tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Callia Met Delilah Ch. 04a

When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 04a


"Come, my sweet. Let me take you to bed. I'm not through with you yet. I've only just begun."

Amakiir lifted Callia into his arms, carrying her brutalized body to the bed. Gently he laid her face down and climbed in after her. He began to caress her blood red bottom. Soft, mewling whimpers escaped her parted lips as she felt his hands on her bottom. It still pained her something fierce. He'd done a thorough job paddling her luscious ass.

"I'm not sorry I had to hurt you, my sweet, but you are mine. You would do well to get that through your thick skull. You belong solely to me."

Amakiir slipped his fingers down her crack and nudged her thighs apart, seeking her cum-drenched pussy. Two fingers slipped easily into her as his thumb sought her swollen clit. He manipulated her thoroughly, as his fingers found her sweet spot and his thumb strummed over her clit. Callia moaned and writhed, whimpering as he added his tongue, flicking over her crinkly well-used ass. It was all too much. Her body burned with intense pleasure. It didn't take much to send her careening as another orgasm hit her hard. She screamed and moaned as his fingers pounded into her pussy. A soaking wetness drenched his hand as he removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. He lapped at her juices frantically. He sucked on her clit, causing her to thrash wildly. He gripped her hips tightly as his tongue plundered her depths. Callia screamed as another orgasm exploded within her, her body convulsing, shaking violently as she gripped the sheets. Her pussy juices gushed out, soaking his face.

Amakiir then flipped Callia onto her back and splayed her legs out wide, tying her to the bedposts. She moaned as her sore bottom scraped the linen sheet. He flicked his eyes over her prone form. Her breasts and neck bore the dark tattoos of her illicit unfaithfulness with Delilah and Nathan. Tattoos of intense passion. He growled at the hazy glow of bliss that clung to her. She had the look of a well-satisfied woman, and knew he'd been part of that. His punishment hadn't really been punishment to her. Despite her protests, he knew it had pleased her. The dirty little slut had gotten off on it.

He grabbed her toys, both the ivory and obsidian hued dildo and slid both hilt deep into her sloppy wet pussy at the same time. She let out a pitiful whimper as they stretched her wider than she'd ever been stretched.

"Take it, bitch. Take it," he growled as he pumped them in and out of her.

Amakiir flicked his tongue over her clit in cruelly teasing sweeps. Callia shuddered as he sucked it into his mouth. Between his tongue and the dildo's in her cunt, it was all too much to bear. Then he pulled away suddenly, leaving Callia groaning in protest. She was on the verge of cumming again.

"Please...finish me...please..." She whimpered as she writhed, undulating her hips.

Ignoring her pleas, Amakiir untied her ankles and knelt betwixt her spread legs. The ivory and obsidian dildos looked obscene as they filled and stretched her pink pussy lips. Her swollen clit jutted out from its hood, as if begging for more attention.

With an evil chuckle, he positioned her legs over his shoulders and lined up his ultra-hard cock up with her pouting puckered ass. "Please what, slut? Tell me what you want? Do you want my cock in your whore ass? Shall I fuck your ass once more?"


Amakiir teased her as he pressed against her crinkly orifice, sliding his head up and down her crevice. Callia moaned and bucked her hips against him. She wanted it. She wanted more. She wanted everything he had to give her. With a thrust of his hips, he pushed into her ass, sliding past the ring of muscles, and embedded himself to the hilt. He mashed her clit back and forth with his thumb drawing a husky moan from her. The moan escalated into a scream as she felt all three 'cocks' hit bottom. Amakiir hadn't removed the two from her pussy yet. The ivory and obsidian dildos were lodged against his hairless groin and emulated his thrusts in and out of her ass.

"Do you like that, slut? Feeling both of your holes stuffed full with cock?" Amakiir sneered.

"Yessssssssss..." Callia moaned, reveling in the deep double penetration. She was nearly out of her mind with it. She became one massive cumming machine, as one orgasm after another rocked her body, soaking the dildos and Amakiir's cock as he pounded furiously in and out of her back door. Amakiir tensed and let out a loud groan. His time had come. He began to slam into her with all the strength he possessed as that feeling brewing deep within his balls washed over him.

With a mighty shout and an extremely deep thrust, Amakiir slammed into her one last time. Her cries matched his as she reached another orgasm.

Amakiir let her legs down and pulled out of her. He collapsed to his side, gasping for air to fill his lungs. Callia was insatiable and had exhausted him.

She continued to writhe and moan as the two dildos lodged within her slipped out onto the bed.

"You really are a greedy slut! You've been fucked repeatedly since yesterday and you're still not satisfied. Whatever shall I do with you?" Amakiir groaned as he watched Callia writhe and pump her hips.

"I feel empty. Fill me up. Put them back. Fill my pussy," she pleaded with a continuous moan.

With a deep sigh, Amakiir slammed the two dildos into her sloppy holes, enlarging both magically with a flick of his wrist. She let out a writhing scream as he pumped each of them in and out alternately. Her body shook involuntarily, as if in the grips of a sexual seizure.

"More..." she screamed. "More...Harder...HARDER! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?"

"You like the way that feels?" Amakiir whispered.

"Yessssssss." She moaned, grinding against him, her voice husky with passion. "Please...I need more!!!!"

"I cannot give you anything else, my sweet. You have drained me. Alas, I have a solution to our dilemma. With a little use of power, I can transport us to a place I know well. You will be able to gain the satisfaction you seek." Amakiir whispered.

"Where? To Nathan and Delilah?"

"No, my sweet. I have forbidden you to touch him and likewise. Do not force me to kill him!"

"Where then?"

"You'll soon see."

Amakiir untied her hands and drew her close to him. Wrapping a robe about them both, he muttered a few arcane words and with a flick of his wrist, he whisked them away to another place.

Callia groaned as a wave of disorientation gripped her as they landed in a place she didn't recognize. They had teleported to a rather lavish bedroom.

"Jaz'rin..." Amakiir called out as he placed Callia on the bed and slid into the robe, covering his nude body.

Callia sucked in a gasp of air as a gorgeous obsidian skinned male entered the room wearing not but a miniscule scrap of cloth that covered his loins.

"Vendui." He spoke in greeting to Amakiir. "Hello."

Amakiir then replied in a language Callia did not understand. She had to assume they were speaking in the Drow tongue, but she could tell by the tonal inflections of the words that Amakiir did not mean her any harm. He had brought her here for her pleasure.

"Ussta lotha elg'caress ssinssrine folbol mzild. Xal dos orn'la submit ulu ilta ssinssrine lu' belbau ilta l' valyrin de' vith il rytho'len. Usstan shlu'ta'naut ser phor xuil ilta. Il uriu drained uns'aa." Amakiir replied, with a grin. "My little bitch desires something more. Perhaps you would submit to her desires and give her the kind of fuck she deserves. I cannot keep up with her. She has drained me."

"Dos orn'la share ilta?" Jaz'rin asked, with a surprised look upon his face. Amakiir had never brought another along with him before. "You would share her?"

"Siyo, 'udtila nindel qualla dos?" Amakiir replied. "Yes, does that please you?"

"Ves mzilt ji. Neitar p'los inbal Usstan inbalus l' ssrigg'tul ulu vith uss d' udossta zhas kaovehen. Nindol zhal'la tlu natha treat." Jaz'rin smiled, as he licked his lips in anticipation of being allowed to fuck a female as beautiful as Callia. "Very much so. Never before have I had the pleasure to fuck one of our wild cousins. This should be a treat."

"Dos zhaun vel'bol ulu xun. Surrender ulu ilta saph natha bwael submissive ilythiiri jaluk orn'la. Il 'udtila naut inbal ulu zhaun dosst seke arlathil." Amakiir demanded. "You know what to do. Surrender to her like a good submissive drow male would. She does not have to know your true nature."

"Asanque, abbil." Jaz'rin replied. "As you wish, friend."

Amakiir crawled onto the bed beside Callia. "I have a treat for you. I told you I could procure a Drow male for your pleasure and I have done so. He will submit to your every wish, my sweet. I believe I shall enjoy watching this."

Callia moaned. "He is mine, you say. Hmmm...and I thought you would not share me again."

"He is nothing but a drow slut. He does not count." Amakiir chuckled. "Do enjoy, my sweet, for once I am given time to recover I shall join you and show you what double penetration is all about."

Callia let out a moan of intense want. She wanted to know what that felt like. She needed to know. "Does he speak our tongue?"

"Of course, my pretty one, all you have to do is command him and he will do your bidding."

Callia let out another moan. She wanted him...this gorgeous male drow. His flesh flowed over his frame like molten obsidian. He had a well muscled chest, rock hard abs, slim hips and well formed legs. He was different from the few drow males she had seen in the past. His build was not as slight as most and he seemed to be somewhat taller. He must be a warrior of his people. Was he a rogue drow or did he belong to a particular house? Perhaps later Amakiir would be so inclined to tell her if she asked nicely enough, but now was not time for those questions.

She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked him over thoroughly, allowing her eyes to take a walk all over his flesh. She could see his cock straining to be released from his loincloth. He looked to be well endowed and that pleased Callia immensely.

"You, male, remove your loincloth. I want to see your cock!" Callia purred her first command to him.

Jaz'rin quickly obeyed. He pulled the laces at the side of the cloth loose and let it fall to his feet, exposing his large engorged cock for her view. It seemed fully erect as it stood at attention, brushing the flesh of his belly directly below his navel. His balls were tightly drawn up beneath his cock, heavy with cum.

Callia licked her lips. He was even thicker than Amakiir and perhaps even had a few inches on Nathan. She moaned softly as an ache shot through her pussy. She must have his cock in all her holes and she must have it now.

"Come hither, my fucktoy."

Jaz'rin crawled up onto the bed and positioned himself at her feet. He proudly displayed his cock, jutting out his hips for her approval. "Do you like what you see, Mistress?"

"Quite so, but I'd prefer if you not speak. You are my fucktoy. Your sole purpose is to see to my satisfaction. Are we understood, fucktoy?"

Jaz'rin nodded his head, as his intense cerulean blue eyes seared into her flesh. He drank in every inch of her creamy flesh. "How may I satisfy you, Mistress?"

"Worship me!" Callia replied as she sank back onto the bed and spread herself for him.

Jaz'rin took her cue. He stared down at the gorgeous naked female, lying there waiting. She looked so hot, her creamy flesh framing her exposed hairless pussy. He bent over and started to kiss Callia's leg just above her ankle. He heard her exhale, glad that her wait had finally ended.

He kissed all around her lower leg, and then switched over to the other one. He worked his way up one thigh, then the other. When he reached the top of one leg, bypassed her crotch and started to kiss her flat stomach.

All the while, Amakiir watched, her erect nipples atop the domes of her breasts confirming her excitement.

Jaz'rin then started to kiss one of her arms from the wrist to the shoulder, across her collar bone, then down her other arm. On the way back, she puckered her lips as if expecting a kiss, but he ignored that and continued to kiss her arms. He kissed his way up one arm, and then kissed one of her breasts. He kissed around and around it, finally taking the erect nipple into his mouth. Callia moaned softly. He switched breasts, kissing the other one, still caressing the first one with his hand.

He kissed his way back down her flat stomach, but stopped just above her hairless mound. He climbed around so that he was between her legs and started to kiss the insides of her thighs, still avoiding her pussy. After a few minutes, he stopped and looked at Amakiir. Amakiir nodded and Jaz'rin resumed kissing her thighs and then finally reached her glistening pussy. Callia gasped when his tongue first made contact with her pussy.

He licked her clit for a while, and then started to tongue her hole. Amakiir quietly moved so that he could get a better view. He could see him working away at her pussy, licking all around it, inserting one, then two fingers into her. Her moaning became louder and it seemed to encourage him. He increased the pace, pushing her even higher.

"Oh... oh... oh... Ooooohhhhhhh!" Callia climaxed on Jaz'rin's tongue at her clit and fingers in her pussy, her body shaking.

Jaz'rin was in no hurry. He began his exploration all over again. He ran his hands over her body, liking the way his dark skin looked against the her creamy skin, enjoying looking over her toned body. Leaning down he kissed her. She tasted like cum... Not the most pleasant taste in the world, but he had wanted to kiss her. Running his hands over her naked body, he caressed her breasts, pinching on the pink nipples and squeezing her globes, all the while watching her creamy flesh spill out between his fingers. Like all elven women, her hairless pussy was the best part though, he opened up the folds again and blew gently on the heated flesh, listening to her raspy moan. His tongue snaked out for teasing swipes at her clit. Callia bucked her hips up at him and handed a handful of his long stark white hair. She mashed his face against her pussy. "Eat my pussy, fucktoy! NOW!"

Jaz'rin wrapped his lips around her clit and started sucking. Callia cried out. She writhed, mashing her clit up into his mouth. "HARDER!"

The sensations he brought out in her brought a scream from her lips as she screamed her orgasm. "I'm cumming!" She cried, "Oh god, I'm cumming! Oh fuck... fuck... fuck...FUCK!!!"

Jaz'rin lapped greedily out the juices that gushed out from her, his long tongue sweeps intent on getting it all.

"Give me cock! NOW!"

Though, he would oblige her, he had a mind of his own on how to obey her command. Pulling her to the edge of the bed he let her head fall backwards off, putting her mouth right at fucking height. Grabbing onto her breasts he began to push his dick between her pink lips. "Fucktoy will give Mistress his cock, but with one condition. Wrap your lips around my cock and suck it. That is all that your fucktoy wants. Let me fuck that hot mouth of yours."

Callia opened her mouth to accept him, groaning as her tongue glided over his head and she began to suck on him.

Tugging on her nipples, he pushed his way further into her mouth, pulling back and then pushing in again. Slowly he started to work his dick into her throat, pressing deeper every time and looking down so he could watch as he mauled her breasts. Her moans vibrated his dick, and she sucked on him like he was a lollipop, slavering over his cock. Pinching her nipples harder, he watched her body writhe as he fucked his dick down her throat, the tight muscles convulsing around him. "Take it," he growled. "Take it all!"

Jaz'rin glanced over his shoulder as he heard a chair scrape across the floor. Amakiir must've found himself a good viewing spot to watch the fucking couple. For soon he removed his robe and began to stroke his flaccid cock back to hardness.

Jaz'rin growled low in his throat, thrusting his hips harder against her greedy mouth. She'd taken his entire length, her lips wrapped tight around him as he fucked her mouth.

"Oh fuck...vith...fuck...vith...," he groaned, alternating between drow and common as he felt his balls tighten up. "Suck it..."

"OooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!" he screamed, shooting his load down her throat. Callia gagged and gasped for a breath. No one had ever shoved his cock that far down her throat. Staring at him with passion-glazed eyes she smacked her lips, her tongue swiping up some of the cum that she hadn't managed to swallow.

"You taste good, my fucktoy, so I shall forgive you for thinking only of your own satisfaction. You were neglecting my pussy while you shoved your cock down my throat. Do not make that same mistake again, fucktoy. Now make it up to me! GIVE ME COCK!!!!"

Jaz'rin bowed to her and placed her back in the middle of the bed. He covered creamy hued body with that of his obsidian hued body, enjoying the contrast in their shades. Leaning down he started sucking on one of her nipples, kneading her breasts with his hands, sending pleasure shooting through her body. As she moaned he worked his way down her body, his cock getting hard again as he touched her all over, rubbing his fingers up and down her slit and listening to her moan. Putting his lips to her pussy, he began to suck and nibble, licking up and down the wet slit. She was sweet and musky, the aroma filling his nose made his dick spring to full hardness. His large head was dripping with precum.

Going at her pussy with gusto, he watched as she thrashed beneath him, mashing her cunt all over his face and begging for more, her breasts jiggling all over the place. Reaching up, he grabbed one and began to maul it with his hand, pinching the pink nipple as his mouth found the swollen pink clit. Callia shrieked with ecstasy as he sucked her clit into his mouth, her entire body practically levitating on the bed as she rode out her orgasm.

"Cum for me."

"Oh... oh... oh... Ooooohhhhhhh! Oh fuck... fuck... fuck...FUCK!!! I'M CUMMING!" She cried, "OHMIGOD, I'M CUMMING! Oh fuck... fuck... fuck...FUCK!!!"

Jaz'rin was now more than ready to continue plundering her body, without even waiting for her to finish her orgasm. He moved onto his knees and positioned his cock closer to Callia's gaping pussy. Reaching down, he took his large shaft in his hand and guided it to her entrance. She let out a moan when the tip of his cock touched her pink pussy lips.

He paused for a moment, and then started to push himself into her, their breathing becoming more ragged. She must have been very wet from her orgasm, for he didn't have any trouble getting his cock all the way into her juicy pussy. He put his hands on her hips and started vigorously thrusting himself into her.

"Fuck me... fuck me... fuck my pussy..." Callia egged him on, clearly loving this. "OH GOD YES! GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DROW COCK!"

Lifting her legs onto his shoulders he pressed deep into her pussy, amazed at the tightness and the way her pussy muscles played over his cock, despite all the fucking she'd had recently. She gripped and released. The feeling was too fantastic for words. Jaz'rin pounded into her, bending her body nearly in half underneath him as he leaned forward and pressed her legs towards her chest. Her pink pussy was split open by his big dick, making it slick with her juices as he plunged in and out of her, practically crushing her with each brutal thrust. Clutching at the sheets, Callia's face screwed up with ecstatic pleasure as her pussy was stretched, thrashing back and forth underneath him she moaned and pleaded, begging for more, begging for it harder.

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