tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen I Fall Ch. 05

When I Fall Ch. 05

byChantal Marchon©

This is a continuing Weis Kreuz fanfic.-- It involves m/m pairings and BDSM and fetishes. If any of these offend you-- you should probably read something else.

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Wrapped in a straitjacket, Farfarello sat hunched in a corner of the room he shared with Ken. It was sparsely furnished with a king-size bed, a large armoire, a closet and a couple of storage chests. There were also hooks and I-bolts located at regular intervals around the walls, ceiling and floor. The owner had decorated it to look like a gothic cathedral with the bed on a pedestal symbolizing an altar. He had been very pleased with the design, although Crawford found it to dramatic. The team leader had finally agreed to let him have furniture and to get rid of the padded walls when he saw that Farfarello was stable with the new medicine supplied by Kritker.

Stable, however, is a relative term when one is discussing levels of sanity. While Farfarello was considered a genius by Estet, he could rarely display his true intelligence because of the irrational manner in which his mind functioned. After Aya's fight with Ken, he had quickly reverted into a psychotic demon. For safety and security of the team and anyone else who crossed his path, he was tranquilized heavily.

Ken sat with him, just holding him. Aya's punch had ripped some stitches, but not inflicted anything more damaging, so Crawford agreed to let him stay with Farfarello. Schuldich knocked on the door and walked in carrying a plate of food. Steak cooked medium rare and cut into slices, potato au gratin and broccoli with hollandaise sauce. "Bon appetite." He said as he put the food down next to Ken. The steak was already cut into bite size pieces.

"American style food?" He looked at Schuldich in puzzlement.

"Yes, Farfarello likes to have Western style meals and he will be waking up soon. Nagi cooked it. Heaven alone knows when he learned how to cook, but he is pretty good at it."

"OK, thanks. I remember master telling me that he preferred western food once. I guess I was surprised that you guys would indulge him." Ken felt awkward confessing to Schuldich.

"Well, in many ways we are more like a dysfunctional family than just a team. To us, Farfarello, is our brother and he needs to feel that he is important to us when he has to be sedated and tranquilized. Despite everything, he needs to understand that we are here for him. Mental illness is difficult for the bearer to deal with alone and support is important. If Farfie didn't have the team, he would still be locked away in some asylum in Ireland, under heavy sedation, barely functioning. If he seems to be feeling more himself after he eats, you can let him go." Schuldich left, shutting the door behind him.

Within a minute of him leaving, Farfarello started to move, weakly struggling in his bonds, trying to wake up. "I'm here master. Are you thirsty?"

The blond frowned lightly as his mind tried to figure out the meaning of the words spoken to him. It took a full minute for him to process the thought and respond. "Yes." He whispered, barely audible. Ken held a glass of ice water and tilted it to allow the other man to drink.

Farfarello sipped at the water cautiously, still trying to piece together his surroundings. "Ken. Are you hurt?" His tone sounded vaguely concerned.

"No master. Some stitches ripped, but it didn't hurt the surgical area." Ken paused, touched by the relief that was apparent on his master's face. "Would you like to eat? It's been about 14 hours since you last had anything and Nagi cooked something special for you."

"That will be fine. I imagine that my body is hungry and I feel empty." He looked at the plate and smiled in delight. "Oh, he made some of my favorites. He always amazes me when he goes through the effort of making something I will like."

"Please let me feed you master." Ken requested. "It would give me great pleasure to assist you and Schuldich said that I wasn't allowed to release you until after you ate."

Farfarello looked thoughtful for a moment, considering the irony of the situation. "I think I might enjoy that actually, just don't make a mess. Too bad you are still not healthy enough to be punished." He smirked as Ken gave him a hesitant smile.

The sporty, former soccer player used a fork to delicately place a piece of meat to his lover's mouth. His gaze never left the faintly pink lips. He continued to feed his bound master, paying special attention to his mouth. A drop of juice clung to the lips he found to be so blatantly seductive. Leaning in, he licked the moisture off with the tip of his tongue. Farfarello's tongue darted out quickly to meet with it and coaxed him into a deep kiss. Ken managed to feed his master in between the sensual kisses, but only because he was afraid that Nagi would be upset if he sent the plate back to the kitchen full of food.

"I've had dinner, now release me." Farfarello ordered softly. "I'm in the mood for something else. I think I have a way to play with you that won't stress your injuries to much." A maniacal light gleamed in his eye.

Ken swallowed, he half feared and half anticipated what Farfarello could be referring to. Anything was possible. He quickly undid the buckles holding the blond into the straitjacket. His master shrugged off the jacket and stretched his arms wide, the joints creaking in protest.

"Damn, I always get so stiff in that thing. Not that it is uncomfortable. It's not, more like a cocoon. Now let me see what I have in my trunk over here." He walked across the room to a large chest that looked like something off a pirate ship. He flipped the lid open and removed a small shelf that contained different sets of restraints. From underneath it he pulled out a contraption that Ken could not comprehend just looking at it. "This will do quite nicely I think." He started to assemble straps, hooks and even a pulley and finally hung the entire thing from a solid beam in the ceiling.

Ken watched silently waiting to be given instructions on what was expected of him.

"This is a swing. It will support all your weight, keeping you off your injured leg and off your stomach." Farfarello explained. "Come over here and lay down on the floor with this part under the top if your hips." He pointed to a five-inch wide strap suspended between ropes. "Then this part will be fit just under your arm pits."

Ken placed himself as he had been told and was surprised as he felt the swing being pulled, lifting him off the floor. His chest was positioned slightly lower than his hips and he could feel blood rushing towards his head. Farfarello rummaged in his trunk and pulled out a spreader bar and set it between Ken's feet, pushing his ankles far apart so that he rested completely on the swing bent over at an awkward angle.

"Hmm, that is almost right, but there is a slight problem here, isn't there?"

"If master thinks so." Ken stumbled out the answer, feeling somewhat odd at being held in the swing and unsure what his master had planned.

"Oh, I definitely think there is something wrong here. You still have clothes on, but just as well, now I can remove them. My way." Farfarello stalked over to his armoire, in full view of his slave and pulled out a small dagger. He briefly tested the edge on his finger to make sure it was sharp enough then gracefully approached his waiting slave. "Don't move, not even a twitch. I don't want you to need another transfusion." The master pulled the blade through the slave's clothes, easily cutting through the fabric, barely skimming through the skin. His pace was unhurried as he watched each millimeter of the knife's path with obvious fascination. Thin trails of blood followed in the wake of the dagger. The skin cut so shallowly that the crimson drops left the body very reluctantly.

The sharpness of the blade kept Ken from even feeling the cuts. He was more concerned with his clothes falling off of him in pieces. Not that he cared about his old track shorts and gray t-shirt, but to see them landing on the ground next to him caused a rush of excitement. His master was stripping him, torturously slow with a knife. His body started to hum with expectation. It was the tongue that lapped at his bleeding cuts that caused the twinge of pain and pleasure. It moved across his broken skin eagerly sucking at the blood as a hand smoothed and smeared his body with the red fluid. The hands and mouth causing his body to inflame with need.

"Your blood is sweet, but not too much. I like it." Farfarello murmured.

"I like your mouth master." Ken moaned.

"And I think I want your mouth to service me." The master spoke softly, circling to Ken's face and shoving his dick close to his slave's lips. "Suck." He ordered and rammed himself deep into his slave's hot mouth. Ken struggled not to choke, gagging slightly as the thick length hit the back of his throat. "Swallow it, take my whole dick into your mouth." Farfarello gritted his teeth as he grunted out.

Ken sucked the cock further in, wrapping his tongue around it. He held his breath as he swallowed against the head to take it deeper. The master paused in satisfaction as he looked at his slut, nose buried in his hair. He enjoyed the sight of the other man attempting to pleasure him and suck him as he struggled with the hard length lodging in his throat. Farfarello pulled himself out and slammed in, savoring the wet feel of the tongue and lips. He set up a punishing rhythm that allowed Ken to snatch half breaths.

Time seemed to stretch and Ken became light headed, desperately gasping in air as he was allowed. Farfarello pushed himself deep into the open mouth, his entire body stiff as he gushed into his slut. The slave could not help choking as the warm semen flowed down his throat, but the tightly lodged dick blocked him from swallowing. With an evil smirk, the master finally withdrew. Ken lay suspended with his head down, gasping for breath with white cum dripping from his lips to the floor.

Farfarello grabbed Ken's hair, pulling his head up so that he would meet his gaze. "It would seem that you made a mess, slut. For that you will have to be punished. When I cum in your mouth, you have to swallow every last drop. Do you understand?"

"Yes master, sorry master." Ken managed to get past his abused lips.

"We'll see if you are sorry in a few minutes. Of course, this may not hurt much, I really don't know. But, I have been wanting to do this for a while." Farfarello went to the armoire and pulled out an odd box, inside. He opened it and pulled out a package that was obviously made for performing some sort of surgical procedure. He pulled the package open and produced a large needle, like tool. "Oh yes, this will do nicely." Using the pulley he levered Ken up into an almost standing position and began to pinch and roll the slave's nipples. Ken was nervous of his master's intent but his hands caressing the sensitive skin were making him shiver. Once he was satisfied that the little nubs were fully erect, Farfarello pulled one and stretched it then forced the large needle through the base of the nipple. Ken flinched causing him to pull on the needle. It did hurt, a sharp piercing pain. His nipples always were very sensitive. He moaned as the needle was withdrawn and a straight bar shoved through the newly created hole then screwed small balls on to the end. Ken held back the whimper in his throat as his master pulled on his other nipple repeating the procedure.

Farfarello stood back to admire his newly pierced slave. He definitely liked the look and as long as the rings were in, the small nubs would stand erect. A little temptation for him to play with. "I think I will buy some gold hoops to put in the piercings when they heal." He suggested thoughtfully.

"Thank you for your kindness master." Ken answered, gritting his teeth. While it certainly hadn't hurt nearly as badly as his bullet wounds, the area was aware of every small movement of air; every small touch and it sent need coursing through his body.

Farfarello tugged harshly at the freshly pierced flesh, causing a groan of pain from his abused slave. He roughly pulled the other's face to his and smashed his lips on Ken's in a hard kiss. "I didn't gag you tonight for a reason love. I want to hear all your noises, your screams both from pain and passion. I want to hear it all." The master whispered in his slave's ear, a wild look in his eye.

Stalking back to his storage chest, he pulled out a multi-drawer toolbox. From the toolbox emerged a hand full of clothespins. "These will do very nicely." Farfarello murmured. Slipping behind Ken, He clamped one of the cruel wood pins onto the hanging scrotum, Ken gaped in pain and squirmed. He waited only a moment before he pinched another one onto the sac. Causing a grunt. Walking around to his front, he slipped the last two onto the newly pierced nipple and watched as a drop of blood was squeezed out. Ken's head drooped as he struggled to cope with the painful pinching. He groaned as Farfarello tugged on his various clips, sending shooting pains through his body. After a couple of minutes of the tugging, Farfarello lowered the pulleys so that Ken was back into his original position, bent over, head lower than his torso, legs spread wide in restraints. Panting from the clips pulling and pinching his extremely sensitive skin.

"That was a good start, but I want to hear more of your pretty noises." The master announced pulling a heavy leather flogger and something else that Ken could not see out of the trunk. Greasing up his new instrument of torture, Farfarello shoved a thin butt plug into Ken's ass. It didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable until it started to expand. Using a hand pump, it was gradually filled, widening and lengthening, a large rubber balloon pushing everything out of its way. It filled him completely and kept getting bigger. The plug expanded past uncomfortable and became painful.

Stopping when he was satisfied that the man before him was ready for the next onslaught to his senses, the master pulled back his arm and started to methodically flog his slave. As the pace and strength of the flogging increased, Ken started to writhe in pain gasping at the sensations. Occasionally, the end of his plug was hit causing it to drive in further. Gods, it hurt. He began to whimper, small tear leaking from his eye. His master dropped the flogger onto the floor and picked out his next tool. Without any delay he applied a small, but strong whip to Ken's ass and back. At the first touch, Ken screamed as the hot pain traveled through him. Farfarello applied the whip strictly, causing his slave to scream in pain until he was hoarse. Finally his, blood lust sated, he dropped the whip as well and carefully released his anguished pet. Gently he picked him up and moved him to lay face down on his bed. "You made me worry about you. You made me feel horrible. I thought you were going to die when we brought you home and you went into a coma for two days." Farfarello lay his head against Ken's back, confessing his fears. "Never make me worry like that again." He lay still for a minute. "That's the real reason I punished you so harshly tonight. You made me realize that I care for you and you made me afraid that I would lose you. I could not control myself. I felt like I would go out and rip apart anything in my path. . If you weren't here and the fact that Crawford would probably have me heavily sedated, I would have went on a killing spree and bathed in the blood of those ignorant fools. When Aya attacked you, I was going to cut him open and pull out his intestine inch by inch. Just so that I could enjoy his screams for all the misery he caused you." A single tear dripped from Farfarello's eye as he struggled to cope with his overwhelming emotions.

"I need to consume you. I want to take you over completely. I want to possess you body and soul." He whispered.

Ken was moved by the sudden confession. It touched his battered heart as no one else had done before. "I am yours master; to love or to harm. I have never felt for anyone the way I feel for you. You are my soul." His lips were taken in a gentle kiss that became more demanding as passion ignited them both.

Farfarello gently trailed his fingers down his lover's back and deflated the plug still buried deep inside him. He carefully removed it and set it aside. "How do you feel?"

"Sore, but as long as master touches me, I don't care."

Farfarello smiled at that and reached under Ken's body to gently stroke his cock, he quickly brought it to full hardness. He stopped his gentle manipulation for a moment to push his lubricated dick into Ken's stretched hole, ramming himself deep inside without a pause. Ken moaned at the feeling, it did not cause him pain as the monster plug had thoroughly stretched him. He loved the way his master felt inside him. Farfarello resumed stroking him while thrusting into his sensitive ass.

Very quickly Ken felt his body respond and within minutes he was on the edge of an orgasm. Sensing his lover's body tighten around him, Farfarello pushed himself in harder and faster. Seconds later both of the men orgasmed together. The passion spiraling through them, echoing each other as they were swept away by the sensual, erotic wave


It was some days later when Omi appeared at the front door of the safe house requesting to speak with Ken. Nagi admitted him without comment and Ken was told that they could use the living room to talk.

"How have you been?" Omi inquired with a small worried frown.

"I don't know exactly how to describe my life right now. But everything is running fairly smooth I guess. Farfarello and I are doing well together. The other members of Schwarz are hard to understand and I feel awkward around them, but they aren't jerks or anything. I think we just have a hard time relating because of our very different personalities and the fact that they are psychic and have had hard lives. How is the rest of the team doing?"

"So, the team is going to be disbanded and remade. Kritker has offered me a position through my grandfather and I have decided to accept it. At this time I think it would be for the best, that way I can still help the team and perhaps protect them."

"They want you to become Persia?"

Omi bowed his head embarrassed. "Yes, it is a family position and I am the last of the family that can take it. I have to go back to calling myself a Takatori though and that really freaks me out." Omi sighed.

"Yohji has been sent overseas to work with another of Kritker's groups in the United States and will possibly even have to go to Europe for a while. Aya… Ran has been ordered by Kritker to undergo psychological treatment and they want him to set some new goals, as he seems to be a goal oriented person. The shrinks think that is a small fraction of his current problems. So he is going to attend college and get a degree of some kind."

"What is he seeing the psychologist for?" Ken asked driven by curiosity.

"Actually he has to see a psychiatrist. A psychologist could not offer him enough treatment options to help him." Omi paused looking very serious. "I am only telling you this because you were involved with him and we were teammates and I think you deserve to know. Aya has post-traumatic stress disorder."

Ken blinked, "Explain that in simple words please."

"It's very complicated really. It is a disorder that results when a person suffers an incredibly mentally traumatic experience. Somehow the experience triggers chemical changes within the brain that may be immediately apparent or may not show themselves for years. In children, the disorder triggers horrible nightmares, emotional and behavioral problems. In adults it can cause flashbacks that totally take over the mind making the person relive the events over and over. It can also cause nightmares, waking horrifying dreams, panic attacks, extreme aggressiveness and uncontrollable outbursts of anger. Those are just a few of the more common symptoms. It varies from person to person." Omi thought for a minute. "I know this may sound odd, but Aya's case is relatively mild and treatable. Farfarello, who also had a very traumatic experience during childhood, would be considered an extreme case of the disorder. It went beyond post-traumatic stress with him and actually triggered some lasting, very nasty permanent changes to his psyche and to his nervous system. But he can marginally be controlled with the right drugs."

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