When Dreams Come True


Jake stood ready, this time Bart was not going to get away with his treachery. He drew his sword and waited. Bart got to his feet laughing. Drawing his own sword, it was time to be rid of this half brother once and for all. Bart lunged; a little surprised at the speed with which Jake defended. He attacked again, seeking to gain an easy advantage, but Jake was faster, and more controlled. Bart Laughed,

"So they did teach you something in that fancy school Father sent you to. Very well, They taught you to fight like a man, did they teach you to die like one too?" He renewed his attack, trying hard to beat Jake into a corner, but Jake was by far the superior swordsman, turning quickly and slicing deep into Bart's sword arm. Bart howled in pain, grabbing the wound as blood flowed thick and dark down his arm. Jake stood ready for another outburst, but Bart realized he was outmatched and fled the room. Jake resheathed his sword and went to his ladylove.

Holding her to him he stroked her hair, checking the mark Bart had left on her pretty face. He swore a silent oath that someday time would catch up with Bart, and when it did he would have the vengeance he so richly deserved for 25 years of torment.

"My love, did he?" He could barely bring himself to ask the question. Looking deep into his deep brown eyes, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"No my Darling, my virtue is intact, but had you been a few moments later, I would not be so complete. I thank the gods you came when you did." He lifted her face to his and kissed her tenderly.

"Father Joseph and I will wait outside the door and let you dress, no one will get near you again." He helped her to her feel, kissing her softly, and followed the priest out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Maddy took a deep breath and held it, letting it go slowly. She had known Bart would be trouble, but that Jake's own brother would try and do such a thing, she pushed the thought aside and hoped back into the tub. She needed to wash away any trace of Bart touching her, so she took her time. Dried, dressed and ready, she opened the door. Jake was leaning against the raining of balcony, chatting with Father Joseph when she came out. He mouth dropped open at the sight of her.

"By the gods Maddy, you're beautiful." He reached for her but the priest interceded.

"Vows first, consummation after." They all chuckled and side by side, Madison and Jake knelt before the administrator of God and spoke their oaths. They had not noticed the crowd that had gathered behind them on the stairs to witness their binding. When the cord was tied and he turned to kiss his bride, a might cheer went up and the staircase threatened to give way. Maddy and Jake could not help but laugh.

Sweeping her up in his strong arms, Jake carried his bride to her room, kicking the door closed. The lock was busted but no one dare disturb the newly weds on the marriage bed. Setting her on the bed, he gazed down upon her. He had always believed that somewhere in the world was that one perfect person created just for him, and he knew in his heart that she was the one.

Maddy stood before her husband. Reaching for the laces that would free her from the confined of the gown, but his tender hand stopped her short. She smile at him knowingly, lovingly, as he released the ties, letting the gown fall to the floor and leaving her standing before him naked and proud. She reached for the buttons on his shirt, taking her time to explore his magnificent chest. The shirt fell to the floor alongside the gown. With the tips of her fingers she traces the lines and ripples of his well built arms and shoulders. Running her fingers through the hair on his chest, kissing everything they touched. The buckle on his pants came away with ease and moments later they too were on the floor. They took a moment to admire each other's bodies, absorbing every detail, every exquisite curve. He reached for her and she came willingly to his arms. Touching her cheek, he looked deep into her eyes.

"Welcome to my life Mrs. Carlson." His kiss set her body on fire. She wanted him, needed him, ached for him, but she would not rush this. Not for any reason.

Lifting her into his arms once more, he lay her on the bed. Feasting his eyes on the wonder of her body, he began to kiss it. Taste it. Worship it. Taking her hands, he held them tenderly above her head, kissing from her fingers, down each arm, stopping to nibble lightly on her perfectly rounded shoulder. His lips found her neck, her throat, and at last, a firm, heaving breast. Savoring every inch, he kissed and tasted her tender breast, finding her erect pink nipples and pulling them between his lips. She moaned softly, her head beginning to spin as desire took control of her senses. Her hips began to lift and gyrate, crying out for his attention.

Reluctantly he left her delicate breasts behind, kissing his way over her stomach, pausing only to lick and tease her navel. The soft fur covering her mound rose to meet him. Burying his nose amongst it, he could smell her desire, her need. He rubbed he face against her; she was so soft, so warm. His cock was aching with the need to be buried deep inside her, but he ignored it, he would not cheat his ladylove of all the pleasure she deserved. Lifting his body over her, his hungry mouth found her pink, juicy lips, and her hand found his throbbing cock. A deep groan escaped his mouth as her tongue found his swollen head, and she spread her legs wide to welcome him. Parting her delicate lips with his fingers, he gazed upon her perfection, touching and licking it with great reverence. He slid his tongue over her slowly, exploring and tasting every groove, every fold, coming to the place he already knew so well from their shared dreams. The tight little bud stood erect, demanding attention, and he would not deny it. Sucking it into his mouth, he flickered his tongue over it, sending shudders through her body and making her cry out softy.

Maddy's body was well past the point of no return, his tender actions lifting her to hights she could never have imagined. With his handsome face buried between her widely spread legs, she turned her own attention to his hard cock. Reaching out with her tongue, she licked the salty cream and tasted it. Mmmmmm. His pre-cum was delicious. She wanted more. Taking his engorged head between her lips, she began to tease and tantalize, pushing the point of her tongue into the tight little hole, retrieving every drop of his juice.

Moving her lips along his shaft, she begins to explore, wanting to know every ripple, every vein. Her tongue licking and tasting, never tiring of the feeling his cock created with it's throbbing heat. Slowly. Every so slowly, she slides the full length of him into her mouth. He moaned softly against her clit, sending a vibrating thrill racing through her, taking her a little higher still. As her excitement builds, she begins to suck. Lifting her head until she could feel his hot head pressing against the back of her throat, and his balls on her chin. Over and over she lifted and dropped her head, her own sucking causing her to come closer and closer to the edge. Jake's tongue and fingers worked relentlessly. He begins the tease the sensitive area between her pussy and her ass, massaging her tight, forbidden hole. As he pushes a finger slowly into her tight ass, it's all that's needed to send her topping over the edge. He feels the inner walls of her sweet pussy begin to contract, pulsing with a life of their own, her delicious juices flowing over his fingers. He lapped at them fiercely, determined not to lose even the smallest drop. Feeding hungrily, devouring her tender femininity.

As wave after wonderful wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over Maddy's shuddering form. Her mouth began to suck with a vengeance. He groaned loudly. She loved the sound of that groan for she knew what was to follow. Wrapping her lips tight around his hard shaft, she could feel him swell, and throb, bursting forth with a stream of hot, sticky cum, shooting it down the back of her throat. There was another, and another, filling her mouth as she swallowed franticly, not letting any of his precious seed escape her mouth.

Turning, he pulled her to him, their mouths finding each other, their love juices mixing on their tongues. Moaning and sighing into each other's mouths. Whispering soft words only lovers can hear. He held he against his chest.

"I thank the gods it wasn't just a dream. It feels even better when it's real, I never thought a woman could taste so good." He kissed her forehead tenderly, and she smiled up at him. Her sweet smile was all it took to make his cock hard once more. He needed her again, but this time, completely.

Rolling her onto her back, he moved to between her legs. She lifted her knees to accommodate him. She wanted this so badly. The thought of having him finally inside her brought her arousal close to climax. Slowly, tenderly, he entered her, finding her barrier, pushing his mouth hard against her, then thrusting deep and hard, feeling the delicate tread between virgin and lover give way. She cried out, but it only lasted a moment. The pain passed and was overthrown by pleasure the likes of which she has never known. Guiding his cock gently in and out of her virgin hole, he could feel her close to climax. He thrust a little harder, being so careful not to cause her more pain, until at last he could feel the soft, warm walls squeezing him. Milking him of his senses. His own needs took over, driving harder and harder into her magnificent body, filling her with a surge of hot seed, mixing their love deep within her. She dug her fingers into his shoulders, holding him hard against her as he pumped into her. Completed and spent, they lay together, holding each other tenderly. Burning this moment into their memories forever.

Laying her head against his chest, something dawned on her. He had called her Mrs. Carlson. The Carlson's were the ruling family in the region, likened to a minor king.

She looked at him a little bemused.

"My love, are you related to Lord Eric Carlson?" he kisses her forehead.

"Yes my little dove, he's my father. Now let me think a moment. That would make you a princess now wouldn't it?" he delighted in her stunned reaction. She deserved to be nothing less than a queen and he would never treat her as less. His lips found hers once again, their bodies coming together in tender love. They would be this way forever, because that's what happens when dreams come true. "Don't you just love when dreams come true?"

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