tagGroup SexWhen Dad's Away, Chelsea Will Play Ch. 02

When Dad's Away, Chelsea Will Play Ch. 02


If you haven't read chapter 01, please do so as it sets up how Chelsea came to be in her current situation. Thank you for the feedback and I apologize for the delay in writing and posting this new chapter. I hope you enjoy it and as always, I enjoy comments, email feedback and suggestions for where the next chapter should go. Please note that while there are no incestuous actions depicted in this story, there are incestuous conversations that occur.

The players:

Chelsea, a 19yr old hottie who came home to find her parents gone, but three of her fathers friends watching a football game.

Terry, a 39yr old white guy with a daughter who was two grades below Chelsea.

Trent, a 40yr old black guy with a gorgeous son who had played Varsity football at Chelsea's school.

Kevin, a 39yr old white guy on his 2nd marriage whose brother is the father of Chelsea's BFF, Tiffany.


Chapter 02.

She bit her bottom lip, holding back her excitement, and said, "Fine, but I'm in control!"

"Whatever you say sweetheart," said Kevin.

"Well, you can thank your niece and your brother for the fun we are about to have," she said as she walked back into the living room.

"Huh, why's that," Kevin asked as she got closer, the other men coming up and surrounding her.

"Because she was eating my pussy oh so good and she got me all horny and then your stupid brother and his wife came home so we couldn't finish. There is no way we can keep quiet while we feast on each other," Chelsea said as their hands started groping her body, feeling her curves, grabbing her barely covered ass, moving aside the tiny triangles that barely covered her rock hard nipples.

"What? Tiff and you go lez? That's so hot!," said Kevin as Terry reached down and moved her thong aside and started rubbing her dripping pussy.

"Hell yeah we do," Chelsea said as she threw her head back and enjoyed the six hands that were exploring every area of her body. "We will kiss and what-not to get guys to buy us drinks or buy stuff for us and if we can't find any good cock to bang, we take care of each other."

Her top was ripped off and her thong was pulled down. Kevin had a hand on her left tit and a hand on her ass while Trent was playing with her right tit and the other side of her ass. Terry had bent down and was playing with her pussy, rubbing it, exposing her clit and dipping his finger inside her dripping cunt.

"That is so hot," said Kevin as he continued exploring her body. Trent had moved a finger between her legs and dipped into her pussy getting his finger wet with her juices.

"I bet you'd love to watch your niece eat some pussy, wouldn't you, you dirty old man," Chelsea teased as the men kept exploring her young, tight body.

"Look, she's my niece but that doesn't mean I haven't noticed how hot she is and let's face it, what guy wouldn't want to watch two young girls enjoying each other," said Kevin as Terry stuck two fingers into her pussy and Trent moved his pussy-wet finger back to her ass and started rubbing it against her tight asshole. Her body was writhing back and forth, trying to seek out the fingers in her pussy and encourage the one poking at her back door.

"She'd probably fuck you, you know," she said letting sounds of pleasure escape her full, pouty lips, "or, at the very least, suck your cock." Trent's finger pushed into her ass and she let out a breathless, whimpering"aaah".

"Are you serious, I'm her Uncle," Kevin said with a surprised tone.

"Yeah, we've both talked about how hot you are, all of you in fact," she said as she grabbed Terry's hair and guided his face to her pussy.

Terry began licking her clit as he continued fucking her pussy with two fingers and Trent was fucking her ass with one of his large fingers.

"Now you got me thinking of my niece giving me a blow job," Kevin said slightly flustered.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you, but she's not here, you will just have to settle for me," she said reaching out and grasping his cock thru his pants.

She told Terry to lay down and she told Trent to keep his finger in her ass. When Terry was on his back, she knelt down, bringing her pussy to his mouth. Trent kneeled down as well to continue finger fucking her ass.

She then moved Kevin closer and began unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. She reached in and pulled out his beautiful cock. It was perfectly formed, tan at the base and peach above his circumcision scar. It was around 7 inches, give or take, with a slight upward curve and good girth. She lifted it up and ran her tongue along the sensitive underside from base to tip before wrapping her mouth around the head and plunging about half-way down.

"Oh fuck," Kevin exclaimed, "Shit, this is by no means settling. You are so fuckin hot. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time."

"Well, lucky you," she said and started bobbing up and down on his cock.

She then stopped and told the guys to get undressed. "I think everyone has laid claim to one of my holes, so that's how we will do this. I'll ride Terry, Kevin , you get my mouth and Trent, you get to fuck my ass."

"But our balls will be touching," said Terry peering up from between her legs.

"Sugar, if you are concentrating on his balls while you are getting the chance to fuck me, then I must be doing something wrong or you hiding some latent homosexual feelings that you are worried will manifest by being naked so close to another guy," she said and the other two guys laughed. "Porn stars do it all the time while DP'ing a chick, and no one calls them gay."

She stood up and all of the men started undressing. She dipped two fingers from her left hand into her pussy, removed them and pulled her ass cheeks open with her right and inserted them into her ass. She then reached down and dipped two fingers of her right hand in her pussy and then stuck them into her mouth, licking off the sweet nectar she loved so much. As the men got naked, she looked them over. All of them were in good shape. Terry had the smallest dick at maybe 6.5" and Trent's was closer to 7.5"-8".

Terry resumed his position on the floor and Chelsea squatted down, aligning his cock with her pussy. Before sinking down, she said, "tell me how bad you want this 19 yr old pussy to wrap around your cock and fuck your brains out. Tell me you want it so bad, you won't even be thinking of the big, heavy black balls that will be slamming into yours."

"Fuck, I don't care, just fuck me, ride my cock," Terry said pleadingly.

"Well, since you are a good pussy-eater, I suppose, but let this be a reminder that what I say goes," she said and then sank down impaling herself on his hard cock. They both moaned simultaneously in pleasure. "I don't want any of this sweet shit, I want you all to fuck me like a $2 whore. I doubt any of you can match my level of debauchery, so don't be worried about offending me, I'm not a prude bitch."

Trent straddled the both of them, stroking his meaty, black cock and squatted down to align his cock with her beautifully displayed asshole and started pushing in with relative ease due to his earlier manipulations and her pussy juice. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back causing her head to go back, her back to arch and her asshole to push out more. At that moment he pushed his cock in and she loudly screamed, "YES, FUCK YES, TAKE MY ASS YOU FUCKER, STICK YOUR BIG COCK IN MY ASS, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!"

Now they could see why she and Tiffany could not have continued when her parents got home. She yelled so loud the guys were worried the neighbors would hear.

"Shut this bitch up before the neighbors hear her," said Trent and Kevin stepped up and presented his cock. She was bouncing up and down in Terry's cock while pushing back to meet Trent's. She looked up at Kevin with lust in her eyes, screaming loudly as the two cocks fucked her holes, "FUCK, FUCK, OH YES, FUCK ME, STICK YOUR COCK IN MY THROAT, FUCK, FUCK, SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT, OH GOD, MOTHERFUCKER, YES, SLAM IT IN, DON'T STOP, FUCK, USE ME!"

Kevin reached out, grabbed her hair from Trent with his left hand and held his cock with his right and stepped up and shoved his cock into her mouth. He fucked into her mouth hard causing her to gag and produce lots of saliva, but he kept going, holding his cock and her hair and letting go years of lusting after her matured body by ramming his cock deep into her mouth. Over and over he did this, shoving it in, causing her to gag and eventually the saliva she was producing was falling into her chest and down onto Terry below.

"Fuck man, her spit is getting on my face," said Terry and she removed her mouth from Kevin's cock and yelled at him, "AND MY PUSSY JUICE IS ON YOUR COCK MOTHERFUCKER, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FUCK MY PUSSY BITCH, USE YOUR COCK AND GET IN THERE DEEP!"

Kevin quickly pulled her back and grabbed both sides of her head and started fucking her hard, burying his cock to the hilt, holding it there, pulling back out and with it, she would produce more saliva and yell out a FUCK or some other exclamation.

Terry tried his best to fuck her, but she was the one fucking him and most of that came as Trent would plow hard into her ass. Each powerful thrust rocked her up on Terry's cock and then she would bounce down as it was pulled back.

Terry reached up and began groping her perfect tits and enjoying the view of this hot minx getting face fucked. Her pussy felt incredible and while this was his first group sex adventure, he was quickly overcoming his initial nervousness. He grabbed and squeezed her tits, twisted her nipples, and even slapped them a few times (something he had never done, but had seen in various pornos).

She pulled away from the cock in her mouth and screamed, "WELL LOOK WHO DECIDED TO JOIN THE PARTY! FUCKIN MANHANDLE MY TITS, I FUCKIN LOVE IT ROUGH" and then Kevin's cock was slammed back into her mouth. The erotic scene involving the hot 19yr daughter of his friend, the thoughts of his niece doing lewd sex acts with him or her, and her glorious mouth that was now accepting his full thrusts as good as any pussy he had ever had and he felt that familiar tingle deep down in his balls.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," he announced. She pulled off him screaming, "FUCK YEAH, BLOW ON MY FACE YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER, PLASTER ME WITH YOUR CUM"

He jerked his cock feverishly until he let go several strong blasts of semen across her gorgeous, young face while yelling, "aaaaaaaah, fuck yeah!" It plastered her face, dripping down onto her perky tits. He then shoved his cock back in her mouth so she could clean it up.

The facial mixed with all three cocks making her "air-tight" sent 19yr old Chelsea into an orgasmic state as multiple orgasms rocked her tight body. She screamed so loud as the sensations took over her body and even the cock in her mouth couldn't conceal her screams. Her body clenched over and over, her pussy and ass wrenching down tight and Trent said he was going to blow too.

He pulled out of her ass and came around front and didn't even wait for Kevin to pull out before blowing at least 9 strong blasts of hot cum across her cock-stuffed face.

When he stopped cumming, she grabbed his cock and shoved it in her mouth while holding Kevin's with her other hand. She cleaned off his cock and then pulled the men closer and put both in her mouth. She loved a hard cock, but she also loved a post-orgasm cock that's still stiff and full of blood but not rock hard. The sponginess of the heads and fullness of the cocks was something she adored and she wasn't going to miss the opportunity to have two in her mouth.

Terry took this opportunity and grabbed her hips and ass and started plowing hard into her wet pussy. She screamed around the two cocks in her mouth as she felt the enormous loads running down her face.

Terry said he was ready to blow and pushed her off and stood up just in time to release his load. He may have had the smallest cock, but he more than made up for it with his cum shot. He blasted and blasted away, so much that it almost looked like he was pissing on her. He drenched her face, her hair, aimed at her ear and finished off with a few shots to her tits. Three guys had cum on her, but it looked like 10 or 15.

She screamed again as her hand found her pussy during the cum assault and another orgasm rocked thru her body. The guys stepped up and all three started sticking their cocks in her mouth. Trent started scooping cum off her face and she lapped it up greedily.

She finally sat back with her legs folded under her, breathing heavy and said, "Fuck, that is what I'm talking about." She looked up, unable to open her eyes and said, "So, how do I look?"

"Hotter than I've ever seen you look ," said Kevin and the other guys agreed and said different things about how hot that was.

She reached up and started scooping cum off her face and shoveling it into her mouth. She got a lot of it, opened her eyes and looked down and began cleaning off her tits and stomach the same way. "Mmmmmm, I love the taste of cum," she said with a grin.

She got up, walked to the door to the backyard and realized she had never fully closed the door when she came in before. She opened it up all the way and ran and jumped in the pool naked and washed the remaining cum from her hair and body.

She came back in and the guys were getting dressed and Kevin walked over and handed her a towel.

"If you want, I can set it up so you can fuck Tiffany," she said quietly so the other two couldn't hear. "I know shell be up for it, especially when she hears about this."

His eyes widened in shock. "Don't worry, she's not going to say anything as long as she gets some of this too," she said before reaching out and grabbing his cock thru his pants and flashing him a wicked smile.

She didn't even wait for him to answer and pushed past him, drying her hair, not even bothering to cover up.

"I'm going to go change, you all better get back to the game before my parents get home," she said and went upstairs.

The guys all looked at each other once she was gone and started laughing and talking about how crazy all that was.

They went back to watching the pre-season football game and shortly she came back down and was now wearing some short jean shorts and a nice, frilly loose tank-top style shirt a lot of girls wear. She looked like any girl you would see at the mall, only hotter.

She plopped down on the couch, all clean, with wet hair that was still drying in the air.

"That was fun. We should do that again very soon," she said. "If my parents ask, I took a swim and laid out and then I just came in to keep you all company."

"Sounds good to us," said Trent, "on both accounts" this time with a wink.

About ten minutes later, they heard the garage door opening and shortly after, Chelsea's parents walked in.

They all said hi, Chelsea gave them both hugs (the guys tried their best not to stare at her ass in the shorts while she did) and recounted the story of what they said had happened.

"Well that was nice of you to keep them company while your father picked me up," said Chelsea's mom. "I'm positively exhausted so I'm going to go take a nap. You all enjoy your football game." she then headed upstairs and then Chelsea's dad sat down on one of the couches.

"I miss anything while I was gone," asked her dad and a feeling of panic welled up in the guys before Trent said, "nah man, it's a pre-season game. How many times does something exciting happen?"

"That's true," her dad said.

About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang and her dad got up to answer it. "Smooth response Trent," she whispered and the guys agreed. "He has no clue you all fucked the shit out of his little girl." she flashed them another wicked smile and sat back.

A few minutes later, they heard the door close and her father walked back in. He looked upset, pissed even.

"Who was that, daddy?" asked Chelsea.

"That was Ron from next door," he said, "he just came over to ask me to keep the sex and vulgar screaming down that he heard coming from here today. His kids heard all of the obscenities coming from here."

Four faces went pale as they all realized they had been caught......

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