tagNon-EroticWhen Geese Attack

When Geese Attack


author's note: I don't know if anyone realized this, but all my non-erotic stories are also non-fiction, and I have to say, this one was a little bit harder to write, but I had fun with it anyway 'cause it was one heck of an experience!


For Denise it was the start of a normal day. She got up at her usual time, quickly got dressed and brushed her teeth, rushed downstairs to grab something to eat at the office and headed out the door. As usual she'd slept in as late as possible before having to leave... that was, after all, what most college students did. Sure, she working part time too, but that didn't mean that she was going to get up super early to get there! Rather, she took her showers in the afternoons after work and before class, rather than having to get up any earlier than she had to.

Besides, sleeping in always did a body more good than going to be early. That's how she felt anyway. Heading out to her car, she fumbled a little with her keys, still tired from her night out the night before. Having friends was fun, but juggling a social life, work and school all at once could be very exhausting; even for an energized 21 year old! She felt incredibly old with all her joints aching as she lowered herself into the car... was this how old people felt all the time? Ugh...

Starting up the car she started thinking about all the stuff she was doing now... hanging out with friends, trying to get homework in on time (well, doing it the day it was due at least), getting up early in the morning for work, going out to bars on work nights... Ok so it probably wasn't the most healthy schedule in the world, but she was having lots of fun. And what was the point to being in college if she wasn't going to have fun? Ouch... her knee hit the underside of the steering wheel and she winced. Especially if when she was old she was going to feel like this all the time. For some reason whenever she didn't get enough sleep her knees ached horribly.

Making a face, she checked herself in the review mirror... traces of last night's make-up were still visible around her eyes, but it did nothing to cover up the bags. Damn... she needed more sleep. Giggling a little, she turned the corner, wondering if she was ever going to listen to herself when she gave advice. She was constantly thinking that she needed more sleep, but whenever she wasn't out with her friends when they went out, she always ended up feeling like she'd missed something. And sometimes that was ok, but sometimes it just really wasn't, especially when it was something fun and she hadn't been doing anything exciting at all.

It just seemed like, if she missed something, then she was out of the loop. And being out of the loop meant that people didn't always remember to invite you to things. Besides, she always had fun and she didn't want to be one of those party poopers that was always like, "I can't... I have work tomorrow..." Although of course she did do that sometimes. In fact, if anyone invited her out tonight then she'd probably do that, because she really just didn't have the energy to even make it through the day right now. And if she took a nap then she might as well just go out because she wasn't going to be tired enough to sleep until very late in the night. It was the main reason she hardly ever took naps.

Musing over the way her life was working, Denise only had half her mind on the road. Not that she needed her whole mind usually, she drove this way to get to both work and school. Just down the main road, take a left and pass the lake, make a right and get onto the freeway until the exit... it wasn't a hard drive at all and not too many other people were on it. Right now her car was at the head of a line of four cars.

Passing the lake she could see some geese coming up towards the road... chances were they were going to try and cross. Still thinking about her friends and the possibility of going out that night, Denise slowed just a little in case they decided to step out into the street. Something about the formation of the geese looked rather odd, and just as she was driving past them they started flying upwards, rather than walking across the street.

Of course, since they were taking off from almost the edge of the grass, they weren't exactly in a position to drive OVER her car... and she'd been slowing down in case they were going to pass. Denise shrieked as a goose's big fluffy body slammed into her window, right next to her head... thank god the window was up! Her body had jerked to the right in response to the heavy body hitting her window, even though it hadn't broken through... Another one hit just behind her window, clipping the roof of the car, but somehow the geese managed to keep on flying, going upwards and lifting themselves over the car and away...

Clutching the wheel she managed not to scream but her jaw was locked tight. The feathery bodies had hit right next to her eye level and she thought that she could still feel her heart in her throat...

Shaken, she glanced in the rearview mirror of her car, even as she continued to drive forwards, but all of the other cars had been far enough back that none of them had run into the flock of geese that were taking off. Just her. Pulling off to the side of the road, she pulled into a parking lot and stopped the car. Staring for a moment at her steering wheel she started laughing, a little hysterically as she realized that she'd just been hit by geese. That was something that had definitely never happened to her, in all the days that she'd been driving by that lake... in fact she was pretty sure that it was something that hadn't happened to anyone! Not anyone that she knew for sure.

Giggling, she realized that she was still shaking a little... definitely not quite ready to get back on the road. Instead she pulled out her cell phone to call her friend Meg.

"Meg... you'll never believe what just happened to me! I got hit by geese!... No, no, they hit ME! I didn't hit them! Two of them hit the side of my car, one of them right next to me, it hit my window... I KNOW! Can you believe that?! I got hit by GEESE!"

The girls were both laughing when she hung up, and Denise decided that she felt much better now. Smiling, feeling much more relaxed, she started the car up again and pulled out onto the (goose-free) road, ready to start the normal day that she'd been prepared for when she got up this morning. It would make a good story to tell her friends tonight though...

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by Anonymous12/06/16

canada geese`

They must gave been from Canada! And probably from my farm. Send em home! xxoo

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