tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Angels Cum Ch. 13

When Angels Cum Ch. 13


Special thanks to Curtis, Joshua, FlyPenguin, RandomTask, RogueXVII, Tristan, Vibrant, Wootdiew00p, and The Glimmering Warlock for supporting my work.

This chapter was late due to its length and editing issues rising from it. Thanks to DankMemez aka ACLawrence for the brilliant editing and going after my ass.

Obligatory Warnings: 1. There 2.5 sex scenes in this chapter. The chapter is ~27k words. I plan to average around 15-16k words, so this one is an exception.

2. Check out the Txiki lore above the chapter 13 heading. The response section has been moved to the end of the chapter.

Author's Notes: As I initially started this work on a whim, there have been certain inconsistencies that Dank and myself have found in the earlier chapters. But since I've now started to take this work seriously, I am going to address these issues and finalize some things in this chapter and the ones that follow. Please forgive me if it affects the immersion in the narrative. I promise this won't happen again.

One of things was the description of Rhea and Hathor. They will henceforth be goddesses of the land and motherhood, respectively. I also mentioned that Aranya had 6 Deities in one chapter and 5 in the next. This number will now be 5 (10 including the ones that serve in the Heavenly Union Armed Forces).

Calendar: The Heavenly Union measures time in eras, which change with each wielder of the Banner of Light. The current Lucian Era started when Deity Michelle officially became its wielder. The previous era was called the Nirrti Era, named after the previous wielder, who was from Aranya.

Diety Michelle was born in the Holy Caledonian Empire, but was raised in Vaikunheim.

The current year in Lucian Era 634.

For the months and days, I am currently using Elder Scrolls' (Game), but I may have to change it soon for copyright reasons.

Measurements: I am finalizing these terms and will use them from now on.

Distance: 1 Yonder ~ 3 miles or 5 kilometers.

Height: Feet (similar to the length on earth) – The measurement is similar, as despite their height the feet of angels are the same size as an average male from Earth.

Weight: Mina: 100 Minas ~ 21 kilos ~ 46 lbs

1000 Mina = 1 Ser ~ 210 kilos ~ 460 lbs

Adult angels weigh ~ 400 -500 minas (185-230 lbs or 84-105 kg)

Average Height: 6'8 – 7.

Age Vocabulary: Angels have genderless nouns to indicate ages. (only for those interested – not really important.)

0-20 years: pige (child)

20-60 years: ina (girl/teen)

60-120 years: ivka (young angel)

Min: Prefix for an angel older by one generation. (Each generation is usually 100 years).

Mon: Prefix for an angel older by two generations.

The ages don't directly correlate with human ages, as the angel's physical aging curve is very different to humans. A forty-year-old angel will usually look like a 18-year-old human. Hence, the somewhat arbitrary forty-year age limit in the story.

Demographics: There are fourteen countries in the Heavenly Union.

Though they once had different races and vastly different cultures, most of them are currently quite globalized with overlapping cultures and peoples.

The most globalized of the countries are Aranya and the Holy Caledonian Empire, where it is common to run across angels from all fourteen countries in a single town.

The least globalized are the countries of Xian and Kamitochi. Xian due to circumstance and lack of necessity, while the Kamitochi due to their isolationistic Queens. The other countries fall in between.

Once, Xian occupied 2/5ths of the land of the current Hela empire and they did not need to interact with the other angels. The mountains also did not help. The Xian's beliefs are also slightly different from the rest of the heavenly union.

I will give more information on the countries in the later chapters.

The Heavenly Union: A union of the angel countries and the societies of Azra El. Its general assembly meets once every decade for policy making. The number of representatives depend on the population of each country. 5 for each million angels and 5 from each society – 210 angels from the countries and 45 from each society.

The executive branch is the Heavenly Union Security Council, headed by Deity Michelle, who is the only one among the group to have the veto power. The membership of the security council is 11 angels. Seven selected from the fourteen countries, on a rotational basis, and three from the societies.

It also has numerous other branches that are involved in the governance and policy making of the HU to a certain extent. (Imagine a more powerful United Nations).

The Heavenly Union Armed Forces: They are controlled by the HU Security Council. The armed forces are led by the Deities provided by each nation of the Heavenly Union, and the Deities swear allegiance to the HUAF.

Currently, there are 41 Deities in the HUAF.

Aranya has 5 Deities, but 5 more of its Deities serve under the HUAF. So, technically there are 10 Aranyan Deities, but only 5 of them can be considered as its own.

Relevant Character Descriptions:

Astrid Marigold: Elyssa's cousin, four times removed. She is forty years old, and quite beautiful, with free hanging midnight blue hair that reaches her elbows, pouty pink lips, an angular jaw, and sparkling hazel eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she has a lean build that makes her seem taller than she is.

Astrid is an interesting character, frivolous at times while being intelligent and deeply perceptive at others. She is a social creature, who loves keeping up with the latest fashions and gossip, but at the same time dislikes the company of flaky angels. She also has a knack for politics.

She is 5'6.

Rebecca Flynn: She is a lieutenant in the Black Thorn regiment of the army. She is strong for her age and Jie Er thinks that she has the potential to become an archangel very soon.

She is as beautiful as she is feisty. Her skin is smooth and white with a pinkish tinge. Her long waist length hair is a reddish pink and thick locks of hair sprawl around her face, looking as unruly as she is. Her bangs are parted at the center and flow down to her cheeks. She has dark eye-lined almond eyes which are a pinkish red, with long mascaraed eyelashes. Her brows are thick near her nose but are long and arch their way up into a thin line.

She has a pretty & slightly upturned nose. Her pink glossy lips are plump and have a natural pucker to them. Her face is angular, and her chin is small but rounded. A dark red rose is always painted at the center of her forehead.

She is 134 years old and is 6'10. However, she usually wears 6-inch pumps which make her appears taller than she is.

Blaze treats her both as an adoptive aunt and a friend.

Anastasia Marigold: She is the Duchess of Cali and shares a striking resemblance with her daughter, Elyssa.

She a small but striking woman; small for an angel at around 6'5. She has piercing gray eyes that seem to take in everything, a small red mouth, a thin soft nose, and voluminous pecan colored hair that is put up in a fontange.

She is a beautiful mature woman with plenty of cleavage, bony hips and long thighs. But being a stickler for the Bro Code, Blaze plans on keeping his hands off her.

Anastasia has a warm and welcoming personality, but she exudes a natural air of nobility; poise and elegance. She makes people feel safe and that everything around her is under her control.


Txiki and the Soul Reaper (one of the original stories): Txiki the pixie lived a good and a mirthful life. She had been a prankster throughout her long life but despite her pranks, the other pixies loved her, for they knew her to be good at heart.

However, a youthful heart was not enough to prolong her life forever and the soul reaper finally came to collect hers as well.

"NO!" Txiki wailed as she spotted a dark hooded figure descend in front of her one morning, just as she was preparing to prank the townsfolk again. "No! You can't take my soul. I still need to prank a lot of angels."

The soul reaper was surprised to say the least. No mortal had ever seen her before she pulled the souls out their bodies. "Why should I let you go over the other countless souls I've taken?" she asked, feeling a little curious about the pixie.

"I love my life so much that I am addicted to it?" she replied in a question.

"Addicted?" The mortal term a bit unfamiliar to the collector of the souls.

"You get used to something so much that you crave for it more and more. It really hurts to not get your fix in time. My soul will perpetually suffer if you take me away without curing my addiction. I am, and have been a good pixie. You can't punish me like this," Txiki rambled at the reaper.

"How bad can it be? You will forget it as soon as you spend time with all the other good souls. Come child," she said, making a grab for the pixie.

"No, wait! It really will hurt. A lot! You just can't fathom it because you've never experienced it."

"Nothing hurts the reaper of the souls. I don't feel anything," came her emotionless reply.

"Why don't we have a bet. If I can make you addicted to something, you let me go... say, for 500 years. If I can't, I will give up on my addiction to life. What do you say?"

The soul reaper had to take on such a curious bet.

As a result, she became addicted to bison milk. How Txiki managed to do this is another story, but to this day the soul reaper must have a glass of milk every morning, before she goes out to collect her souls.



Philosophies can at best give beings a narrative to build their lives around and at worst ruin the lives of others around them – Manjushri Yiddam of the Ophanim.

Chapter 13

Essay by Blaze Er Lokra

Date: 01 Sun's Dusk, Lucian Era 634

Potential Causes and Consequences of a Second War with the Hela Empire.

It is quite evident that one of the primary reasons behind the unification and rise of the Hela empire, and the subsequent war with the Heavenly Union was food as a resource.

A census from Nirrti Era 622 claims the population of the demons to have been around nine million, occupying a land around twice the size of Aranya in the southwest of continent. Although this seems like enough land to accommodate their numbers, geography indicates that the demons would not have been self-sufficient.

Considering the nature of the demons and the structure of their society, one can extrapolate the constant struggle an average demon would have gone through to merely survive...

... Hence, it was easy for Hela to unite and motivate the demons to launch a full-scale war against the Heavenly union, for the cause of more 'living space'...

... Currently, the Hela Empire occupies most of the western continent and is able to sustain its current populace. However, the memory of a destitute past may not be easy to forget. Reports indicate that the demon population has been growing at unprecedented rates. Such an increase may create a desire to consolidate more land for their future generations...

...We should also consider geographical reasons for an imminent invasion. Aranya, Xian and the plateaued countries to their north and south form bastions against the demons. But it is likely that the demons view them as potential threats as their geography allows for quick surprise attacks against their empire...

Moreover, there are signs of 'industrialization' – a growth in the technological prowess and production capacity – among the demons. This creates a need for other resources, like the energy stone mines of Aranya and Lanoan, the Viridian mines of Xian ...

They could also be looking for labor...

...Ultimately, there are many potential reasons for the Hela Empire to start another war: sustenance, growth, economic gains, geography, ideology, revenge, or simply a desire for territory and dominance...

For the past six hundred years, the consequences of a full-scale war looked to be too costly for either side. However, it may not remain the same within the next century, especially with the risk of the position of the Banner becoming vacant...

... depending on the Banner as a long-term strategy doesn't seem feasible with the ever-growing power of the Hela Empire. Further, there is the possibility of a another Asura to arise after Hela. Therefore, it is imperative for the Heavenly Union to start considering alternatives.


Blaze spent most of that weekend in the company of Elyssa. She even helped him with the essay his geography teacher had asked him to submit. The two of them were so drawn to the topic that spent most of Surdas in the Library of Ashur, writing a paper that could pass off as a mini thesis.

"You wrote this?" Circadia Clime asked him in amazement when he presented it to her after class on Morndas.

"Elyssa Marigold helped. But yes, I wrote it."

"I guess you don't do anything in half measure, Miss Blaze. I hope it is as detailed as it is long. I look forward to reading it."

Blaze accepted her commendation, despite the fact that if not for Elyssa's presence he would've half assed the essay. Though he liked learning, he hated homework and anything else he considered work. Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. Elyssa loved homework.

Despite her disagreement with some of the issues in his essay, Clime praised him profusely the next day. She even gave him a look that portended more work.

The rest of the week went by quickly in the routine of schooling, rigorous combat training, time with Elyssa, and his regular attempts at reconciling with Badava.

His classmates had finally stopped wrangling against 1B, as their combat training and PE classes became more practice oriented. Blaze sparred against Siofra a couple more times over the week, winning one and losing the other. When the weekend arrived, he once again had to say goodbye to her and leave her stranded at Tir. Apparently, her mother was still busy.


Early on the morning of Loredas, Blaze and Elyssa took a carriage to Saket along with the other students heading home. They rode on Elyssa's personal carriage, driven by Res Kal - Elyssa's ever-present guardian. He had once asked Elyssa how powerful the guard was, and she had replied that she was a strong archangel. Though Res wasn't around at the academy, she was always present whenever Elyssa needed to travel.

Saket was located on the river Glende to the south of Cali and they arrived in a few hours. Blaze had been filled with amazement when he had first set his eyes on Cali, but the capital of Aranya proved to be a step above. As they neared the city, he was taken by its grandiosity.

The immense capital was surrounded by a moat as wide as a river. And at thirty feet high, the thick walls of the city were as wide as they were tall, and even wider at the base.

Like Cali, vast irrigated farmlands surrounded the plains around the city. They stretched for yonders, around the wide river that cut the city in two. It reminded Blaze of a conversation he had with Elyssa while writing his essay.

"Azra-El is a pretty big place. Why would food be an issue? Especially with all the farmland we have."

"Er, I've no idea what you are talking about? Except the Mesa basin, most of the other nations don't produce that much."

"umm... There is so much farmland between Cali and Varan. Shouldn't they produce enough to sustain all of Aranya and more?"

Elyssa raised an eyebrow at him, "No, Aranya only produces enough for Aranya. You do realize that each plant only produces a few grains of edible food, don't you?"


"Blaze, we can't just eat all the crops that grow. We need food that can be directly converted into energy, and there is only so much of it."

As they neared the city, Blaze peeped out the carriage window and noticed the towering battlements that were used as houses by some of the soldiers.

Three massive bridges connected the two sides of the city, and despite the city being almost a yonder long, he could easily make them out from the carriage. The bridges seemed to be mainly used by trade carts drawn by bison.

Bison, in name only, these lumbering creatures stood eight and a half feet at shoulder, and along with their magnificent rumps and towering horns of ivory they seemed even more colossal. And as they rambled their way over the bridges, billows of smoky breath streamed out of their massive nostrils, dampening their thick coats of fur.

While the roads were occupied by the bison, the skies were filled with flying angels, Pegasi riders, carriages, and Gryphons. The flapping eagle wings of the Gryphons strained against gravity to keep their heavy lion bodies afloat and wind licked through their feathers and furry body. They were smaller than the Pegasi, but the glint of their talons, their rippling muscles, and the penetrating gaze of their eyes made them look like an apex predator of the skies.

Blaze's eyes only lingered on the creatures for a moment, before he was drawn to the city itself. Though the housing and buildings were built in an amalgam of pre-industrial English and Italian architecture, they melded into the lush vegetation that pervaded the cityscape. It was almost like a symbiosis of angelmade structures and plant life, reminding him of the depiction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon he had seen on earth.

His gaze quickly shifted to the central palace as the carriage flew unhindered over the walls. The palace spanned the eastern banks of the river, and its complex mix of Persian and Indian architecture - rounded and heavily etched domes, towering spires and numerous palatial buildings - was a stark contrast to the rest of the city.

The palace was surrounded by six manors, smaller than the Marigold chateaux of Cali but grander and taller. Surrounding them were twelve smaller ones and all of them possessed their own unique style.

"Both those are ours," Elyssa leaned over him and pointed towards two of the larger mansions to the west of the palace. "One is Mom's and the other is Mum's," she continued sheepishly.

"Sheesh! Someone's rich. Why don't you give me one?" he joked.

"No one's keeping you from using them."

When they landed in front of the left mansion, they were once again received by the elegant duchess garbed in a blue and white dress; her hair was held up in a curly blonde fontange. This time however, she was accompanied by a familiar figure.

Astrid stood beside her with a wide grin on her face, wearing a short eggplant-purple silken blouse and skirt. Roomy sleeves hung off the sides of her top, revealing her small tanned shoulders. She seemed a bit more modestly dressed than Blaze remembered.

As they walked up the stairs, Blaze took in the manor. It was a three storied structure with a grey brick exterior that was tastefully interspersed with white marble - at the partitions of rooms, floors and around the large arched windows. A central tower with four spires projected from its roof, each with a small viewing area.

A wide road of cobbled grey stone led to the manor from a massive arched gate. In front of the building, a fountain of mottled green marble shaped like a pine tree filled the air with a steady gurgle of water.

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