tagFetishWhen Friends become Lovers

When Friends become Lovers


This story contains foot fetishism and interracial sex. So please skip this story if either or both of these two subject matters bother you. Constructive criticism and positive feedback is always welcomed!


"Dammit Kevin are you going to talk to me or what?" Lindsay said, while playfully kicking her friend in the side as he focused on the t.v. screen and ignored her question.

"Ouch. Was that called for?" Kevin complained, as he rubbed the area Lindsay kicked him.

"Yes it was, and if you don't start talking it will be much worse." Lindsay threatened.

"Can we talk about it some other time? I just don't feel like talking about it right now." Kevin said somberly, while nursing his side.

"Now you know I'm not letting you off the hook that easy Kevin Maurice Carter. I refuse to sit here and watch you mope around like a sad puppy." Lindsay chided. "Tell me why that whore Sabrina broke your heart or else?"

Kevin Carter and Lindsay Evans have known each other for almost their entire lives. When Kevin was about three years old his parents moved into the same neighborhood that Lindsay's parents lived in. It was a small neighborhood with no kids Lindsay's age. So when Kevin's family moved next door, Lindsay's parents were ecstatic because their daughter had someone to play with. Her parents didn't mind the fact that Kevin was a boy, and his skin color did not bother them either. Kevin and Lindsay were practically inseparable growing up. They were able to stay platonic friends for a long time. Things changed when puberty hit. That's when a mutual attraction started to blossom between the two. There came a point where Kevin was unsatisfied with just being friends, so he decided to try his luck and express his feelings to Lindsay. Although she was attracted to Kevin, Lindsay ended up shooting him down because she feared what other students would think about her dating someone black. Even though Kevin was pretty popular and well liked, Lindsay did not want to risk the backlash she may have received from her peers. Eventually Kevin got over being rejected, and resumed his friendship with Lindsay like nothing happened.

Though Lindsay and Kevin went to different colleges after high school, they kept in contact with one another. After graduating college Kevin landed a job as a physical therapist, and Lindsay became a public relations spokesperson for a non-profit organization. Although they both had successful careers, that success was not duplicated in the dating field.

Lindsay had two obstacles that prevented her from being successful in the dating department. One issue was her personality. Though she was easy on the eyes, standing at a slim five feet seven inches, with straight, layered, blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and a heart shaped face, Lindsay often came off as abrasive and sometimes controlling; so despite her looks those two personality traits didn't sit to well with most guys. The other barrier that kept Lindsay single were her feelings towards Kevin. Even though it was years ago when he suggested they should date, Lindsay still often wondered how things would have turned out of she just took a chance and said yes. She continued to hold Kevin on a pedestal that no guy came close to touching. Although Kevin still carried a torch for Lindsay, he gave up on dating her a long time ago. So he had a different reason for not being successful in the dating department. His looks weren't the problem, because Kevin was athletically built, and right at the six foot mark. He also had a dark, caramel-colored complexion, buzzed-cut black hair, and a clean-shaven face. Kevin's best features were his hazel colored eyes and granite-like jawline. It was his love for feet that led to his downfall. Sure he had the occasional girlfriend that indulged his fetish, but they would treat it more like a chore instead of enjoying it. The other women that found out ended up either leaving him right on the spot, or breaking up with him a few days later, since they found it to be creepy and gross. Which happen to be the case with Kevin's latest girlfriend Sabrina. Things were going good between them and Kevin thought it would be ok if he confessed his fetish, but it ended up backfiring and she ended up calling it off a few days later.

Though Lindsay hated seeing Kevin in pain, because Kevin seemed to really like this girl, there was a small part of her that reveled in the fact that she could have him all to herself again. So when she found out Kevin and his girlfriend broke up, Lindsay decided to drop in and console her heart-broken buddy. She also wanted to satisfy her curiosity, and find out what went wrong.

"Oh it's really not a big deal Lindsay." Kevin shrugged. "It just didn't work out."

"I don't believe you're telling me everything Kevin, you're holding something back, I just know it. Now spill it." Lindsay demanded.

"We were just not meant to be is all." Kevin retorted flatly.

Though Kevin had a major foot fetish he was always able to keep it under control around Lindsay, because she had already rejected him once, and he did not want to run the risk of finding out what she would do if she found out he had a foot fetish. But with him feeling vulnerable, it was hard for Kevin to keep his self-control around Lindsay, because she had a habit of not wearing socks or shoes most of the time; and whether it was intentional or not, she was always playfully kicking him or putting her feet in his lap whenever they hung out. So he was hoping she would drop the issue, that way his secret would be safe.

"Kevin I swear if you don't start giving me some answers, we are going to have some serious issues, and I can't guarantee that you won't have some bruises afterwards. Now let's hear it." Lindsay said with a little more forcefulness in her voice.

In all the years Kevin had known Lindsay he had never seen this side of her. Sure she was always a little bossy, but never had she been this intent on getting her way. So in hopes to appease her, Kevin thought he would just give a broad, generic answer.

"Ok ok chill out alright. I just wanted to try something she didn't approve of ." Kevin admitted. "So there. You finally got it out of me. Are you satisfied now?"

"Not Really, I'm still curious as to what could be so bad to cause Sabrina to want to leave you? I mean I don't see anything wrong with taking it in the ass every once in awhile." Lindsay said in a matter-of-factly manner.

"I wish that was the issue, but it's something a bit different than that."

Kevin had become immune to Lindsay's bluntness. So he was not shocked, when Lindsay mentioned anal in such a casual manner.

"Wow it must be a doozy then, because anal is usually the dealbreaker for most couples." Lindsay said as her curiosity started to peak even more.

"Yeah it is." Kevin agreed. "So since it is more extreme than that, does that mean we have to talk about it?"

"That's exactly why we need to talk about it." Lindsay interjected. "Besides, I may be able to give you some advice."

"Yeah if you don't run in horror first."

"Kevin we've been friends for too long for me to do that to you. Why would you think that?" Lindsay said in a hasty lapse of judgment, since she failed to factor in turning him down years ago.

"You say that now, but I still remember how awkward things were between us when I told you I wanted to be more than friends." Kevin said with a certain coldness in his voice.

"Ok I deserve that, but I want you to know that there is not a day that goes by that I don't regret at least giving it a try. I was just scared about what people would say." Lindsay admitted.

"Fair enough, but I still think if I told you what happened, we wouldn't be friends anymore." Kevin said, brushing off Lindsay's confession because he thought she was just saying that to be nice.

"Whatever Kevin, you are a wonderful guy, and I doubt there's any secret you're holding back from me that would make me want to stop being friends with you." Lindsay said as she moved her legs from Kevin's lap and straddled him.

Kevin took a moment to stare into Lindsay's emerald-green eyes. After staring for what seemed like an eternity, Kevin then took a breath and psyched himself up to tell Lindsay his shameful secret. "Ok this is the moment of truth, there is no turning back now." Kevin said, giving himself a pep talk. "And you promise not to judge me, or think ill of me?"

"I promise." Lindsay said as she took her hands and cupped them around Kevin's face, so she could make direct eye contact and show him that she was sincere.

"I have a foot fetish." Kevin quickly blurted out, then instinctively winced, since he was not sure what to expect next.

"That's it. That's your big secret? You like feet? Wow Kevin, just wow." Lindsay said, while stifling a laugh.

"Yeah that's it." Kevin said, relieved that Lindsay kept her word and didn't freak out.

"Well that's pretty tame if you ask me."

"So you don't see me as creepy or weird?"

"Nope not in the least, you just date some close-minded women."

"So just to be clear, you don't think it is odd that I have a thing for feet?" Kevin asked again, hoping to be reassured he was not an oddball.

"Not at all. Although I must admit, though I take care of my feet I never thought of them as something that would turn a guy on." Lindsay said satisfied that she finally got the answer she was looking for. "As a matter of fact I'm a bit curious as to how this foot thing works." She said as she slid off of Kevin's lap and propped her feet on his legs. "Well don't just sit there like a deer in the headlights. Go ahead and show me."

Kevin's mind was racing with excitement and apprehension at this point. On one hand he was given the chance of a lifetime, and on the other he was not sure if this was some sort of joke, or Lindsay just placating him because she said she would not freak out. At any rate Kevin decided it would be best not to waste a chance like this, so he briefly paused to soak in what was happening. While soaking in the moment, he took time to admire how pretty Lindsay's feet were. They were about a size seven, pillowy-soft, and slightly arched. Her toes were freshly pedicured and coated with a semi-bright pink color polish; which matched up well with her neatly trimmed nails. After spending what he thought was ample time admiring the gift presented to him, Kevin then gently grasped Lindsay's right heel and brought her toes to his lips. He started off with small kisses at first, that way he wouldn't freak Lindsay out if she was not into it.

"Ohh that feels kind of nice Kevin." Lindsay purred.

"I'm glad you think so." Kevin said, as he continued to pepper Lindsay's toes with soft kisses.

"But don't spend too much time on one foot, the other one may get jealous." Lindsay said as she moved her foot from Kevin's lips and replaced it with the other one.

"We can't have that now can we?" Kevin said as he started to suck on her big toe.

"Now that really feels nice." Lindsay said, as a sliver of moisture started to form between her legs.

By this point Kevin wanted to keep going, but he still feared getting carried away. So he ceased sucking on Lindsay's toe and let her foot fall back into his lap.

"Why the fuck did you stop?" Lindsay screeched, as she was abruptly brought back to reality when Kevin stopped sucking her toe.

"Well I just thought you..." Was all Kevin managed to get out before his mouth was assaulted by Lindsay's foot.

"That's your problem Kevin, sometimes you think too much. Now less talking and more sucking." Lindsay said as she pushed her toe back into Kevin's mouth.

Without saying a word Kevin went back to sucking Lindsay's toe. As Kevin sucked on her toe, Lindsay used her other foot to rub Kevin's crotch.

"Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying this." Lindsay said as her lips formed into an evil grin, while she continued to vigorously run her foot over Kevin's manhood.

Throwing caution to the wind Kevin took things a step further and began sucking on all five toes at once. He could tell that Lindsay was enjoying it, because she was letting out a soft moan and working her foot deeper into his mouth.

"Oh fuck that feels good, don't stop." Lindsay said between moans, as she removed her foot from Kevin's crotch and used it to caress the side of his face.

Never in his wildest dreams did Kevin think that he would find a girl that not only indulged him in his fetish, but actually enjoyed having her feet tended to. Kevin wanted to kick himself because the opportunity had been under his nose the whole time, but that would come later because right now he had a fantasy to live out.

By this point Lindsay was so into having her feet serviced that she was impatiently alternating from one foot to the other one. It was as if she wanted Kevin to be able to suck on both at the same time. Kevin could feel Lindsay's calf muscles flex, as she fed him her toes. She relentlessly pummeled his mouth with her feet giving him no time to breathe. While Lindsay was aggressively working Kevin's mouth over, he slipped his hand inside of his pants in hopes of relieving some of the pressure build up his cock was experiencing from being confined inside its cloth-like prison.

"Is someone or should I say something having a hard time?" Lindsay said while watching Kevin take his cock from his pants.

Kevin did not want to waste any time by responding. So without saying a word he pulled his cock out and let his pants fall to his ankles, giving it some much needed breathing room, while Lindsay's foot made a new home inside Kevin's mouth.

"Oh looks like someone wants to come out and play." Lindsay said while moving her foot from Kevin's mouth.

All Kevin could do is nod, as his jaw was a little fatigued from Lindsay's feet having their way with him.

"What's the matter Kevin? Cat or should I say feet got your tongue." Lindsay said as her face contorted into an evil smirk. She then clamped the soles of her feet around Kevin's manhood and began to stroke his shaft.

"Argh." Kevin groaned painfully as the friction from Lindsay's semi-lubricated soles caused more pain than pleasure.

"Oh I'm sorry Kevin that wasn't suppose to hurt. Here let me kiss it and make it better." Lindsay said as she unwrapped her feet from his cock, and flipped over on her stomach. She then ran her tongue all over Kevin's shaft before taking it halfway in her mouth and sealing her lips around it. As half of Kevin's manhood was buried in her throat, Lindsay curled her hand around the base of his cock and started to pump it alive.

"Oh fuck, that feels good Lindsay." Kevin said finding his voice again, as his hand softly gripped a tuft Lindsay's hair.

"Mmmm." Lindsay moaned on Kevin's cock as he gripped her hair.

Kevin did not know it, but Lindsay loved having her hair pulled, so when he grabbed a hold of her hair, Lindsay was determined to give Kevin the best blowjob he ever had. She greedily swirled her tongue all around his shaft and the underside of his cockhead. As her tongue worked its magic on his shaft, Lindsay pistoned her hand around the base of Kevin's cock. When Kevin was hard enough for her, Lindsay then swathed her lips around the tip of his shaft, causing his cock to twitch and come close to losing its contents inside her mouth.

"Oh shit, as much as I hate to say it, I think you better stop before I explode Lindsay." Kevin said as he let go of her hair.

"Well don't hold back on my account. I want to taste every last drop." Lindsay cooed before going back to work on Kevin's cock. While working over his cock, Lindsay grabbed a hold of Kevin's wrist and placed his hand on her head, giving him a nonverbal cue to pull her hair again.

Needing no further coaxing Kevin gripped Lindsay's hair again and guided her head up and down his cock. Since her saliva still coated his cock, Lindsay had no problems engulfing almost all eight inches in one motion. Kevin tightened his grip on Lindsay's hair, as she continued to bob up and down on his cock. Pretty soon Kevin's body tensed up and a torrent of cum came barreling through his shaft, causing him to let out a low grunt of pleasure while his cock sprayed the inside of Lindsay's mouth. After draining his balls inside her mouth, Kevin's body went limp and he released his hold on Lindsay's hair.

"Mmm, that was yummy." Lindsay said as she sat back on her heels and licked the cum from her lips. After licking the cum residue from around her mouth, Lindsay gulped down what remained in her throat with ease. "But I'm not ready to call it a night just yet." She said while standing up and revealing a nearly bald mound, as her pants and panties pooled around her feet.

"Me either." Kevin said as he grabbed Lindsay by the hips and hungrily crushed his lips against her pelvis. He let out a soft moan while planting lavish kisses on her swollen, pink center. After giving it a few kisses, Kevin used his tongue to invade Lindsay's leaking slit.

"Damn that's it Kevin, lick my pussy good. It's all yours for the taking." Lindsay moaned, as she impaled herself onto his tongue and melded her hands to his scalp to ensure he kept up with her thrust.

Sensing that she was becoming weak in the knees, Kevin grabbed onto Lindsay's hips and gently placed her on the couch. After she was comfortably placed on the couch, Kevin wasted no time using his tongue to fervently lap away at Lindsay's opening.

"Fuck!! Keep going, and don't even think about stopping." Lindsay growled and entwined her legs around Kevin's head to keep him in place.

"Mmph." Was all Kevin could manage to say as his lips and tongue continued to work as a tag team on Lindsay's pussy. While his mouth worked on her pussy, Kevin used his hands and put them under Lindsay's shirt. He then undid her bra so he could access her nipples. When his hands found their target he began to roll her nipples between his fingers until they were puffy and hard.

"I'm close, so very close." Lindsay panted and tightened her legs around Kevin's head.

Determined to send her over the edge, Kevin went from licking Lindsay's pussy to slurping it. After a few well-placed slurps, Lindsay was squealing and leaking her juices into Kevin's mouth. When she was done climaxing, Lindsay untangled her legs from Kevin's head and gestured for him to come lay beside her.

"Mmm that mouth is like an Energizer bunny Kevin, it keeps going and going." Lindsay said while running a nail over Kevin's nipple.

"If you say so." Kevin said, trying to sound humble.

"Oh don't be so damn modest Kevin, you are good with your mouth and you know it." Lindsay said while flicking Kevin's nipple. "I never dreamed that a man could get me as wet as you did just from sucking on my toes."

"And I never thought that I would find a girl that would actually get turned on from having her toes sucked. So that makes two of us."

"That's true. Remind me to thank Sabrina later on ok." Lindsay laughed.

"Sabrina? Umm who is that?"

"Oh she's nobody special. Just some tramp that broke my friend's heart."

"Ok be nice now. Even though she was grossed out about my foot fetish she was not a bad person."

"Are you defending that bitch now Kevin?" Lindsay said while cocking an eyebrow.

"No I'm not. I'm just saying she was not that bad of a person."

"Well at any rate her loss is my gain. Don't you agree?" Lindsay said while laying her head on Kevin's chest and wiggling her toes.

"Yeah definitely."

"But anyways, we can save the small talk for some other time, because right now I have over a decades worth of sexual frustration to take care of." Lindsay said as she sat up and tossed her shirt and bra aside. She then straddled Kevin's waist and began kissing him, tangling her tongue with his before he could object.

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