. You're Blaze, right? Weird name. Where are you from? How come you weren't here over the weekend? We had a lot of fun and got to know everyone. Even students from other classes", the voice babbled on when Blaze looked at her.

The voice belonged to a cute violet haired girl with a round face and large pale blue eyes, which contrasted against her pale brown skin. She had a cheerful expression and seemed to be brimming with energy.

She was accompanied by a lanky black-haired girl with almond shaped dark brown eyes and a shy countenance. Her hair was long at the back with short even bangs covering her forehead. She seemed to be having trouble with looking Blaze in the eye.

However, they weren't alone. Blaze suddenly found himself being ambushed by a gaggle of teenage angels.

They were of different heights but all of them seemed to be shorter than him. If one went by their general appearance and not their heights, they looked to be around 12-13 years old. It made Blaze wonder why anyone thought that he was the same age as them. He looked a little younger than he had been on earth but not by that much.

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