tagLoving WivesWhen Bill Took Pictures

When Bill Took Pictures


What I am about to reveal really happened. Virginia, my wife, and I had known Bill and Jan about two years and considered them among our closest friends. Virginia taught elementary school with Jan and Bill was a photojournalist.

Bill was an ex-jock and Jan was a typical small-town girl, cute and vivacious. She liked to talk a lot and sometimes rattled on, but was funny, while Bill was a little raw around the edges and didn't mind telling a dirty joke now and then in mixed company, especially if he had a drink or two. To describe them in one word would be "fun." We always enjoyed their company and often went out to movies and nightclubs with them.

We were all basically the same age....middle 20s ....and shared a lot of common interests. Bill and I, for example, loved photography, he as both a profession and avocation and I as an amateur. We both had darkrooms and nice camera equipment.

Virginia and Jan were similar in likes as well so we blended together well with them.

The girls also are similar in build; both small, about 5'-4" and 110 pounds more or less. I know at that time, Virginia wore about a 5.6 size and Jan must have too, because they borrowed clothes from time to time. Virginia has breasts that I dearly love. About 34C. They were so well-formed and firm I call them "rocket tits."

Jan wasn't that nicely endowed, but hers really looked cute from what I initially could tell when they swam in our pool. Virginia also has redish-blond hair that is more red in winter and blond in summer. Jan had darker hair, almost black, and blue eyes. Both are what I consider very pretty.

In addition to enjoying their company in person, Virginia and I also would enjoy their company from time to time in bed through a little role playiing. One night we had been out with them and as Virginia and I began a little foreplay, she asked me if I thought Jan was pretty. When I told her I did, she asked me if I would like to fuck her if I had the chance. Of course, I told her no and asked what she was talking about.

"I mean pretend fuck," she said. "I'll pretend you are Bill and you can pretend I am Jan. Role playing. I read about it in a magazine the other day."

Before long, we had fucked and sucked our way through most of our close friends and a few people we just saw along the way. I imagine some of our friends would either be angry or thrilled at what we had them do to and with us during these sessions. Virginia and I had foreplay and then fucked and sucked many of them while they did the same to us.

We especially loved doing Bill and Jan because we went out with them often. They became one of our favorite "what if" or "what would you like to do to or with or have done to you by" couples to do a little sexy role playing about.

At times and to my delight, Virginia would really get into role playing. Understand that she is very much a lady in public, but in our bed she was as erotic and sexy as any man could hope for.

It wasn't long into our marriage that I learned Virginia had to be one of the most senual women I had ever had the pleasure of being with. She loved new ideas and experimenting, that I think relates back to being a very over-protected only child.

Everything was so new and wonderful in her newfound freedom. This experimenting including her purchasing a copy of the Kama Sutra and making a determined effort to achieve all of the positions illustrated. It was a major task, but one she took to instantly and, we were very proud of our accomplishments. She was, to put it bluntly, a woman who loved to fuck. Out from under the parental shield, she blossomed sexually, again much to my delight.

As time passed, I found my little sweetie also loved for me to take naughty pictures and later some xxx-rated ones. She, on my encouragement, also developed a great vocabulary for sexy, sometimes even nasty talk in bed that really turned us both on. I really love hearing those words roll from her beautiful lips.

We also discovered one night after sharing our first joint, that her desire to fuck increased tenfold and her inhibitions decreased tenfold.

For example: This happened one night we were at a party and a few joints were being passed around. Virginia had multiple tokes and I could tell she was feeling no pain. I was on the patio talking to friends when she took my hand and pulled me away. Once out of earshot, she whispered to me that I had to take her home and fuck her or she was going to pick out one of our friends to do the job. Of course, she was joking about that (I think). But one thing I do know is that those who say liquor is quicker had never seen Virginia on grass. She was ready for anything, and I mean anything. This is where the Kama Sutra came in handy.

It was during some of these grass-smoke sex marathons that we did a lot of role playing and actually began talking about fucking others. It was a year or so before she asked me one night about what would happen if we really tried what we had talked about. We had a conversation about it and decided that the fantasy was great, but considering our jobs and not knowing how to approach it, it would be almost impossible, although we didn't disapprove of it. We talked about it several times over the next few months and was a good stimulation for us in the bedroom ..... it let our imaginations soar.

I guess our friendship with Bill and Jan really took a leap forward one day when the girls went shopping while Bill and I went to baseball game in a nearby large city. On the way back, Bill wanted to stop at an adult store as we didn't have one in our home town. I had never been in one an was amazed at the dirty books, magazines and xxx-rated movies and toys that were available. Bill browsed around and made a few comments about some of the items.

He bought some toys, including a big dildo and encouraged me to buy one for Virginia. As I said, he could be a little crude at times. At one point, he picked up a dildo and said: "What do you think Virginia would say if you brought this one home?" He tossed it to me and I laughed and told him I might just have to take it home and see. While he wasn't serious, I was. The dildo he had chosen was made of a soft jelly-like material, not unlike a soft fishing lure. It was also bigger than me in both circumference and length by several inches. It also had a built-in vibrator with a variable control that was hooked to two wires coming from the base.

While looking around, I also saw a magazine that swingers advertised in and took it through the checkout as well as the dildo. I didn't tell Bill, but I hoped to use the dildo that night. I also didn't tell him that Virginia and I had often talked about her fantasy of taking on a big cock.

She had seen some well-hung porno stars on video and one night expressed an interest in knowing how a cock as big as theirs would feel inside her. The dildo I purchased would match any of these porno kings, including the famous John Holmes who had died several years before.

As we drove back home with our purchases, Bill and I were talking about the store merchandise and he told me how much Jan loves toys. Then he asked if I thought Virginia would like ours. I told him I wouldn't know until I tried. I told him she might hit me in the head with it. After we laughed, he told me to let him know and he would tell me when he used his on Jan. An interesting idea, I thought at the time.

When we got home, the girls were ahead of us on drinks. They had been sitting around our pool sipping drinks waiting for us to return. Virginia suggested we go out and eat and stop by a local lounge and hear a new singer there. Jan hand to borrow an outfit from Virginia and they both looked good as we headed out. Virginia gave me a huge kiss while we were in the bedroom getting ready and said she was in the mood for a little fun when we got home.

While we were out, I had danced a few times with Jan and Virginia with Bill and we had a great time. We got home about midnight and as Bill and Jan drove away, Virginia gave me another kiss.

"Let's go to bed," she said.

I remember we were stripping off clothes and letting them fall on the floor as we headed to bed. Anyway, we were both naked when we got there. Virginia again kissed me and reached between us to play with my cock.

"MMM," she said. "I think somebody's ready."

"I think somebody else is too," I said, rolling a rock-hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Then I slid my hand between her legs and found a nice, juicy pussy waiting to greet me. "Now I know somebody else is."

Virginia laughed and pulled me into bed.

"I want you to eat me while I suck your cock," she said, spinning around on the bed. I felt her mouth go over my cock just as her legs opened over my head giving me magnificent access to her pussy. As she moved her pussy down, my tongue licked around the edges before plunging into her opening. She was really wet and I asked her what had turned her on so much... other than me that is.

She stopped sucking me and rolled off to the side, still taking my cock in her hand and sliding her hand up and down it.

"You really want me to tell you now," she teased. "Or do you want me to suck your cock again?." She moved her head down and licked the head.

"If it turned you on like this, I want to know now," I laughed.

"OK, here goes. It's not really that much, but for some reason, it really turns me on to think about it." Virginia then moved between my legs and was sitting Yoga style between them while I stretched out on my back. She took my cock in her hand again and rubbed it slowly.

She said she and Jan finished their shopping and browsing stores and had been home several hours before Bill and I returned. They had been there long enough to down multiple drinks each and they were laughing about things that happened at school. At some point, the conversation turned to Bill and me and they said they also laughed about some of the funny things we did.

"I don't know how it came up, but we started talking about Bill winning an award for some of his photography," Virginia continued. Jan, she said, laughed and said Bill's best work would never be seen. Virginia asked her what she meant, and Jan told her she was talking about pictures of her that Bill had taken.

"Honey, I asked her if she was talking about nudie shots, and she told me a lot more than that. Then she told me Bill had pictures of them in bed making love. Baby, I laughed and asked her if she was telling me nicely that Bill had taken pictures of them fucking. You won't believe how much she blushed and then she smiled and told me that's what she meant, and it wasn't just fucking pictures, but 'everything.'"

"I thought they probably did," I told Virginia.

"I did too," she said, "and I think it made her feel a lot better when I told her that you and I do the same thing. Honey, I was drunk enough to tell her that you loved to take pictures of me sucking your cock. She laughed and told me that must be a man thing because Bill liked to take pictures of that too."

Virginia squeezed my cock and a drop of cum dripped off the end.

"You're nice and hard. Is it making you horny to know that Bill and Jan take pictures too. I guess you like it that they do it I don't know why, but when I think about pictures of them fucking and sucking, it turns me on," Virginia said. "Now, you know why I'm so horny."

"Bill and I are going to have to leave you two alone more often. Look at what we've learned," I said. "And, Bill and I did something a little sexy ourselves today. We both bought something for you and Jan."

She had that questioning look on her face as I reached into the bedside table, reached in and pulled out the dildo.

"My God," she said. "It sure looks and feels real. And it's big. How long is that thing?"

"About nine inches or so," I said handing it to her. "It's sure bigger than me."

Taking it into her hand, she turned it around to view it from different angles,

"I can tell that," she laughed as she hefted it in her hand, feeling the weight and looking at it from different angles and finally said: "And just what do you plan to do with this big cock?"

"Baby," I laughed, "We've talked about you trying a big one and I thought you might like to try this one out a little and let you see how it fits. This one is about the same size as some of those we've talked about in those movies."

"I don't know if it will go in," she said, wrapping her hand around it and noting she could not touch her fingers to her thumb. "It's fat too," she giggled.

"We'll never know until we try," I said, moving my hand to begin touching her pussy and clit.

"Does Bill know you bought this?" she asked.

I told her he was with me when I bought it.

"Ken!" she said. "You mean Bill knows you are going to use this rubber dick on me?"

"I guess so," I told her, "But he bought one for Jan too. I'm sure he's going to use it on her too."

"Still, You shouldn't buy something like this with a friend. This is personal."

"Well, do you want me to take it back for a refund?" I asked.

"No, but you know what I mean," she admonished me.

"Maybe you and Jan can compare notes," I laughed.

"We just might," she laughed.

I told her I had something more to show her, reaching again into the nightstand and pulling out the swinger's magazine.

"I've heard about this," she said, "but I've never seen one. Look at all these ads from our state. My God. Here's one from our town. I'm not going to find my picture in here, am I?" she laughed.

"I don't think so, but if you see anybody you know, let me know."

"Couple would like to meet similar for bedroom fun" she read. "Like same room swinging. Soft swinging too before action."

"What is soft swinging?" she asked, noting that the couple didn't look bad.

"I think it's everything but actual fucking."

"So I would give him a blowjob while she gives you one. Is that the way it works?" she asked.

"I'm no expert, but I think so I said."

I bent over and kissed her nipples. "He might do that to you too, or eat your pussy."

"MMM. I would like that," she laughed. "Let me ask you this, what would you think of me sucking another man's cock? Doing to someone else all the things I do to you."

I slid my hand down and touched her pussy. It was wet and I slid two fingers in, bringing a gasp from her. "He might want to do this to you too," I said, bringing a moan from her. "Would you like that?"

"Mmmm. Yes. And if he wants to stick his cock in my cunt, can he do that too?" she whispered in my ear as her arms encircled my neck. "Can he slide his big cock into this tight pussy?"

"Would you want to?" I asked.

"I might if I felt like I do now," she said with a laugh.

"Why don't you show the magazine to Jan?" I said. "Maybe that will put some ideas into their heads."

"That's an idea," she said. "Would you like to watch me suck Bill's cock? I wouldn't mind watching Jan suck yours."

"You're dripping," she teased. "Is talking about Bill and Jan making you hot? It is me."

"Me too," I answered back.

Virginia looked at me and smiled real big.

"I'll bet you would like to see Jan use her dildo," she teased. "I'll bet you would, you dirty old man."

"You bet I would," I laughed. "I wouldn't mind that at all."

"And I'll bet Bill would like to see me fuck myself with mine,'' she flatly stated.

"I'm sure he would," I said, "because he's a dirty old man too."

I knew from the way Virginia was talking, she wanted to do some role playing.

"Would you like for Bill to see me play with my pussy?" she asked me, continuing to rub my cock.

"The answer to that" I said, "is would you like for him to watch you play with your pussy?"

"Mmmm. Yes," Virginia said. "That's so hot thinking about that. I'll let him if you want me to. You could invite him over sometime and I'd be on the bed naked and spread my legs wide for him to see. Maybe my cunt would be wet like is it now. I could run my fingers over it and then rub my clit. Maybe I would use that dildo for him. Would you like for Bill to watch me sliding it in and out of my cunt? Would you like for him to see my tits? My hard nipples? MMM. How would you like to watch him stick his cock in me?"

I had heard the word "cunt'' from Virginia's pretty mouth that let me know we were in for a hot night. Whenever she used "cunt"," I knew she was turned on. And I thought, "Humm. Talking about Bill watching her has really turned her on." I really wondered about her asking me if I would like to see his cock in her. That all went into my memory bank.

"Why don't I talk to Bill about our pictures?" I asked.

"Do you think we should? We couldn't let word of this get out."

"I don't think it would because we know about them too. What if Bill will trade? Some of you for some of Jan?"

"Let's think about that for a while,"she said.

"OK," I said. "But while we fuck, think about Bill looking a picture of you sucking my cock. Or even better, how about him taking a picture of you sucking it?"

I noticed Virginia had an orgasm when I said that.

"Yesssssss," she exhaled. "I might even suck his cock for him. Would you like to take a picture of me sucking his cock? MMMMMM. Oh God, I need a cock in me now. Fuck me."

She had another orgasm and I noticed my fingers were covered with her white juices.

"First, I'm going to fuck you with this," I said, holding out the dildo.

"Yesssssss," she whispered. "Put it in me. Let me feel it."

I kneeled beside her and moved a hand down her body. Using two fingers, I opened her pussy lips and gently began rubbing the head around her clit. When her hips started moving to meet my hand, I asked her if she was ready.

"Yesssss," she said. "Fuck me with it. Go easy so I can get used to it."

I held the lips open and moved the head between them, rubbing the rubber head up and down to get it lubricated. I turned on the vibrator and used a low speed.. I heard it buzzing and as I slid it across her clit, Virginia almost came off the bed.

"Oh my God, that feels sooooo good."

I moved the head down and gave it a gently push and, to my surprise, the head slid in with no problem. It brought a gasp from Virginia as her pussy lips closed around the shaft, almost gripping it.

I looked up and she had her eyes closed. The veins on her neck were standing out and her hands had gripped the bedsheets and were pulling on them. Her back started arching as I started sliding the rubber cock in and out.

I had about half of it in when she orgasmed.

"Jan's going to love hers, I think," she said.

"You going to ask her?"

"I might," Virginia exhaled, having another orgasm.

Her hips were lifting to meet my inward push and each time, a little more went in. As I slid it in and out, I couldn't help but notice that her internal juices were almost dripping off the dildo' shaft. I could hardly hear the vibrator as it slid deeper.

I turned the vibration to high and she let out a muffled moan. After about a minute or two I noticed something else. She had all nine inches in her pussy. She was lost in orgasm world, her body shaking as they rolled over her. Her hand left the sheets and slid up my leg to my cock.

"I want to suck your cock while you fuck me with it," she said, still having after shocks.

As I slid up to her head, I took her hand from my cock and moved it over her stomach to her pussy. When her fingers touched the dildo, I saw her hand open up and go around it. She pulled it out until just the head was inside and then sharply plunged it deep inside her. As she repeated this movement, I brushed my cock across her lips and she opened her mouth to accept it. I felt her tongue spinning around the head as I reached down and wrapped my hands around the back of her head, literally fucking her mouth with my cock.

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