tagLesbian SexWhen Fannie Met Sallie

When Fannie Met Sallie


Fannie had hit a low point in her life and when her chance for happiness fell apart at the altar she knew she had hit rock bottom. No, Freddie Mac was not the solution to her financial problems, hell she knew he was in trouble too, but as their wedding was destroyed it was simply too much for the couple. They split acrimoniously, each vowing never to even talk to each other again.

Realizing she had been conned by Freddie she convinced herself it was men she needed to get away from, so vowing celibacy she moved into a run down apartment and cut back drastically on her expenses. She was going to make it work and she would do it without the help of any man. Although the thought of that was frightening, especially for a woman who had pictured the perfect wedding followed by a perfect married life, the feeling of being on her own was also liberating.

Fannie had been on her own for several months when she first noticed another woman on the bus. She had seen her once or twice before, but recently it seemed whenever she headed anywhere on the bus this woman was either on the bus, getting off the bus or somewhere around. The woman was fairly attractive but what caught Fannie's attention was that the woman always seemed to be looking at her. It wasn't staring, nothing rude or anything, but more often then not their eyes would meet the woman would smile, then nod and look away.

Finally her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to approach the woman to find out what was going on. When she got on the bus that morning and saw the woman near the back of the bus, instead of sitting in the first available seat, she walked back and sat down next to the woman. Other than nodding to the woman when she sat down, Fannie rode along silently for a while before finally starting a conversation.

"This may sound strange, but I've been seeing you a lot on the bus and in some other areas and, well, each time I can't help but noticing you looking at me."

"I'm sorry, I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable, it's just that whenever I see you, you always look so, ah, you just seem to have it all together. No bad hair days, and you outfits always match."

"Oh my, thank you for the compliment. Coming from someone like you it means a lot, I mean, I noticed how you always..."

"No, no my hair is often so frightful, these curls," the woman said, grabbing a handful of curly hair off her shoulders and then limply dropping it.

"The curls are gorgeous, I am surprised the men aren't following you all day long."

"Oh, that's no party."

"You tired of men too?"

"Oh always."

"Yeah, I almost got married a couple of months ago. Thank goodness it all came apart, I may have bee stuck with that clown."

"Oh look, here's my stop," the woman said, hurriedly grabbing her things.

"But I didn't get your name," Fannie said.

"Oh, sorry, it's Sallie, with an i, e."

"I'm Fannie, also with an i and an e."

"It was nice talking to you Fannie," she said, sliding past her in the seat and heading down the aisle toward the door. Fannie couldn't help but notice the way she moved, so graceful.

They continued running into each other in the bus, sitting together each time and eventually they met for coffee and later ate out together several times. Finally Sallie asked Fannie to have dinner in her apartment. Fannie agreed and showed up with an inexpensive bottle of wine.

Impressed with Sallie's upscale apartment, Fannie settled down to a comfortable meal with her friend. It was only after dinner, after several glasses of wine did Fannie realize there was more. Fannie had been sitting on the couch with Sallie in a chair across the coffee table when they began talking, but when Sallie got up to pour some more wine into Fannie's glass she sat down beside her on the couch.

During a momentary pause in their conversation, Sallie leaned over and lightly kissed Fannie on the lips. Sitting straight up, slightly stunned, Fannie looked over at her friend for a moment and then slowly tilted her head and kissed Sallie, slowly slipping her tongue through her lips to touch Sallie's lips. When Sallie opened her mouth the women came together in an embrace, kissing hard, their tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths.

They undressed each other as the kisses moved down each other's bodies, tongues sliding over nipples, stomachs and pussies. Before Fannie really knew what was happening she was on her back with Sallie's tongue rolling over her clit. Looking up, she saw Sallie's pussy, wet and ready for attention. Even though she had never been with a woman before, Fannie eagerly pushed her tongue into her friend's pussy and she tasted her. Savoring the tangy flavor, she circled her tongue inside the pussy for a few moments and them moved upward to her clit.

They seemed to move as one, with tongues moving, hips pumping up and down and lips opening and closing. Fannie heard a muffled moan as Sallie came and then as Sallie moved her tongue faster, Fannie came as she lifted her hips and ground her pussy into Sallie's face.

Over the next few weeks they saw more and more of each other and soon Fannie was expecting Sallie to invite her to move into her apartment at any time. She figured Sallie must have some money to afford to live the way she does so she was surprised when one day she answered her door and found Sallie standing there with her bags.

"Sallie, what happened?" she asked her weeping friend.

"Fannie, can I live here for a while?"

"Of course, you can stay as long as you like, but what happened."

"It's my parents, when they found out about you they threw me out to the apartment and cut me off."

"It was your parents' apartment?" Fannie asked.

"Yes, I was having a tough financial time, so they let me stay rent free and gave me an allowance. I was doing better, but then I met you and I knew I couldn't be what they wanted."

Sallie moved in and the two became a couple, actually finding a judge to agree to marry them. After the wedding they returned to their apartment as Fannie and Sallie Mae, completely broke with creditors chasing them, but definitely in love.

Outside, a black van videotaped their comings and goings, while wiretaps and bugs recorded their every word. Some very Moody people seemed interested in everything they did, grading them day by day. Today, the man wrote down BBB-1, but if things got better he might give them a single A.

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